PlayStation Home: Get Fit with PlayStation Home

On Thursday 22nd September from 8AM BST PlayStation Home will be briefly offline for scheduled maintenance. Here are some details on what to expect after the update.

Audi are delighted to announce the release of their new game in the Audi Home Terminal. Become the Audi Gecko, avoid hazards, get the powerups, increase your score and see how far you can go! Try to beat the hi-scores on the global leaderboard as you battle to unlock 9 trophies in the new Audi Gecko Reward Cabinet for your personal spaces. Stay sticky!

The Lockwood Publishing Showcase is scheduled to launch soon! Visit Caramel in the Plaza for a limited time Lockwood Emote reward and don’t forget to head over to the Showcase Lobby to pick up your FREE shopping bag in preparation for opening night.


Got an eighties training montage to complete but lack the suitable attire? Not anymore! Slip into the Retro Fitness shorts and bodywarmer and pound those stairs. Made it to the top? Well what are you waiting for guys? Get back down there! Rock hard abs don’t make themselves.

Ladies, why not don a cute vest top, a funky visor and some sweatbands and throw some shapes on the dancefloor. Don’t remember the eighties? You don’t need to! Just shake it like you mean it and you’ll have the time of your life.


This week we also welcome new PlayStation Home publisher Granzella Inc, who have this to say about their debut release:

Explore the Southern Island Hideaway!

You have washed ashore on an isolated Southern island. Fortunately, this is not a deserted island. Shining sun, and calm, beautiful waters. What’s this? You have been searching for this paradise, and now in front of your eyes…

Personal Water Craft Race
Challenge the water craft race accessed from the pier. Take the lead when you race with your up to 4 friends!


Ocean Floor Treasure Hunt
If you look closely at the seabed, there are bright and sparkling areas. Reach to the glitter that might be a nice reward. Don’t forget to hold your breath!


Head over to the Southern Island Hideaway on the PS Home navigator to see all that the island has to offer.


In other news, Konami releases another instalment into their popular Gladiators line up. This time the set includes classic gladiator gear such as the Murmillo helmet and Roman style helmet. You’ll find that you can customise these items just by changing your hair colour!

Lastly, now is your last chance to take advantage of the LucasArts PS Home sale. Pick up the Stormtrooper outfit, Blue or Black Lightsaber or Everything Empire Strikes Back Bundle with a massive 50% off. But hurry – this offer is only available until the maintenance starts on 22nd September.

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W00T :P

Sweet what about the chances of PSN being live by then :P

Good stuff!

Great looking update – well done but ‘Plaza’ and ‘Showcase Lobby’ – eh? would that be HOME Square and Theatre then?

LOL james y u posting things on the blog when PSN is down & we cant even get them ? do u even no when PSN will be back up & running & most important do u no what the problem is ? plz reply james i think most of us dont want to be kept in the dark to long like when the outage happened a few months back

hmm the island place looks intresting

ASTRA_GSI_MKIII 21 September, 2011 @ 18:13

is gt5 dlc on way to store james, heard its coming september or october not sure whether to believe it or not

BADASS_KILLER_87 21 September, 2011 @ 18:16

Is the System down again?

BADASS_KILLER_87 21 September, 2011 @ 18:18

Trying to play COD black ops and not letting me log in…..


how about an offical update or do i have to find out from everyone else if its hacked again im seriously not ever signing in again ever also resident evil 4 release outage planned every time i want somthing? and you want us to buy more digital content paaaaaa!


So guys the PSN isn’t working… what’s the best course of action?


Seribal_Assassin 21 September, 2011 @ 18:40

nice looking update not sure what all this ‘visit caremel in the plaza and showcase lobby’ is about, as for the downtime im confussed cause i cant see it in the blog but if i search for the downtime on yahoo for e.g i find a playstation offical blog page with it…strange ok so its down til 2am no probs

Can Anyone sign in to the PlayStation network when I try comes up with this ( An error has occurred. You Have been signed out of PlayStation®Network (8002A548))

Any chance of a resume time or date, its probably a good idea to keep every one up to date because it would just annoy all your users.
Come on dont leave people in the dark sony

@ King_Ubu Not Working you mean it got hacked again or the maintenance broke it

To all the people on about PSN.

1. It will not make one bit off difference posting on a Home update log asking for PSN Help.

2. Sure PSN might be down but that’s not the end of the world. I hear the PS3 does more than online gaming. Try out the other features would you.

Back on topic does look a great update.

fritches people have the right to moan thats what the blog is for dimebar

Seribal_Assassin 21 September, 2011 @ 18:48

soory i read wrong thing ignore tht post hahahaha i searched last years update, anyway yeah its gone offline and defo unschduled acording to there twitter post…and every1 is thinking the same HACKERS


The last time the PSN went down, we all got offered ID theft protection, so it would be nice to hear from someone on the blog if we’re going to need that again instead of what I can do in Home.

Get ready for this message :
Playstation network is currently down for maintenence.

dam right ubu

I understand what you mean but it won’t make any difference posting in the Home update log. They don’t respond back here for Home let alone for PSN.


i love psn but it starting to get ridiculous now

isit just maintenance or sumyhink else i haven’t herd anythink from sony yet on what the problem is

I bet Dee-Dee out of dexter laboratory got in and pushed the big red button and then ka-boom lol


dexters laboratory i loved that show :D

Seribal_Assassin 21 September, 2011 @ 18:59

its not maintainance as tht was 5 til 8 this morning,somethinks wrong….

what happen to psn ?

They not botherd really charging sky high prices for games an video content, then when u play it, its got no game play at all, the only game worth playing is c o d which is a shame because i used to play all genres especially r p g, but the final fantasy series has gone to the dogs .
Buy a new game guaranteed its gone back to shop for being a poor effort TIME TO STEP UP

ironic i just traded the xbox i got in april after the last outage and re bought a ps3 thinking the coast was clear.OMFG

Yeah SONY can’t keep letting Dee-Dee in

@ benjezaroon you even got a ps3 games are like cake you can only have so much before you get sick of it

this is a crappy update wheres the new home update post that YOU said more Lies, we go from lies to lies don’t we.

so we got owned again… huh btw y so many UK people

yep a think i have had my fill . No originality no brains just keep churning the same crap out every year BORED TO DEATH




uk has 3 million psn users


you know what, my mates own xbox’s and they are just taking the micky out of sony, might have to sell the playstation and get a 360! how strange that store update day and psn is down again!

err that all DAYDANNY666 im a bit of a spammer I can’t help it sorry

Ooh, the personal watercraft race looks like a lot of fun. Will definitely try that out tomorrow. :D

BTW people, stop whining about PSN maintenance. XBL has been down today too, and they’ve just had a major release. That’s worse!
Besides, I’m currently signed in fine on PSN anyway. :)


off topic im able to sign in to drop this comment but unable to sign in on my ps3 which leaves me to think psn is down. what’s happening?


I would advise everyone to start panicing and writing in caps to express yr anger :) personally i am gonna turn to my old reliable friend PORN ;)

just spoken to someone from customer service dunno if its true or not but he sed we have NOT been hacked its somting to do with getting ready for all the big title games coming out like fifa12, BF3, MW3 , U3, Batman AC, assassins creedR so when these sort of games comes out there will be no problem while playing them like in the past but like i sed i dunno if its true thts what i got told from SONY customer service but i fort i should let u lot no

@ honey24muncher I once played the PS2 with no internet and had loads of fun don’t sell it use it as a blue-ray playing
when Sign IN now Psn says (The connection with PlayStation®Network timed out) so that must mean they turned it off

shut up baz an go play with yourself coz every body else is offline DONT BE A DINGBAT

When will the PSN be back up? I’m wanting to get some COD Elite Competitions done!

it looks like 360 is down too I‘m staying with Ps3 even if i loathe SCEE for shabby services.

It‘s FREE 360 is Paid, Plus for 3 months is 12 quid how much for a gold for 3 months.

Why just this page we are back now

@benjezaroon #45

What the hell?
There was no need for that. :/

I am actually signed in to PSN. You look like you need proof. Well I just sent you a PSN message and I took a photo. You can see it here:

Or “tinyurl[dot]com[forward slash]3kmnd28” if that doesn’t work.

Please don’t insult others like that again if you don’t know what you’re talking about. Thanks.

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