Worms Crazy Golf Launches On PSN Today

Hi everyone! With Worms Crazy Golf launching on the European PlayStation Store today, Wednesday 19th October 2011, we’d like to introduce the game to you all and answer some of the recurring questions that have popped up.

Can you describe how the intriguing idea of combining Worms and golf came about?

We started with the fact Worms is a pretty crazy and surreal game anyway, so we felt it would be ideally suited for combining with ‘crazy golf’. Coupled with the fact that both Worms and golf are both turn-based games, it seemed pretty natural to us that the two games could be mixed together into some sort of highly entertaining cocktail. And with the fun, competitive nature of both Worms and golf gameplay, we thought it would work very well in a social multi-player setting. I think our instincts were proved right.

How does the world of Worms combine with golf then?

Anyone expecting a straight golf game will be in for a bit of a surprise. It’s got a lot of the favourite aspects of Worms, including explosive sheep, grumpy old women, moles, magnets, mines, colourful environments and crazy chain reactions. It is set across three surreal 18-hole golf courses, (plus a diverse range of skill-based challenge modes), with each hole being more like a puzzle than those found on traditional golf courses. Completing each hole in par or under unlocks the next one, but there’s a bunch of things standing in your way, including increasingly challenging hole design and an array of obstacles, from castles that teleport your ball, cannons that shoot it across the landscape and even obstructive comedy bats.


The game is based on the Worms gameplay mechanic of choosing shot power and trajectory, although Worms Crazy Golf is a completely new entity in itself. It’s neither a traditional golf game nor is it a traditional Worms game. It’s the absolute best of both worlds and we think it’s really good fun and very compelling.

When taking a shot, each golfer also has a selection of unlockable special utilities they can call on such as the parachute ball, the ability to reverse gravity, or the ability to slow time down to maximise the effects of top-spin or back-spin – they are pretty funny and encourage replay of the courses in order to get better scores. With four-player social multiplayer support, it has all the hallmarks of the Worms brand: the trash-talking, pressure to make the shot, terribly unhelpful ‘advice’ from your opponents, and often hilarious consequences when that risky shot that could have won the game goes terribly wrong.


Do you have any plans for DLC after launch?

Yes, we have the ‘Carnival Course’ DLC pack, which includes the surreal and colourful (very pink!) Carnival Course (a new 18 hole golf course), a selection of new challenges, a new utility (the ‘bouncy ball’) and more customization options too. This is set for release on Wednesday 26th October 2011 and, best of all, it will be absolutely free!


Worms Crazy Golf will be priced at £6.29/€7.99, whilst PlayStation Plus subscribers will receive a 20% launch discount for the first two weeks of release.

If any more questions spring to mind, ask away in the comments and we’ll do out best to answer.

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When is Worms: Ultimate Mayhem coming to the EU store?


The plan is to have the game out on PSN later this year. Sorry we don’t have an exact date right now.

When is Worms: Ultimate Mayhem coming?

oh boy that takes me back,
“you’ll regret that.”, incoming”
i used to love worms on the amiga.

can you still rename your team in this one?


No you can’t name your Team as you only have 1 Worm/Golfer, but you can name that Worm and customise with hats, golf balls, clubs and speechbanks.

Picking this up today & good to see free DLC next week :) Very Happy customer here!


Thanks, really nice to hear – we certainly hope you enjoy it!

When will Worms Ultimate Mayhem will arrive on PSN?


As we said above, the plan is to have the game out on PSN later this year, thanks for the interest.

LOOOOOL. Just posted the question and BAM! Another 2 ask the same one. Anywho… I am a big Worms fan (since worms 2 on pc). And what about the trophies for this game? I don’t see them on any ps3 trophy site.

yes i love worms(the game not the parasite) and will be picking this up when i get my ps3 back this week, also looking forward to ultimate mayhem will we get a day one plus discount on that as well?

also as there is customization options in mayhem any special items that unlock for having the other psn worms titles on your machine?


Yes we have “loyalty” content on the PSN version of Mayhem if you have Alien Breed, Worms or W2A.


Good to see an exclusive PSN title from T17, even if its just timed, XBL has had too many exclusives off you guys.

About Worms Ultimate Mayhem: will the plus subscribers get a discount? And what kind of exclusive content will be on the ps3 for WUM, because sony’s policy is that if a game is not launched on the ps3 at the same time as the others consoles, when it will be available on the ps3 it has to have something exclusive for it. And i hope is not just some hats or soundbanks… I want something real like weapons or game modes…


We will certainly consider a Plus subscriber discount for Worms Ultimate Mayhem, as we have done with Worms Crazy Golf today, and will confirm as soon as we can, thanks.

Aren’t you guys sick to death of working on ‘Worms’ oriented games for over 10 years? I don’t envy any of you.


Actually as someone who has been here for 15 years, I can honestly say no and Crazy Golf in particular has been a hell of a lot of fun. It manages to retain what makes Worms fun (social multiplayer with mates) and even adds something extra such as the goading of people into trying to make shots they wouldn’t normally go for.


Awesome, wasnt expecting it to be realised today, instant buy for me :)

Abit off topic but do you ever think you will release the original PS1 games on the store in the PS1 Classic Sections.


We would love to have some of our older PS1 titles on the store at some point, but we can’t promise anything right now.


I second the PS1 games being added to the store


May I also add that I would love a worms PSN avatar :D


We will certainly look at Avatars at some point, but again can’t promise anything yet.

On a related note, we have also released today a Worms Dynamic Theme and a Worms Premium Theme, and Plus subscribers can get the Premium Theme for free for a limited time too btw.


May I add that I would love to have a PSN Worms Avatar :D

This sounds excellent, will download for sure. Thanks :)


Thanks, hope you enjoy it!

Sorry for the double post, and thanks for the info :)


No problem – you are welcome!


Whilst I love worms, it is becoming a bit stale


As the comment says below, it isn’t a traditional Worms game, it is a mix of Worms and Golf that we think works really well, and we hope people enjoy it.


This isn’t your traditional Worms though. In other news, isn’t Assassin’s Creed becoming a bit stale? Exactly.

Great Idea, Keep on!, and Give us soon a HD version of Superfrog, that would be awesome! :)


Thanks, always nice to hear from fans of Superfrog! Unfortunatley we can’t confirm he will return in HD>….but as they say…..never say never…….

xx_Tooms109_xx 19 October, 2011 @ 16:41


Glad to see you fella’s going strong.

Used to buy my public domain of you guys,when you used to be 17bit software.Then you clawed all the great demoscene talent to produce games….RESPECT.

Will always support old AMIGA legends.



LordOfThePies80 19 October, 2011 @ 17:25

Worms has to be one of the greatest multiplayer games ever made, if the the greatest.
With the added addition of the game of golf, surely this would put more emphasis on the multiplayer aspects of the game.
Yet you have decided to omit the online multiplayer from the game.
As far as I’m aware every game you have developed so far for the PSN has had online multiplayer. Yet it wasn’t considered for a golfing game?!
I do think the game genuinely looks fantastic, but unfortunately I will be joining the thousands of players not picking this up because of this one baffling decision.


Thanks for your kind words about Worms, and sorry you feel that way about the lack of online multi-player.

To be honest, as an extension of the Worms games, and for the size of the game we set out to make, it was decided fairly early on that it wouldn’t have online MP. We felt it works really well as a more casual, fun, competitive title, and in that respect the hot-seat, social multi-player works really well as it is for us.

Still, glad to hear you think it looks fantastic, and sorry to hear that the omission of online MP has put you off it.

I didn’t see a demo yet. Will there be one?


Hi, sorry no plans for a demo for this game.


@AaronSOLDIER I am not quite as bored of AC yet though :P


Fair enough…..but we hope Worms Crazy Golf could change your mind maybe.


Would love to see a HD remake or update of worms blast with online multiplayer. Nice work guys looking forward to playing it :)


Looks like an interesting take on the Worms formula. I will most likely be buying this after I finish my chicken curry n_n


I would really love to see a hugely customizable version of worms available and obviously free to play but you could do something similar to team fortress 2.

Would be nice to see how the community took the game, like it did with counter strike with the likes of surfing maps, climbing maps etc and of course because it is worms it would not take a lot of bandwidth to set up servers.

You should do a HD remake of the original Superfrog game. In my opinion, it’s the best game Team 17 ever made. There’s a lot of fans wanting this game, i really hope you are considering it.


SuperFrog HD would be awesome.

CodeMonkey_UK 20 October, 2011 @ 09:13

I’m too lazy to invest my time in trying to find out if this game is something i’ll enjoy.

I like the idea but without a demo i’ll never know if i’d like it or not.

Carnivius_Prime 22 October, 2011 @ 12:33

The lack of online multiplayer just killed this for me. I don’t have anyone local who’d be into this kind of game so this would be the sort of thing that I’d need online play for and without it I can’t myself buying it just for myself. A pity that as Worms and Alien Breed support it and I’ve enjoyed those online.

By the way nice to see other Superfrog fans on here.

@Mark Baldwin: Thanks for answering my previous question. I’ll look out for reviews instead.

xx_Tooms109_xx 24 October, 2011 @ 15:33

Getting some very strange score issues on the challenges.

As detailed in this thread on the official forums.

Could somebody explain whats going on?…Please.


@ xx_Tooms109_xx

Use the following link to shorten your links, as this Blog has a limit to the amount of characters available

Please release:

SuperFrog HD
Project X HD
Qwak HD
Worms Blast

Or any of the above without HD, as long as you release them ;)

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