Finnish Official PlayStation Forums Now Open


Have you Finnish players visited the Official Finnish PlayStation Community Forum yet? The forum was set up to accommodate the increasing numbers of Finnish PlayStation players, and it went live in the beginning of August this year. It has been attracting new users ever since, with old Finnish users from other community forums also taking part in conversations in their own language.

At the moment, the forum has 6 main categories in which you can discuss anything from your favourite upcoming PS3 game releases to older games on PS2, all in Finnish, of course. There are categories to discuss everything you could possibly want to know about PlayStation consoles from PS3 to the new PS Vita. The “Living room” area is there for you to share your thoughts with the rest of the community about any other random thing that might pop into your head!

Quite often you can find all kinds of fun activities on the Finnish forum as well, for example competitions and challenges that might win you something awesome should you take part! During the Halloween week, for example, you might find yourself drawing a ghoulish pumpkin face on the forum in order to win something hair-raisingly horrifying in the form of a PS3 game.

If you’re into multiplayer action and have a favourite online title that you’d really enjoy playing with your fellow Finnish community members, don’t hesitate to suggest this game for the next community Fun Night, where Finnish players would be playing together for some fun.

Occasionally players could be joining from other communities for some multiplayer fun, in which case we would have an international fun night in our hands!

The forum of course, contains a Fan Art section for the creative minds of the Finnish community – if you happen to have some fan art lying around that you’ve always wanted to show off to others, or if you feel like creating something new, you are warmly encouraged to show it off in the Fan Art section for the others to admire and comment on! Below is a wonderful Assassin’s Creed Fan Art creation made by a talented Finnish community member spatsnaz. Cool, right?


If you want to take part in conversations in Finnish, then head over to the Official Finnish PlayStation Forum to join in the discussions. Feel free to pop in, and perhaps introduce yourself to the other Finnish users in the Introductions thread in the Living room section (“Yhteisön olohuone”).

Have you already taken part in the forum conversations in Finnish? Comment below!
Hauskoja keskusteluhetkiä!

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Finnish Official PlayStation Forums Now Open

Countries: GB


LOL ;)


Countries: UK….?



Glad they finally got this… Finnished!

Heja Sverige!

What do you mean “Countries: GB” ? This is the EU blog, not GB blog mate.

Hyvä homma. Nice.

Nice, do keep us updated about your work with the other forums too. ;)


Thanks! Good job!

The finnish forum moderator lives in Uk but she speaks finnish

European_Gamer 01 November, 2011 @ 15:01

I don’t know if’t it has been removed but it doesn’t state “Countries: GB” anymore.

What about Greek Forums?I thought that there are many Greek PSN users.

Greek? Can the citizens of that nation still afford electricity? ;)

Too soon perhaps? =/

Sweet :)

Awesome~ :)

@ RobbySpry
Seriously? What’s wrong with you?

Tenchuwoh all though the situation is bad in Greek its a good thing that Greek agreed to the Finlands terms. Because Finland simply doesnt want to risk the goverments money like all the other Eu countries does. Hopely the riots calm donw and the citizens start to understand how bad the situation is in Greek.


I love Finland, top stuff!

Thank you and sorry my comment was a bit off-topic but i cant see messages/comments like the one above.

@17 trololol

“The forum was set up to accommodate the increasing numbers of Finnish PlayStation players”
Cool. :)

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