PixelJunk Sidescroller Is Out Now!

PixelJunk SideScroller is finally out in the world! This retro-styled side-scrolling shooter plays like a love note to the arcade games I grew up with in my youth, and serves as a quasi-epilogue to the PixelJunk Shooter series. Before you pick it up on the PlayStation Store, get a closer look with this handy new Q&A. Q-Games President and Executive Producer Dylan Cuthbert took to Twitter to answer your most burning questions. Read closely and you might learn a few helpful secrets!


From @wildbillhickock
How many levels?
A: There are thirteen levels (called “Sectors”) total. This includes four absolutely amazing boss battles (Note: Expect an “old friend” from the Shooter-verse to make an appearance, but you’ll be seeing loads of new faces as well). One thing that’s so great about SideScroller is that it has four difficulty modes, and the experience will change depending on what difficulty mode you select. New enemies crop up in Hard difficulty mode, and expect certain encounters to get a whole lot more harrowing because of them. Bullets fly at you faster, the overall look of the game changes, and for those of you brave enough to venture onto Brutal difficulty mode, expect to get “revenge” bullets flung at your ship every time you kill an enemy. Needless to say, SideScroller is a game you can enjoy on many different levels by giving it a replay or two (or three, or four)! Also, the only way to unlock the “true” ending is to complete the game on Brutal. Good luck!

From @VofEscaflowne
Is there still an emphasis on exploring, or is it more “on-rails” than the PixelJunk Shooter series?
A: SideScroller is a complete departure from the Shooter series. Instead of exploring and puzzle solving – staples of the Shooter-verse -, you’ll be using upgradeable weapons to spray bullets in every direction possible! Yes, SideScroller is more of an “on rails” experience, because we’ll push the player onward into really tense situations at a brisk pace. It definitely ups the tension. There are also scenes in the game where the scrolling stops and you have to defeat mini-bosses and any other enemies we throw at you. Mark my words: just because the scrolling stops doesn’t mean the game becomes any less intense!

Any unlockables and cool things to work for?
A: There are hidden items scattered through the entire game. For any collectors out there, searching for these items and finding them will certainly be a rewarding experience. They also net you a hefty amount of bonus points, which will be a big help to you competitive players out there who absolutely NEED the #1 high score on the Online Leaderboards! Also, don’t forget to keep an eye on your combo count. The skilled players out there will be able to string together combos from the start of every Sector until the end, so play strategically. If you’re good enough, you might even get a Platinum Medal for your efforts!

From @bergasche
Will my eyes begin to bleed because of so much awesome?
A: A resounding YES! Okay, okay, your eyes may not actually bleed, explode, or otherwise become unusable, but SideScroller has a whole lot of awesome contained within its digital casing. It’s on the PSN now, so what are you waiting for? Go and buy it!

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Store hasnt updated yet?

Just bought it from the UK store! (try the search feature if it’s not in “latest” yet)

To bad sidescroll shooters aren’t my thing. Would you please consider making an rpg or strategy game next please?

Is dylan not on to tell us all about it? :(

Hey look, this story has been tagged for AU… but it’s not out in AU yet? Any reason why?

grrrrrrrr WELL at least ANSWER us please. WTH isn’t the game available in Aust/NZ and WHEN can we get it please??? Sleeping SCEE…always shilly-shallying customers and devs alike around with your procrastinations and utter lack of inter-departmental connexions so the left hand doesn’t know what the little toe is doing. This is why we WAIT whilst the US PSN and XBLA play away sometimes for months before we see anything. One monkey with too many typewriters or is it too many monkeys fighting over the one typewriter. SCEE would be BOTH of those analogies. I do not want to have to buy this game twice. Answers with a fixit date please(if you are even reading this, or care)would be most helpful(you do do “helpful” don’t you?). Thank you…


Because they hate us, that’s why.

lol… I looked into it abit more, seems like the game isn’t classified yet, so the question should more be along the lines of.

Has the game been submitted for approval with the Australian Classification Board?

Hmmm id rather pass.. keep my money for better games. Battlefeild 3. Mw3. Uncharted..and ii thought there was a new tomb raider?

CoolRichy008UK 27 October, 2011 @ 01:58

DJrya u get the good games 1st then the rubish one and yes the new tomb raider reboot will be with us in 2012 sometime

and sony y cant you make a pixeljuk shooter 3D not left to right but all directions but in 3d as in full not 3d as in 3d tv mode

does anyone kno wat i mean

I would have bought it, if it had 20% off for PSN+, like in the US.


Any eta on when the game will make it to NZ?

Could you please from now on state in your posts the locales in which a game is to be released. Kind of getting tired of being “excited” to purchase a game only to find out it is not to be released here for a few more weeks or if at all (Code Veronica for example).



CoolRichy008UK 27 October, 2011 @ 11:42

i might not get this game cuz it looks too difficult my rule is if a psn game is longer then 2 hours i buy it if not i dont.

Erroneus they cant make everything ps plus you know cuz sony would be bankrupt lol

CoolRichy008UK 27 October, 2011 @ 11:43

procion you will have to wait its something sony cant control they will try bring the game there if not get a uk account and a uk psn card and buy it from here

N sony why cant you make a world freindly psn card so we can buy stuff from the usa store

Sign, I gave into the demon and bought it once, which means I will have to by it twice inorder to get any EU home awards for decorating my 40 odd levels of perspaces.
I’m not saying anything more otherwise Ritchie will get in twubble

Who makes the best games in the world? Q-Games! Wonderful game with wonderful music.

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