Introducing Square Enix’s First Vita Game: Army Corps Of Hell

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Army Corps of Hell is our first game for the PlayStation Vita. In the game you will control the King of Hell, who has been banished and is seeking to reclaim his throne with the help of an army of goblin soldiers. Army Corps of Hell is being developed by Entersphere and will feature plenty of dark humour as you venture further into the depths of Hell.


With Army Corps of Hell we’re taking full advantage of the Vita’s unique features; you can use the rear touch pad to play a rhythm based mini-game and heal your troops. The game also includes a crafting system and a leveling system to improve and equip your goblin soldiers to expand their skills and abilities. Want some rare items? Team up with some friends via ad-hoc multiplayer and take on tougher monsters.

You can expect to see Army Corps of Hell available for the PlayStation Vita in 2012.

We’ll have more information in the coming months before launch, so keep an eye on the Square Enix Blog for any updates on the game. In the meantime, check out the Tokyo Game Show trailer and our announcement screenshots below. As for our other titles, such as FINAL FANTASY XIII-2, Tomb Raider and Hitman: Absolution, make sure you keep an eye on the official Square Enix Blog. We’re regularly updating it with the newest information on all of our games. Join us!


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welcome back ex-SCEE blog person & joystiq.

i only got 1 request there no excuse for SEE (square enix europe) for not giveing us Imports as SCEE put up imports section especially for you.

so are we getting PE1 & xneogears or are you still thinking about it?

the last game from you were gex 3D before that that lift game.

there is a nasty tread of slow release of games for EU but a fast track for SCEA why is that?

Jem Alexander 06 October, 2011 @ 17:49

Thanks for the welcome! :)

As you can see from our recent PSOne Classic releases, we’re constantly working to bring you more classic games to PSN and now that imports are available in Europe we will be looking into what possibilities this opens up for us.

Unfortunately not all of our past PSOne titles are able to be brought to PSN, for various reasons. If we do bring any import titles to Europe, you’ll read about it first on the Square Enix Blog.

Like the look of the game, but I will not buy it if that rubbish is on the soundtrack. I hate and loathe heavy metal music.

Looks interesting, I’m waiting for a Kingdom Hearts announcement though, maybe a HD Collection?

When will we see some first official PS Vita cover art? :) I know there were some dodgy photos of Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Gravity Daze from TGS…

needs kid friendly games……..

That is a pretty underwhelming game, not really enticing me to buy a vita.


I echo Skookie30!

Parasite Eve 2 is on our store as well as the 3rd Birthday on PSP, surely you can see the business sense of releaseing the original on our store as an import.


3ds gets a KH game yet we get this? F you $E.

Shou_Kobayashi 06 October, 2011 @ 17:10

Dear Marketing Manager Alex,

you get my money, when you release some US Imports. Xenogears, Parasite Eve, Final Fantasy Tactics (for the German chaps, since I don’t know if it’s also missing from other EU regions), Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross and the bucket load of other PSone Classic, we didn’t had a chance to play, while we were young innocent children.

So please. Pretty please?

As for this game… sorry not interested.

However this is only my single opinion I’m voicing…

Jem Alexander 06 October, 2011 @ 17:52

We’re currently looking into what’s possible with regards to import PSOne titles. When we have something to announce about this you’ll see it on the Square Enix Blog. :)

Hope that helps!

@ Darlo-Richie

I‘m a Square enix member I was other there that website & i read they trying/thinking about giveing us PE1.

but lately you see the post over there it about FF13-2, deus Ex, hitman, & tomb raider i‘m not so hopeful for PE1 or chrono trigger etc this side of xmas.

it look like SE likes NA more since they get 1st priority.

so this makes me wonder is SEE a small team?

Shou_Kobayashi 06 October, 2011 @ 17:11

Ah … I forgot, while your at it, we miss some FF XIII Avatars ;)

Jem Alexander 06 October, 2011 @ 17:50

FINAL FANTASY XIII avatars? I’ll make some enquiries and see what I can do.

* i would like to hear a excuse from you jem of why, tell your ppl we got imports now we be watching you & your site. :/


Not for me, but still looking forward for some new SE games on Vita :-)

Any chance of asking ‘Square Enix’ where the hell is ‘Final Fantasy 13 Versus’ the PS3 exclusive game is?(if it is still a PS3 exclusive that is) :-/

thanks jem though i didn’t like the last part of your statement.

it doesn’t bold well prepared for the scraps ppl.

i‘m gonna make dam sure i get those SCEA cards them.

in this digital age these so called boundaries shouldn’t have exists now. in the Ps1 days yes, not now.

2012 i see the year for SEE imports to late now.

but we shall see!!




Are there any news of when/if we will see Final Fantasy Type 0 in Europe?

As for Army Corps it seems an interesting game.


this reminds me of overlord, with the minions following you. Plus it good to see square enix has got a game planned for the vita hopefully they will do a final fantasy game for it too. Im getting my PS Vita for free from here , just need to get a bit more free cash from the site and then i can order it from amazon. If you guys sign up using the link i will get a bonus for refering you so please sign up and help a man get his Vita :D . oh and yous can get a free one to if you want :D


Hey Jem! For a moment there I thought I was browsing the SE members blog :P

Thanks for the news! I’m actually more interested in the other title SE showed for the Vita during TGS, Lord of Apocalypse.

Also, I already read your replies concerning some of the PS1 Squarenix classics/import games, but I can’t help it but request these games that should definitely make their way into our psn store in the future:

– Chrono Cross (Top priority :P)
– Xenogears
– Parasite Eve 1
– Threads of Fate

(I think I’m missing one or two but that’s all I can think of for now).

Thanks for your time!

Immortal-Wolf- 06 October, 2011 @ 20:38

for a square enix game the graphics look kinder weak on its game play sorry i like the rich detail games that square enix produce but this Vita game by square enix looks weak.

Considering I have no idea what’s going on in that video.. that gameplay looked hella fun :)

Ultima-Genesis 07 October, 2011 @ 07:35

The ONLY question i want to ask is, what is going on with Versus 13???? Square-enix are bringing out some awesome games but seriously, wth happend to Versus? Been looking forward to that game for years now but i haven’t really seen any news on it for a long time


I would like Final Fantasy 4 Complete to be playable on PS3 & for the many requests out there, Final Fantasy 7 HD remake please?

Kingdom Hearts 1&2, including Chains of Memories within a collection in HD for PS3? ;)

More PS3 releases are needed!


Like Catkiller1 I would like to request that Final Fantasy 4 be available to be played on he PS3, while I don’t mind if its the PS1 version, also could you get the PS1 version of Final Fantasy Anthology (1 and 2) on the store, I would like that (even though I’ve already got it on disk) and I’m not buying it if I can’t play it on both PS3 and PSP!

Also would like to request:
Energiz and Chocobo Racing put on the store. please!!!!

*Whispers* also make sure that you change the battle system for Final Fantasy XIII-2, because the battle system was the weakest point of XIII, make it more like the older battle systems.

Corps of hell looks good though.

i‘m with cat-charlie FF4 on the store let it join in the FF family with its bro & sis (ff5/6/7/8/9/10)

i put 10, Ps2 titles in-comming hehe.

why not go all out and add final fantasy 1,2,3,4,11,12,13 and 14 to the store? i know its possible

final fantasy mystic quest..the final fantasy legend…final fantasy adventures…final fantasy x-2…crystal chronicles the lot…bring the pain and is the a sequel to final fantasy 7? cloud is epic

i doubt those final fantasy mystic quest..the final fantasy legend…final fantasy adventures will ever come to PSN. ninty won’t let them as there were nintendo.

here some trivial infor: the reason we got FF7 on ps1 because squaresoft had a lovers tiff with ninty , there was suppose to be a ff7 on the N64.

but square can it for the superior CD of sony.

so we say thank god for lovers tiffs :)

what get a grip mod you not doing your job right wait till james get back.

there nothing wrong with my post tell squaresoft it was the truth big Babies.

i need help i never should took ppl advice, how the [DELETED] i suppose to say with region state etc when i‘m useing my visa abroad via a USA amazon site.

i saw the list for the states so how i suppose to go ahead.

i got a vaild visa that link to my address.

i hear ppl say i get things online abroad how.

if you use your visa they check you home address to vaild to see if you really are who you say.

not a great day for me todays no imports for me [DELETED] sony. :(


I’m with a small minority, but I owuld like to see Final Fantasy 7: Dirge Of Cerberus too ;)


* would

Oh look post 28 come out of awaiting moderation & like i said there was nothing wrong with it.

it still the same unedited text to it.


To the people asking about Versus XIII. It is the number 1 game that they are completely focusing on right now but I still wouldn’t expect it for another couple of years. It only just recently “moved up to the first place” in their development work.

Ultima-Genesis 08 October, 2011 @ 03:44


I think youll find their top priority has been 13-2 for a while now, Versus 13 has only been pushed back so much because of the other titles they have announced (dissidia 012, type zero, ff13-2) so im pretty sure that whoever u got that info from is wrong, but ive given up on looking for news on it at the moment so for all i know you could very well be right, although a couple of years is way too long. Maybe if they manage to get it out during 2012 ill still get it but any longer and itll be pointless, well be playing FF15 by then.

so the word hell been deleted post 30.

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