Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken Brings Jet-Pack Poultry To PSN


Being the creator of the Rocketbirds and being the only European team member of Ratloop (I’m the Belgian) it gives me great pleasure to post something here about our upcoming cinematic platform game, titled “Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken”!

Rocketbirds gets its stylistic influences from the European comics I read when I was growing up – When I started reading comics, it was Ravian, Tin Tin, Asterix, Storm, Lucky Luke, then later, as a teenager (and beyond), I started following comic book artists such as Jean Giraud, Simon Bisley and Jamie Hewlitt. I’d always liked reading the absurdist tales of the 2000 AD comics (Judge Dredd, ABC Warriors etc.), so I decided to tell a dark, absurdist tale of my own in Rocketbirds.

Hardboiled Chicken, a chicken so tough he survived being boiled as a foetus, jet-packs into Albatropolis on his way to kill the totalitarian and ‘fearless’ leader of the penguins: ‘Il Putzki’. Unfortunately, he crashes in the wrong place and must run, shoot and climb the rest of the way. With your help, many penguins will lose their lives, a revolution will be sparked and much ammo will be wasted!

The available power of the PlayStation 3 allowed for a vast improvement on the controls, visuals, and gameplay compared to our browser game “Rocketbirds: Revolution!” which became a triple Finalist game at the 2010 Independent Games Festival. Here we were given another chance to further iterate on the original, polish and get things right. New features such as a jetpack mode and a couch co-op mode have been added on top of new weapons, new enemies, new levels, new movies and new tracks by LA based indie band, New World Revolution. The environments and artwork have undergone a complete 3D makeover and the game also offers stereoscopic 3D support, running at a super smooth 60 Hz at 720p.



I hope you guys will have as much fun playing the game as we have had making it!
Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken will launch exclusively on the Playstation Network in the SCEE territories by the end of this year. Launch date will be revealed at a later date. For more information about Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken, follow us on Twitter @ratloop, or ‘like’ us on Facebook.

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I was hoping this would make it to the PSN!

Quirky title with great visuals :)

Also please get the prive right on this one & perhaps a discount for PLUS members?? ;)


Looks awesome :D Great ending, just stood there shooting the enemy lol

oh yes very good from the land of the Riseing Fun er Sun.

like the into part, great cartoon cutscenes, & funny to play makes…..

Day 1 Buy.

Ohhh I never read that part sound to me a SCEE exclusive is that right i‘m sure that‘s wrong do you mean a Timed exclusive. :)

* “Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken will launch exclusively on the Playstation Network in the SCEE territories by the end of this year.”

Hi all, really happy we’re coming to Europe!

@Skookie: sorry, there’s some punctuation missing! Launch exclusively on PSN…. and launch in Europe by the end of this year. I hope that clarifies things!

@Catkiller1: price, launch date and other details will be announced at a later date.


this looks fun hopefully theres some puzzle bit similar to the abes odysse games

@ sytanic no can’t be right because i just copy/paste from above post it is them who forgotten punctuation.

oh scratch that i read it wrong. plz use the useful red call-out in the blog for guests writers. ;)

@ sytanic

Thanks for your reply, but I knew that as it’s stated at the bottom of the post ;)

I’m just hoping there’s a discount that’s all!

Simon Bisley’s black & white art in A.B.C. Warriors is awesome! and his later work on Slàine. If your work is only half as good, it will be worth checking out!! Spread The Word!

This looks fun. A Plus discount would be great.


@skookie: Thanks for reminding me ;-)

will get this. Plus discount and the game becomes a MUST. it looks awesome

MrSmadSmartAlex 24 September, 2011 @ 10:43

Wow, looks great! I’ll be buying this. :)

The only thing annoying about this game…….not out until the end of the year :(

Great title though!

this looks pretty fun to play, a bit of time to wait. would like to get it depending on the price tho as digital downloads are a rip off lately

Your original trailer did this game no favours whatsoever.
This trailer on the other hand has me thirsty for more.


Oh, BTW, we’re gunning for an October release in Europe (and things are looking pretty good for that!)… We’ll keep you posted!

october, just around the corner. but what will the price be?


Still discussing this – we’ll be able to discose this soon I hope

Will the game be released on the Australian PSN?


Yeah, we’ll be in your store too :-)

Please be sensible with the price…..more sales!!

Not another £7.99 title please ;)

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