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Hey Blog readers,

This one is so riddled with brilliance that I’m going to shut up and let the press release do the talking:


To commemorate the release of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception on November 2nd, Naughty Dog, the team behind the Uncharted franchise will be holding a developer session on Saturday 15th October, open exclusively to the PlayStation Access community.

Mirroring Drake’s journey in Uncharted 3, gamers will be taken to a secret London venue inspired by the fictitious Pelican Inn scene from the upcoming title.

The Naughty Dog presentation will feature footage of gameplay and a live walkthrough showcasing the Desert Village scene.

Attendees will also be the first gamers in the UK to sample the Uncharted 3 single player mode ahead of the game’s release.

Head to the PlayStation Access Facebook page and click ‘like’ for full event details.

In short: meet Naughty Dog, play Uncharted 3 single player before any other gamer and witness a live play through of the Desert Village level. All this Saturday, only with PlayStation Access.

We love you too.

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Aways England, always Londen.
Why not Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris Etc?
Just because the EU headquarters are in UK.


Hey guys,

This event isn’t actually organised by SCEE – it’s been arranged by the UK territory, SCE UK, who are tasked with running the PlayStation business in the UK.

I’m really sorry that you guys get visibility on these posts, it’s a technology restriction of the blog software we use. It’s never my intention to dangle tasty carrots just out of your reach!

Do go check out your local language forum over at the Official PlayStation Community to see what’s on in your local area, the SCEE community team do some awesome stuff. Here’s a link:

<3 MB

no because they lack support to the rest of the gamers

they forget that we also buy there games.


Can’t wait for this on Saturday :) Going to go with a few mates.

I’d go if they gave free copies of the game, I don’t live in greater london.

Maybe because MB is a british Mod or was.

nice to see these events in scee MB.

if it alright with you i just wait to get my hard copy could it be possible for a digital copy of U3.


@OttoT and killzonexx Access is a UK promotion not an EU one. Petition SCEE for something similar in the Netherlands… the countrywide tour should only take an afternoon ;) Only joking guys x


Oops! I accidentally tumbled to the Playstation Blog UK again. Sorry.


“Do go check out your local language forum over at the Official PlayStation Community to see what’s on in your local area, the SCEE community team do some awesome stuff”

MB, can you give me a link to the Irish forums please! ;)

(Joking…me just jelly!)

Its simple why the UK seems to get more promotional events, its because while the PS3 is the main console over in mainland europe over here its about 50/50 with the Xbox. So if your a buisness where are you more likely to put a big emphasis on promotion? The area where you are the leader or the area where your not. Its the same with the USA getting treated far better than us over here in EU. Xbox is the king over in the USA so of course to win customers Sony puts all its effort into winning them over.

Uk should mean Northern Ireland aswell MB so why are we always left out! :(

BTW where you at eurogamer on the sat? I thought I saw you at the vita stand but wasn’t 100%


I was there, briefly, before limping and whimpering back home with chronic toothache – which later turned out to be a hideously complicated dental issue. FUN.

When we pick venues it’s all about how many people will be able to get there, so we tend to go to larger cities. I do keep banging the Northern Ireland drum to the team though, we’ll get an event there if it’s the death of me!!


Posted on 13 October, 2011 at 4:30 pm by Wraxend

Xbox is the king over in the USA so of course to win customers Sony puts all its effort into winning them over.

So Microsoft should hold promotional events every day in Japan. ;)

@Querdenker Lol poor Microsoft, Japan retailers have completely dropped the Xbox over there. To be fair its abit of a culture thing to support the local boys which in their case are Sony and Nintendo so Microsoft never stood a chance.

Ugh that sucks! I was hoping to meet up with alot of OPC people. but in the end all I managed to meet was Daniel(aka Danielcake) D:

I know NI isn’t an ideal please but having to travel to these events is usually very costly :(

keep me informed of any decisions about it please :D, and if you need an help promoting it here lmk :D I’m sure I can tell alot of people at work about it if it happens



Sadly I can’t make this :(

Carnivius_Prime 13 October, 2011 @ 19:02

Sounds pretty darn cool. Can’t make it myself but I hope whoever does enjoys themselves :)

I like it, but seems like it’s UK exclusive.


Well technically, I don’t care about this but oh well, I may consider buying this game in stock when it has been entered into our city, Although it’s going to be an wonderful great game towards the other uncharted’s.

maddogarchie64 13 October, 2011 @ 19:28

Bring it to Plymouth!!!!!!

any chance of canterbury? or other kent areas


After Glasgow the Access tour is going on a little break. We’ll be back with more events soon :)


I just got back from Access event in Glasgow, and really enjoyed it!

Played Dark Souls, Ratchet and Clank, Goldeneye, Tekken Tag, Fifa 12, Resistance 3, Battlefield 3, SHadow of the colossus, and Uncharted 3 multiplayer.

Also free pepsi and pizza, nice!! Come back soon! :D


Glad you enjoyed it guitardevil6! Did you die much on Dark Souls?


Why all this Facebook nonsense when it comes to PS Access events? Also now it seems like you can’t enter any of the competitions anymore without going to a Facebook page, why’s this?

I don’t wanna sould like a fuddy-duddy but I’ve no interest in using Facebook whatsoever, and I’m sure I’ll not be the only one. Why essentially “force” us to join a 3rd party site to interact? Just curious.

Ok, rant over :)


There’s a really simple reason Plankton: 800 million registered users. 50% of whom use Facebook each and every day.

When you think about how to get your message to as many people as possible, Facebook becomes a no-brainer with stats like that.

Most of what Access does can be… err, accessed… without actually having a FB account. All you need to do is visit our page and use our tabs to register for events, you don’t actually need to “Like” us (we do give free cuddles to anyone who does, though).

I’d also say – give FB a second chance. It’s improved drastically over the past few months privacy and functionality wise :)


never mind uncharted 3 event’s please stock up on more explorer editions of Uncharted 3 and make them available via a site that is a micky mouse unknown site. thanks


“Do go check out your local language forum over at the Official PlayStation Community to see what’s on in your local area, the SCEE community team do some awesome stuff.”

Did’n find any extra promotional goodies on finnish forum. Bet it has anything to do with the fact that the SCEE is situated in London, UK.

Strangely there is no slovenian, croatian, greek, albanian, serbian forums and so on. Europe is p-r-e-t-t-y much more than London. But why should u care? You really don’t have to as long as the little yellow suits in Tokio think Europe=London. :D

Titchy_Penguin 13 October, 2011 @ 23:44

@21 i think u can block from recently met players but dont quote me on that


I hope you guys are giving ps+ members starhawk beta access. We did pay for ps+ for betas after all :)


You, sir, should go and be an intimate member of the Starhawk facebook page.

Just sayin’.

will it be recorded for the next episode of access TV ? I mean next Wednesday episode # 5 ? I hope so I used to watch access TV and it’s awesome .. I hope it’ll be there

chrisandsheva 14 October, 2011 @ 09:16

don’t know why everyone is moaning over the trip to London, i got invited to mw3’s unvieling, 1st chance for a hands on last month, (i think,?) anyway it was bieng held in LA, lol… if only i’d of gotten thier e-mail a few days earlier, anyway have fun whoever manages to get there,… and MB when you’s coming up to my area,? Lpool. or even Mchester, if it was something worth going there for,?.


Chris! We’ve done Manchester already chap, don’t tell me you missed it!?


Thanks for the reply MusterBuster, though you sure you’re not one of the friends of mine that’s bugging me to sign up to Facebook in disguise? :)

Though nobody’s offered me free cuddles before….I might have to reassess my no-Facebook policy….

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