Premier Manager 2012 – Coming To PSN On 9 November

It’s great to be back on the EU PlayStation Blog to tell you about the PlayStation Network launch of Premier Manager 2012 on November 9th for the special launch price of £9.99. We’ve been working hard over the summer to bring you an even bigger and better football management experience for your PlayStation 3.


Whilst discussing new ideas for the game, we often have a debate in the office as to who is the greatest football manager of all time; Ferguson, Hitzfeld, Michels, Clough, Mourihno? Generally we come to the conclusion that it is difficult to compare managers of today with those from days gone by. Modern day management is all about managing ego’s, paying big wages and keeping the fans happy with big money signings and you’ll find all of that covered in Premier Manager 2012 with our improved morale system.

One thing however that hasn’t changed over the years is the challenge of getting the very best out of the players at your club, that’s where the top managers separate themselves from the rest. It’s with that in mind that we developed our ‘Unity’ system which brings a whole new dimension to preparing for matches. To achieve maximum ‘Unity’, the manager will need to integrate new signings, cope with injuries and suspensions and give players time to adapt to new positions, formations and styles of play.


The ‘Unity’ system is not the only new feature in Premier Manager 2012, far from it. Our unique RPG-style ‘levelling up’ of characters with XP points has been improved and expanded to the user so that manager performance is more accurately tracked and can be compared on our online leader-boards. A brand new memory system has been implemented to allow players and staff to remember your good and bad decisions in our new real time graphics based negotiation system.


Despite the vast amount of visual and logical enhancements, the game remains true to its historical roots, easy to navigate and play. The already huge database has been increased in size to include even more players and clubs, all updated after the summer transfer window. All the leagues from England, Italy, Spain, Germany, France and Scotland are supported along with the top European Competitions.

You don’t have long to wait before you can attempt to become one of the managerial greats but for now why not follow us on twitter, Facebook or visit our website for more details and screenshots prior to the official launch of the game.

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Don’t care!

Oh look, another Manager!

Maybe you can answer mine & many others question?


It baffles me that more Blog posts are appearing, but we haven’t had a statement regarding the problem with the codes!



Another rant when you’re from Urbanscan!


ROFL yet again! I need a new pair of eyes me thinks!

Wish there was an edit/delete button for our posts ;)

Bet the poor blokes sat there wondering what he’s done wrong lol



JaviviManchester 03 November, 2011 @ 17:40

Any info about the price??

Well i hope the game has a full editor so you can add kits badges etc.


though it dosn’t mean i consider that that kind of player no longer exists, but obviously in their short anyway career they just won’t take those kind of risks today, not with the amount of money at stake if a play was to end badly etc…


Keyboard + mouse support/Move?????

is there anyone here that has an idea about the status of the Payday vouchers for us that got suckered into the PLAY promotion.
& to think I mostly bought it to show support to Sony after a year of hardships. The thanks? Not gettin any word on any delays they’ve put the game through and when it finally arrives I’m left hanging with out my redemption voucher.
16 years of being a loyal customer owning more original games than anyone I know on all 3 platforms, never had a problem before this year, but this year it’s also just been pouring in for all the 15 gone before.


you mean my comment is awaiting deletion like the 1st one…… do not start me concerning football topics


ok, i never mentioned this in my previous posts but i would like to see a more realistic manager game, maybe something with ‘stats’ in about how your teams fans rate you, perhaps it could be like real life, where if your doing a good job you get a bonus to add to your teams ‘stats’ and the opposite for when your supporters don’t back you so much,?


really want to know why my 1st comment no7 got deleted,?


and also why my 2nd post 11 is now awaiting moderation,?


so the makers often ‘debate’ who is the greatest manager of all time,?…. i know a certain cod player who would have a word or two to add to there debate


fergie 1st name mentioned,?….. following the words of all time….


not that i disagreed with the game devs opening comments in my deleted post, but i wonder how many football Followers would agree with his and those other names bieng mentioned, straight after the words ‘Of All Time’,?


is there actual people who choose to flag a post for moderation or is it like a computer programmed to spot certain words,?…. only if it is the later i may just see why it could be flagged, though am pretty sure it takes a real person to delete a non abusive slightly opininated point of view….. i mean ye if a post was filled with obscenities then i suppose a computer could just auto delete it… but doubt they can make one that can view a opinion and decide hey this cannot be allowed….. only i Want To Know Who Moderates Your Choices For Moderated Posts.?




is post 11 awaiting moderation because i said the moderator who deleted my first post was maybe stoned,,…. i wonder,


So who do you’s (the mod team,?) reckon were the greatest managers Of All Time, those whose names are still spoken with respect today x years later,.. or the guys who are still working on reaching that mountanous level of respect,?


just show my deleted post then, if i am wrong to keep going on about it, i will donate my console and games to charity and never show my persona again…. post7, that is,


so i click on here, see you deleted my post (no7) for absolutely no Valid reasons, write a post (no11) and see that yous want me to await your moderation… you following,?… how long do you’s usually take to make that decision,?.. only i think i will just grab a bite to eat, but it’s ok, you’s can still carry on doing whatever, snickering like schoolboys,?.. or just whatever it is your doing,

The PAYDAY codes have been stolen & locked in a vault!

It’s now up to us, to find that vault & retrieve our codes :)

e1 who don’t like football get off this post

as for the game i played last seasons game but nothing is as gd as football manager


Always to get a bit of competition

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