PlayStation Vita Box Designs and Launch Apps

I am the European Hardware Product Manager for PS Vita and I am excited to share with you the final box design for both PS Vita Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi and 3G models which were first unveiled at Tokyo Game Show.

3G_wifi eng

Those of you that have managed to get a hands-on experience at one of our recent events will know that no single picture can do PS Vita justice, but we think it does look pretty stunning and I hope you agree.

On the screen you can see the app icons for some of apps, features and services that will come pre-installed on PS Vita at launch. Here is a quick description for each of the icons represented:

appicn-WelcomeParkWelcome Park – We invite you to the Welcome Park to explore and discover all of the brilliant features packed into PS Vita through a series of mini-games.
appicn-PartyParty – Fancy a chat while you’re gaming? Speak with your friends anytime you like with Party. The voice and text chat application allows you to talk to up to eight party members, no matter what you’re doing. Party also allows you to set up and jump in multiplayer games and chat with Friends while you play different games, bringing cross-game chat to PS Vita.
appicn-PSStorePlayStation Store – A direct link to PlayStation Store where you will be able to download all PS Vita games, trailers, DLC and apps.
appicn-GroupMessagingGroup Messaging – Another great way to contact your PlayStation Network friends is with a PSN Message. Send them an update or even a picture you’ve taken with your PS Vita to let them know what’s going on. You can message your friends on PSP and PS3, and you can have conversations with multiple people at once.
appicn-PhotosPhotos – PS Vita allows you to capture photos and this is the direct link to the camera and also the photo viewer application.
appicn-nearNear – An exclusive location based gaming network for PS Vita. With near you can stay connected to all of your PlayStation Network friends and make new ones by sharing information about yourself, based on your location. Press the Update button and find new people based on where you are, challenge them to games or play cooperatively and enjoy a completely unique gaming experience on PS Vita. You can even send and receive new levels, unlocks and in-game items to enhance the way you play – everywhere you go will hold new surprises. You can view your friends’ game preferences, see how many trophies they’ve earned and compare your stats to see who the better player is.
appicn-TrophiesTrophies – PS Vita games will support Trophies and this app will store and track your Trophies earned on both PS Vita and PS3. It also allows you to compare your Trophies with your friends.
appicn-Music-256x256-killerMusic – A music player that will allow you to play your own tunes transferred to PS Vita via a computer or PS3.
appicn-FriendsFriends – Your Friends List will allow you to search and keep in touch with your PSN Friends. Click on a friend’s profile to see what game they are playing on either PS Vita or PlayStation 3. You can join their game, take a look at what you’ve played together recently or compare your trophy collections. You can also see your friend’s recent gaming activity and what they are doing now. In your profile you can share information about yourself. Choose an avatar that represents you best, add your friends and let the world know what you are playing.
appicn-BrowserInternet Browser – With the 5″ OLED Touchscreen, PS Vita will offer a great web browsing experience over Wi-Fi and 3G.

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Inside PS Vita
We will be sharing much more detail on all of these features and apps, plus many more, in the coming weeks. If you want to be the first to get the latest game news, exclusive information and a behind the scenes look at PS Vita then make sure you sign up to Inside PS Vita. As a member of Inside PS Vita you will also get:

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Love it!

Me too! Beautiful :)

Just release it!! waiting untill next year sucks :(

So they say that Vita will support x-game chat. Anyway you could “pair” it with your PS3 and use it as a chat tool? :p


There is no Video category?

Love it too! Can’t wait :-)

okay so the Ps-Vita has got a great updated internet browser & party cross chat, while Ps3 still has inferior outdated net browser & partyless chat.

like i said before Ps3 is on it‘s last legs.

R.l.P Ps3

the death bell rang out on E3, gamescom, & TGS.

if you said to me it not Adam you’re a good lier.

Wow sweet! I’m really going to buy this [DELETED] =) PS Vit > 3DS.

The Vita is probably the best gaming system we have seen in a long time. I’m hyped.

I cant wait for……. whenever it is being released! ;)

Signed up a while back and currently using the theme, great theme. Preordered the Vita on Friday as GAME didn’t have it to preorder until then. Can’t wait for the “next gen” of portable gaming.

Will you increase the limit of the friends list in the end?

The actual limit smells so old and it’s very, let’s say, limited…

EU release date PLEEEEEEASE!


Can’t wait for this bad boy to come out 2012 hurry up its looks awesome, 3Ds by bye lol

Vita looks lovely. Sony is doing everything right at the moment. Keep it up.


Liking it alot. Cant wait for VITA. You have my money on release day Sony!

It’s looking great! But when will we hear about Australia pricing?

FallingStickman 03 October, 2011 @ 12:22

Two questions.

Will vita allow for multiple user profiles (like the PS3), or will it be limited to a single one (like the PSP)?

What kind of Internet browser will it have (is it Sony’s proprietary solution, or will it be based on an existing one?) and will it support Flash and HTML5?


Stop teasing and give us a RELEASE DATE! :(
1st week of Jan I hope!

‘Party also allows you to set up and jump in multiplayer games ‘

‘Click on a friend’s profile to see what game they are playing on either PS Vita or PlayStation 3. You can join their game’

Will all multiplayer Vita games support this?

Also, which apps can be open while you are playing a game?

And is it true you can capture screenshots in any game, at any time?


I’m not sure about these next gen handhelds. I guess PS Vita could at least just port all ps3 games onto it and I could play my ps3 game on the move but I bought the DS and PSP and hardly used them so I am recultant at best.


looks awsome cant wait, pre-ordered mine the day it came up on however there is one question still pending i am waiting for. Has the vita got a built in memory card/ hdd as if we download games etc, is it a replaceable memory stick like the first psps or built in like psp go? thanks

I hate to be a negative Nancy but who cares what the box looks like? It’s going to hold my attention for about 3 seconds before it’s discarded and the lovely contents have all my attention…

Lovely and clean, really like it :)

PSN-OmniusALX 03 October, 2011 @ 12:38

Not so SOOKIE….

I’m sure the PS3 will be updated with the same features in the next firmware update following the Vita’s launch.

As for no mention of the Video of Comic book app, I starting to doubt the Vita’s multi media credentials!

I hope you don’t have to buy everything again! That will kill it for me, and don’t be surprised if that happens, as it did with the PSPgo!


Are they putting Google Chrome on this?


Cannot wait to get my vita eurogamer showed me my trust is in Sony shame missed Christmas in the eu

FallingStickman 03 October, 2011 @ 12:47


Sony already said that cross-game chat is never coming to the PS3, as it doesn’t have enough RAM.

I also really doubt that the PS3 Internet browser will be updated. It’s a terrible, terrible app. I’d rather have Sony make a deal with Google or Mozzila and have their browsers ported to the PS3.

@ PSN-OmniusALX

oh i completely forgot about the comic store didn’t they stop it on PSP saying they working on other devices, apparently it was just a other lie.

so i take it no comic store for Ps-vita is this the full list because it lacking.

as for other features like new net browser for ps3 they had many moons ago to add a working net browser for ps3.

i wouldn’t hold my breath for Ps-vita, also they said our bought PSP downloads will work on the vita.


1. Please say it’ll see a UK release in the first quarter of 2012.

2. PS3 has plenty of RAM for cross-game chat, it’s just the way it’s utilised which prevents it. But it’s not coming, so get over it.

3. I’m not fussed about the PS3 browser as I rarely use it. However, if it does get updated, I hope it’s Chrome, because every version of Firefox since 4 has been pretty much useless and would be a backward step.


Basically, this one guarantees me buying one. Question is – how soon. We’ll see what games will be available at launch.



“so i take it no comic store for Ps-vita is this the full list because it lacking.”

No. As the title says, this is the *launch* App list. Doesn’t mean it won’t come later. It doesn’t mention Twitter, Facebook FourSquare or Skype either, and they’ve all been confirmed.

Please release it before Christmas in Europe!

I hope I will be able to listen RSS podcasts/videocasts or internet radio like on PSP.


Sony fanboys are allready pre-ordering! :D

It’s an expencive android phone without the phone!

No thanks, I have an I-phone :)

can you play FFX remake or a MGS4 HD, ZOE HD Uncharted on a I-pod & can a small screen of a I-pod phone can do Full ps3 on vita?

Answer NO.

Looks great ! :)

And how long does it take to get the mail with the code for the Resistance theme ?

I signed up 1 hour ago but I still haven’t received my theme and I really want it :(

Enough with what the box looks like etc, and just tell us when it’s going to be released in other regions, for crying out loud.


Are the trophies Vita only, or will they addon to what we have accumulated on PS3 ?


Just give us a release date for Europe.I’m so getting the Vita, it’s the perfect entertainment at work.

The party icon looks so amateur.

No video player?

Will this be on show at the EB convention October 15?
Its been at every other convention this year, (E3, gamescom, pax, TGS) so it should be here too.
I hope the release date for AU is announced soon, I’m tossing up if I should import one or if I should wait and get one here. Hopefully the AU release date will be announced before the JP preorders open which is October 15 otherwise I think I’m going to import it. I just hope the Japanese games will be playable in English, if not in dialogue hopefully at least with subtitles.

Hi Adam,

I was just wondering, as I never heard. Why is the PS Vita been delayed in the EU?

I was looking forward to getting my hands on one.

VictorAnalogy 03 October, 2011 @ 14:18

Release date and more details on UK 3G if you please.


i don’t think any member of the team will reply to our questions


this says a lot about how sony treat their customers..the only thing sony want is our money,that’s why they are not doing anything major for the ps3


what sort of browser is it? please don’t tell me it custom Sony browser because if so it’ll run poorly.
Is it too much to ask that while these featues are great selling points of Vita why are they not also great selling points for PS3.
The ps3 browser is due for a massive update that sorts the browser and allows for adobe flash updates and it also needs a application like PARTY. IF anyone on here really think thinks that XGC is not possible because a somebody at Sony reportedly stated theres not enough RAM then you are gulible. Wasen’t that long ago they released a firmware update that increased the RAM availability fro developers. which funnyily enough didn’t effect older or newer games indifferently, So yeah XGC for ps3 please

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