SingStore Update (2 November) Plus ‘Back To The 80s’ Is OUT NOW

Back to the 80's

Happy Halloween! All got to work on time this morning with the clocks having gone back?
So, last week saw the release of SingStar ‘Back To The 80s’ which I was very excited about and I played it all weekend. Now my voice is gone. Hey ho! Anyone else had a go?

It’s also great to see all the videos and snaps people have been uploading whilst playing DanceStar Party on the website. Some excellent moves in there!

In the SingStore this week we have Aloe Blacc, A bit of Gloria Gaynor, Swing Out Sister and, already a modern classic, ‘You Get What You Give’ by the ‘New Radicals’.

FYI – coming up to Christmas we’ll be changing the space between updates a little but you’re probably already used to this from previous years. The next updates will be released on the following dates:

  • 23 November 2011 – next update
  • 14 December 2011 – final 2011 update
  • 11 January 2012 – first update in 2012

See you in three weeks.
Nina xx

In English

Air Supply All Out Of Love
Aloe Blacc

I Need A Dollar
Gloria Gaynor Never Can Say Goodbye
Lisa Miskovsky Lady Stardust
New Radicals You Get What You Give
Robert Ramírez Sick of Love
Soraya Dreamer
Swing Out Sister Breakout
William Hut Take It Easy

In Spanish

David Bisbal Ave María

Track has previously been released on a disc.

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martouf-singstar 31 October, 2011 @ 5:11 pm   1

Hello Nina,

This time, I think I’ll have Aloe Blacc, that’s all…maybe Lisa Miskovsky, ’cause her name vaguely reminds me of a song so I’ll have to check it 1st.

However, the problem with Franz Ferdinand’s “No U-girl” isn’t solved yet !! It’s still unavailable for French people and yet it should be. Hope this is gonna be solved rapidly… . I wanna sing it !!!

    Nina Scherer 1 November, 2011 @ 5:53 pm    

    Yes, I thought that too. It’s a great track.

    I’m afraid Franz Ferdinand not being available is out of our hands 🙁

HumpyMunky 31 October, 2011 @ 5:18 pm   2

Hi Nina,

Thanks for the update! I’ll probably get New Radicals and Air Supply to add some cheese to my list! They’re always the most fun! 🙂

Any chance there’s more S Club 7 coming down the pipe? Also American boybands (Backstreet Boys, N SYNC, 98 Degrees, etc) Also Canadian rock like Our Lady Peace! Have they ever been looked at?


Claudio-Bertozzi 31 October, 2011 @ 5:20 pm   3

Hi Nina, nothing for me this week 😉 but I’m going to the UK this week and I’ll be getting DanceStar and Singstar Back to the 80’s cause they’re half price there of what you pay in Belgium.

I’m looking forward for some christmas songs this year 😉

MonsterRacer 31 October, 2011 @ 5:26 pm   4

Hi Nina,

Thanks for the update

Will we get some good christmas songs this year?

Also can you pleeeeeaaaaase get us some new dutch songs?
There must be a couple of songs that is possible to get on the store like: Clouseau – daar gaat ze. We have already another song on the store from Clouseau and it’s on the starters disc.

Thanks and looking forward to the songs 😉

Greetings MonsterRacer

Graffin_UK 31 October, 2011 @ 5:28 pm   5

Disappointing… again.

The number of songs goes down. The quality of the songs continues to go down.

And, whatever happened to the Dance/Guitar add-ons?

If only you’d made DanceStar Party so it supports singing with SingStar mics and it actually contributed to the scoring.

But no, you want us to buy the DLC all over again.

And now the updates will be every 3 weeks… I certainly hope they’re bigger and better!

    Nina Scherer 1 November, 2011 @ 5:57 pm    

    Not sure what to say to that. DanceStar Party is a new dancing game, so really nothing to do with the SingStore?

ruinereraser 31 October, 2011 @ 5:33 pm   6

Let’s celebrate Halloween 2011 – the year the SingStar died

martouf-singstar 31 October, 2011 @ 5:34 pm   7

Hi again,

So I listened to Lisa Miskovsky and I know it ; it’s a really good pop song but no one knows it around me so I won’t have it. But I forgot THE NEW RADICALS on my list !!! And I agree with HumpyMunky (post #2) : we need OUR LADY PEACE on the Store !! I wanna sing “Superman’s dead” & “Clumsy” !!! As well as HEADSWIM’s “Tourniquet” !!!

Claudio-Bertozzi 31 October, 2011 @ 5:38 pm   8

I agree with #4: MonsterRacer, we should get some new Dutch songs 😉 Maybe some of André Van Duin, André Hazes, Nick & Simon, … There are artists enough 😉

singstar0cks 31 October, 2011 @ 5:44 pm   9

Dear Nina, I am very upset that back to the 80’s was not released in the U.S! Is there any chance of still getting it?

    Nina Scherer 1 November, 2011 @ 5:59 pm    

    No, sadly it won’t be released over there. Can you get a really nice friend over here to send it to you?

invading_space 31 October, 2011 @ 5:51 pm   10

I am happy about Air Supply, the rest don’t ring any bells so will have to check them out. Hopefully with the extra time we will get some great songs and a larger update to go along with it.

Oh my….well….yea Sorry to say this Nina, I’m done! What started out as awesome has gone down to sheer annoyance.

Seems everything is being pushed onto the new DanceStar party, which any SingStar Vet will likely now avoid due to the consistancy of you guys dropping support faster than a hot spud!
Why make a new Franchise which is pretty much SingStar:Dance with out the Singing and at the same time dropping SingStar:Dance Support, you may have not done this officially but looking at the Last 3-4months of Store Updates (Can they even be called updates? really?!) I believe its safe to assume this is the case.

The new 80’s disc has awesome tracks (If you like that stuff) and DanceStar has pretty much what SingStar fans have been asking for, for a loooooooong time, so forgive me (And possibly many others) for feeling as if with been slapped in the face with a wet fish.

Sorry, not buying any more discs until I can import them into the same library as the downloaded songs. Also, and update to Singstar would be nice so we can choose what tracks are used during a round of Pass the Mic

HumpyMunky 31 October, 2011 @ 6:44 pm   13

Just a few issues to bring to your attention:

I’ve noticed some others have had trouble with this, but Ricky Martin’s Livin’ La Vida Loca (on the Dance disc anyway) has a stuttering pitch bar that makes it really hard to follow. Is there a way to fix that?

When singing all songs my mic volume is very high. Even when I turn it right down using the controller (I forget which button off the top of my head…L1 maybe?) The mic volume bar shows up on the screen showing it down low or off and it still seems to blast out of the speakers way louder than the songs. Is this just us?

And lastly, I haven’t updated to the latest update because of all the problems people have had. (Crashing, going to a black screen when choosing a song, etc) It seems to be worse the more songs someone owns. Do we know the status of the next update to fix that one? I did update the viewer and now it crashes my PS3 when I exit it so I’m afraid to also wreck my game by updating. Not good!

Thanks again Nina. I feel bad that you have to hear nothing but our problems and complaining but you’re the only one who responds to us But you’re a big help and we thank you!

ChrisEngdahl 31 October, 2011 @ 7:18 pm   14

I can’t say this enough, please give us the track list from Dancestar Party. That would be an amazing christmas gift to the Singstar Community. Really!


“we’ll be changing the space between updates a little but you’re probably already used to this from previous years.” – No, we’re totally not used to this, the last few years only the update preceding and following Christmas was delayed a week or two, now we’re talking a grand total of _one_ update in November! Now not only has the amount of songs per update dropped to one-third of what it used to be back when SingStar Queen released, there will be even fewer updates look forward to.

Since I love the track list of Back to the 80’s, I’ll be picking that up, but I already feel sorry for players for whom this will be the first SingStar they’ll buy. Without a constant influx of quality songs, this game won’t be the same as the editions before that got a lot of praise.

Please, don’t abandon the franchise like this, dance games might be trendy, but their market is quickly becoming oversaturated, whereas SingStar doesn’t have many competitors in the genre, yet you’re letting them get ahead of you. 🙁

On a more brighter note: Can we hope to get ‘Still Alive’ from Lisa Miskovsky (Mirror’s Edge theme song) in a future update as well? Also, ‘Human’ from The Killers for the store is way overdue as well *hint* 😉

    Nina Scherer 1 November, 2011 @ 6:02 pm    

    There are two updates in November, actually. Tomorrow’s and on the 23rd.

    And again, our dance game has no impact on the SingStore and what we can publish.

burnsey85 31 October, 2011 @ 8:09 pm   16

It really annoys me to see Singstar going down the pan, I’m not interested in Dancestar Party, I havent got the playstation move stuff anyway but I have a Wii and would just get Just Dance on that, Singstar has always been a hit in our house since it being released on PS2 and when I finally got a PS3 in January last year was delighted at the fact I could download stuff and seeing so uch good music and newish music being put on singstore for instance one of the 1st things I saw in an update that had only been in charts for 2-3 weeks tops was JLS – Everybody in Love and both myself and the missus were excited to find out what the next update would be, now we know that it will be 1 song we want IF we are lucky, I havent myself wanted a song for about 5 months now! I really enjoy the game I cant sing at all but its a laugh with the family but getting boring singing same songs and want up to dat songs that the kids know, Steps have reformed surely that means a flurry of Steps songs on the next update OR a disc???? hopefully you’ll reply this time???


MY Top three to get a full disc (ala. Queen, Abba, Take that) are:
1) Pink
2) Weird Al Yankovic
3) Eminem

Ill Definitely Get, The New Radicals… Any chance `someday we`ll know` by them will come…

also you didnt reply to any last week, did you at least read them… i had asked for i choose and the kids arent alright by offspring

and there was an issue of sorting too, like, when a band is listed twice, i think it was called sunset ave, and sunset avenue, or adam and the ants and adam & the ants…

some also said, theyd like it if the featuring songs can be in the same as the regular band
eg: ndubz featuring mr hudson just under the ndubs, and mcfly featuring taio cruz under mcfly


Hi Nina

When you put Soraya and Robert Ramirez’ songs in green… You’re referring to them being released in DancestarParty Spanish edition, right? I’ve never seen them before in Singstar but they are in the Spanish edition of Dancestar Party. I wish the same way you could release on Singstar other tracks from Dancestar Party like Alexandra Stan’s, Lady Gaga’s, etc… They are really cool new stuff you keep avoiding saying it is difficult to get the righst of new songs. well, you’ve very well proved you can get those rights.

I saw in the Dancestar party making of video that you are the Content manager of that game too. Congrats! And now that you are in the position of dealing with the DLC of both games… Is it possible to treat Singstar with the same effort and efficiency as DSP? I mean.. if you got great licenses fopr DSP you can still do it for Singstar right?

Dancestar party is cool. Better than Singstar Dance, but it does not bring anything new or original to music games as Singstar does. And actually, the singing feature is quite useless. I definitely think you should not left Singstar behind, since it is the real gold mine there.

Hope u appreciate these comments. Take care.

foolboy1967 31 October, 2011 @ 10:10 pm   19


Is there a chance REO Speedwagon’s “Can’t Fight This Feeling” will be released on SingStore? I was hoping it would be released this week.
I would be thrilled if the songs “Love Can Build a Bridge,” “You Light Up My Life,” and “The Dance” could be added to the SingStore either from Westlife’s Love album or from their original artists, the Judds, Debbie Boone, and Garth Brooks.
Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” would also be a great addition.

Thanks for finally adding the Air Supply.

bendchester 31 October, 2011 @ 11:30 pm   20


alleyt1989 31 October, 2011 @ 11:53 pm   21

I LOVE Swing Out Sister! so happy to be getting this song.






@Claudio-Bertozzi ships for free and DanceStar Party only costs €15,95. They probably have a hard time getting customers for that software.

And for the songs update,…. bleh!

ObroniGuy 1 November, 2011 @ 11:32 am   25

The list is great, but only for “All Out Of Love” by Air Supply. Maybe I might know the other songs when I hear the demo, but you had me at Air Supply. If you guys could re-release a classic like this one from the old PS2 vault every fortnight, that would be awesome.

martouf-singstar 2 November, 2011 @ 8:18 am   26

Hi again Nina,

Thanks for answering my post #1 even though I don’t understand your point at all. When Franz Ferdinand’s track was released on the store, it was clearly said that it wouldn’t be available in SCEA territories. OK. Yet, France is a SCEE territory, not a SCEA territory, so logically, it SHOULD be available for us French customers. So, you could do something to change that since this issue isn’t “out of [your] hands”.
See u on November 23rd (2 days before my birthday !!!) 😉 Hope that update will be heavy !!


Hi Nina, could you please let us know if SingStar is coming to an end?
It seems like London Studios care no more for it and after update and update we just got more disappointed. It’s a shame what is happening and how slowly you guys are losing us all fans of the game. Is there anything that can be done to bring SingStar to its glorious days? You guys have more fan than you think. Fans that will gladly purchase new songs (quality songs) and support SingStar. Please do not give up on us and keep sing star alive. Let’s work together and don’t let it die.
Hope to hear from you…

quidditys_shore 2 November, 2011 @ 8:22 pm   28

i dont usually write on the singstar updates as, well what can i say?! as everyone else has mentioned, they are getting really poor (they werent that great anyway).

i class myself as having an extremely varied taste in music, yet find it hard to believe that of the 9 songs in this update there are 4, including the artist, that i’ve never ever heard of!

if there wear songs i like then i’d buy them. but every update seems to lack good tracks & not even cover popular/current songs.

i’m another believer that sony are nailing the coffin closed on singstar. it is by far the best singing game yet theres no effort being made to make it succeed.

looking back at my purchase history shows in 2010 i bought 20 tracks. 2011 so far? THREE!!!!! shocking

SideshowN 3 November, 2011 @ 5:29 am   29

Disappointing week for me. Hope the update at the end of the month is MUCH MUCH better.