Take A Fresh Look At PlayStation Home

On Thursday 3rd November from 7AM BST PlayStation Home will be taken offline for scheduled maintenance. Here is what to expect after the update…

We are delighted to unveil our brand new revamp of PlayStation Home, coming to your PlayStation 3! We are launching a new experience for PlayStation Home that will feature a revamped Home Square and a new “districts” design that will help you find games, people and places that fit your favourite game genre. Games, people and places are now easier to access than ever before and help form part of the biggest social casual gaming service on any console.


Let curiosity guide you through PS Home and check out our four unique new districts: Action, Sportswalk, Adventure and Indie Park which are all packed with exciting new games and interactive content. There’s something for everyone and by exploring each area you can encounter like-minded players with similar interests specific to that particular district. Meet up, chat, discuss the latest releases and launch into games you’ll both enjoy within PS Home and throughout PlayStation Network.


You will also have access to fun events run exclusively within PS Home – everything from games events to exclusive music gigs to community event nights.

The four all-new districts are:

  • Action: With a gritty, urban vibe, the Action district is the perfect destination for players looking for action, shooter and horror games. Check out free-to-play game Bootleggers ’29 – set in the seedy underbelly of the Roaring Twenties, this PlayStation Home exclusive first-person shooter pits cops vs. criminals in a Prohibition-era game of Capture the Cask. Boasting real-time multiplayer action, a variety of vintage weapons and unlockable rewards, and the unique ability to play as your PlayStation Home avatar, Bootleggers ’29 is a 100% free-to-play game that introduces a classic narrative to the modern shooter genre.
  • Sportswalk: Experience the collective atmosphere and feel of a major sporting event with sports-themed games, special features, sports quizzes and trivia. Share your latest sporting achievements with friends over a game of pool, darts, or even drop into the poker lounge and see if you’ve got the nerve to beat your opponents and leave with your chips stacked high.
  • Adventure: Immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and adventure-themed games discovered in the Adventure district. At launch it will be themed around the UNCHARTED 3: Fortune Hunter total game integration event, providing a third-person adventure experience including a partial recreation of the Yemen level from UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception multiplayer mode and a cover-based shooting system complete with weapons and gameplay inspired by the hit series.
  • Indie Park: Currently featuring new games such as Espionage 9, Gnome Curling and Los Penguini Brothers, Indie Park is the place to go to check out a huge range of bite-sized games showcasing the huge talent and creativity of a variety of indie developers. This zone offers a unique opportunity for up and coming developers to show off their talent and for players to experience their innovation first hand.


As well as these four exciting gaming districts, new look PS Home includes fresh spaces where players can meet up and interact. Why not take a stroll down by the Boardwalk, have a go at playing Cogs, one of our many new games, or hang out in Home Square (which has also had a makeover) and get to know the PS Home community of PSN players?

Long-term fans of PS Home will be pleased to hear that along with all of this great new content there will also be the old favourites such as bowling and chess preserved for those that fancy some classic and nostalgic gaming.


The new revamp of PS Home puts you right at the centre of a world of games, with spaces, games and activities themed around the types of games you know and love on your PS3 – it’s free to access, so dive into our new PS Home and don’t forget to let us know on what you think on the Blog and

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looks good, might have to take another look at Home…..


Great donwhann – we look forward to welcoming you Home … I must stop using this pun!

XtianHawkGamer 02 November, 2011 @ 14:15

Nice!! Looking forward to it! :D

Fresh new home, like when clean your house :D he looks great i can wait to go to my new Home :D
Good work guys, i think people to ignore Home, now with this update is a good chance to think about it and go inside


Thanks ABTR – we hope you and your PSN friends will like it

Does this mean the beta is finally over? :p

Looks great. Waiting for tomorrow.

Nice look forward too trying this out :D
Haven’t been a big fan of HOME since you took out Open-voice chat.

you will get me into home, when there are trophys to be earnd. until then..

Cannot wait :D I am not a big HOME user but I pop in from time to time, this may get me popping in more :D


Have a good explore while you are there as well TalllPaul ;-)

Good luck with the reboot.

Please don’t flood the new Home with more FPS games as we have lots of them already. We need inventive/original ideas for games.

I hope one of the Home developers does a football game or even a football management game as it is the biggest sport on the planet. Home would be perfect for many footie games already out on iPad/iPhone etc


I love the beautiful game too, TheSabreman. We’ve never quite had the right concept to bring football into Home yet.

where can i find Scribble Shooter?


Hi hbrilakis – you can get it from the Stuff store in the Shopping Mall (East)

I must be strange because I quite like Home now & then. It’s good to grab a beer sometimes and just go on and find some people you have something in common with and get on your soapbox or just a casual chat. It’s a live interactive forum to me !


I guess this will be similar to the massive update the US Home is getting, but with “ours” looking more kooky and colourful.

So I hope we are getting that native home FPS as well correct?


Correct chriswinter92!

I played the Uncharted “game” but it was crap!
the handeling of the caracter was horrible as was movement and aiming. It´s a slap in the face of the real game and not fun at all.

And then there is the loading, and loading, and loading and then some more loading…. If feels like torture!

And then the movie theater. Go in the theater (loading), watch the clip or the posters (loading), walk in a screening room (loading), wait for the trailer to come (loading), go out to the theater (loading), go in another creening room (loading). And it are only stupid trailers. THere was 1 short movie but the resolution was so low it was hard to watch.

@Darren Cairns each time we download new versions of ps home does it automatically delete the defunct bits or do we have to do it manually? thanks in advance


SleazyC69 – hi, do you have a specific issue as the update usually takes care of this?


Awwwww yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

I love it when home updates

Hell yeah :D I’ve been waiting for this :D thought it would take more time. Thank god it didn’t xD

Over the last few months I haven’t been using Home, kinda got tired of it. But with this revamp I may be tempted back more and more.

I looks amazing lets hope to see more games like the current Uncharted 3. I mean playing a mini game related to a full game and unlocking content. Oh and Dead Island was another. :D

Well done guys. :)


Thanks D-Star_1 – we want it to be a rewarding experience … sorry, there I go with the puns again …


Sorry I meant “PlayStation Home Hold ‘Em” not the FPS (which is confirmed to come)… but I can’t edit the post.


Correct also!


It looks god but the US reboot looks a bit better tbh. Why can’t we all just have the same Home?

Can’t wait to run around all the new spaces tomorrow. One question though, will we see a video tour of the new revamped Home, either later today or before the update goes live tomorrow?

Pictures and words are great and all but nothing beats being able to see it all in action.


Hi SKELLY7 – we will be adding more videos, screenshots etc. to upcoming promos but not before tomorrow. The best way to experience it is to dive right in!

sorry to bust ppl bubbles the taste is in the dish untill it goes live we will see won’t we a new lick of paint but same issues for SCEE “no UGC”

Surprise me tomorrow prove me wrong.

@ Darren i hope we be keeping midway 1 & 2 but move to 1 of the district as i need to finish games for my midway personal space.

i did say i‘m looking forward to reboot of home in the forums but i fear SCEE will let us down & before i said we promise things before for home.

my advice is keep content comming on par with SCEA.


Hi – you can access Midway from any Teleporter (new feature!). Also the Game Store in Home Square allows you to preview trailers of games, get everything you need to play and jump straight in


u got s video for us showing the new home? or is it the same as the usa one?


I must say, i am excited about Home again after all these years. Hope everything runs smoothly tomorrow. I’ll be there. :)


Thanks jakster123x – we want to show how different Home really is now, as I still read a lot of pieces that were written about how Home worked over 2 years ago!

I’m forward to this, fingers crossed the return of the Shopping Mall music is back :P

joshualeuty96-2- 02 November, 2011 @ 16:39

I’ve been on Home a lot recently and this would be the cherry on the cake. Looks brilliant! As with Alex-1124, hope you bring back the Shopping Mall Music. It gives me that good feeling :P


Hi Alex-1124 and joshualeuty96-2- we don’t have the music back. This could have been taken out to save memory but we can look into this if it helps the mood in that space ;-)

Lookin snazzy :) Can anyone tell me if this goes live worldwide on the 3rd or just in a region I am never in? I live in Japan, and we always seem to get things last, desipte, you know, being in Japan…

Thanks! :)

oh right thanks a new game store hmm intreasting also trailers to show news any new quest update & i bet in home square, i made a right mess of Xi missed 1 event.

but i hope if you been reading our post here and forums even if we get video and music we said how about it no issues by just our our ears, if that was the issues but yet we have to listen music down they mics.

it sounds crap.


Tomorrow this will go live for SCEA and SCEE at the same time

* i mean the sound on the mics sound crap.

i like to say i be on home tonight to say GOODBYE to old home bring some tissues because we be weeping. :D

Sorry i just don’t get it whats different to the way it is now. will it load faster will we be able to use my mic. so basically its the same as it is now but with revamped spaces.

Looks cool, will there still be an xmas update with that nice music? lol


We’ll have some nice stuff for Xmas, SpeedyOLLY! Just over 50 days to go!

Tomarrow! WOW! didn’t see that one coming…

So only EU and USA Regions are updating. Poor Asia and Japan! AWW!

Well i guess i’m gonna be busy all day On Home Tomarrow then to see all this new stuff. WOW!

I hope i can sleep tonight so i can be rested for tomarrow… But at this point getting sleep won’t be easy!


Thanks, looking forward to it >;D

I’ve still got mixed feelings about this. Here’s a question if we are doing away with the Shopping Mall’s and Theatre spaces. Where will they be located now?


We are not doing away with these space Fritches – the biggest change is how you navigate to these spaces. We have had to make changes in Home Sq to accommodate and theme the new districts

the shopping mall and theatre will relocate like midway but i‘m sure tie to homesquare as it not a action or sport etc.

i want to know what that big brown building bottom right with the PSN logo next to it. :o


It’s the Sportswalk

Never mind i know what it is, it‘s a teleport to sport district i didn’t see the spotlights very well on bottom right,

the top picture got 4 buildings let guess districts lol :D

I use home allot on my spare time & it isint possible to get on it more but with this new look its etheir going to make it allot better or worse.. i dout it will be worse… & i went to the halloween thing where u can get a gift.. nDream i think the user was never came i spent allot of time there with m8s.. thanks allot nDreams.. i hope u go bust haha. Grrrrrrrrr


Hi DJrya – if you have an issue with an nDreams space we can pass it on directly to them. Just reply to my message here. nDreams have done a lot of great work in Home

& thanks for keeping bowling. :)

why dont sony make it when u turn ur ps3 on.it go’s straight to home.and have the XMB in your home apartment.

HELL YEAH, on there tommorow :D

fjernbetjening 02 November, 2011 @ 19:02

Can’t wait :-)

@Darren Cairns in reference to my question (@14) nothing specific, it was just something i was wondering when i was looking at how much space i have left on my hdd. Thanks for the feedback


Will robot chicken be making a come back in the theatre?


Hahaha – no plans at the moment for it to return!

Can Sony please do small patching to game spaces instead of downloading the same space every week.

The amount of times ive had to download home square :s


Hi mdogg91 – you used to have to re-download the scene every time we made a change to the space but from now on the majority of our updates won’t need a new download. The only exceptions are large events and new client releases.

Absolutely fantastic news, this’ll be a real treat to visit tomorrow afternoon. :)

Is it recommended to uninstall the old client? Many things will be so different that the new client will probably leave cruft all over the place if we don’t delete the previous installation.


Salut Ryusennin – no need to delete old version – we update this for you

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