The Future Of War: DUST 514’s Mobile Command Center

DUST 514 is an MMOFPS on the PS3 with large-scale vehicle and infantry combat taking place in, and with a real-time connection to, the EVE Online universe on PC. Players are able to band up into corporations (e.g. guilds) and wage territorial conquest on thousands of planets. What follows is a thematic description of Mobile Command Centers, or MCC’s. At 200 meters in length, these vehicles represent the largest, most powerful weapon a team can acquire, and are flown by a team’s commander. Oftentimes, destruction of the MCC means victory on the battlefield (we’ll give you more insight into the game’s command hierarchy, a system that allows players to form squads that are led by a player commander, in an upcoming PlayStation.Blog post).

DUST 514 for PS3

A Caelus-class MCC trawls across the battlefield.

Colossal. Imposing. Devastating. Any of these words could describe the MCC, but only one truly sums it up: Control. The MCC is the nerve center of any army, the backbone upon which wars are waged and battles won. It is from here, locked within the confines of a modified hydrostatic pod, that the commander orchestrates the fate of those on the ground below. He does so having never set foot on the battlefield, but with the collective knowledge and situational awareness of every unit that has. If knowledge is power, it is the commander who wields it.

Heavily fortified and shielded, the destruction of an MCC is by no means an easy task…but it’s not an impossible one. Only a sustained heavy weapons barrage is sufficient to disable the MCC’s shields and take down its armor. If the MCC does possess an Achilles heel, it is its dependence on fuel, without a constant supply of which, its turrets, critical systems and, most importantly, shields are worthless. Commanders would do well to be aware of any and all fuel sources in a given area and plan accordingly.

DUST 514 for PS3 DUST 514 for PS3

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Can Dust514 players be commanders?

gamingdevil800 4 November, 2011 @ 2:35 pm   2

Can you build bases on planets? Nice point CMJE96

gamingdevil800 4 November, 2011 @ 2:36 pm   3

I actually made a dust 514 trailer on youtube check it out!


I am really looking forward to this, can you confirm a few thing please.
Is it free to download?
Is there no monthly subscription needed?
Is the only thing you need to pay for micro transactions.
Will we need to purchase some in game money upon release?

    James Egan 6 November, 2011 @ 6:57 am    

    Hi CMJE96,

    There will be a nominal fee to purchase DUST 514, and that amount is actually going to be converted into the in-game currency to get you started. Also, there is no monthly subscription fee with DUST 514. The game is designed around virtual goods sales.


Everything I see of this game looks empty and generic…

Wait what? Did you say “vehicle and infantry combat”?

So does that mean I can drive a tank / military jeep in the game? And maybe something that flies? 😀

    James Egan 6 November, 2011 @ 6:59 am    

    Yes to all of those. Personally, I prefer infantry combat but to each their own. There’s plenty of vehicle based combat in DUST 514 too.

bennyrafal 5 November, 2011 @ 10:27 am   7

Gameplay plz


Dust 514: The game CCP always talk about but never show.

chrisandsheva 6 November, 2011 @ 10:10 pm   9

@james … i see that you have been good enough to answer some (more,?) questions regarding this upcoming games features and costs etc, and i have to say this x-tra info is welcoming, i Was going to post again the other day but i ‘really’ don’t want to be misinterpreted by my comments, ie back to the trophy’s question again, Only i just believe that awsome as this game is or at least sounds,? (to me) i just cannot see ‘some’ .. ok a good few, of your target market staying interested in this/eve etc universe due to the limited amount of trophy’s versus possible time spent playing, i know that i am getting this day1 and it may be one of the last games i buy, in comparison to the avarage 1 per week at the moment, but i also know of a lot of others who’ve expressed interest in the game whose interest will simply evaporate once theres no more trophys to collect, it’s the way at least 40% of console gamers now choose to play, rightly or wrongly it is here to stay, I only want to see this (this kind even) new idea succeed and i know it will do better If these issues are Also taken into consideration etc.

TehPhilosopher 7 November, 2011 @ 3:18 pm   10

#9, care to cite your 40%+ who play games for trophies? I bet it’s less than 10%.

And AFAIK there hasn’t been an announcement on trophies, or lack thereof, so no point in bringing it up, I’m sure they heard the first time(s).

chrisandsheva 7 November, 2011 @ 3:44 pm   11

no m8 i suspect there is way more than 10% though tbh with you i did quote 40% after reading a post on the blog that kinda veered into how console games are now basically ignorned by people because they were made b4 trophies became the norm, i believe it was during the announcement that Assassins Creed will be included with the new Revelations game to be released shortly, and most everyone who posted said Not interested cos theres no trophys in it, erm i may be slightly overestimating the ‘hold’ trophies have ie my 40% claim, but i would bet my hard earned etc that if this/others fantastic looking project Dosn’t consider Console gamings rewards system properly it will cost them, thereby costing us by no future similar ideas being considered, That said i may just be reading this game all wrong and it isn’t going to mean basically spending that much time in it, in which case it should do as well as most other psn titles do,… which tbh is not really That good is it,?

great – cant wait

TehPhilosopher 8 November, 2011 @ 12:57 pm   13

#11, once again pure speculation with no actual data to back up your claims. And what happened to the full stops?

Just because fanboys complain on forums about trophies doesn’t mean majority of players gives a hoot about trophies. Vast majority of gamers never post on forums, so basing your opininion on trophies on a few forum posts is not indicative of the majority.

Anyway, pointless discussion since trophies have not been announced for Dust, YET, and I’m sure there will be trophies.

chrisandsheva 8 November, 2011 @ 9:04 pm   14

don’t know just what your problem is with me, you say i base my comment on speculation, fair enough though i would of said Informed speculation, much the same was as some mult million pound businesses HAVE to, so are you saying there all ?. as well, Facts my friend are a luxery that ‘few’ budding ventures have little to no access to, Ihad allready stated in my post my ‘reluctance’ to post for the reasons i thought i may of allready covered, 1, i hate playing a game only to stop the Action to maybe try and fulfil some trophy requirement, allthough i do so, latest example bieng U3, where instead of continuing the action i actually search the map for trasures, HATE IT, yet i find myself doing so, i just wonder of the percentage of other gamers who do the same thing, U3 or other such games.The ONLY reason i decided to submit post9, is I wasn’t satisfied by the answer james had given my previous comment regarding trophies, ie of course we will have them, as this is now a requirement, But the normal 12 that are the ‘norm’ for psn titles ‘may’ not be enough,..,continue in sec.

chrisandsheva 8 November, 2011 @ 9:24 pm   15

Ionly want to see this and other ventures have a fair chance of succeeding as i kinda like the idea of the pc meets console, and as i say if i Am reading this game all wrong then fair enough, ie it isn’t going to stop me/other like minded players from buying the same number of games that we presntly buy, and why, as most games are not That original, but ‘some’ people actually do just play a game to add to their trophy coung, or e-peen (lol) as you once described it, so take your ‘estimate’ of how many people play ‘mostly’ for trophies, 10%, even that figure could make the difference between sink or swim for this, then any future similar projects that ‘could’ follow if this one does well, As for you saying its pointless to even mention them (trophies), well i actually hope your right and the dev has the whole future dlc/in game transactions combined with more trophies, For those people who, as i said interest will evaporate without them, And if i need to look like some fool to stress my belief that it matters, then so be it, allthough i am sure of my instincts on what i say.. 2 sorry about my (lack of) punctuation, i hope my other grammar meets your high standards.. except for the typo in previous post.

chrisandsheva 8 November, 2011 @ 9:31 pm   16

in fact i seem to have made a few typos in both of my last posts, not usually like me, but i suppose no-one can be perfect, …… all the of the time.