inFAMOUS: Festival Of Blood Swoops Onto PSN Next Week


inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood will be available on the PlayStation Store in just a few days. Before you can get your hands on the game, we had Billy Harper (Animation Director) and Ken Schramm (Marketing Director) pack their bags for a whirlwind three-day tour spanning 5,668 miles, two coasts, three cities, and over 20 interviews with press from North America and beyond. It was an amazing couple days of sharing the latest adventure in the inFAMOUS universe.

We have been pretty quiet about Festival of Blood, not really sharing anything since we teased you with a clip revealing Bloody Mary at PAX. Since then we have been hard at work crafting this next adventure, adding in all the last details, and finishing touches on this standalone game to make it the perfect purchase right in time for Halloween. This Press Tour allowed us to pull the curtain back and give one big preview before the game comes out next week. Billy and Ken covered tons of the new features in Festival of Blood, some of which we will cover here.


With a totally new story in Festival of Blood of course we had to give Cole a totally new set of powers. One power that fans have always wanted in an inFAMOUS game has been the ability to fly, and with Festival of Blood we thought it was time to give Cole the chance to spread his wings. Bat wings that is… With a new power called Shadow Swarm. While Shadow Swarm allows you to experience New Marais, in a whole new way, it does come at the expense of the innocent people walking around in the night as you must feed upon them to fuel your flight.


Speaking of Pyre Night, all of New Marais celebrates this hallowed night by shrouding the entire city with banners, fireworks, and pedestrians dressing up in the streets. Look the of Pyre Night comes from the City Team taking the summer dreaming up the spooky street party that with surprises around every corner. The abandoned subway lines of New Marais now converted to macabre, underground Catacomb. Stepping into these dark corridors leaves anyone unsettled, even more so when you find out that Bloody Mary’s minions have been crawling around them for years.


UGC is a big part of the inFAMOUS universe and we haven’t forgotten this feature with Festival of Blood. Over the last couple months we have been listening to your feedback and playing all the missions we can from the community and the one thing we have been seeing is the desire to create strong narrative missions. To help users tell their stories we are happy to add the new 2D Cut Scene Tool with Festival of Blood that allows you to create comic book inspired cut scenes in your missions. You now can create intro sequences, provide key story details mid-mission, or end your mission with a bang. Along with the 2D Cut Scene Tool, Festival of Blood brings a whole new set of gory assets to the UGC universe and you can now design missions with as many fiends and harpies as you want.


If you haven’t had a chance to read some of the previews we have them all listed below:

Be ready to download inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood on the PlayStation Store on Wednesday, October 26th across PAL for €9.99/£7.99. Play it with the classic Dualshock or try it out with PlayStation Move.

Stay tuned to and join our forums on for future updates on inFAMOUS: Festival of Blood. Also follow us on Twitter, @SuckerPunchProd, and check out our Facebook Page.

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Wow 9.99 euros is a STEAL!!!

almighty-slayer 21 October, 2011 @ 17:09

Really love the look of this. Loved inFAMOUS 1 and 2 and this looks like a great little sidestory.

Do we get a PS+ discount too, or is that a US only thing? Also, will we be able to get the dynamic theme that US got for free for preordering? Seeing as we never got a chance to preorder?

James Gallagher 21 October, 2011 @ 17:28

The product manager just spotted your comment and told me that everyone in PAL who buys Festival of Blood will get the Dynamic Theme included, so there’s no need to have preordered.


How much will it be in Pound Sterling? (UK)

James Gallagher 21 October, 2011 @ 17:22

The UK price is £7.99.


Does this come with its own platinium trophy? :D

flamingcarrot 21 October, 2011 @ 17:20

I’m calling shenanigans on this one. Since when does €1 = $1 ?!

Normally we get fobbed off with the “blame the publishers for pricing” line – well, this time, you are the publisher, so what is the excuse now?

Sort your European pricing out please, Sony. We are tired of being treated as the runt of the litter on this side of the Atlantic.

I hope we FOR ONCE won’t be treated like a second grade PS Plus members and we’ll get our 20% discount!!!


@5 … what?

There’s no pound pricing there!

By the way, in inFamous 2 required to be able to play this, or is it a full PSN game? I don’t kinow if I missed it in the post :/

James Gallagher 21 October, 2011 @ 17:27

You don’t need to own inFamous 2 to play Festival of Blood. That being said, if you haven’t played inFamous 2, then you should!

Really wish this came out this week, because next week Bf3 will be taking priority over this.

A_Nonny_Moose 21 October, 2011 @ 17:28

How much of New Marais is in the game? Is it the whole city or just the first island?

Carnivius_Prime 21 October, 2011 @ 17:28

Good stuff. Glad this comes out next week rather than this (been busy as hell all this week with barely any time to be home). It’ll keep me busy in the evenings til Uncharted 3. :D Really enjoyed the first two Infamous games and hope Cole appears in multiplayer U3 like he did in Uncharted 2. He’s the main reason that’s got me actually wanting Street Fighter Vs Tekken even though I hate Tekken.


I’m curious to know how the Move support works for this. Will it be included on launch? I’d really like to see more details about it.

Do I need Infamous 2 to use the UGC features in Festival of Blood?

The ludicrous price of I2 on the PSN store has kept me from purchasing, and I rarely bother to go to game shops.

yay, AU price??

almighty-slayer 21 October, 2011 @ 17:40

Awesome, thanks James :)

Huh, sure you don’t want to delay this as well. just like Payday? Just ’cause we all know you hate us Europeans and all, so I figured that you wouldn’t give finalized release dates to us any more, and just respond to every question with ‘I don’t know’, as usual.

Haha, so the lack of answer to my #6 post suggest we can only dream about Plus discount. Sorry, but it stopped being funny a long time ago.

TroubleMaker411 21 October, 2011 @ 17:51


After Infamous 2, I was wondering if we were gonna get another Cole adventure.
Festival of blood is gonna be awesome. I can’t wait.
Keep up the good work SP

Oh, yeah.
three extra words for you

Platinum Trophy Please

Can’t wait for this, even if it’ll be two weeks from the release until I get to play it, as I’m going away for that time being. Typical my luck to be away when something awesome is released.

do we get the ps+ 20% discount too Sony, since you own sucker punch and all :)

U don’t know how much excitement me and my friend are in for this I love how get to fly and ect. Ive got a question as we all know we have to play as evil cole but Zeke narrates (people who haven’t got infamous 2 stop reading now cus of spoiler alert) zekes dead though so how can u explain that please reply

@20 The evil ending is non-canon. It isn’t accepted as the main ending, the good karma one is however. Also, the story of FOB may occur before the evil ending. A question though – will FOB’s UGC content be included in Infamous 2’s?


What about the required hdd space?

TroubleMaker411 21 October, 2011 @ 18:24

I think the point is, the game, while set in New Marais, is completely separate from infamous 2.
It’s completely stand-alone from the main games.

I am almost positive that you could play this game having the very slightest of info regarding Cole and Infamous

CoolRichy008UK 21 October, 2011 @ 18:29

James Gallagher will we b gettin something huge on ps home next week in the way of halloween stuff cuz i bought everything ysterday with £70 – yes im nuts but it was worth gettin it and how long will the lockwood haloween stuff be on the thing cuz i might buy the lockwood stuff on another acocunt to myself

CoolRichy008UK 21 October, 2011 @ 18:34

oh james or whoever is inchage of the spooky stuff in ps home will we get a home space with pumpkins and spooky goings on next week cuz last year i missed the halloween fun due to something that came up


You know, some snake oil salesmen are selling 3-maps-and-nothing-else products for €15! And you’re charging only 10 for what is essentially an entirely new game.
You’re all class, Sucker Punch! I’ll give you the 10 and my respect.


Are there plans for a PS+ discount, like the US is getting? (I think that’s right)

Who’s got two thumbs and is getting this on day one? THIS GUY! *thumbs at himself!*

flamingcarrot 21 October, 2011 @ 19:26

@Angelic_Rave – Festival of Blood is being priced at $9.99 in the States. It is being released in Europe at the same time for €9.99

This is simply wrong. Based on today’s currency exchange rates, it should be around €7 or £6. Once again we get shafted over pricing in the EU.

brucewillis215 21 October, 2011 @ 19:56


I was wondering whether I should buy this. 1 dollar = 1 euro makes this decision very easy. No purchase from me. I hope my fellow EU brethren will also pass on this game and send a message to Sony.

As far as pricing goes, it doesn’t seem so bad to me. Gotta remember that the US doesn’t pay VAT, and we do – so things are always gonna be a touch pricier here.



takes The piss

infamous 1 90%

infamous 2 90%

Nearly platinum But stuck on this whole bs find and collect thing
swear how come you guys running out of trophy idea’s?

btw this better be a sequal to the game





Any news on The Payday situation.


£7,99??? wow thats a very awesome price, I was expecting 14,99. So bravo Sony and SP.

Do PS+ Members get a discount?

chrisandsheva 21 October, 2011 @ 21:55

@James….. come on m8, you can’t just drop this (pleasent) bombshell on us and not reply to some more comments/questions yes i know it was 5-30pm,ish on a friday night etc… but surely you can access the blog from home and answer one or two more, ie trophies, is there a plat,?… est of gameplay hours,? and mostly the ucg questions a couple of guys asked about…. as for the ps plus discount,?…. well most of us allready know you need a ‘green card’ to get any ‘decent’ offers out of plus, so unless you can prove us All wrong you can skip that one…. if there is a good couple of hours gametime involved in this very interesting sounding game then i will be grabbing it….

Hell-Raiser-85 21 October, 2011 @ 21:59

Will this have a full (plat) trophy list?

Nice pricing, but could you still please show some discount love to us Plus members; it’s not like we have been overly spoiled for our subscription money lately!?

Besides, I’d much rather get more discounts on games / dlc than crappy PSone games or minis nobody is waiting for… not to mention themes and avatars. %)

maddogarchie64 21 October, 2011 @ 22:03

Dat is an amazing doggie avatar there, cool DLC

To the guys who replied to me thanks and @36 the guys name is Collin not James u don’t want to makehim angry


This is sounding great, As a big fan of both Infamous and Infamous 2(Amazing step-up BTW) then i’ll defo be picking this up. At £7.99 it seems like an absolute steal to, Can’t wait :)

scottishginger 21 October, 2011 @ 23:33

Can someone please confirm for me if it is true that you guys are making a infamous movie ?? as it says it on

i will purchase this

How many Trophys will it have? And please no more dumbass collecting blast shards. Or anything else for that matter!

chrisandsheva 22 October, 2011 @ 07:44

@post 40 thnx m8.. but i have only seen 3 replies made and on my browser they had james name on, i know the guy who wrote the posts name is colin, but i’d be surprised (pleasently though) if he could find the time to answer some comments,… no biggie though m8.

finlandmonkey 22 October, 2011 @ 11:53

Awesome, I got 10euros on my account! I’m hoping fir ps+ discount too.
Do I need inFamous 2 to play this?


Can’t wait this game, I hope there will be a Plus discount and some nice trophies :)

10 euros is ok (depending of the content of course), it’s along the lines of Undead Nightmare and Minerva’s Den which still remain to this day the best DLCs to match in terms of price value.

Problem is, the release date is a victim of bad timing. I don’t see me buying Festival of Blood anytime soon when I have to budget Arkham City, Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3 and Revelations.

Too bad Cole, you’ll have to stay dead for now!

Ultima-Genesis 22 October, 2011 @ 16:10

sony you have to stop, im already broke as it is with every game thats being released this quarter, and now i have to add one more purchase to the list. Looks awesome though :)

Will there be a trial version, as there was with the previous games

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