Legend Of Heroes: Trails In The Sky Coming To PSP On 4 November

Hi again. Today I’m going to talk to you a little about Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky which will be released on PSP in Europe on the 4th November 2011 as a Collector’s Edition for £39.99.

Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky is the first game in a trilogy of Legend of Heroes games. The story follows the adventures of Estelle Bright, the daughter of Cassius Bright, and his adopted son Joshua, both of whom are junior members of the Bracers Guild, a mercenary group sworn to protect the people of the world.


When their father Cassius, a war hero, leaves on a mission, Estelle and Joshua must take over his work in their hometown. The game’s fantastic dialogue makes this a charming prologue and this charm never disappears as the scope of the story gradually expands from simple beginnings into a tense climax, as the young Bracers must uncover a conspiracy to overthrow the government of Liberl.

Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky is set in a fantasy world where the combustion engine never caught on due to the Orbal Revolution. Instead, Orbments provide power for everything from magic to telephones and airships.


The game boasts a fascinating combat system where the key to victory is strategically managing the Turn Order using buffs, debuffs and – should you have sufficient SP – interrupts.

The game also features an amazing soundtrack which is available on CD as part of the Collector’s Edition. But, more than anything else, it’s the characters you meet and the sheer quality of the writing and dialogue which have really impressed me.


Despite telling a serious story, Trails in the Sky manages to be the funniest game I’ve played all year, which reminds me…

A little hint before I go: make sure to check every treasure chest twice – you’ll be glad that you did.

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Too bad this isn’t a Vita-game.
Looks interesting.

Ross Brierley 18 October, 2011 @ 15:03

It’s going to be coming out on PSN later on. So you will be able to play it on Vita :).

cool do we see the store content today? i want to be disappointed when i see that payday the heist wont be there :( how do refunds work on pre orders? cheers

I shall be getting this day one. Held off on my American copy as soon as I heard it was getting a Pal release.

Ross Brierley 18 October, 2011 @ 15:04

Thanks for the support. Hope you enjoy it.

Sounds good! I am so glad the PSP is still seeing some cool releases. Will definitely have a look when it shows up in the store.

Looks decent… But if I have to choose between buying this or Persona 2 on release day then, well… Thats no choice. :D

Ross Brierley 18 October, 2011 @ 15:07

Why not get both. We’re doing a combo pack through our webstore in which you get both Collector’s Edtions plus the items exclusive to our store and save £10.

Ross Brierley 18 October, 2011 @ 15:08

the store updates tomorrow SCEA updates theirs later tonight UK time, should know the drill by now.

on-top do you think £39.99 is to much, i bought P3P collection edition cheap £29.99, all PSP are from £24.99 to 29.99.

happy to see you on this blog for a change Ross ;)

will a digital release be a little while after the retail release similar to P3P?

Ross Brierley 18 October, 2011 @ 15:09

Funny seeing you here :). Yes we’re going to be announcing a digital release date later on.

number 6 no i dont know the drill. i dont come on here all the time so thought it was random lol but thanks


Finished the game last spring. Too bad Xseed Games probably won’t release the second chapter. This game leaves of with a HUGE cliffhanger. :(

Ross Brierley 18 October, 2011 @ 15:13

I know XSEED are doing everything they can to get the second chapter out. They’re still working on it now so they’re clearly prepared to spend some money on it.

While there is a cliffhanger I do feel that it wraps up the story of the original game very well with the cliffhanger setting things up nicely for Second Chapter.

Anyway perhaps if Trails in the Sky game sells enough in Europe I’ll be able to pursuade someone to go over there with a whip. “Translate Faster” *Crack* :)


I’ll definitely pick this up. My UMD collection mostly consists of RPGs and it looks like this and Grand Knights History will be my final PSP games. I’m sad to see it go but I look forward to the PS Vita.

I really hope the western world will see at least a digital version of FF Type-0 as well. I’d love to see this lovely handheld go out with a bang!


@skookie30: It’s the Collector’s Edition and it’s a Recommended Retail Price. You can preorder it from for £24.85 if you want instead.

Ross Brierley 18 October, 2011 @ 15:23

Thanks for mentioning that link. While you won’t get our rather lovely poster Shop-to are pretty good option if you fancy saving a bit of cash.

Ross Brierley 18 October, 2011 @ 15:26

On a strictly personal level I’d just like to say that Trails in the Sky is my favourite Ghostlight game in fact it’s one I suggested bringing over :)


I don’t know if I can get a reply but do you know if the Persona 2 T-shirt is still available for preorders of the Persona 2/Trails in the Sky double pack from the Ghostlight homepage?

I preordered the double pack now anyway and it doesn’t affect my decision but it would be good to know. :)

I love Ghostlight for the games they have brought to Europe, both during the PS2 era and this so I hope they can keep it up!

Ross Brierley 18 October, 2011 @ 15:54

We do still have Persona 2 T-Shirts and Trails in the Sky A1 rolled posters available for new pre-orders from our website.

Ross Brierley 18 October, 2011 @ 15:55

Thanks for the kind words as well. I hope you continue to enjoy the games we bring over.

Yes i know it the collection edition with persona 2 collection edition.

i can tell you this you won’t save a tenner if they both each £39.99 or £69.99 for the 2 of them together.

you be wiser going to GAME & save 20 quid minus the t-shirt & poster.

but you chose.

Ross Brierley 18 October, 2011 @ 15:52

True. Although nearly a decades gig going has taught me that you can easily spend £20 on a T-Shirt on it’s own. But while we love people ordering through us in the end if you’re not interested in the T-Shirt and the Trails in the Sky A1 rolled poster you’re probably better off going for that Shop-to link posted above.

* RRP are set by shops while it differently save you a tenner £69.99 instead of 79.99, it still cheaper going to the shops “shop around” like i do ;)

* forget about above post i mean shops don’t Set RRP but it still best to shop around like i do.

Would you say this is similar to Tales of Eternia?(if you played it that is! And if not why not!!!) Thats my favourite psp rpg to date so far, although yet to play p3p and ogre.

Ross Brierley 18 October, 2011 @ 16:08

Sadly I haven’t actually played Tales of Eternia so I can’t help you there :(. We did publish an email from one of our fans who imported the US release in which they describe the gameplay over at–trails-in-the-sky if that helps. There are also lots of very positive reviews around on the net.


Its games like these that make me want to get another PSP :(


ghost light got to be good


I hope the digital versions of this one and Persona 2 are not too far…Persona 3P arrived on PSN almost half a year later…


ah crap accidently posted a reported abuse didnt mean to


I will buy the PSN-release, but 40 euro? Not going to happen.

DoctorSalvador 18 October, 2011 @ 18:32

Still on the fence about this one, especially considering part 2 being loaclised isn’t definitive at the moment. Preordered Innocent Sin though!

Speaking of SMT, have you got any plans for Devil Survivor 2/Overclocked?

I might get this as it looks like Grandia.

I miss these type of RPGs.


@ 21 Bashforking

I do that all the time when I’m using the iPhone app to view the blog! I figure they must get a ton of accidentals because of it. Maybe when the app gets updated they should add an “are you sure?”…

i love a good tactics style rpg.
and this one looks pretty decent, great art style certainly.
will there be a demo though?

lastly, “The story follows the adventures of Estelle Bright, the daughter of Cassius Bright, and his adopted son Joshua”.
dodoes this game feature the first transgender videogame protagonist?
or is that just a typo? ^_^

i’d really like a demo. (¬_O)

Hi it’s everyone. Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you all I’ve just got back from college. I’ve also forgotten my proper log in so I’ll be using my personal one for the evening.

@SickMinder We should hopefully have news on a PSN version soon but I don’t have an exact date at the moment. It’s worth noting it’s 39.99 for a Collector’s Edition so you do get quite a few goodies other than the game.

@DoctorSalvador Obviously it’s your call but while after playing it I am kind of desperate to play the next one I did feel satisfied with the ending. As for Overclocked we’ve no plans to at the moment but we’re all big SMT fans so it’s something we would love to be able to do.

@HazelAM :) Sorry slightly clumsy from me there Joshua is the adopted son of Cassius. There’s no demo I’m afraid. There are a number of excellent reviews of it scattered round the web though. has some links to some.

Will it be released in Australia? Either as PSN or retail?

@dSkuld I know we’re shipping to Australia if you order off our webstore. I’ve got the day off work today. But I’ll try and find out what else we’re doing when I get into work on Thursday.

Ross Brierley 20 October, 2011 @ 10:04

Just to confirm in case anyone was wondering Ross_Br is indeed me :)

question Ross i should have said it before in my above post.

are you from ghostlight? Why the laughing jackal then.

Ross Brierley 20 October, 2011 @ 10:36

:) It’s a long story involving strange cloning accidents.

Seriously though Laughing Jackal are very closely linked to Ghostlight so in addition to making our own games as Laughing Jackal (more news on that coming soon at :)) we also handle well pretty much everything for Ghostlight. Which is very good for me as I’m really into RPG’s both Japanese and Western.

oh a hydra company 2 company in 1

Have there been any talks with Sony for a PSN release of the second one, to fix the 2 UMDs problem?

A bit premature, but if they’re gonna fix the problem for Square Enix with Type 0, they should fix it for you guys.

Ross Brierley 24 October, 2011 @ 12:24

I believe XSEED are looking into ways of getting the second game out.

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