Gran Turismo 5 Update 2.0 Live & DLC Packs Confirmed

GT5 Release Announcement

Last week I made a post that outlined all the great new content incoming for GT5, well today is the day for the first wave of that new content – Functionality Update 2.0 is out now, so make sure you are online with your PS3, load up GT5 and it should update automatically.

As you know, you can always check which version of the game you are running by pressing the “Manual” button at the bottom of the main menu screen. The version number will be located on the upper left of the index page in this manual. If the number starts with Ver. 2.00, you know you’re up to date.

If not, press the PS button and quit the game. The game will be updated automatically when you restart it with your PS3 system connected to the Internet.

Update 2.0 is a fairly major enhancement for GT5 with some great new features and free content, as well as some popular improvements and fixes. Enjoy it!

In my last post I also promised to give you more details of the DLC that will be released on PlayStation Store on 18th October. There are four new packs plus a ‘complete pack’ that bundles them altogether at a discounted price.

Mazda RX-7 Touring CarGran Turismo Red Bull X2011 Prototype

The ‘Racing Car Pack‘ (€7.99) adds 12 new vehicles from Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota and Dodge, as well as three new bespoke karts. As fantastic as these rides are what will hopefully really excite amongst the car line up is a never seen before Red Bull X2011 Prototype. As some of you may already know, this is the pinnacle vehicle from the game and the most difficult to attain.

Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps

For me, one of the most exciting inclusions in the DLC is the Spa track that comes as part of the ‘Course Pack‘ (€3.99). Spa is an awesome circuit recreated with Yamauchi-san’s customary attention to detail. Out of La Source hairpin, downhill to cross the Eau Rouge stream and then uphill through the Eau Rouge left-right-left combination, flat out with a blind summit, always ranks right up there as one of, if not THE, best racing experience of any driver. And now, we’ll all be able to get a feeling of what it’s like to drive it in some of the world’s best cars. I have a sneaking suspicion it’ll be a massively popular addition to Gran Turismo.


This pack also contains a couple of layouts in a pretty impressive new indoor karting arena. A bit different to Spa, but still a great, fun racing experience.


A new 100-colour set of paints, that include new matte, chrome and aluminium colours, makes up the ‘Special Paint Pack‘ (€1.99).

Racing Gear01Racing Gear02

The ‘Racing Gear Pack‘ (also €1.99) includes special racing gear with 25 new Gran Turismo design helmets and 15 race suits as well as new Simpson helmets and Alpinestars GP1 overalls. You also get a famous driver pack that includes race gear for some of the top Nascar and WRC drivers.

The ‘Complete Pack‘ bundle is priced at €11.99, but there is also a special PlayStation Plus Bundle Price for one month (from 18th October) of only €8.99.

So there you go, as well as the new changes provided by Functionality Update 2.0 there are plenty of other exciting changes coming. Yamauchi-san promised some evolution along the way in GT5 and I reckon this is a good start.

One final note for this post, don’t forget that the GT Academy: Road to Dubai series is currently airing on Eurosport and the full, four-part GT Academy 2011 series will be making its debut soon on various European channels. Keep an eye on for broadcast times.

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Excellent big update :P GT5 just gets better & better;)

Penrose Tackie 11 October, 2011 @ 16:18

Great feedback Carl-G. The update was inspired by the GT community as was the DLC package we hope you enjoy both!

Count__Macula 11 October, 2011 @ 16:07

Truly the game that keeps on giving…..
Amazing we get so much for nothing! Still need some (major) UI improvements but a huge step in the right direction nonetheless

Penrose Tackie 11 October, 2011 @ 16:22

Hey Count_Macula there have been UI improvements along with other enhancements, why not download the update and have a look :)




Only one dlc for gt5, or more in future?

We’ll get the DLC the 18th, are you sure?

Penrose Tackie 11 October, 2011 @ 16:17

Hello FnID – the DLC will indeed be available on October 18th!


complete pack for me :D

Penrose Tackie 11 October, 2011 @ 16:22

Good choice born2destroy!

Hi. I have a problem with downloading this patch. downloads it very slowly. for some time I have a problem but not irritated me because it does not download at such a large patch.

Have I misunderstood this? Despite paying real money for the X2011, it will still be difficult to obtain?

Hi Penrose,

Could you please see about Polyphony removing the one paint chip per use restriction?

It’s just no fun gaining a paint chip, only to spend it and then it’s gone. You can’t paint the wheels the same colour as the body if you only have one chip.

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that I’d like gained paint chips to have unlimited usage. The current set-up is just no fun…

I think its time to dust off that GT5 box and fire it up again :D


Is there anyway us Brits can watch GT Academy?

Penrose Tackie 11 October, 2011 @ 16:31

KC-alpha-14 GT Academy the TV show will be rolling out across all of the Academy countries and more over the next few weeks. Keep your eyes on the PlayStation Blog for news of the UK broadcast.

I don’t think this will happen, but I would like 3 great things for GT5:

1. A bit of tweaking of the handling for the Logitech G27 steering wheel. I’d say that the feeling in Shift is better than GT5, you should compare them and see what you think.

2. At least one SAAB model to attain, perhaps Saab 9-3 SportSedan Griffin Aero Biopower (220) XWD Man, or something like it. It would then of course be possible to Hirsh-tune it with more cash!

3. A re-design of the UI in the lobby… I don’t know that the designers were thinking, perhaps it’s a cultural thing between Japan and Europe/USA. It just feels like something from a game 20 years old (but higher resolution), and the music is really cheesy. I mean _really_ cheesy.

But number 3 is just a very minor thing! I think GT5 is a great game, and I’m glad for the updates!


Cheaper than expected, I will be buying the complete package, pass on to PD we would love for the test track (which seems to appear in the spec 2 intro) to return for future DLC releases ;)

Spa is an awesome choice for the track DLC. If there was one track I wanted, that is the one. Tackling Eu Rouge full throttle with a Red Bull X2011 Prototype will be awesome.

But the 18th of October is a Tuesday, sure it’s not the 19th here in Europe?

Sorry Penrose, had to check because sometimes they put up US dates here by accident and we all get disappointed if it appears to be incorrect.

Will definitely pick this up next Tuesday!

Omg, thank you! That indoor kart track made me j*** in my pants! Although €7.99 is a little dear for 12 cars. Do the 12 cars have the same amount of detail as all the other premium cars in the game? If so, it’ll be the complete pack for me :D

PS + discount now it’s a easy BUY!!!


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Definite buy!

I just bought Forza 4 on my 360, but i will still buy the whole DLC bundle for GT 5. Its my thanks for giving us the big free update today. I support devs that do alot for free. I will still wont play the GT 5 DLC anytime soon thou because of Forza 4. ;)



WOW, I can’t wait to buy all of those <3

great news!! spa was the only legendary track I missed badly from the game. So glad we didnt have to wait till gt6 for this! Definly getting the complete pack on release! The original free update was great aswell. Thanks!!


you have seen forza 4 right? It thrashers gt5 and does not eat up your hard drive. Head tracking via kinect is cool too.GT5 was rushed out imo.

$12 = €12 ?

Get lost Sony.

Can you please tell me why no XMB status updates like LBP 2 and Call of Duty BO to show you what mode your friends are playing?


woooohooo GT5 dlc. please don’t stop there more dlc just try not to make it like 6 months apart though please. Keep up the good work Polyphony

Will the DLC have new trophies?

Awesome update! Finally. Complete pack, no questions.


Wow!!! I’m loving the loading time reduction… its incredible!!! but is there any idea how much the packs will cost in £’s?


I’ll get the “Complete pack” for sure but still one question:

Will there be (now or in the future) some new in-game events like the 24h of Spa or new karting challenge, or something else (different than the seasonal events) ?


still think it is a little too expansive.

Great patch but damn its over a gig. lol.

I hope Sony and PD have a plan to release a GT5 complete edition at some point so new comers dont have to download the 2gb’s worth of patches.

I hope PD add a follow camera like GT3 and GT psp to GT5 at some point. HATE the stiff camera in GT5.


Great news and thans PD for update, but..

Is this a joke? 1.1GB patch with estimated download time 800 mins, on 8Mbps wired internet connection? Please do something with PSN bandwidth, otherwise people, GT fans will not be able to update and play their favourite games! Aprox. 12 hours of waiting to download a game patch.. At least it should be available as a background download.

Sounds amazing but I still would like volkswagen (Bugatti) test track for people like me who just want to see how fast your car really go.

GT5 is missing something major CAR EDITOR i would love to add my own decals/stickers and stripes and vinyls and im sure many others would


For people in the U.K :

Course Pack – £3.19
Racing Car Pack – £6.29
Racing Gear Pack – £1.59
Paint Pack – £1.59
Complete Pack – £9.49



Unfair but nothing new.


Although I couldn’t find the time to play GT5 on my PS3, this looks like a promising content pack! Will buy.

Sounds good, does anyone know what the PS+ discounted price will be?

Karting track looks phenomenal!!!!

When you have to release a patch like this something tells me the original release may have been rushed out, and confirming DLC almost a year after release is very weird.


Does anyone know how big the patch for version 2.00 ?

squab_killer95 11 October, 2011 @ 18:36

Please Polyphony, add more tracks :( I was really hoping to get a lot of tracks ( dont get me wrong, I LOVE Spa and that go kart track ) but we want more :D Please make more DLC’s


I am so happy!

Not only is the DLC awesome, it’s the right price! I can’t wait, that kart track looks well cool and Spa, Oh My, it’s Spa!


@23 GT5 has head tracking. Try again.

I started downloading the patch and then gave up, the size is to big and it takes longer than normal pc downloads.

I would rather you release a GOTY edition with all the patches and DLC


@23 Did he really just say GT5 was rushed?? Also head tracking is in GT5………just love how much ppl make blind statements without any prior knowledge on the internet.

JaviviManchester 11 October, 2011 @ 19:23

In the DLC of the sport cars, is there any new cars because I already have x2011 prototype, with 989 more cars, is there new cars or only difficult to get???


A spec: 40/B spec 37

JaviviManchester 11 October, 2011 @ 19:25

Update 1192MB. 70% currently for me :)

JaviviManchester 11 October, 2011 @ 19:30

GT5 best racing game ever!!!

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