Welcome To The Battlefield 3 Open Beta!


Starting today, we are happy to invite all PlayStation 3 players to the much anticipated Battlefield 3 Open Beta!

Played on the Operation Métro map in Rush mode that won us Best Action Game and Best Multiplayer Game at E3, this is your chance to experience one of many flavors of Battlefield 3. To download the Battlefield 3 Open Beta, just follow these instructions:

From storefront, click on Demos
Click on A-C or the ‘latest demos’ section
Locate the Battlefield 3 Beta

Alternatively you can search for the Open Beta by typing in the key word “Battlefield 3” into the search tool.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your great interest in this Open Beta. By joining, you will help us stress test servers, and allow us to run important tests on the game’s back-end and Battlelog. Remember that this software is in Beta and does not represent final quality. For a full FAQ on the Open Beta, head here.

Please leave any feedback to us at DICE via the forums in the social platform Battlelog. Make sure to also head to our free social platform Battlelog to check your in-depth stats progression, start your own Platoon, and see how your friends are doing in the news feed. To get you started on the Operation Métro map, here are some playing tips straight from us at DICE. You can also study the PS3 control scheme in the image below. Enjoy, and let us know what you think!



  1. Stick to your team mates, and remember to spawn on them to stay close to the fight.
  2. Use your kit specific abilities to help your team mates. Assault can hand out med kits, Engineers can repair vehicles, and Support can hand out ammo.
  3. Make sure, when you have armed an M-COM station, that you defend it to make sure it is destroyed.
  4. The bombed-out tunnel section in Operation Métro is an excellent place to use a flashlight as one of your weapon attachments. Use it to light the tunnels up – and to blind your enemies.
  5. Attach bipods to your weapon and deploy it automatically by pushing up against cover or going prone and zooming in – this gives you a huge increase in accuracy and stability.
  6. Use suppressive shooting (fire close to enemies behind cover) to negatively effect the enemy’s fighting capabilities.
  7. Watch out for falling debris as this can hurt you. But you can also hurt your enemies by taking out buildings with the Engineer’s RPG.
  8. Shotguns are excellent for CQC (Close Quarters Combat) in the tighter tunnels sections.
  9. Fire automatic weapons in short bursts for accuracy, or switch to single fire mode if applicable.
  10. To grab your enemy’s dog tag as a souvenir, do a stealth knife kill from behind.

You can also find more Battlefield 3 tips from the developer over at

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Yes…. finally i can but my hands on BF3 and get a taste of how great it is.

TheSabreman 29 September, 2011 @ 1:07 pm   2

RIP original games under the avalanche of FPS game 🙁


Been playing this for 2 days now & it’s great!

A few bugs, Glitches, Screen Tearing & graphical Texture problems, but a great game nevertheless 🙂

I’m sure DICE/EA will get it right upon release!


FYEAH, Dling it, ASAP, Add me, :DDDD

It’s even available in Germany. Get it while you still can! Sony will take this down soon!

Playing it all morning, really enjoying it.
The one problem where i would fall into the map is the most annoying bug ive come across.
The graphics are fine but the sound is top notch as usual from Dice. Also love the increased recoil, its more realistic that way.


So there I was creeping through the bushes trying to get to A.
I peep my head out across the plain. Very quiet, only the whisper of the wind and the flutter of paper before me. As I turn back to head in the direction of A the prevailing sun catches something glistening in my direction. Had someone dropped a bottle? A smashed mirror in all the excitement? Then it disappears then re-appears.
Hmmm I thought. As I was in the middle of a war zone I thought I would take a pop in that general direction. So I edged back into the bush, lined up the shining object with my AK-74M with KOBRA attached then bam! Headshot! He had no idea. That will teach him to have his sniper scope out in the sun. Another gaming moment brought to you by BF3.

Oh and please can we have a Battlelog Iphone app please!!

    Tommy Rydling 29 September, 2011 @ 1:41 pm    

    Thanks for that nice write-up of a Battlefield moment, funkpower! 🙂 Battlelog is designed to be available everywhere, including on the go. Stay tuned for more news on that.

    /Tommy Rydling, DICE

M4xA_TheRussian_ 29 September, 2011 @ 1:27 pm   8

Why is this not on the Playstation Store in the United States? (NY)


Having a blast thanks DICE 😀

Amazing game only problem i have at mo is make a squad we all boot in game on diffrnt sides. oh well its only a beta

After a long wait I would love to join you guys. However when I go to download it off PS Store it says “unable to access on this account” Any one know whats up with that? (Really irks me because everything I own is Sony, from hd camcorder to paid in full preorder of 3d tv, sony hd tv, even my stand is sony, so return the love please)


Tommy, is that a little hint of an app?

The action moves into the metro a subway that has seen better days. Dark, damp, Lots of electrical sparks, derailed trains and a general sense of devastation. Up ahead a lot of cross firing can be seen, crys of medic can be heard! The decent thing would be to go head on into the battle to save an injured marine. But that cross fire is too heavy, risking your own life is not an option. I decide to duck into a service shaft, lights are flashing, water dipping, dust in the air. The bullet sounds can be heard echoing through the tunnel. I eventually reach a doorway which leads to a room with beaten up lockers. Signs of life are all but left in a hurry. Whilst looking at the lockers a torch light can be seen lighting up the door way to the locker room. I duck down behind a collapsed locker against the damaged wall. I hear voices. Not what I would recognise as my own squad. I launch a grenade in the general direction of the voices. Double kill. I continue to run to the squad member laying amongst the debris. Defib then back into the action.

Another BF3 gaming moment….


Been playing this for 2 days now, and it is quite fun. Little disappointed with the graphics, though. Texture popping is very common. Gameplay makes up for it, but I hope the final product is more polished.


How come I cannot join my buddies? I can press X as often as I want but nothing happens.
Quickmatch also only works every other time. Sometimes it even freezes my PS3.

Absolutely loving the game but I have picked up on a few big problems. Since a few months ago, I became very recon orientated in BC2 and am continuing that trend into this game for the foreseable future. Sadly, there is a problem where if I get shot at, it lags to the point that anything I do has no effect. If I was assault, then I can get around lag by shooting more but with recon, you need to be precise and when I have to aim and get that crucial shot in to save my life, the lag stops me even shooting, let alone aiming.

Also, when I am playing with a friend in a self created squad, I can’t hear my friend and he cannot hear me yet when I play in a game on my own, I get a really loud, inaudible hum from all the headsets in the game at once, not just my squad. Plus I cannot mute anyone. This means that to simply be able to hear the game, I have to turn my headset on and leave it on the table. Yet when playing with friends, there is no point in even turning the headset on. Will this be corrected in the final build?

Other than that, the game is solid. Can’t wait to get some bolt action rifles. This should be a very good game indeed. Just fix the lag and headset issues

i played this for while to give it a chance
but being honest i hated this

u should write books with the stories u come up with if that really happened u would have killed way b4 u lined up the shot on the guy ur probably someone that worked on the game trying to big it up

SpartaMonkey117 29 September, 2011 @ 2:57 pm   19

Hey Guys,
I was just wondering if anybody had any input on my problem. When I go to download the Beta the Playstation Store says “unable to access on this account.” I’d be thankful for any input. 🙂


the unable to access on this account error means it probably has not unlocked for you yet.
I tried downloading it yesterday on my other account without the MoH pass activated on it and got the same error.

Tommy, if we switch from the ps3 beta to PC will we still have access to the same soldier or do we have to start another one from scratch?
Tried asking this on battlelog but have not got a answer yet.
I really need to try it on PC as its where ill be buying the game, but I don’t want to start from scratch so if I have to I think ill stick to ps3 for now. I want to try it on PC to see if I need to upgrade anything, but I don’t need to try it that badly that I’m willing to start all over from scratch again.

PLEASE give us an option to turn down the graphics. The graphics have increased so much that it’s near impossible to spot enemies near bush. BC1 was perfect, BC2 improved the graphics so it was harder to spot enemies, now BF3 has gone even further! It’s a real eye strain now. I’d prefer low textures over high resolution or anti-aliasing.

Apart from that, the SOUND is AWESOME! best improvement is the movement though, feels fluid like Brink.

muzzar69, it’s a beta, your stats will be reset in 10 days, not even a demo would allow that!

AaronSOLDIER 29 September, 2011 @ 3:23 pm   23

@2 – Glad to see I’m not alone in thinking that.

chrisandsheva 29 September, 2011 @ 3:48 pm   24

thanks Tommy…Dice..for the total crap early access,…you said 48 hours,..i thought bad,…but better than nothing,…turns out it wasn’t even 36hrs,..not that it matters,..the 12hrs,…just hate getting lied to and taken for a idiot,…ie buying the ‘avarage’ limited/tier1 MOH ..shortly after release Solely to get into the, ..what i thought would be limited spaces B3 beta,…you can probably imagine how idiotic i now feel….great beta,…sure the end result will make it a very good play/purchase,…sad that i don’t allow myself the luxery of forgiving people/company’s who’ve scammed me,so looks like you’s have just handed activision’s cash cow yet another mug,…still at least there be no crap zombies stopping me from earning a plat in mw3…..btw am not mad cos everyone and thier dog can get on b3 beta,…only at the ‘Cheap’ marketing ploy that got me and loads of others to buy moh,….b4 it ended up in the £10 bin,…..

its not working for me why is it not working

Svenskar & Nordmenn er velkommen till BF3 klanen! =)

One bug, if you are zooming your weapon with “ACOG” or other and then you press “Square” to reload, so you are not able to zoom again the L1 button seems to be not functionnal. Solution change weapon with pistol then come back to primary weapon and all is ok.

thanks for reading and sorry for my english i’m french

Dada_Dada81 29 September, 2011 @ 4:39 pm   28

Not working for me it said cant with my account mm will try later…

Al3ister89 29 September, 2011 @ 4:43 pm   29

Same for me in Germany. it also said: Not working with your account.

I think the PSN-Servers are temporarly overloaded

Dada_Dada81 29 September, 2011 @ 4:46 pm   30

Ya i think anyway its sure i will play with you all soon ^^

Only had a couple of games,and it’s nice.It plays well enough,I like the slow approach,and parts of the map fit that.The surround sound is awesome as ever.
I don’t think it looks very good.Some effects are nice,I really like the intensity of the flashlight,but overall it looks flat and a bit meh.PC version looks good,but PS3 no.

First trailer wowed me,I was ready to spend big on a new PC,but with every other trailer and footage,i’ve been getting less impressed :/ and i’ll probably skip it now.

i cant download from ps store , there said, you cannot acced to this content with your account ,:(

Just a quick add,if it had Move support i’d probably buy it during early 2012.

I GONNA CRY “Not working with your account”

Sounds like your PSN hasn’t unlocked it yet.

Dmmm :S

um.. can someone help me i tried to download the beta but it said “This content cannot be accessed on your account” can someone help me?

awww :S

Coleguilla 29 September, 2011 @ 5:06 pm   39

Mine keeps loading and loading. I haven’t read anything similar to anybody else. Is it happening to me only?

under maintenance
:@ :@ D:


Had it happen during a game,think I got a connection error and it kept loading.


caaant wait!



See you on the Battlefield 3.

You should be good once maintenance is over,i’m guessing it’ll unlock for you then.It’s only supposed to last 2 hours,so it’s a fairly short maintenance.

ok 😀

Dont quote me on that 🙂 it’s purely speculation.

Puddingface200 29 September, 2011 @ 5:43 pm   48

So i come home, i spend like 20 minutes downloading the beta, and then the PSN goes down for maintenance. Good timing Sony…


@Tommy Ridling
After putting roughly 8 hours into the beta (I had early access) and reaching level 16 or so, I’m going to stop playing and return to BFBC2. I like the gameplay, unlocks, improved graphics and superb sound but the beta is broken. I can’t play it with my friends. We end up in different squads and if, by some weird chance, we manage to keep together after joining a match, I can’t communicate with them! Headsets are not working at all (or I hear random people).
That’s why I’ll be adding some more gameplay to those 800+ hours I have in BFBC2, in hope for better future and full game release. For now, I’m really disappointed. How can you put up a test of a team game and not allow teams to play it? I remember BFBC2 beta, teams were there and I met terrific people playing the game.

Playing BF with strangers is like trying to throw a good party at a train station. Not to mention everybody is deaf…

how many time left :(?+


Tommy you must be so annoyed at the idiots at Sony for taking the PSN down on the release of the BF3 beta! Next time go with your instinct, the other console provides a far greater service.

Sony, you must be ashamed!! Terrible!!

ShadowDoGGG 29 September, 2011 @ 6:54 pm   52

Why did you mess up the PC version so badly Dice? Browser plugins and rubbish. Most nonsense thing to date..


15 minutes to go. I hope the levels we raise in this carry over into the game…



We now also got the Uncharted 2 DLC for free just like the US store! 🙂
Already got it though….


No nothing you gain in the beta is carried over to the full release

is on right now?


Great timing Sony.
On the release day of one of the most anticipated gamedemos this year.
Someone somewhere decided it would be a good time to schedulea downtime. GREAT THINKING morons!

Sean_da_gamer 29 September, 2011 @ 8:41 pm   60

only problem i have is the lack of Veichles lads but appart from that the Beta is one of the best i’ve seen for a game of this scale Picture, sound and gunplay but there are few bugs screen tearing falling into the map?? and crashind maybe a veichle patch coming up that could fix these??? please if its possible which it should be less than a month to release :O

RevengerAD 29 September, 2011 @ 8:47 pm   61

Hey DICE how about fixing this?


maybe i am stupid, but what about the graphics? Medal of Honor is so much more a realistic game, in my opinion. Im dutch, so forgive me my grammar-faults. Is it so that the original game B3 will be better as this beta-version? Will the real game be much more realistic in the graphic-department? Because i will not buy it in this state. I expected a lot more for Battlefield 3, maybe my fault.

sure yohan

westryder101 29 September, 2011 @ 9:38 pm   65

great game just love it alot , but what dissapointed me was in the beta theres no vehicle’s so its all on foot which is boring though i still managed to make my way accross the battlefield & into the train station which aint hard anyway il give this game or just the beta a 10/10 5 star best war game for me


I play in standard definition and the game is next to impossible. You fall to the floor, then it comes up that you have been killed, then you see the guy shooting at what seems to be thin air but is actually them killing you. Its impossible to play the game CQB with this. If you start shooting someone, then they can pile aload of bullets into you before the screen lets you aim at them. By that time, your dead. I play recon too which means that I have to be very precise when no scoping at short range which I just can’t do with this lag. Come on DICE. I have spent the enture year waiting for this game to release. It is the only FPS I am getting this year. Don’t mess it up for me because I can’t buy a HD TV to go with it



I don’t think there is much of a joy to play such a beta. It feels more like an early alpha code.
Here is the list of my(and some others) noticed bugs:
Quite a list, I think and only less than a month to release :/

this blog ruined the link URL, here is the shortened one:
I really hope Dice is reading that forum, if not, then BF3 will be the last game I will be buying from Dice/EA.

finnaly a can play battlefield 3 🙂


i have not yet played the beta but friends who did said it was awful to play & looked awful too !! what do you guys think of it ?

chrisandsheva 30 September, 2011 @ 7:35 am   72

way off topic here ..but i don’t suppose anyone ‘else’ read through the newest toc’s,?,,if i’m reading them right then basically your handing over All info on your ps3,..and whoever may be on your friends list can be ‘studied’ as well..i think it is proper big brother stuff,…not concerned by ps3’s info..though i do use it to make posts on some forums,…which now (my words) apparently ‘belong’ to EA .. plus i read a few e-mails off my gaming address..not sure if they can see those?…anyway absolutely no way i would give them those ‘spying’,.sorry market research rights via my pc,…just as well i ain’t got a gaming one,…..



Please, for the love of god, include a ‘colourblind mode’. The game seems fun but is basically unplayable for me with the colour-centric HUD. Killzone 3 NEARLY got it right, but I’m sure you can do better if you put your minds to it.

As it stands, telling friend from foe is nigh-on impossible for at least 1/8 male players – and certain HUD elements are invisible on certain surfaces.

Black icons with white frames, using shapes rather than colours to distinguish things would help A LOT.



Use your kit specific abilities to help your team mates: Engineers can repair vehicles

There are no vehicles. Great tip.


Don’t like it at all. Very hard to see anything and the map is just full of prone campers waiting for someone to walk out in front of them.

xx-InFeRnAL-xx 30 September, 2011 @ 4:46 pm   76

Mr. Tommy Rydling

Thanks for sharing the Beta of Battlefield 3 for everyone, because i am tired of exclusive betas for plus members and beta testers, the videogames are made for everyone so everyone sould test them before buy them!

Continue like this Mr. Tommy Rydling, this is a excellent and pleasure idea, i hope in future many companys follow your footprints.

Thanks for the experience you offer to us.
With best regards;

Stonesthrow 30 September, 2011 @ 5:21 pm   77

Amazing game, the only thing that kind of disappointed me is how it feels so much like the Bad Companies.. Being a true successor to the series, I thought the “feel” of it would be different from Bad Company..

Hugely dissapointed. I know it’s a beta but the visuals looks awful! Medal of Honor and Bad Company 2 both look a lot cleaner, with higher resolution textures and the screen tear is very distracting. I don’t understand why it looks so bad though! PS3 hardware is capable of a lot more.

Im hoping the final version improves on visuals, even though I doubt it will.

Hi Tommy!, Im loving this game look’s great the voice quality is awesome, way better than cod :] But the voice chat doesn’t work, at least in Europe/Finland. Me and my friends love this game and would really appreciate if you guys at DICE could make it work. Really looking forward 4 the full game im sure it will be awesome! Thank You :]


cool game some bugs and geting stuk in the gound and not be abel to line the shot but its the best war fps i ever tried

I really hope squad and server joining is polished by the release, there have always been issues with it in BC2 and judging by the beta those issues are still there. A lot of the time it’s overly irritating just joining your friends in the same squad and team, quite often I get put on the other team or on the same team but a different squad. Why the hell didn’t they just include a screen that shows you the squads to join like the PC version?

The main thing this game really really needs is a very simple “join last server” button, making sure to join the same team too, it would make drop outs waaaay less frustrating. Or how about instead of dropping out of the server, the game automatically tries to reconnect? PC gaming has had this for more than a decade now, it doesn’t make sense that some simple time-saving features aren’t included.

Other than that, it’s the same old awesome BF fun. I hope they don’t tone down the ragdoll physics, seeing a body fly into the sky is amazingly funny.

frankbrandjes 1 October, 2011 @ 10:40 pm   82

I’m disappointed in the graphics of bfbc3 it is not beter than bfbc2 at all .. indeed the entire open beta is not better .. :S

Nelsonslb1991 2 October, 2011 @ 3:41 pm   83

it lags 🙁

D-Jasutin 2 October, 2011 @ 8:31 pm   84

Badass game, fantastic sound and super graphics for beta…..cant wait for October to end.

This gonna be very dreadfull

peace out


Not sure if u guys want the feedback here or somewhere else, and while the game is allready excellent I still have some minor things I hope u guys will change!

1st of all, the conversion of the medic with the assault class, what a good solution, I really like it! Normally the medic was fed up with some [DELETED] weapon so it wouldn’t even reach the frontline(where the downed soldiers are) but what I really hate, and what i also think is really stupid: the medi boxes also work on yourself. I feel like this is a little bit too much, because every assaultsoldier will throw a medibox next to his cover and as soon as he gets hit he will insta heal. Better would be that the boxes DON’T work on yourself.
The assault won’t have this huge advantage and further teamwork is stimulated

2nd, there are some spots where u can crawl underground, and spots where u will vibrate. I really hope u can fix this because it’s kinda like an ugly spot on a beautifull game.

For the rest, what a goodlooking, realistic game that I will enjoy for years! I cannot wait for the final version!

Thanks DICE, you rock

Dr__Vince 3 October, 2011 @ 3:06 pm   86

There seems to be very annoying bug that disconnects the controller.
Lots and lots of times during gameplay I get the message: “please reconnect controller”. And I have to hit the PS button on my controller to reconnect. Very, very annoying…
(you are standing there frozen, like a sitting duck for anyone to shoot).
Somehow it seems to be related to some of the bigger explosions in this game? (like inside the tunnels). At the big explosions the controller disconnects when it’s vibration kicks in.
On the “smaller-vibration-events” it doesn’t happen.
I don’t experience this in any other game….

salvo1999 3 October, 2011 @ 3:16 pm   87


Quick sand is the most annoying glitch today it was worse than ever before but graphics looking great by the way anybody know what is the agerating of bf3 in finland?

Viperdaz 3 October, 2011 @ 9:31 pm   89

Lots of bugs on PS3 Beta,disappointed with the graphics, don’t think i’m gonna buy it, I hope MW3 is better.


Taitaa olla 18+ mutta jossain lukee kyl 16 :]


I am so pleased to finally see the game, it’s amazing as ever however I have listed the issues on where it seems many PS3 owners are suffering with freezing of machines, loads of server dropouts and no ability to play with friends in squad mode. Shame as I worry it will deter/ give ammo to the BF haters ie COD Diehards! Well done EA love the perks etc and some of the weapons are brilliant fun. Please please please sort the servers out though it’s so dismaying to be racking up some kills and then be back at the menu or worse frozen machine!

Joo mut originin ennakkotilaukses se on 16+ nii mietin vaa onks se sama ps3?

sSIiLVvEEr 4 October, 2011 @ 12:29 pm   93

This is a awesome game 😀 looks so real the moves and the lights and destruction… i am speechless. it’s like everything is perfect.
Dice worked on every detail nice work dice. Bra jobbat!!! 😉

Jeffro02 4 October, 2011 @ 2:05 pm   94

There is lag when shooting especially while aiming down on scope. Like the game though.

alghmdi707 4 October, 2011 @ 8:58 pm   95

hi gays i love bf3 so bad

Tiuri_Khan 4 October, 2011 @ 10:34 pm   96

Awsome Bèta but… I have two questions for the ps3 version: 1. Is the squad system gonna be the same as in bfbc2, so i can create my own squad and play in the same squad as my friends? or will they keep us appart like in the beta? Now i create a squad but when we join a game they split us up. 2. How is the voice system gonna work?

shedboy90 4 October, 2011 @ 11:50 pm   97

not all COD diehards h8 bf
i h8 when someone hears a person has a lot of COD games but no bf games and get called a fanboy , h8r ,etc even though its their opinion that they like COD and dislike bf

i have COD waw , mw1 , mw2 , bops and im getting mw3
and i don’t have any bf games (but i did play bf3 beta and didn’t like it)
ppl with say oh its just a beta though ppl only say that when its bad but when its gd ppl become arrogant and think it will wipe the floor with other games i say that ppl who say that r hypocrites

LANGZ_91 5 October, 2011 @ 7:26 am   98


Pinacolada_Boy 5 October, 2011 @ 1:33 pm   99

Das Spiel brennt wie Feuer. Gibt wieder schlaflose Nächte!!

josh-avery 6 October, 2011 @ 8:40 pm   100

I love BF3 even if it is just a multiplayer demo and to be honest i hope the beta won’t end soon. Can i just ask when will it finish?

josh-avery 6 October, 2011 @ 8:49 pm   101

I know this is not about BF3 but when will TDU2 exploration pack come for PS3 cause this is taking the p**s cause all the other consoles have their exploration packs but we don’t!

oX-GER_KILLA-Xo 7 October, 2011 @ 5:30 pm   102

I was a beta but not so convinced.I’ll still get first MW3

ShotTheRecon 7 October, 2011 @ 5:49 pm   103

Been playing it for quite a long time and its a good game i’m thinking about getting it

x--Naif--x 8 October, 2011 @ 2:27 pm   104

Game battlefield 3 It’s a game has the characteristic maps vast

Thank battlefield 3

KingofKings_2012 9 October, 2011 @ 4:26 pm   105

i can´t download this 🙁 can someone help me. Pleaase i want have this demo.

JamesID200 13 October, 2011 @ 7:24 pm   106

Used for play this game 24/7, Classic game ever.. Hope it comes back out with the beta I’m seriously going to miss that great wonderful game now 🙁 but oh well, It’ll give others the chance to try out the new beta of the BF3 Version…

But anyways thanks for putting this game out, Really helps us communicate & let us take advantages with others to become helping around with their team mates, Socially