PlayStation Home: Angels Really Are Falling From Heaven… Into Home?!

On Thursday 6th October from 8AM BST PlayStation Home will be briefly offline for scheduled maintenance. Here is what to expect after the update…

Ever heard the line “Did you hurt yourself when you fell from Heaven?”, if so I hope you were suitably appalled. But this week, Angels really are falling from Heaven, slap bang into the middle of Home Square and it’s your job to save them from harm with strategically placed cushions. If you manage to save these celestial beauties you will be richly rewarded, so head on over to Home Square and break those falls!

Aurora 1.2 comes out this Thursday. Grab your rod and head over to the fabulous Sky Fishing game. Forty different mysterious creatures and objects are waiting to be caught (along with a few rewards), but will you manage to catch the fabled colossus? Also, don’t forget to visit the Teller of Tales, where you can learn more about the rich history of Aurora.

The ultra-modern Tycoon Penthouse sits atop a towering skyscraper, overlooking a world-class city teeming with action. Releasing alongside a suite of sleek and chic furnishings and amenities including a bubbling hot tub, the Tycoon Penthouse is the perfect addition to your collection of rare and exotic properties around the world. Those of you who enjoy the finer things in life can pick up this premium property this Thursday from the Estates store.



A new selection of clothing hits the PS Home Shopping Centre this week – men of action should head over to the Alter Ego where they can find Desert Marauder, Smoke Jumper, and Combat Armour clothing, as well as a new variation on the Anime Battle Suit. For the ladies there is the Sci-Fi costume which takes the phrase “space assassin vixen from a dystopian future” to a whole new level. There are also some elegant new off-the-shoulder tops with matching gloves and animated angel and butterfly wings.

Music lovers can deck out their apartment with a range of instruments including a drum kit, grand piano, wall-mounted guitars and DJ turn tables. There are also new furniture items ranging from drinks bars to tables and sofas, and even a friendly koala to perch happily in your favourite apartment.


This week also sees Binx (our lovable London Pub Labrador) get 2 new siblings. Visit the V-Store today and you can take them home. Also in the V-store this week you can start taking care of all that
dirty virtual laundry with an extended range of washing machines for your personal space. Are you hungry? Fancy some pizza or kung pao chicken? Well head down to the V-Store and try their delicious new ranges of takeaway food.



Calling all SodiumOne fans! This week Lockwood unveils an exciting update – the Salt Shooter Public Game Space. This new version of tank action classic comes with a selection of exclusive rewards, a new interactive gallery of enemy units and connections to Sodium2!


Head into the Salt Shooter Public Game space today to meet friends and collect new rewards! Plus, between Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th October the Salt Shooter Public Game Space will give out double resources from SodiumOne! Convert these to Sodium credits to buy items from the Sodium Hub or upgrades in Sodium2!

The leaves are turning red, the air is getting chill, and Halloween approaches. To make sure you can all celebrate Samhain in style, the Cauldron of the Sunless Kingdom makes a return to the Lockwood store, along with some regal accessories to help unlock all the Cauldron’s spoils.

PS Home: Lockwood Cauldron

If you’ve never played the Cauldron, or only ever tried out a friend’s, here’s another limited-time opportunity to grab this seasonal mini-game. Donning the Guardian Circlet or the Sorceress Tiara will not only look stylish, you’ll also be entitled to extra unique rewards from the Cauldron’s bubbling depths!

There’s an extra special Gift Machine update this week too, with Double Time’s Paintball Range expanding into giftable versions. Look at the new Double Time tab in the machine to see what to send your friends!


nDreams are also getting into the Halloween spirit this week – Turn your apartment into the most haunted place in PlayStation Home. Witness the haunting images within the Ghostly Mirror, watch the possessed portraits as their eyes move and listen to the beastly howls coming from deep within the mist emitting Crypt Keepers!

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When is this big update gonna happen?
I want something to keep me in Home for for then 90 seconds.. Seriously.

so SCEE what is sony take of what soon mean? to us it this week to you lot SCEE it next 2 3 weeks off.

your post was last week this is not soon. more misleading ppl should look up what soon means.

Hate to sound like a bore, but there’s so many issues that need fixing with this week’s store updates, I don’t have the will to even look at ‘home’.


Hiya James! I asked this on the heads-up post, but was misunderstood. Could you tell me why ps home is unavailable in croatia? And will it ever be available?

That sounds like a pretty decent update to me! :) There are some fundemental issues that have arisen since v1.55 that need looking at though (spaces not downloading correctly, gibberish text, disconnections, etc)…

@Sookie30 you have a british flag right next to your ID though either you’re not english or you skipped a lot of enligh classes because i almost need a freaking decoder most of the times just to try to understand what the heck you’re trying to say.

*on topic no*
Aurora 1.2, finally :)

Cant wait for this update and especially the Tycoon Penthouse to add to my collection of apartments. One thing Home Dev Team, I would LOVE IT is you gave us custom photoframes like amaerica, the loot camera is cool but I want to show off some of my photography skills in my apartments ;D

Totally agree with you Retro, i’ve loaded into spaces so many times only to bet greeted with a blue screen and the actuall space dissappearing into the sky as i fall into pixel hell since the 1.55 update.. I have to say i’m impressed with the update this week. the music equipment is on my list of buys as well as a new companion for Binx.

i think you haveing a laugh.

can you see any spelling mistakes No

okay what does soon mean to you?

last week james.G posted up about home reboot saying “coming soon”

i know what soon mean, but do you?


before you say it, it‘s ppl it typo for people & 2 3 weeks off should be 2,3 weeks off.

i see grammer police is in today with the flamers.

never mind i wont be on here much longer. feed up with lies anyway.

@Skookie lol, I’m afraid thou there is no release date yet for the ‘ Reboot ‘ of PlayStation Home. However we can see it arriving sometime in fall I believe. I hope that answers your question ;)

yip i know no dates just yet.

okay time for a example, remember life with playstation App for the ps3.

sony said soon & about 1,2 month later it was release.

I‘m saying don’t take sony soon as face value as it falls under misleading too.

CoolRichy007UK 05 October, 2011 @ 20:07

VitalogyPJ will need a decoder for himself if he dont stop picking on SKOOKIE30

and hiii SKOOKIE30 hope ur ok just ignore him cuz if he keeps being nasty he will get banned

CoolRichy007UK 05 October, 2011 @ 20:08

*on topic*

does anyone know if we get halloween costumes soon and the Cauldron of the Sunless Kingdom will probs be for 1 week so next tuesday im gonna get some money outta the bank and buy it cuz i missed it last year and im gonna buy the halloween stuff if anyone wants to have a early halloween party add me before tuesday


It’s OK, Skookie – your fan club has turned up by the looks of it! lol


I don’t particularly wish to be drawn into this feud that is going on, on these boards, but Skookie, why the negativity? Just because they said “soon” doesn’t mean it’s gonna come out in the next ten minutes, it means they don’t want to commit to a specific date, should they miss it and get almightily flamed. In other words, it’s a cop out. It happens in all walks of life. Hell, even Microsoft and Nintendo are just as bad, if not worse. That’s life, unfortunately…

On topic, please don’t let this only be in home for a week, otherwise I’ll miss out. Holidays ftl?

hey i can’t be on here all the time lol :P

still no corrected of arc the lad. & coolrichy007uk said he was sorry when the mod did nothing, it takes guts & balls of steel to say sorry.

I‘m alright now i had a message wanting a meeting a VIP with-in Home.

on-topic when will we know the date and will we get another post of what features if any in home?

that why i said don’t take it face value. in fact it better NOT to give out dates i understand, you just need to have a look what ray said about arc the lad being english.

because i want to know will the other spaces i haven’t bought carry over in the reboot.



Home has no background sound for example you can`t hear foot steps environment sound man you can`t even jump or sprint the only sound is tv screen and people playing games Home is a incomplete game and im all most sure ps3 can`t have a game with doors that really open it only dose props


Making games your doing the same thing over and over just with new fonts, colour scheme, new scenery and it gets boring for example in Home you could give it a reason to play like you could make the players like a cyber pet where you got to make them food, feed it them, clean up the apartment, use toilet, and add stats to player like body muscles ,hunger and age you could also add level bar with xp so that doing event within home are not point less and have something to show for it and reducing the amount of menu home uses like moving furniture instead of menu your player can pick up place it down or drag it and all the simple things you can do in real life like jump.


“VitalogyPJ will need a decoder for himself if he dont stop picking on SKOOKIE30

and hiii SKOOKIE30 hope ur ok just ignore him cuz if he keeps being nasty he will get banned”

Nasty? Banned? Seriously? Grow up!

I haven’t said anything offensive and I’m not even the one sending PM’s on PSN insulting, too bad I couldn’t report you for the stupid PM you’ve sent me on PSN bbut it’s ok, you got blocked anyway, in fact you and some other random who thinks, like you, that’s very smart and/or “muy macho” by insulting people over PSN, that’s really mature actually *sigh*


me not no why pipple komment on spellyng and grammer on postz it all mayk perfict scents to me! *eats, shoots and leaves!*


me not no wy pipple komment on spellyng and grammer on postz it all mayk perfict scents to me! *eats, shoots and leaves!* lol


Where are my comments? am I being censored for ridiculing bad grammar and spelling? glad you are concentrating on the important stuff rather than putting a stop to the blatant and often undeserved abuse that gets posted!!!


Ah! There they are! Tardy rather than censored! Sorry James!!

I really think SCE has done a great job and i really applaude them for that. Keep up the good work.

Immortal-Wolf- 06 October, 2011 @ 04:35

Having issues with playstation home Lockwood studio space i enter all i see is light blue sky no flooring but all people are clear ghost and all i see is furniture walk around like im in a blue sky on Lockwood playstation home space can playstation network fix this playstation home space as it crashes my playstation 3 when i leave the Lockwood studio space. Thank you. Ps this happen with the playstation home 1.55 update.

thunderking1981 06 October, 2011 @ 06:31

hi james sounds good a great update today keep up the good work james

Ddi Yuo Kwon Tath Awylsa Ugsin Teh Frsti Lrete In Wdors Enev Tought Teh Selplgin Is Icrorcetn Teh Banir Wlil Slitl Udrentands

Spot the mistake


People is making a storm in a glass of wat *sigh*

I didn’t said anything wrong and I did not insult anybody just stated a fact, that most of the times is hard to understand what a certain user writes, which is true.

I’m not even condemning the fact that he/she is (or not) english), that doesn’t even matter to me. I’m not english aswell but I try hard to make myself be understood.

At least I’m not calling anyone “racist” like I was, cowardly called, in a PM over PSN.

Using some saying “keep calm and carry on”


this is total off-topic but you really must see it lol.

remember that mysterious trailer from last week i said it could be home or a new feature. will it not.

HERE TO michael………

SirJake_Brookes 06 October, 2011 @ 09:15

another PSH update looks good especially tycoon house & Sodium update. my Club RAF Seven Squadron Sodium One will look forward to many of updates but I would like to see yacht apartments soon. Nice work for today’s update James.

SirJake_Brookes 06 October, 2011 @ 09:27

Also to add to my comment. Tell me why most of British users moan constantly about playstation home updates & Sony updates & The fact most British users can’t even speak Queen’s English especially on playstation home amazes me. Read your writing or use a dictionary when commenting.


@ VitalogyPJ

First of all, press triangle on the message you received & protect it so it won’t get deleted, unless you’ve already done that?

Press Triangle again & scroll down until you see the option to “Grief Report”. The message will then be sent to SONY for investigation!

Hope this helps :)


Yo Gigglz, the frist and lsat letetrs msut be in the crorcet pacle for tihs to wrok porprely, not jsut the frsit! it’s still a clever trick though!


Back on topic, *repeated THUD sounds as people everywhere faint!* looks like a pretty good update, I’m hoping the teller of tales in Aurora is a homage to Jim Henson’s The Storyteller. I used to love that series (as well as virtually all Henson films and programmes) anyone else remember that show?


What can I say about Home? It’s very nice that you keep adding little bits here and there but how about updating the Theatre? Trailers in there are now months old. This used to be a great place to find out what was coming out but all of the current trailers have been and gone and are in bargain bins on DVD etc.

Keep the old stuff up to date or get rid of it for the new stuff. And with the new stuff, can we have some games that aren’t “shoot this things lots of time and that’s it” or “find this, now find that, now find that” Even though Sodium looks great, it’s fairly dull after a couple of races.


There are posters in the theatre advertising Disney’s Winter Sale from last year!! I thought they would have updated it when adding Fracture, but unfortunately not. Surely Sony have some of their own films they could show trailers for?!

i’m still waiting for my witty reparte of a comment to be unmoderated up at no.30. sheesh I was only saying that binx is female and I didnt even spell it with the i inserted. This was like 5 hours ago. What gives? and why are there only like 40 comments in the Home blog which is pretty high for nowadays. Home blog used to garner pages of commentary

Hello anyone with a solution bar legal options……for now.
For the last week or so I’ve had connection issues with psn. seems since last systems update. my connection keeps cutting off. Damm annoying being a subscriber. Damm annoying in general. Also being a SUBCRIBER who has spent 100s of dollars in your store one would think you’d be consider in a different light. a?
No! Your wrong. MY internet connection is fine. Everything is good except the service providered by psn. Well. For this SUBSCRIBER anyway.
I have absolute faith you’ll sort this problem out being that our service suppliers laws in this country are rather robuts.
Please. Supply the service I’ve paid for as a subscriber.
Love to all.

i speak scottish haha


sodium 2 isn’t working for me. When I tried to go on it, after the green screen flashes up and the fog went away(to indicate it’s all loaded), it just says “game is occupied” when I try play the game, and even when I try to click on any posters or anything.

I cleared my cache and re downloaded it all, still the same.

Is there a fix coming or am is it my fault somehow?

I really wanna play this game, anyway, peace!

-Cormac Montague

SirJake_Brookes 07 October, 2011 @ 09:48

@Shadboy90. Correct me if you may but Scotland as I recall is apart of United Kingdom so by rights you & your fellow countrymen speak English & your scottish is a second language just like welsh & northern irish language.


@ SirJake_Brookes


Also would you hear Americans say “Speak American will ya!”? LOL

SirJake_Brookes 07 October, 2011 @ 10:39

I’m not having a political debate about this subject. I was pointing out a mistake which shedboy90 got wrong.


@CatKiller. speaking American is easy, you just speak English with your head up your @rse! lol. Now watch this drive!


@Sir Jake, while I agree that the lack of care shown to our native tongue is on occasion very annoying, it is worth remembering that English is a mongrol language made up of words from many other languages Gaelic, Latin, Greek, Germanic etc. and English has always been an evolving language, with new words being introduced and older less used words being dropped. If you were to travel a mere 200 years back in time, your “Queen’s” English would be considered strange and be unrecognisable as English to the people you met. Just look up the word ‘jarp’ in a dictionary, and tell me when you last used it!


@ SirJake

I knew that. The +1 is for me agreeing with you!

@ Weasel

LOL @ POST NUMBER 48 & perfect points you make with POST NUMBER 49.

If you watch alot of period Dramas, the English used is sometimes hard to understand. The words & the way sentences are put together, are alot different to modern times.

When I was younger, I used to read a mixture of different books & the words were very strange to me, which made me research what the words actually meant!

Our language has evolved a great deal & now there is “Urban” vocabulary out there!

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