Uncharted 3 DLC Available Now

To support the retail release on Uncharted 3 this week, we wanted to let you know that three classic skin packs featuring a total of 25 character skins from UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune and UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves are available to purchase from the PlayStation Store as downloadable items for your UNCHARTED 3multiplayer experience. Each pack is yours for €2.99/2.39.

uncharted3_classicskins1_bundle uncharted3_classicskins3_bundle uncharted3_classicskins2_bundle

If you are a fan of the Uncharted Multiplayer content than I would recommend joining the Uncharted 3: Fortune Hunters’ Club for €24.99/£19.99. This enables you to get your hands on with all three multiplayer skin packs plus all four future multiplayer map packs when they become available. You will also receive an exclusive Fortune Hunters’ Club theme for your PS3 XMB, all for one great price!

uncharted3_fhc_theme uncharted3_fhc_logo

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19.99 is a bit too much, should be 9.99 like rockstar pass..

Awesome guys! Gonna be a Fortune Hunter’s Club member for sure. Would be stupid of me not to. Gonna get them all anyway. Best game I’ve ever played!

#1: Why should it be the same? It’s different content for this game. What you have to look at is what the total package would cost. If you’re getting everything, it will save your money. If you don’t plan on getting all of it or if you just don’t know yet, it’s more of a risk.

hey guys,

is 1 of the 4 DLC packs in the future coop stuff? :)

is it already up?

Chris Weatherhead 04 November, 2011 @ 08:30

Yes, it’s live now.

Any chance of a PS+ discount too? :)

Chris Weatherhead 04 November, 2011 @ 08:34

No plans in the short-term I’m afraid. But we do have some great deals for other content coming up on Plus.

#6: Yes it’s up. Just bought the Fortune Hunters Club. Gonna download the skin packs now (also up).

Will there be a plus discount? Will be buying it anyway, just wondered if I should wait :)

I just bought it literally 10 minutes ago lol but me and my luck I had bought one skin pack in game then saw it in the store after I’d quit.

#8 thanks, bought it!

haha €24.99 I’d rather buy a new game


hang on a min, are you saying a mere £19.99 gets me the 4 dlc packs,?.. or like the US it is just 45 or 40?.% off the prices, as i was just about to visit the store and Snatch this, Just what Exactly does ‘get hands on’ with the upcoming dlc mean,?… you’s wouldn’t be telling us porkies now would you,?.. kinda like the play promo promise deal that also got left open for most people to misunderstand,?….. no scee don’t do this kind of stuff in their blog posts, just my paranoid attitude, then again i once heard someone say ‘does it still mean your paranoid, if your proven right,?’
me thinks i play safe and wait for clarification..

Chris Weatherhead 04 November, 2011 @ 08:36

For £19.99 you will get the 4 future multiplayer maps and also the 3 character skins packs. Plus a exclusive theme.


@Catkiller1 i think you have just hit the nail on the head ie considering your senior products manager etc,.. is there actually anyone working for scee who isn’t a manager of some kind,? as it’s all fine and well to have managers but i have Never seen or heard of someone who is actually a ordinary titled employee, so who/what are all these managers actually managing,?… as we All know that it’s the ordinary guy/worker etc who either makes, or breaks a business/company.

$25 =/= £20 ?

When people call out the markups on third party content on the Store Update posts we’re quickly told that pricing is set by the publisher. Well SCEE, you’re the publisher here. So explain the £4.36 difference.

I guess I’ll wait for the inevitable Plus discount or freebie, I won’t subsidise content for our American cousins. Such a shame as I would have loved to support ND for all the of the blood sweat and tears that they put into Uncharted 3, but SCEE pricing policy is just bogus.

I still haven’t received my beta rewards email!

Should I start panicking yet?

Rip off if you ask me. All redy have it for the Uncharted 2 why would I buy them againg for the Uncharted 3?

Is the Fortune Hunters Club going to be a time limited offer ?
I’m not particularly interested in multiplayer skins, but depending on the map packs prices, I might be tempted to buy it.

@15 TrueMurton

You also forgot to mention the £1 = €1.25 Sony exchange rate, when in reality is more like £1 = €1.15

Unfortunately prices are always like that, that’s why we have the fabulous €1 = $1 Sony exchange rate.

ps: I already know that USA has sales tax, but it’s still cheaper if you do the math.

Btw, will we have a PS+ discount? Please let us know beforehand, so that we can avoid another GT5 DLC fiasco.

And what about the guys who has already this dlc for U2?


ah my mistake, its actually buy this and Save 45% on the rrp on buying it all separately, so yeah thats a 5 vote from me as, strangely, i think this multiplayer on U3 is The best that i have ever had the ‘fortune’ to play…..

Well the price to too much for yet another bit of playstation store content. The US Blog informed them that they would save about 45%.

Our saving is.. probably nothing unless you bring the map pack DLC out at a rip off price as well.

First I couldn’t even get the Explorer edition of the game because you only made about 10 of them and sold them just at Gamestop (IRE), sold out ages ago.
Secondly, you rip us off with DLC.

I don’t know why I bothered to write this aswell, seeing as you only reply to the first one or two posts at most.

Already bought it.

Sorry guys,stuff like that should be in game as standard unlocks,not day 2 DLC.Won’t be supporting this.

@ tapantaola

I didn’t do the math for EU as it would have required a threeway comparison. But for those that are interested $25 equates to €18.56. Also marked up by a third over the real exchange rate.

I’ve also looked into the tax situation for America and it’s totally backwards. Some states buy PSN content at the quote price while others have varying percentages of sales tax added at the checkout, must be an absolute nightmare trying to figure out what you can get with leftover credit over there. I’m not not entirely sure if we’re paying a markup or not, it still feels wrong to have such a price variance though.

JaviviManchester 03 November, 2011 @ 15:16

This is so unfair, I just spent yesterday 50£/80€ on the special edition and now I need to pay an extra 20 quid, well I ain’t paying again ,and the big diference between the USA bonus and EU bonus of the preorder, game is awesome but u can’t expect me paying again next day after I purchase the game. Another point is I’m still waiting for my bonus for playing the beta, ” was supposed to be available from day one” instead we have a DLC that costs another 20£… I think I’m not the only one thinking like this, but I’ve read some people seems to be very happy with it, well I’m not. That prices are well out of order for a game is just being released. May be not for the skins that I’m not interested but the treasure hunters.

JaviviManchester 03 November, 2011 @ 15:19

You right Chazze no one seems to be bothered here with what is written after the firsts ten posts… I guess they read it but they don’t bother to answer….

Immortal-Wolf- 03 November, 2011 @ 15:28

people say Call of Duty DLC is expensive but Uncharted 3 DLC is off the chain expensive.

Why people complain about Call of Duty DLC being expensive when Uncharted 3 DLC is worse price than them.

COD map pack = $15 x 4 = $60 each year for DLCs.


So I got the pack, but where are the skins?

Where’s our payday codes SOny?

To anyone wanting to know about the Payday codes, please spam every article posted on the blog asking where the codes are.

I’ll be doing so until some one gives us a definite date for when we’ll get the codes.


The new law on DLC that has gone to parliament should stop these money grabbers!

DLC Is a trend that has gone way out of control. As soon as its controlled (as early as next year) the gaming industry can resume to what it does best.

Terrible times soon to be controlled.

@34 funkpower

what are you on about? I’ve not heard about any DLC law and I make a point of trying to keep up with British Politics.

Also given our financial situation I can’t see us even discussing a law that would prevent companies from selling digital products and generating tax revenue.

Then there’s the little matter of history. Last year the EU tried to pass a law that would require all software sold within Europe to come with a two year service warranty and give consumers the right to demand a refund from software creators if they felt the product didn’t work to the standards set in the legislation. TIGA, seeing this as a threat to the profitability of games companies and by extention, themselves, then petitioned the UK Government to veto the move, and they did.

1 dollar = 1 euro again. It would be real easy for MS to grab dominance in Europe if they start treating Europeans as real customers. Because Sony thinks of us as cash cows.

Not a bad deal (although $25 clearly isn’t €25), but I feel kinda deceived. I just paid 150 euro’s for a Explorer’s Edition and now I have to pay 25 euros again to get DLC? That should’ve been in the box.

Lets just hope the content is worth the £19.99 it cost to buy the club thing. So far, I am impressed with the co-op of the game, haven’t tried the normal multi-player yet. I got the SE version of the game and I have no idea if the SE content is working, ’cause it says I have to get a certain level/$ to use/buy the damn things (I would’ve thought I could use them from the start since I paid extra for the SE content).

So I bought the Fortune Hunters Club but I didn’t get the Fat Lazarevic. All teh other characters was unlocked. Anyone else have this problem? Or will it be added later?

Hey I dont have a psn card right now. How long will this deal last?

@Roglog – I’ll check mine, is it listed in the map pack?
Do you have to buy the skins in-game to use them (with the money you get for killing people)?

D’OH, not map pack, skin pack.
I checked mine and I don’t see it in the 25 downloaded skins.

@lil_mOO No it isn’t listed it says you have to buy it but when it takes me to the store and it shows that I’ve already bought all 3 skin packs

I don’t see the fat one listed anywhere on the packs, I checked my downloaded skins and don’t see it there either.

All skins that should have been avaliable for free to people who forked out for them whilst Uncharted 2 was live. This utterly disgusts me and I feel sorry that Naughty Dog have to work alongside moneygrabbers.

Seriously, why are these not avaliable to people who have already bought the skins in 2?!

I want to swear at you, I REALLY DO but I’m just exhausted at what the industry has turned into with online passes and this exploitation.
I dare somebody to come at me with “If you don’t like it, then don’t buy it”- What I am saying is that people have already paid for exactly the same thing and they’re charging people for the same effing thing.

Ok, I’ll try and get away with this-

Eff you!

I stupidly forked out for the Explorer Edition aswell and I have to say- apart from the availiability of Creepy Crawler which is hella fun- I am thoroughly disappointed with the DLC content which after I’d paid for the edition I find out ND and Sony are releasing that DLC content on the Subway beta anyway BEFORE i’ve even got my flipping ‘exclusive DLC’ that I paid for.

I want to rage again but it’s just not worth it. They don’t care about the players/fans anymore, only their wallets.

@Roglog Apparently you might have to buy the doughnut one separately, I’m reading the ND forums about it now.

Yay, thanks for allowing me to buy skins that I already own. Way to screw your fans ND.

@lil_mOO Thanks for the Info =D


Is the fortune hunters club a temporary deal?

If not I’ll probably wait and see what the map packs include and then decide whether or not to buy the bundle.

So what’s the timescale on the dlc releases? Don’t know if I want to shell out £20 only to find most of the maps are released too far down the line for me to care anymore. As for rereleasing the same content as on U2 (skins) seems bit cheeky to ask us to pay again for exactly same stuff regardless of whether its newer game.
And not a code redemption is it? Still feeling really aggrieved by whole Play promo/Payday saga so don’t want repeat of that

Sucks that you can’t even use the skins you downloaded for Uncharted 2.

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