PlayStation Home Reboot Coming Soon…

Hi there, I’m Darren and I’ve got some exciting new PlayStation Home news to talk to you about. If you haven’t been in Home for a while then it’s time to hit the reset button as we’re about to shake things up this autumn!

We’ve been working hard to deliver to Home more of what you know and love on your PS3 – games! Very soon, as part of our shift toward transforming Home into the biggest and best social gaming service on any console, we will be launching a new core Home experience and Home Square will be changing – changing for the better. Already our cousins in SCEA have revealed the next step in the evolution of Home and we’d like to talk about what you can expect in Europe.

Indie Park - Screenshot 02 Crop 02

The new core experience for PlayStation Home will feature a revamped Home Square and a new “districts” design that will help you find games, people and places that fit your favourite game genre. This new Home Square integrates games, quests, and community events, while providing you with additional navigation, shopping, social tools and entertainment options. I’m afraid we’ll have to keep you guessing on the design of the new Home Square for now, as we’re still keeping it under wraps, but we’ll be sure you share the latest with you as soon as we can.

Home revamp

In addition, we are launching these new districts – Action, Adventure and Sportswalk, as well as a brand new Indie Park, showcasing some of the best upcoming talent in the independent game developer community. We want to show you how much Home has changed and we hope you will be pleased with what we have done. Coming to Home very soon:

  • Action: With a gritty, urban aesthetic reminiscent of a first-person shooter level, the Action District is the perfect destination for gamers looking for action, shooter and horror games.
  • Sportswalk: Come experience the outside-the-stadium feel of the Sports district, which features sports quizzes, trivia and sports-themed games.
  • Adventure: Enter a lush beachfront jungle full of sights to see and adventure-themed games to discover in the Adventure District.
  • Pier Park: Your destination for carnival, puzzle, outdoor and arcade games, featuring a waterfront boardwalk, ferris wheel and a fun party zone which is linked to Indie Park.

But we haven’t thrown away the iconic games that have been part of Home since we first opened the doors – you will still be able to play Home classics such as bowling, pool, chess and draughts with your friends.

Home revamp 2

Home is all about games and with a new version of the client coming soon too, our aim is to get you and your friends to these games faster. We hope that with our new redesigned experience and upgrade to the core client, you’ll very soon be consumed in a world of games with your fellow players.

If your view of Home was formed over two year ago when we were in our first year – we want you to take a second look; we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised… Reboot coming this autumn.

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Even though I am not the most active Home user, I can’t wait to see the new lick of paint. :D


Definitely looking good, glad to hear we have this finally confirmed. All I ask is that with the main areas that you have large open spaces where people can socialise and that these areas are left ad free, more strategic placing of portals unlike the current model which is taking the social areas and filling them up.

Other than that I look forward to getting a good look at this soon :)


There will be places to hang out and socialise as well as jump points to new and existing games

looks good been waiting for this home been to bare and boring as of late.

Any plans to integrate Home avatars into XMB?


Good question Rodrix, it’s one that we get asked from time to time. I think when you go into the new updated Home you will see why this was a much bigger focus for us.


Your PS4 should just boot straight into Home.

RAM is cheap, you could have home as the PS4 OS.

*That* would be progress.


TalllPaul, we hope you’ll like what we’ve done with Home. You’ll see more and more games come to Home

Interesting stuff Darren! Although I am not a fan of how Home is right now, I am beyond excited to see what this new version has in store for us. Will give it a fair chance :)


Great MinusLand – we look forward to welcoming you into Home. You’ll find so much to see and do

quick question: Will Sony ever enable the Playstation Home service in Croatia? thanks in advance

The one thing I really miss from Home is the old Mall, it was my favourite place to go (even though I didn’t buy much), I’d go upstairs while listening to the lovely music the shopping centre had and play chess, is the any chance you could bring it back. Must seem really odd someone requesting a old space when Home is about to get reboot. Also please give the Cole costume a better running animation :P, he looks a bit silly running like the average Home person haha.


Good feedback on Cole – I wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of him!

As for the Old Mall, sorry, we had to move on and build something stronger. That Old Mall was with us since we opened the doors in Dec 08 so it needed a complete rework


Looks absolutely fantastic! Cannot wait! :D

Hmmm I‘m not impress with this i read it, i Read it again.

so new lick of paint same region differents some region will get better content then others, no change there then.

1 tiny word missed out jack said it from SCEA UGC.

so new lick of paint same region differents No UGC

so nothing new.


Skookie30 – there will be more opportunities to participate and interact

Darren Cairns you get a chance on the EU forums i posted a link to my thread on the NA forums that show pictures of the LBP2 version. I’ve gotten the hub with cogs game and the pier park spaces built sofar. Im not in the beta but using pics like the one posted in blog i was alble to start making them. Also look up PSN id: LBPpsHOME to see #1 LBP Sodium hub S1 and S2 levels.

You gonna prove me wrong an‘t you.

Will you implement an age verification system as well so that German users can enjoy all the spaces? Otherwise it’s a pointless update (at least for me).


TSFRJ – brilliant! You have built these spaces in LBP2?


It desperatly needs a RPG area, and a Strategy area..

trophysuport for games. thats all i need to go back into home. the games are great, some you need to flash your cash.. well i will take a chance on them games, if they have trophys.


Does reboot mean that there is a chance that grown up gamers in Germany will finally be treated as such? Or is the current plan still to leave us no way to respect the EULA and be able to enter more than 50% of the spaces, coincidently being the more boring half by far?

Make it a 50 Cent entry pass if you have to respect German law, but please stop ignoring us!


Hi Spaulding and PlanetJumble, I understand your frustration. We are always looking at options but this is something which is bigger than just Home

I’m not sure what to make of it.

Just got a couple of questions

1. when will it be coming?
2. will we be keeping spaces that don’t have games such as Diesel Island ?
3. will we be getting the same “hub” as the US?


Hi Fritches –
1. Very soon – this autumn
2. The vast majority of our spaces have games now – very few don’t
3. We are revamping Home Square as our main hub in Europe. There are many elements of Home Sq that our players know and love so we wouldn’t want to junk it completely. That said, it will have a rather large face-lift. You’ll see very soon, refer to answer 1 ;-)

Will Home have any of the features it was supposed to have when it was first announced? Picture frames, music and video streaming from the HDD, full game launching support for all games?


BiosNova – hi, Home was in a very different place at that time – GDC 2007. Home, PSN and other online services have moved on so much since then – the landscape is very different.

We have learned so much about what works well for all our players in Home and that has heavily influenced our priorities here. Our focus is on delivering some fantastic games and related content

Fair does because he said that too, call me a cynic darrell.

we once was promise UGC music/video streaming with a trophy room,

then alex rise the trophies topic again “working on it” before he left

so i take that word interact with things not just pets but our TV & radio boombox.

but i will join & judge it myself :|

Thanks for the reply :) Even if it was sad news about the mall, I suppose I may as well give my last suggestion (which I thought of from your response :P), it is adding the old mall song into the newish one. Do you think my obsession with that one piece music is un-healthy?


Haha – it could well be. I’m fearing that you might ask us to develop a lift with some ambient lift music or a telephone with hold music next :-P

Darren Cairns yes I also did the central plaza from north america as they were taking up to many levels i had to create a seperate PSN account specificly for them(LBPpsHOME). Sofar i have had great response from lochwood ndreams and alot of the HOME community. SCEA even had gamer indepth post video in community theater over here as one of the 1st community videos. As it seems yalls reamp may be similar to ours figure you like them as well. And as always SCEA and SCEE SCEJ are always welcome to use them as needed. Im at a friends house on their computer so i dont have access to image files and NA forums seem to be proof SCEA had my LBP version in theater

i just said all that bionova you wanted them to lol :D

And no worries the new HUB levels on LBP2 wont be publicly accessible to SONY says i can. I may not be in the beta but still i think the levels might be borderline NDA breaking lol


I often frequent Playstation Home for a chat and to play some games, so I can’t wait to see the new reboot. :)

Will we keep all the items we’ve bought?


The items will be there – we’ll be pleased to welcome you in and hear your thoughts

how about cel shading instead of flat textures that suffer from unreal pop in? geddit? unreal? nevermind.
if new home can be noisy then i’d be more inclined to go back… ok it was annoying listening to somebody’s poor taste in r n b but at least you could mute them… appreciate its hard to moderate a thousand mics but you could be more offended just walking the streets, and there are fewer mods there..

yes we keep our Pets, personal spaces jack said that too. :P

When is the Dead Island Exploding meat code gonna work. I Contacted to Dead Island support and they said that the DLC isn’t active yet, so PLEASE Sony can you activate it. Thank You!


Roglog – this should be activated now. Give it another try

The Home Square Picture with the big wheel suspiciously looks like Back To The Future with that Clock Tower :D


natsamson – I don’t remember a ferris wheel in Hill Valley?? :-P

1 more tiny question differently Darren i spell your name right.

When New improve Reboot home soon will we have to sign up a New T&C? the was 1 was a pegi 16.


Should be the same EULA Skookie30

*opps last 1 not was 1 :/

Darren Cairns will the monorail tram be ride this time are will be similar to current one just eye candy?

lol that a Maybe or No :D what a way to skip a question. ;)

Thanks Darren, but you still haven’t answered question 2.

I’m glad that we are not getting the same “hub” as the US. I really don’t want ours to look that cold.


PS3 seems to be all Home, Move, music and 3D nowadays. I bought it for games. Won’t be buying PS4.


Fritches ours dont look cold

Huono_peleis thats part of the reason HOME is getting the overhual to make it more game driven


Correct TSFRJ. Huono_peleis, we are focusing on Home being an ever growing world of games, giving you such a variety of game experiences on PS3


Hi Fritches – there will still be some spaces left that don’t have games in them but have other valuable content for our players. There are very few proposals we see that don’t have a game in some way, shape or form. Our fantastic group of developers and publishers on Home are game developers and publishers

oh dear same EULA that answer our question bionova because of that we had excuse after excuse of why we haven’t had UGC in home.

but SCEA had.

This is going to sound sad(i.e i am very lazy) :D but loading up HOME puts me off visiting really(even tho it is much quicker to load now) If only it was always ready when you started your PS3 i would visit more. Maybe PS4 could do that in the future? :P

sorry i no this is off topic but its bugging me yesterday RE4 came out on the PS STORE & last week there was a post saying ” At launch we’re going to be giving everyone five free RE4 avatars to anyone who purchases Resident Evil 4 HD.” i bought the game yesterday & NO FREE AVATARS where are they ROSS or ANDY or JAMES ?????

but thanks for the answer

Darren Cairns do you know yet if the monorail shown in the blog image will be ridible?

Thanks Darren. :)

Also will we have a option to replace our XMB with the new hub?

thankyou Darren Cairns for your replies you done better today then Mark Valledor // Marketing Manager, SCEA on U.S. BLOG did today :)

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