Watch Episode 2 Of Access Right Here

Episode 2 of Access was released on Wednesday on the PlayStation Store but from today is viewable in full here:

Leading the way is an in-depth look at Ico and Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection – a pin-sharp remake of two fantastic games guaranteed to let you all misty-eyed and nostalgic.

As always, you can look forward to a round-up of the latest titles available for download on the Store, which this week include on-rails rhythm actioner, Child of Eden, plus colourful platformer, Rochard.

Access also gives you an inside look at PlayStation’s Access Live Events, with Episode 2 taking you behind the scenes at the recent Resistance 3 event in London, with an interactive surprise from immersive theatre group, punchdrunk.

There’s also a chance to see how the lads at Bath Rugby fared when we paid them a visit with Jonah Lomu Rugby Challenge in tow.

You can check out more PlayStation Access video content and interact with other members of the Access community at our Facebook page.

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Love the access vids. Thanks for putting them on YouTube.

Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake :P

i <3 Lucy Porter. totally digging the MC Hammer singing made me laugh.

I do love the Access videos, for my weekly dose of Lucy Porter!

although I would say that 10 minutes is quite short (I’m sure that there was more video time in First Play [I’m sure that there was more than 10 minutes worth of that linx advert in one episode of First Play]) but its still good.

Is it possible to get it on the PSP? I tried copying it from my PS3 to my PSP and it wouldn’t recognize it =[

Still, very much loving it! keep up the good work!

This is just FirstPlay with no menus, less content and (thankfully) no ancient adverts that stopped being on TV months ago.

Cool;) I am just downloading it now. Loved last weeks one. Shame its not in 1080p tho? The US Pulse show is in 1080p(or 720p)?

Not really the right place to post but whatever, Have you guys at Sony spoke to Konami Europe regarding the release of Castlevania Harmony of dissidence in Europe?

It was supposed to be this week.

Thanks for putting it up on the blog; gives “the rest of us” Europeans a chance to enjoy it as well.

No problem! We will be uploading each episode of Access TV to YouTube every Friday, so be sure to tune in every week.

HAhahha, this made me bloody laugh out loud.
Shes too funny, love the show guys. Keep it up.

What post 7 wrote :)


Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 2 & 3 are brilliant movies, far better than the mumbling (McShane & Cruz mostly) 4th.

I have to say Ico and Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection is looking brilliant. Got to be one of the best looking HD remakes I’ve seen(if not the best). Was not sure if I was going to pick them up or not but they just jumped onto my must own list :)

All developers take note, This is how you make a HD remake !

I’m loving Access so far. It’s like the best bits of FirstPlay but without the hassle of having to navigate between the content and no adverts. My only concern however is how hidden Access is on the PlayStation Store. It’s currently located right at the bottom of the “Latest” and “New This Week” sections. Anyone who has the View Mode set to display as a list rather than as cubes (viewing as a list is much more visually appealing) will most likely miss it. Access is a great way to advertise new content, events and announcements so you’d have thought it’d be proudly displayed at the very top of the mentioned Store sections for maximum exposure.


Pleased you’re enjoying the show so far! It’s disappointing to hear that a few users are having difficulty finding this awesome content on the PS Store and it is definitely something that we are looking into. So thanks for the feedback and watch this space ;)

You can keep your Lucy Porter & give me Julia Hardy ;)

Why can you put this up on Youtube for all to see and not the store for the rest of Europe.

Nice, please keep posting these..
That Live Access event in London looks cool too, I don’t normally go out since it’s all about crappy music, getting drunk and hitting on women, but for these kind of events I might actually get out the house once in a while :p Great setting too.


I’m definitely enjoying this show, well done to all involved!

I watched the firs episode and I was amazed how it had NO information and NO oppinion at all!
Why do people love this? WHAT do they like about it?

residentSteve 02 October, 2011 @ 07:57

I like the new show as for people having trouble finding it open your eyes it easy to find its on the bottom left on the screen once you click latest content.

chrisandsheva 03 October, 2011 @ 09:14

i still haven’t gotten around to watching access just yet,..i suppose it can only be good that someone decided to follow the example set by scea who release, is it pulse,?. for free and another one that is a bit longer, you either pay a small amount or have it thrown in with your plus,…can’t remember…..So are you guys here just to toe the sony/sce line, or have you freedom in what you’s film and show,..only if it’s the later .(doubtfull,?.)…i and quite a few others i’d imagine would love to see you’s do a piece on the apparent differences between the EU regions store and plus! content as opposed to what a ‘certain’ other region has/gets,..maybe interview some of us and ask how we feel, about that and say asking a question on a ‘certain’ EU blog but hardly no replies and answers are given,…now if you guys Could do something like that, actually give the EU customers a place to express themselves, then that really would be Something to see..

this is a Balls-out and a wholloping boot to the plums haha

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