Introducing The Heroes Of The PSN Exclusive: OKABU

OKABU: Meet the Heroes

With launch coming up, let’s meet each hero and a taste of what they’ll bring to the table.

Its been a couple of months since we were last here talking about OKABU, our upcoming PSN-exclusive action-adventure, sitting alongside such awesome titles as Pixeljunk Sidescroller, Eufloria and Rochard.


So the big news is that we finally have a release date! OKABU will be hitting PSN on October 18th, and there’ll be a demo available on launch day that’ll let you take our cloud-flying heroes for a test flight. With launch only a couple of weeks away, we wanted to share a few more details about the game, and what you’ll be doing as you guide Kumulo and Nimbe through the four worlds that make up the story campaign.


Since we started development one of our biggest goals has been to pack a ton of gameplay variety in the game, from physics-play and drivable vehicles to the ability to control the creatures that fill the world. These powers come from the cloud-flying heroes in the game, which you can pick up and drop off to swap abilities on the fly.

With our previous trailers we’ve been keen to show off everything that you can do in the game, but I realise that there is a lot to take in such a short amount of video! With launch coming up, we thought it would be good to go into a bit more detail with each hero and give you a taste of what each of them brings to the table. Without further ado, here’s a video showing each of the characters in action:

The four guys you see surfing on the backs of the cloud-whales are Okabu’s cloud-flying heroes: Captain Monkfish, Picolo, Roki and Kat. Each provides a unique set of abilities to the player: need to pull down a drawbridge? Pick up Captain Monkfish and fire his harpoon. Need to charm a bull to smash through a wooden barricade? Pick up Picolo and get charming!

The puzzles and action challenges that make up each level center around the skills of these heroes, and its up to you to work out how best to use them together. If you’re playing single player, you can swap between the two clouds by pressing Triangle (so you can always have two heroes handy). If you’re playing with a friend, each of you can take control of a cloud-whale as you work together to progress through each level.




We can’t wait to get OKABU into your hands, and can’t believe we are so close to launch! Next week we’re going to delve a little more into the puzzles and co-op mode, so join us back here on the PS Blog, or follow us on Twitter for more details as we get closer to October 18th.

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Shou_Kobayashi 06 October, 2011 @ 17:32

I hope Co-Op Mode works also offline and you are not forced to go online for an online co-op trophy. I hate when this happens.

While the title is not catching my attention per se, it’s something my girlfriend is willing to play with me and everything that gets my grrl behind the control is a + in my book ;)

This game is like PEGI 7 and im way too old for it, still it interests me :D

Looks great. Nice work.

If we are objective here all VG for kids…ask to those many Girls out ther that turn off when a Guy likes VG, I prefer to think all VG are the same, a hobby to disconnect from a stressing day, this game looks like fun and I’m definitely getting it, this and Dark Souls will keep happy and frighten for a while:-)

This title looks completley BONKERS!!

I can see the appeal though, as it’s that bizzare I want it ;)

Looks fantastic & it’s definatley original!

Please get the price right though, or no purchase.

£7.99 or less please :)

* completely
* Definitely

Sorry too early in the morning lol ;)

looks interesting.


Looks cool and fresh! I can imagine putting my money towards it.

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