Upcoming Change To PlayStation 3 And PSP Game Content On PlayStation Network

We’d like to inform you of some upcoming changes to the usage policies for PlayStation Network game content.  As of November 18, 2011, the number of devices that can be activated on one PlayStation Network account for game content purchased from the PlayStation Store will be updated.

For game content purchased after November 18, 2011, a new policy will apply and the number of devices that can be activated will be as follows:

  • PS3: Users will be able to play the game on up to 2 activated PS3 systems.
  • PSP: Users will be able to play the game on up to 2 activated PSP systems.

Please note that this update will not affect game content purchased before November 18.  The PSP rights include PSP-1000/2000/3000 series as well as the PSPgo system.

PlayStation Network users are able to change the activation setting through each device, and Sony Computer Entertainment plans to provide a new PlayStation Network account management website where users will be able to deactivate particular devices attached to their PlayStation Network account via their PC.

For more details on how to activate/deactivate the devices, please read this guide or contact consumer services.

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capitales7 4 November, 2011 @ 10:34 am   1

REALLY?! No more game sharing?
Not fair…


Been waiting for this change for a looooong time! Amazed you let it carry on so long.

Kotatsu2000 4 November, 2011 @ 10:35 am   3

Ever more restrictive and unfair DRM isn’t going to win you any fans. I currently have two PS3s activated – one got the yellow light of death and is in a land fill now. There’s currently no way to deactivate it, so if my current system dies I’m out of luck.

You better hurry up with that DRM web page so we can jump through those needless, anti-consumer hoops if need be.

Shadow-King 4 November, 2011 @ 10:36 am   4

erm…………….I have 4 activated system already on my account, 2 YLOD systems and 2 Active(in the same household) where does that leave me?

Shadow-King 4 November, 2011 @ 10:37 am   5

ps3 systems*

European_Gamer 4 November, 2011 @ 10:37 am   6

What is the main reasons for this change?

HistoryBoy 4 November, 2011 @ 10:37 am   7

Will this pave way to allow multiple sign in users on one system to allow you to get trophies when playing with friends/co-op? It kinda sucks that you can’t do that.


These are great news!No more gamesharing!Plus that i can now deactivate
my profile from my dead Playstation 3.
Great work Sony 😀
I cant wait for MY PSVITA!!!(lol off the topic)


It sucks that we’re losing control over things we buy in the future just because people game share.

That said, I do appreciate the PC activation controls. With any DRM system, there should always be a counterbalancing mechanism so that legitimate users aren’t screwed. On XBL you have the system license transfer, on iTunes you can reset your activations, and it’s good that a similar thing will soon be offered on PS3.


Clearly says in the post that there will be a website where you can DE ACTIVATE devices. No one needs more than 2 active systems at once.

loonytoon1982 4 November, 2011 @ 10:39 am   11

I honestly hope that you have a system in place to identify the consoles that regularly access the content when it comes to those who have more than 2 consoles activated. I had enough trouble getting Sony to deactivate 1 for me due to YLOD so hopefully this wont lead to a lot of problems for users with accounts on newer machines or broken ones.

The deactivation via PC should be useful as long as those issues are dealt with prior to this change.

Personally I’ve had 2 YLOD machines which would take up those 2 activations, understandable move due to the whole sharing issue but I really do hope it has been thought through to the fullest extent.

AvatarIII 4 November, 2011 @ 10:39 am   12

if this means PSN titles will be cheaper, that’s good news, I’m tired of seeing full games cost £10-£20 more on PSN than as a disc version bought in a shop,

shadow-king, since it says it only affects purchases after 18/11 you should be OK since you won’t be installing games on your YLOD systems,

Catkiller1 4 November, 2011 @ 10:42 am   13

So if my PS3 stops working & I have over 100 Digital titles & I purchase another PS3, then I can only download them once more?


I’m not risking paying over £10 for a title, that if 2 PS3s break, then I lose the game!


“Sony Computer Entertainment plans to provide a new PlayStation Network account management website where users will be able to deactivate particular devices attached to their PlayStation Network account via their PC.”

So we will be able to remotely deactivate a console? If that’s true, awesome. I activated a console before the limitations were fully known to us and I have been looking to deactivate it for close to 3 years. I have no way of actually accessing the original device.

solution22 4 November, 2011 @ 10:43 am   15

That really is not fair! so if you own more than 2 you have got to pay for another, come on PS we all came back to you after the hacking even tho most of us were considering moving to XBLive. Pffft


“if this means PSN titles will be cheaper, that’s good news, I’m tired of seeing full games cost £10-£20 more on PSN than as a disc version bought in a shop,”

That’s an incredibly optimistic view… and incredibly unlikely given the current trend of PSN pricing.

Catkiller1 4 November, 2011 @ 10:43 am   17

Touch wood, over the 4 years i’m only on my 2nd PS3. My first broke, due to it being the terrible 60gb version & had the dreaded YLOD!

marblepebble 4 November, 2011 @ 10:43 am   18

Is that 2 PS3s AND 2 PSPs (eg. in the case of minis?). I have one of each currently, but had been thinking of getting a second PS3 (for a different room in the house), and a Vita later. Can I deactivate individual games, so that I can use them on a different system, or do I have to deactivate the whole system and everything on it?

Jedi_Amara 4 November, 2011 @ 10:44 am   19

If I buy PS1 titles, minis or content in general that’ll play on both PSP and PS3, can I play that on two PSP systems AND two PS3 systems, or only two in a combination of the two types?

cubehouse 4 November, 2011 @ 10:44 am   20

Brilliant, glad we will soon be able to deactivate devices from the web. Had a bad time a few years ago when I kept having refurb PS3s dying on me, meaning I now have a ton of activated PS3s I cannot deactivate.

I think activated on 2 PS3s is still plenty fair. I doubt many people will want to game share beyond that. It’s usually like, one in your room and the family PS3. Fair enough.

Catkiller1 4 November, 2011 @ 10:44 am   21

Does anybody know what the policy is with XBOX?

How many times can you download a title from the XBOX store, once purchased?

Can the limit be adjusted in certain cases? For example, I have 3 PS3s that I actively use in my house, and my brother has another one I could use if I really wanted to.

Jedi_Amara 4 November, 2011 @ 10:45 am   23

Also, guess this puts paid to my plans of buying a second UMD-based PSP ಠ_ಠ If I’m not going to be able to play my content on it, no point for me.

Jedi_Amara 4 November, 2011 @ 10:46 am   24

Oh, and when the Vita comes out will that count as a PSP for the purposes of activating PSP games?

nobodygaming 4 November, 2011 @ 10:46 am   25

I honestly was lost as to WHY these changes would be made until I read ‘game sharing’ in the comments. While I was super pissed at companies like Capcom releasing single player games with always online DRM to combat it, I could just ignore those games. I have 3 devices I use in my day to day gaming life that would share PSN downloads, so limiting me to 2 is a real kick in the nuts.

I’ll certainly be looking to other services (Steam .etc) for my digital games from here on until Sony decides they don’t have to treat their honest consumers like evil software pirates.

Fantatier 4 November, 2011 @ 10:48 am   26

Bummer I have 3 PS3, one at home, one at my parents and one at my Gfs 🙁

steven_dutch 4 November, 2011 @ 10:48 am   27

Just a few questions.
Can I have 2 PS3 systems and 2 PSP’s activated at the same time? Or is it 1 PS3 and 1 PSP system?
Also what about PSVita, do we get 2 activations on those as well?

erbkaiser 4 November, 2011 @ 10:51 am   28

Hopefully this means that there will be no more crippled DRM games like Capcom’s Bionic Commando Rearmed. As long as the website goes up so I can unactivate my PS3 should I have to replace it, no issues with this.

people are missing the point here in relation to YLOD and broken machines. the restriction to new devices only comes into affect after the mentioned date for games purchased, therefor you wont be able to purchase games on your ylod machine, and so, ylod will not affect the number of downloads you have.


I have two ps3’s in my home..both used regularly. Buying games for use on just these two is fine.

But I also have my account on a family members ps3 and another on my m8’s. Whilst not being able to download games on those is fine, will I still be able to sign in and play other games from those machines or will I need to remove my account from those?

Catkiller1 4 November, 2011 @ 10:53 am   31

Hang on a min!

So I can still re-download my content, as long as I deactivate my old account, if my current one dies?

I can download the 5 usage policy, but only on up to 2 activated systems?

So as long as I stick to 1 or 2 then i’m okay?

What i’m trying to say is, if I own my 3rd PS3 due to 2 previous ones breaking & I deactivate 1 so I only have 2 activated, then i’m fine to re-download everything on my new PS3?

Hope it made sense? LOL 😉


#1: Not fair? I’d say it’s not fair to developers and publishers that people share games. If you wanna play it, at least support those that are making the game.

thegame1982pz 4 November, 2011 @ 10:54 am   33

Well done, full personal support to Sony

loonytoon1982 4 November, 2011 @ 10:54 am   34

Just to make things clear…

You can download the title as many times as you wish, however, the whole idea behind the system was to allow people to play games around at a friends place or on another console. However, you were to deactivate the system when finished.

While the game download would remain there, the console wouldn’t have permission to play it as the system wasn’t activated.

All this means, if you have more than 2 consoles, that you will have to deactivate one to play on another. It takes no more than 10 seconds to do it so it’s not much of an issue. A minor hindrance at worst.


GREEDY, Why have you become GREEDY!

Bumblebee 4 November, 2011 @ 10:55 am   36

If this system means we can deactivate YLoD consoles, that’s one good thing.

But does anyone remember the days when you’d get a new game and take it round a friend’s house to play with them? I miss those days. This is quite a tight move by Sony. As in, unreasonably tight-fisted. Not as in “good”.

BAD PR MOVE SONY. Who’s in charge there these days?

Pacman_Ownage 4 November, 2011 @ 10:56 am   37

As long as we can deactivate systems, I welcome this change :D. I currently use two PS3s so I’m as happy as larry ^_^

…Unless it’s leisure suite larry… can’t imagine he’s too happy as of late :3

Hogwild333 4 November, 2011 @ 10:57 am   38

I think this is a change for the better. It will stop people from abusing the system but still accommodate people with two systems. I was afraid you would limit it to one system only so Thank you Sony!



Yes that’s exactly what they wrote. When you deactivate it on one of your systems that YLOD you can then redownload & play it on a new system.

The content will only work on TWO systems at once, that doesn’t mean it has to be the SAME two systems forever (if they break that is)

If your games werent to expensive then maybe people wouldn’t game share. I mean i was looking at some games on playstation store that were like £25 or £30. And yet when i go to game or graingergames they are like £10 or £15. Also i think when things like add on content comes out and say five people who gameshare would chip in together to get them then at least sony is getting their money whereas if it were one person it may be too much and they will not get it. I thought Sony does their job for peoples entertainment and not for their wallet.


“where users will be able to deactivate particular devices attached to their PlayStation Network account via their PC.” I am glad about that. My 1st PS3 got YLOD 🙁 So hopefully i can deactivate it? Erm i am not sure tho if that is right 😀
+ i always found it strange you can give someone else your PSN games? Don’t SONY lose money doing that in the 1st place?

very good… if i can then deactivate my account from my dead console.

MissSouthampton 4 November, 2011 @ 10:59 am   43

I am pretty stuffed. I have 3 dead systems with no deactivation possible – ya know back then when they didn’t tell you and when the fatties died on ya lol

Catkiller1 4 November, 2011 @ 11:00 am   44

@ gypsiee

Thanks for your reply 😉

I understand now & I need to have some more caffeine!

Too many late nights on BF3 & Uncharted 3 has frazzled my brain slightly! lol

Opt1mus76 4 November, 2011 @ 11:01 am   45

Hang on! I have 4 PS3 (and 3 PSP) which I use (My main, one in spare room and my kids plus one at my mums for when I stay there). Now if I buy a disc I can use it on any of these but from now on I can only use what I buy off PSN on 2 of these? So I’ve paid sony over £600 (plus one which I won from sony) but I can’t use my content on all of them? What kind of way is this to treat customers? I spend loads on PSN and now I’m gonna have to decide if its value for money if I can’t have something on main,son’s and at least one other. I’ve paid for the software so why are you restricting how I use it? The prices won’t come down so this just sounds like you’re penalising me because of my loyalty to Sony’s console. If I can’t fully utilise all consoles are Sony going to give me some kind of reimbursement? Unlikely.
Along with the Payday fiasco Sony are really trying my patience now

AvatarIII 4 November, 2011 @ 11:03 am   46

perhaps it would be worth giving PS+ users 5 activated PS3s for those who need that many. just an idea.


Christ people, read the posts, before whining about Sony being greedy.


This change is for the better, with the new system.
Gamesharing has NEVER been about you abusing the system to share games with your friends, it so you can download games to your own consoles and now it becomes easier with online management.

poisondarter 4 November, 2011 @ 11:06 am   48

Well this will obviously be annoying to the people who share their games with friends, but for unlucky people like me (read people who aren’t careful enough with their hardware) The new deactivation service will be great for getting rid of all those old licences for consoles you don’t even own any more. By the way, don’t share your digital games. Buy It multiple times to give Sony more money so they can make even more great games and especially put more retail releases on the PlayStation store. Preferably at lower prices that what their charging now.

MissSouthampton 4 November, 2011 @ 11:06 am   49

Hang on…Does that mean the current system I use I won’t be able to buy any new games on? It would be the 4th activated? Or does it just count for the games you downloaded. This has always confusalled me.

@ Avatar111

Awesome idea!!!

yume_2501 4 November, 2011 @ 11:08 am   51

from bad to worse sony… you can’t “change the rules while the championship is goign on”… totally unfair… and i’am waiting for my payday voucher…


About time Sony took these measures to counteract game-sharing. Well done guys!

davidbcooper 4 November, 2011 @ 11:10 am   53

@39 “I thought Sony does their job for peoples entertainment and not for their wallet.”

Why on Earth would you ever think that about a big electronics corporation.

This seems a fair move, no real reason to hate it at the moment, unless you’re a filthy game-sharer. We’ll see how they handle it.


I just realized the best thing about this. Hopefully no more private messages from greedy game-sharer’s, who can’t understand some people don’t feel like giving away their PSN account info to strangers.

Now if Sony would add the possibility to do gifts and do sales bundles, like Steam, we are getting close to something really great-



Do minis and PS1 games get 4 activations across, 2 PS3’s and 2 PSP’s and in the future across 2 Vita’s ???

Please answer.

yume_2501 4 November, 2011 @ 11:15 am   56

the funny thing is that on the us blog nothing is mentioned… is it only for european users? I know that the Europeans are “League 2 citizens” in sony eyes but… this is too much…


This doesnt really bother me at all, however, im sure it will to some people.

I just have 1 question:

You say 2x PSP and 2x PS3

Can both apply to the same item?
I.E. PS One games. I have a PSP and a PS3, and have been thinging of getting a PS3 for my holiday house.

In short, Can a game go on 2x PS3’s and 1xPSP?


Deactivating systems via WWW is really awesome news!


““Sony Computer Entertainment plans to provide a new PlayStation Network account management website where users will be able to deactivate particular devices attached to their PlayStation Network account via their PC.””

Who thought it was a good idea to bring the change in at the point where you only ‘plan’ to have the website? The website and the change should be done at the same time, surely?

Nightmare966 4 November, 2011 @ 11:18 am   60

You guys don’t understand you can deactivate dead systems now?

Catkiller1 4 November, 2011 @ 11:22 am   61

Silver & White PS3s November 15th eh! 😉

Also, now that i’ve had some caffeine & understood the statement, I think it’s great!

This needed to happen to stop all those gamesharing stealing peasants!


God news. Just saw a site the other day where people game share their games so they just pay 1/5 of the price. Sucks for them!!!

MissSouthampton 4 November, 2011 @ 11:24 am   63

@nightmare966 noooo lol. How?

dazbobaby 4 November, 2011 @ 11:25 am   64

I’m in the same boat as a lot of people here, multiple PS3’s, some faulty some good, PSP’s and I had planned on getting a Vita.

I wont bother.

So, now I have to retire my PSP1000 for good? I can’t use PSN content on it even if want to?

Apple actively encourages me to upgrade my hardware every year, and they don’t punish me for it. Why are you doing the opposite Sony?


I sold my last ps3 without deactivating the account, what can I do can I still dezctivate that.

bible-man 4 November, 2011 @ 11:26 am   67

Why don’t people read the post 🙁 You will be able to de-activate old PS3s from the new site when it launches. Any games you have bought before the change can still be used on up to 5 systems. New purchases can only be used on 2. Simple

AndyBeans 4 November, 2011 @ 11:28 am   68

People are using still-activated YLOD machines as an excuse (or are not reading the details before commenting), the new policy isn’t being applied retrospectively, it only covers purchases made from 18 Nov 2011 onwards. If your old PS3 is really dead then it won’t be coming back from the grave to download your future purchases, will it? Sarcasm aside, I DO feel for those with dead machines; I was lucky enough to reverse my YLOD using a hairdryer so I had chance to deactivate it (and then sell it to Gamestation).

Glad that Sony will be launching a better web administration interface, hopefully they’ll also add in functionality to browse and purchase items from the Store which is a handy facility the Xbox crowd have. However they should plan it carefully, I’d rather they kept on top of security than give the hackers another route into the PSN.

MissSouthampton 4 November, 2011 @ 11:28 am   69

Ha ha ha! Because I am at work and read the first bit and panic lol –

“Sony Computer Entertainment plans to provide a new PlayStation Network account management website where users will be able to deactivate particular devices attached to their PlayStation Network account via their PC.”

Sweet been waiting for this for 4 years! Thanks 🙂

I dont honestly see why I should buy Sonys next console. When they keep removing everything that is good with it.

Evil-LoPo 4 November, 2011 @ 11:29 am   71

[Deleted] :\ ar least lower the prices cause it’s freaking high. i have 2 other ps3 systems. so if i got a ps vita and i want to download a game that support the ps vita then i can’t ? you want me to buy the games all over again ? :\ i don’t want to deactivate anything because me and my brothers use those. i don’t wanna buy a game three times just for my brothers to play it too :\ i’m not rich :\ i guess i’m not going to buy the ps vita. oh well.

Kermit1970 4 November, 2011 @ 11:29 am   72

@ Griffisu. Have you only got 1 PSP? If so this won’t affect you

@ CMJE96. When the website is up you’ll be able to deactivate your old PS3. Until then you can do nothing about it.

Huono_peleis 4 November, 2011 @ 11:31 am   73

I just don’t get this Sony’s policy of downgrading. First they dropped the PS2 emulation, then Other OS support, then free on-line gaming and now this. They are trying real hard to make PS3 less appealing!

How about sometimes adding something?

OrdosAlpha 4 November, 2011 @ 11:34 am   74

I’ve got no issues with this change as long as the new account management website is up and running prior to the 18th. That way I can finally deactivate my original 60 gig PS3 that Sony took off me when it suffered Blu-Ray drive failure and the 60 gig refurb they gave me that suffered YLoD after about 14 months.

JonnyPauz 4 November, 2011 @ 11:36 am   75

winge, winge, winge, if you don’t actually own 3 active ps3’s I don’t see what the issue is


They did add something, they added a webpage where you can control your activations.
Why did they lower the limit from 5 to 2, because greedy game-sharer’s was abusing the system.

Unless you are a greedy game-sharer or owns three PS3’s ( ), this is only a good change with the new site to control activations.

yume_2501 4 November, 2011 @ 11:36 am   77

nice point.. every update from sony seems to remove features… I’m tired of this… we have waited years for the cross chat, you gave us hope and than you said that the free ram is not enough for that… the next update will remove the possibility to view blu-ray movies?

Ryusennin 4 November, 2011 @ 11:37 am   78

As long as I can still share my DLCs between local accounts, and as long as I can activate/deactivate my systems via a web account manager, I’m ok with that. I’m not much into game-sharing.

@Kermit1970 I have two PSPs.

The issue is that software is being “activated” on devices, when it never shouldn’t. I shouldn’t have worry about how many activations I can use. Software should be locked to accounts and accounts should be limited to a number of devices, like Apple does. I shouldn’t have to worry about which software I activated on which device, if I can login on a given device, my software should just “work” on it.


@74 They haven’t removed anything, stop the useless whining. Your old titles still have five activations, they have simply adjusted the number of activations on new games, to avoid people abusing it, because some has been abusing it a lot.

They are even going to add a system where you can control your activations online, which is good for those with dead PS3’s.

yume_2501 4 November, 2011 @ 11:43 am   81

they have removed 3 sistems activation so… YES thay remove something… an by the way no news on us Sony blog, i started to think that this is only for european users… i repeat, from bad to worse…


@76 And what about people who has more profiles on one console, like families, should content only be locked to the profile which bought it? Or what if you buy a game from another region and has to download DLC from another region, then you can’t use your DLC with your primary profile.
It’s better with a limit and then the content can be used freely on the activated systems.

And why a limit? Because or else people will abuse it and not pay for their games.


Oh well…
Things happens.

Anyway, I hope prices will fall faster than angels in Axe’s adds, or we will see a new movie spin off:

“Day the PSN stopped”.

I said it.

kasasensei 4 November, 2011 @ 11:46 am   84

I’m not sharing paid nor activated content with any friends. Only with girlfriend and friends on MY systems. I bought 2 ps3, 1 psp, and planned to buy a vita, and now you’re telling me I WILL NEED TO BUY 2 TIMES or moremy games and content, even if i’m the unique user, playing on 1 system at a time? You’re kidding right? What kind of backstab is that? The more we support your company, the more you want money from us? What kind of logic is that? At least, give us 3 activations, don’t act like [Deleted].


I agree with Griffisu, this is just gonna make things messy. Why not just save this stuff for the next console.
The new system is gonna have to allow you to manage activations for each and every item now – which is stupid.


@78 But what the hell do you need five activations for? Do you own FIVE PS3’s and FIVE PSP’s? I’m guessing you are breaking PSN terms of agreement by doing gamesharing and that’s why you are whining so much. Then admit you are gamesharing and I can understand your whining.

If you don’t gameshare and don’t own more then two PS3’s (which pretty much nobody does), this is only an advantage.

I own 4 PS3 and 3 PSP consoles and soon to be a vita and I can only use content I buy on 2 of each system. Well looks like I won’t be buying any new content. Also will the vita count as a PSP activation or will we get 2 for that as well?

born2destroy 4 November, 2011 @ 11:51 am   88

Not happy, not happy at all. This is not right, if you have more than 2 ps3’s in your house showing loyalty to playstation you are going to start making me pay for the same things twice? I have playstation 3 systems in my house, 3 psps, and 2 vitas when they come out. I am not happy that i will have to pay twice for the dlc/ content on all my ps3s. Is there no way you can get more if you provide proof of more than 2 systems? and that they are your accounts on ps3?

Evil-LoPo 4 November, 2011 @ 11:53 am   89

greedy gamers ? lol the only one who’s greedy are the companies who’s selling their degital games for more than $40. DLC at day 1 of the game pass. that’s greed :\

Dudley0Neill 4 November, 2011 @ 11:58 am   90

Im all for this but why not roll it out when you have the website up and running allowing users to deactivate their (in my case, dead) PS3’s. Not point rolling something out that is only half functional.

MaikelSteneker 4 November, 2011 @ 12:02 pm   91

This sucks. One of the things I like about PSN is that I don’t have to worry about activations. At the moment, I own a PSP and a PS3. Without a doubt, I will get a Vita in the future, and I imagine I’ll later be upgrading to a new model. But if I do that, I have to deactivate one of my handhelds already.

That shouldn’t be neccessary. Game-sharing may not be fair to developers, but adding restrictions like this is not fair to legitimate customers.

I’ll seriously have to reconsider buying PSN games in the future.

manutreble 4 November, 2011 @ 12:03 pm   92

gd i hate ppl asking me for th map packs….. James does this mean i can deactivate my aaccount from my YLOD 60gig ps3…??? plz

rozwellUK 4 November, 2011 @ 12:05 pm   93

I don’t get those people saying they’ve got activations on YLOD PS3 they can’t deactivate – I was burgled and had PS3 and PSP stolen – a quick call to PS Customer Services and they were able to reset ALL activations for my PS account, and then all I had to do was activate my replacements.

That said, a website would be easier, so kudos for that.

A little sad to see this change come in, but it’s those pirates *cough* I mean game-sharers that have spoiled it for everyone else.

meako1973 4 November, 2011 @ 12:06 pm   94

To the few who are asking why this hasn’t been mentioned on the US blog, it is probably because this has only just been announced, and most of the US is still in bed, or just starting their day’s work.

I anticipate once Sony US start posting updates for 4th Nov, that this will be one of them.

Catkiller1 4 November, 2011 @ 12:07 pm   95

If anyone is interested, Fear Effect, Fear Effect 2 & Urban Chaos PS1 Classics are incoming:

KarvaNaama 4 November, 2011 @ 12:07 pm   96

Oh for F sake. Quit whining you gamesharing morons. It’s incredibly childish. Preventing gamesharing is a GOOD thing, anyone thinking otherwise should be sued for practicing piracy.

And why is it so hard to actually READ the whole article? It clearly says they now have a website where you can de-activate your system.

But it seems to be the case nowadays that teenagers complain about everything. GROW UP!

FrostScythe1 4 November, 2011 @ 12:07 pm   97

Wait does this mean that the 5 activated PS3 systems is now finished, if that is then this sucks

meako1973 4 November, 2011 @ 12:10 pm   98

@88 – The difference is, you were burgled. I expect they asked you for a crime reference number? Thus you had evidence of the loss of units.

They refused to deactivate my YLOD unit unless I sent it to them to be replaced (for a small cost of £140). The fact that I chose to actually buy a slim instead was not good enough – Sony wanted me to return the faulty unit, and told me that as I still had activations left I should just use them.

Now, for the past few months, I have intended to purchase another unit for my home, but have no activations left due to multiple locked-out units (from YLOD or returns to stores due to faults). Again, Sony don’t want to know. At least now I will have control over my activations.


“users will be able to deactivate particular devices attached to their PlayStation Network account via their PC.”

What the post doesn’t say is what the particular devices are.

Spaulding 4 November, 2011 @ 12:11 pm   100

I already sold an old PS3 but forgot to deactivate my account. Will I be able to deactivate it using the new system?

meako1973 4 November, 2011 @ 12:12 pm   101

@92 – You can still activate games already purchased before Nov 18th on 5 systems. Only games bought after that date will be limited to 2 units.

If you have more than 2 units, then simply deactivate one and activate another when you want to switch your gaming to the bedroom/lounge/attic/parents house/whatever. It is simple – you can still have the account set up on multiple consoles…it will just need to activate (about 5 seconds to do).

firm3demon 4 November, 2011 @ 12:13 pm   102

This is awkward for me on PS3: Two active PS3’s, though the slim has had a new hard drive and the old hard drive uses an activation.

It’s really annoying on PSP though I only have three systems activated (my two eldest sons’ PSP-3000s and my own PSPgo), but I’m told I’m using all five. I can account for one (which is used by a PSP that was stolen), but can’t for the life of me figure out the last.

1. These changes are too restrictive.
2. The activation management site has long since been needed.

Shifty_Geezer 4 November, 2011 @ 12:15 pm   103

Web deactiviation is very important for the many of us who have had a PS3 die and have it eating into their activations allowance. It’d also be good if there was a temporary activation type system. I’m thinking of (admittedly quite rare) cases where a person has a game on two PS3’s at home and also wants to play the game they bought round a friend’s house. With disks we can just take the disc over, but with downloads we need to use account sharing.

I’ll add that if making changes, the ablity to copy downloads onto USB would be very welcome. I have a friend with very fast broadband who could download something like the DC Universe very quickly, whereas its ludicrous size makes it impractical for me to give the game a go. If the installer could be copied to USB but only installed after activating it via PSN, you could facilitate title distribution.

Dudley0Neill 4 November, 2011 @ 12:17 pm   104

Bit concerning that the US blog has not covered this. Im all for the PAL region to get something first, but I thought it might be a bit more exciting than this.

meako1973 4 November, 2011 @ 12:19 pm   105

@97 – Activations are to the unit, not the hard-drive. You shouldn’t have a unit locked out because of a new hard-drive.

c20thBoy 4 November, 2011 @ 12:19 pm   106

Does this affect how many times you can swap accounts on the PSP?

John_boy 4 November, 2011 @ 12:20 pm   107

At last someone has addressed the problem of not being able to de-register a console after a YLOD incident! I have had 2…

Dante_Zero 4 November, 2011 @ 12:23 pm   108

okay i’m cool with this but can i have the pc tools first before you make this policy


If its easier to de-activate consoles you no longer own now then this is a good thing.

I’ve had a PS3 stolen in the past and would love to be able to deactivate it some how.


To all people with questions. Read again, slowly and with understanding. Everything is clear and up there.

Skookie30 4 November, 2011 @ 12:31 pm   111

I not surprise by this of course it‘s to stop ppl from gamesharing, i welcome this no bigger i had a problem with more PSP then ps3 but i phone and they reset my PSP and PS3 to 0.

so kudos sony & i welcome the PC account management 🙂

MuramasaEdge 4 November, 2011 @ 12:31 pm   112

While I understand that there is a desire from Sony to clamp down on game sharing- the simple and fundamental truth of Digital Downloading is this; we are paying for the content that we use. I wouldn’t take issue if, for example, the price of PSN content as opposed to physical media was LESS, but it is infact MORE expensive to buy digitally, and now you’re telling us we can only activate a piece of content twice before it’s life expires?!!

Explain to all of us, who stuck with you through the Hacking Scandal, how it is at all acceptable to pay £50 for a copy of Battlefield 2 you can only activate twice in the lifetime of your PSN account, wheras if you buy the PHYSICAL media at less than £40, you have it for an unlimited space of time?

No? I didn’t think you could justify it. Well, I’ll tell you where I stand on this- I will NOT be purchasing any PSN games after November 18th. Game addons, maybe if they aren’t overtly expensive, but games themselves with 2 activations only are too much of a risk of my very limited money. Shocking decision.

rozwellUK 4 November, 2011 @ 12:32 pm   113

@93 I don’t remember giving having to give a crime reference number. However, from your experience it appears that PS Customer Services have the ability to wipe activations for an account but simply are refusing to do so.
I’d agree that that isn’t acceptable – maybe if everyone who has experienced that officially complains to Sony (e.g. not customer services but directly to Playstation Europe’s CEO) that policy would be changed for the better for everyone!

(maybe a process that can be performed via the PS3/PSP/Media Go where you can clear all activations for an account as long as you also change your login password too, so no one can re-authorise their system if they happen to have your PSN details, but you can authorise those in your possession still)

Just an idea Sony…



I have 3 ps3’s.

As I understand I will have to mess about deactivating one of them to get the third one to play, I’m annoyed because I wish sony would add some great stuff feature wise not take it away all the time.

I think they need someone else to do their PR for them I mean they announce losses then they come back with this?

I certainly won’t be rushing into the next gen so quickly and just buying a ps4 for the sake of it.

meako1973 4 November, 2011 @ 12:38 pm   116

@106 – Your analogy with Battlefield is flawed. If you have the physical disc, you can only use that in 1 machine at a time. With download you can use it in 2 at a time. If you want to use it on another machine, you deactivate the account and then activate on the new machine. Thus you still have the game available forever.

By saying “2 activations”, Sony don’t mean that once you play it on 2 consoles, that’s it…the game can’t be used again. You just deactivate whichever unit you are not using (via the proposed online tool if you do not have access to the console at the time), and activate the other unit.

Opt1mus76 4 November, 2011 @ 12:41 pm   117

I am not a game sharer. If Sony wish to check they will find I pay for Plus and spend probably over £10 a week on store content with well over 1200 items on my download list. I have over 150 retail games on my shelf and use a second PS3 in bedroom (for when my other half watches soaps), my son has third (age restriction and no access to my password) and fourth which I won through Sony that I have at my mums for when me,my son or my brother are there. I had original PSP, upgraded (?) to PSPgo and then won third (with PS3 in WKC compo on Official PS website) so this will almost negate half my equipment. They all work and are all active. And I’m still waiting for some news regarding Payday codes >:(

rozwellUK 4 November, 2011 @ 12:43 pm   118

@106 I suppose the reverse of that is you paying £40 quid for a physical copy of the game, but if a game-sharer distributes their copy, it’s means potentially that that £50 download is effectively costing each person on the PSN version £10

Even if it’s gameshared between 2 people – that’s effectively £25 for the game someone who bought the physical copy for £40-£50.

…and it’s not 2 activations for the lifetime – its two CONCURRENT activations at any one time – you can have 10 PS3s with it loaded on each, but only a maximum of 2 of those PS3s will be able to be activated at any one time and have permission to actually play the content.
(i.e. all that is required is for deactivation of an existing system for you to activate another one – and hopefully the ‘website’, should it ever appear, will make this process easier if you aren’t near the PS3 you want to deactivate)

I can see both sides, but personally I’m happy to see an end to game-sharing between users, and hope that Sony provide the tools to make it easy for non-game-sharers to administrate which equipment is authorised at any one time so they aren’t really effected by this new limit.

Huono_peleis 4 November, 2011 @ 12:43 pm   119

“Sony Computer Entertainment plans to provide a new PlayStation Network account management website”

So SONY is PLANNING this. What makes me think that it won’t be ready by November 18th?

And second – how do you de-activate a console you don’t have anymore?

English_Princess 4 November, 2011 @ 12:45 pm   120

I understand Sony wanting to stop game sharing, but for people like me who actually do have more than 2 PS3′ (I have 3) this is going to be a pain. Having to remember to activate or deactivate is going to get old pretty fast.

RSDHALIWAL 4 November, 2011 @ 12:45 pm   121

Theres a way to get round this: Follow steps:

1) Download your psn purchase
2) Deactivate your account
3) Activate on Friends/Family PS3
4) Download on there PS3
5) Deactivate Account on there PS3
6) They then have the psn purchase on there PS3
7) Re-Activate on your PS3.

JOB DONE 😀 ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


rozwellUK 4 November, 2011 @ 12:47 pm   122

@110 I’d like to see enhancements to the download list so that you can may sort by name, date, filter by type, move to a page, etc, as you’ll know if you have loads of entries in your download list, getting to anything ‘deep down’ takes an unecessarily amount of time.

Similarly, if Sony were able to implement the ability to do activations per item (rather than account) that would be great too (i.e. you can ensure certain games are not autorised on the ‘kids PS3’ but are autorised on your own, although I suppose the parental controls already provide the ability to limit what is played on the ‘kids PS3’)


i have also had a few ps3 through selling them or getting new one as one broke(its off for repair now).

i have 1 ps3 activation left and no psp (cant use my current psp with my own account as i never de activated any of my old ones)
as long as the web site lets me re-set to zero then im happy.

im guessing its something we can only do once every 12months like ms do with 360’s drm activation


Some of you people in the comments are blind , Gamesharing offers great possibilities an example was the Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta ..i was allowed to game share with 4 other people around the world who was not fortune to have the beta open in there country…this is a sad day

Querdenker 4 November, 2011 @ 12:51 pm   125

So if I kick one device out of my list of registered devices through the website, how will this affect the device itself? How can the kicked device know that it is no longer activated and thus shouldn’t start certain games/content? Especially if the console stays offline after the initial activation.

Just wondering how this whole activation/deactivation system actually works.



no because as soon as you deactivate an account the game wont load, it gives you an error message and game does not load, i know this as i did it on my console that is away for repair (in case of a replacement) and after the account it deactivated games will not work.

maybe you should lay off the guides until you actually know they work.
(also dont try to encourage gamesharing it part of the reason things cost so much)

link1983 4 November, 2011 @ 12:52 pm   127

I am happy that I can finally remove my account from previous systems that have died. 😀

rozwellUK 4 November, 2011 @ 12:54 pm   128

@117 That’s an interesting point actually.
Should also be noted though that some PSN downloads were limited to 2 activations anyway (GT5 Prologue, I’m looking at you…), which ‘suggests’ that the default number of activations per item can be adjusted by Sony anyhow, so maybe if there is content that they don’t mind being spread this way, then maybge they will have more activations?

…mind you, you’re braver than me trusting other people with your PSN account details…


This move was long overdue!

Rob_Nomad 4 November, 2011 @ 12:57 pm   131

Dear SONY, i’m ok with this. i just wanted to add one important thing: i think PSN prices for full titles are way too high. you can’t sell battlefield 3 on PSN for 69 euro, when you can find the disc for less in the stores. digital-only sells also help developers with the used game sales problem, so don’t underestimate them. see steam as a working platform: no used sales, day one availability, many offers and so on. we have very big hard disks in our ps3 now, so having the game full installed on it lead to better loading times, no bluray drive tear (i use it alot for movies) and no need to swap game discs, which is a nice plus.

Tecnoboy1 4 November, 2011 @ 12:58 pm   132

Hilarious. It could be a bit awkward for families with PSPs though, because there’s a difference between doing the pirate thing on the interwebs and using the same software with a family unit. perhaps include some kind of co-habiting agreement that has to be made on the one PS3?

rozwellUK 4 November, 2011 @ 12:59 pm   133

@118 Good point – maybe that’s why up to this point Sony have usually insisted that PS3s/PSPs were directly activated/de-activated directly from the relevant unit?
If this can then be done remotely, I’d “guess” that any unit that has been de-activated but hasn’t connected to PSN won’t know it’s no longer authorised, but it would be nice for clarification on how this would work.

Enforcer_X 4 November, 2011 @ 1:03 pm   134

I have 3 systems in my house, 1 is a 60GB YLoD’d awaiting repair, hopefully.
You’re on a path of self destruction Sony, this activation stuff should be invisible to the user I should not have to deactivate my system to go play on my system in my office.
5 was a perfectly fine limit, keep it at 5 and give us the web portal to manage systems.

mesho160 4 November, 2011 @ 1:04 pm   135

ما هو السبب الرئيسي ؟
مع احترامي الشديد ، هذا تصرف احمق !

طيب والالعاب راح تبقى على نفس السعر ، او تصبح رخيصة. ؟

ShadowDoGGG 4 November, 2011 @ 1:07 pm   136

If I can deactivate on will. Great news!

ShadowDoGGG 4 November, 2011 @ 1:09 pm   137

I think it means activated accounts with the content i.e. if you download on another console. Then deactivate it, if you are online it will lock that game out entirely and there is probably a delay time limit like 14 days before it has to go online to check its still activated account or it will be deactivated.

Least that’s what I think it should be. Gives you flexibility but doesn’t let people exploit it.

yume_2501 4 November, 2011 @ 1:11 pm   138

other news are out on the us blog, but this new thing is not mentioned… Europe is screwed again…

DragonspiritPT 4 November, 2011 @ 1:13 pm   139

Alright, then just let us manage our activated PS3 systems.
In fact there should be a online platform that us, PSN users, could manage our accounts.

nice new system FIFA 12 = 9.99 DOLAR ….. BF3 = 19.99 DOLAR


andycass 4 November, 2011 @ 1:18 pm   141

good luck with the PS4 Sony you greedy Bs

stupid gameshop cost bluray game 59.00 DOLAR

WHY ???


FİFA 12 9.99 DOLAR

jozhster 4 November, 2011 @ 1:25 pm   143

users will be able to deactivate particular devices attached to their PlayStation Network account via their PC.
YES YES YES YES!!! BUT PLEASEEEEEEEE Don’t require the old password i have lost that and the email linked to my 50gb ps3 which got YLOD if this ps3 breaks i will cry 🙁

Nightmare966 4 November, 2011 @ 1:27 pm   144

You guys know Digital Content prices are put by the publishers (EA, Ubisoft, SCEX, Activision, Namco Bandai, etc.) right?

meako1973 4 November, 2011 @ 1:32 pm   145

It is on the US blog page too now, so all the “EU is doomed” naysayers can calm down (or just find something else to whine about)

NemmO_Uk 4 November, 2011 @ 1:35 pm   146

Ok, so you say: Please note that this update will not affect game content purchased before November.
I have 4 ps3, home, gf, brother and workplace, all are for me, i have content on all of them on one account.
How will this work? i will have all the content downloaded befor november on 4 ps3? If i desable one i will lose the games? We want official answers. Thank you.

meako1973 4 November, 2011 @ 1:42 pm   147

@138 – If you deactivate one, the game won’t play. Once you re-activate it again then it will play. You will only have to deactivate should you want to play games bought after Nov 18th on different consoles. Until then, keep all units activated.

I would imagine that the ‘2 unit’ games will work on the basis of the first 2 units they are downloaded on are the default activations – so will have to deactivate one of them before downloading on one of your other units.

xxSamuraiGirlxx 4 November, 2011 @ 1:43 pm   148

after they bought in online passes this doesn’t surprise me.

what would be the point in trying to stop people buying used games so they can get a cut of the profits, if people can just gameshare the pass eh?

2 is too restrictive imo…should be 3.

and ia with what someone else said on here…lately all sony do is take away features from the ps3.

when will you add something that will benefit all?

NemmO_Uk 4 November, 2011 @ 1:45 pm   149

@ meako1973 thank, i think that would be the case, but we need an official answer right?

N-T-Krist 4 November, 2011 @ 1:52 pm   150

kicking their loyal customers while they’re down (yes, talkin’ ’bout my Payday voucher) and then robbin us of benefits we’ve always had while we’re too busy screamin’ over it, smart move [Deleted] (yes, [Deleted] is now a swear word in my eyes, if your cheap, secretive & treat the people closest to you as shit you’re nuthin but a sack of Sony).

I’ve enjoyed bein able to buy a game, run over to my friends/brothers house and install the game there & play with them afterwards, kinda word by word what head of SCEA said in a post about the 5-system activation scheme, and that way be able to enjoy the game together with my local friends. Been very thankful for that scheme as local multiplayer ain’t featured in that many games anymore.

Now gimme my Payday code!!!

xx_Tooms109_xx 4 November, 2011 @ 1:55 pm   151


1) Download your psn purchase
2) Deactivate your account
3) Activate on Friends/Family PS3
4) Download on there PS3
5) Deactivate Account on there PS3
6) They then have the psn purchase on there PS3
7) Re-Activate on your PS3.


Except,when you de-activate on your friends ps3,they wont be able to use the content.

xx_Tooms109_xx 4 November, 2011 @ 1:58 pm   152

Also – Any time scale on this supposed webstite?

Because i’m very wary of buying anything now,without a way of de activating a YLOD system.

Knowing SCEE – This could be months.

vonhammer 4 November, 2011 @ 2:02 pm   153

I’ve three systems,but deactivating isn’t a chore so i’m ok with that.I do think a web based activate/deactivate should of been theee day one.
It’s a shame that a good thing was exploited,because it was a hell of a thing having 5.

nickjd331 4 November, 2011 @ 2:03 pm   154

It’s a shame it has gone down to two devices, but I totally understand why you had to do this.

Thanks for letting us know up front.

This new management site will be very useful.


“where users will be able to deactivate particular devices”

Thank god for that ive already had the yellow light of death 2 times at least i can deactivate those devices

NewOlman 4 November, 2011 @ 2:13 pm   156

I love that we will be able to deactivate ps3 associated to our accounts thru the pc. Some time ago, i used to do gamesharing with 2 guys, and they both sold their ps3 and didn’t deactivated my account from their ps3 before selling them, and somehow one of the crooks who purchased the ps3 from them, got my password and pass it over to his crook friends and left me no more activations available to pass it on to my friends. Now I will be able to get rid of them forever so they no longer can use the games I paid for! wherever you are crooks, justice is coming! Thx Sony!

judgehusler 4 November, 2011 @ 2:15 pm   157

@Gordon Thornton or any one with the balls to do their job!!!
good idea we all know money is lost from game sharing but to also hit the pre-owned market with online pass was wrong as:
(1)people are skint and buy old games when a title has already made huge profits
(2)ps advertise free online gaming, you have broken T&C
what i want is an answer and not to be ignored as usual by blog team or sony as to why sony have not yet given out a simple security software to download that would render a console useless if the user were to hack their system for personal software enabling cheat codes that ruin online gameplay? (considering this breaks your T&C, dont you think its about time you got your act together?!!)


very very good news,specially the account management website where we can deactivate our consoles,no more be at the mercy of Sony’s horrible staff who ask’s you to send them proof that your ylod Ps3 is dead in order for them to deactivate it for you.

one headache gone 🙂

shocker88 4 November, 2011 @ 2:20 pm   159

What a load of [Deleted]. Sony I’m very disappointed in you for doing something so annoying.

So for a loyal Sony consumer what are you going to do for me!!!

I currently have 3 Sony PS3’s active in my household, mine, my wife’s, and my daughters. I have all our ID’s on all of them so we can play where ever whenever.

I also have I guess 3 active systems somewhere else 1st 60GB unit returned for death, couldn’t deactivate. 2nd refurb returned 60GB unit died, didn’t deactivate and returned to sony. Bought 40GB system, it died and sold it to someone dead on craigslist, couldn’t deactivate it. So now last night when I try and download DLC I paid for on my newest 160GB unit I can’t cause I have 5 systems active. [Deleted]!

I never share games; I even purchase multiple copies of some games we all play so we can play together online. But now I wonder if I need to convert to a Xbox family… Hell NO! But maybe PC gaming instead.

Very disappointed long time Sony consumer.

Catkiller1 4 November, 2011 @ 2:34 pm   160

@ judgehusler

Also it would be nice if a member of the SONY team, would actually update us loyal PLAY promotion purchasers, with our PAYDAY code!

What exactly is going on??

No response in 2 days, after the game was already delayed in the first place!

Furious isn’t the word! 🙁

CoolRichy008UK 4 November, 2011 @ 2:40 pm   161

well i got 1 ps3 2 usernames so that dont bother me and as for all u gamesharers ( YOU ARE (DELITED) i told ya id stop u gamesharers hahah

Catkiller1 4 November, 2011 @ 2:46 pm   162

@ immortal-wolf-

You’ve got way too much money to put a bid in for this:

I mean, couldn’t you have waited? I guess not eh? 😉


Catkiller1 4 November, 2011 @ 2:47 pm   163

@ Polynski

What do you think of this new statement then?

I’m interested, considering you asked me to gameshare?

Chocobo115 4 November, 2011 @ 2:55 pm   164

As long it lowers the overpriced games on PSN: then Go!

-If we’ll still have same overpriced games then meh, at least good I can deactivate my YLOD PS3.

judgehusler 4 November, 2011 @ 2:57 pm   165

@catkiller1 hey buddy, yes furious would be such an understatement. soz about other night on BF3 invite, was already in group! that game rage is addictive tho, never have i played a game were i actually take my time and sneak around corners! the more i play the better it becomes, a bargain at £20

judgehusler 4 November, 2011 @ 3:00 pm   166

@catkiller1 WOW i just seen that bid for MW3 on ebay, what a idiot!!! you got to be stupid and ignorant to be spending so much money on a game, most probably a footballer!!!!

Catkiller1 4 November, 2011 @ 3:10 pm   167

@ judgehusler

No worries! 🙂

RAGE was a great experiece & I can’t wait for the sequel! Looking Forward to DOOM 4 when it’s announced too!

I guess the bid will probably be retracted, or the idiot will probably go through with it. Won’t receive the game until release day, as it will take 4 days! LOL

mortalgod 4 November, 2011 @ 3:12 pm   168

this is so frustating…
i currently have 2 ps3 activated…
but i also happen to have 3 ps3 that died, and i couldnt deactivate them…
i also sent emails to sony regarding that and the response i got is try again!!!


“That really is not fair! so if you own more than 2 you have got to pay for another, come on PS we all came back to you after the hacking even tho most of us were considering moving to XBLive. Pffft”

LOL! Do you play on more than 1 PS3 at the same time? Or based on the new rules, do you play on more than 2 PS3s at the same time? If not then what’s the problem? Just deactivate the one that is not using the content at the moment and activate that 3rd PS3. All very easy via the new PSN account management website.

Some of the other commentators here need to get a grip.

sarahmaus 4 November, 2011 @ 3:21 pm   170

I don’t understand how this doesn’t affect old games.
I thought you would activate the account on a system, then you can play your games on it, then you deactivate it and get your activation back?
But how can you activate a single game?


“Explain to all of us, who stuck with you through the Hacking Scandal, how it is at all acceptable to pay £50 for a copy of Battlefield 2 you can only activate twice in the lifetime of your PSN account, wheras if you buy the PHYSICAL media at less than £40, you have it for an unlimited space of time?”

You have completely misunderstood the statement. This is equivalent to using iTunes content i.e. users can keep 2 devices active for use of the content. It has NOTHING to do with activating the product i.e. game or PSN content twise.

brucewillis215 4 November, 2011 @ 3:25 pm   172

wow sony you need too block these little kids from commenting they really don’T understand anything

TrueMurton 4 November, 2011 @ 3:29 pm   173

Two PS3s and looking to get a Vita, can I have my PSN active on all 3?

If not then I may have to reconsider whether or not I want the Vita if I can never use its PSN functions.

how in gods name do we deactivate broken psp?


@164: The post indicates 2 PS3s and 2 PSPs so I expect that 2 Vitas at the same time too.

@165: The post indicates a new account management website will allow deactivation but for the moment since your device is broken you need to contact customer services.


@SCEE: Please add the account management to the Playstation App for Android and iPhone!


The web page where you can manage all activated ps3 in your account is great but REDUCING the limit of game sharing from 5 to 2… is total BS! Its like removing another great feature. Is this how SONY TREAT their loyal fans? Removing/reducing console features as they please…

Opt1mus76 4 November, 2011 @ 3:52 pm   178

Another negative blog post and yet again the replies are non existant. Sony’s attitude towards its consumers seems to get worse and worse.
If Capcom could use restrictive DRM for Final Fight (can not be played on alternate system for 24hrs after previous play) then why can’t the same be applied to the digital releases for high value digital titles?
I assume this would also apply to dlc so am I correct in thinking I can’t even put map packs on all four of my consoles to play online whenever I choose even if main game is played from disc?
And we still don’t have our Payday codes or a reason why not!!!

Emperor_Mordred 4 November, 2011 @ 4:06 pm   179

What about minis that i can play both ps3 and PSP?
Can it be activated on 2 PS3’s and 2 PSP’s?

What happens if i’d buy a PS Vita and there will be games that work on both PS3 and PSV (and maybe PSP)?

I don’t do gamesharing so it’s not going to bother me much, but still it’s not fun news to hear.

Jiimbo76 4 November, 2011 @ 4:12 pm   180

So when are we gonna be able to deac those ps3’s that died ans/or got rid of that are still activated via pc? but I have noticed that my old ps3′ that I removed from my accounts page ages ago have reappeared again. If I can deac them I will be ok.


“I assume this would also apply to dlc so am I correct in thinking I can’t even put map packs on all four of my consoles to play online whenever I choose even if main game is played from disc?”

This post does not relate to the number of times the DLC can be downloaded. You can download the DLC to all the machines but you just can’t play on all 4 machines at the same time; you’re limited to playing on 2 machines at the same time.

Krisp1989 4 November, 2011 @ 4:22 pm   182

So now we can finally manage our system activations by ourselves. About time! But better late than never. 🙂

ShadowmanX5 4 November, 2011 @ 4:25 pm   183

*sigh* more an more Sony just seems to be pushing customers away… I dont see how people seem to think that Game SHARING is to be used only with yourself…how can you share something with yourself?? I have 4 friends all of us with each others accounts active so that when one of us downloads something multilayer we can all share an play together!! aaand now of cource Sony must ruin that aswell, gaming is just becoming more and more expensive now, we are expected to pay £40 for the game, and then an extra £20-£30 on DLC!! At least with game sharing it made it a bit more manageable with a few of us all putting money together

Paranoimia 4 November, 2011 @ 4:34 pm   184

“Well this will obviously be annoying to the people who share their games with friends”

Yeah, well tough tata’s. They shouldn’t have been abusing the system like that in the first place, so you can blame THEM for this move.

So funny seeing people accusing Sony of being ‘tight’ with this move, when the very cause of it is people being ‘tight’ themselves and not buying their own games.

RedeyedRonin 4 November, 2011 @ 4:37 pm   185

ohhh well you want to lose money fine have it your way you stupid idiots. lets see how psn does without it

yume_2501 4 November, 2011 @ 4:39 pm   186

I could understand the change if it was for the PS4… even for the announced (but not out yet) PS VITA… but you can’t change the rules every moment you want Sony, You can’t!!



RedeyedRonin 4 November, 2011 @ 4:42 pm   188

oh and its not to obvious that you sold 500 plus of bf3 because of sharers dont worry games like that will soon be ignored and im thinking that this is simply EA going “UNCLE SONY UNCLE SONY HE DIDN’T PAY FOR THAT IN FULL” “HE DIDN’T??? DONT WORRY LIL EA IM ABOUT TO TAKE OF MY BELT”

orton131 4 November, 2011 @ 5:01 pm   189

You LOVE removing features don’t you?? Times like this I wish I had my 3.55 CFW still.

Take the pi** you do Sony.

sarcasmrox3 4 November, 2011 @ 5:05 pm   190

i don’t see a reason why this should be done. there was no problems with sharing. yes they lose a bit of money from dlc BUT more people would buy the ps3 FOR this reason.

i have a bunch of friends who came up with a purchase rotation, so to speak, where one buys the dlc one week and the others would share. the next week is rotated and another purchases the dlc to share.

i just really don’t see why they would want to give more people a better reason to buy an xbox. it’s just stupid.


Just means I’ll be buying less stuff I guess.

psychobudgie 4 November, 2011 @ 5:27 pm   192

I have 3 PS3’s. One in the living room, One in the bedroom, one in the dining room/2nd living room and also own a PSP. That as I understand would be 4 activations. So if I’m to understand this correctly, people like myself with a large family and brand loyalty are to be penalized for no reason other than wanting to stick with the one brand.

What bunch of morons thought this would be a good idea? I may as well ditch one of the PS3’s and get a cheap blu-ray player and a 360 instead. As for the Vita you can blow it out your ass.

Capt_PillowCase 4 November, 2011 @ 5:38 pm   193

this is straight up bu11$h1t, i have two brothers, we share everything we buy on the store, what do we do now?!? we can’t give to one and not the other! stick your new policies up your @r$e Sony. you better be lowering the price of content, especially the digital copies of full games, or is that still ‘up to the developers’?!

Skookie30 4 November, 2011 @ 6:02 pm   194

I really can’t see what the problem is, to that american didn’t you read old games that you pay for & downloaded can still download back 5 times.

so that tells me ppl can still gameshare with old content i only have 1 console with 3 accouts but it won‘t effect me.

this active to 2 is tie to your account & console meaning muti accouts on 1 console shouldn’t be effected. 🙂

btf3_______pl 4 November, 2011 @ 6:21 pm   195

Could you be more precise about the date?
After 18th November but onwhat time? GTM+0?

Kazblade 4 November, 2011 @ 6:25 pm   196

Taken from us blog :
“Once Vita launches, it will count toward your portable allotment of up to 2 systems across PSP, PSPgo and Vita.”

Sorry Sony no Vita purchase until this change.


This is ridiculous. I have 2 PS3’s, one at home and one at my second residence and my kids each have one, so now my kids won’t be able to play games or DLC from PSN on their PS3!


There are 4 PS3s in my house and 4 PSP. The ability to access my content from all my OWNED consoles that connect from the same IP source is the very reason I went with a PS3 setup for my house.

Judging by Sonys history to remove things (PS2 game support just to resell them as HD, SACD support, OtherOS to satisfy IBM-not to fight piracy, and multi-console support for my account I don’t think I will be supporting Sony anymore. There were plans to buy a few Vitas next year since I could play my PSP content on them…now that is scrapped.

Under the banner of “support game developers” we keep losing content and control of what we purchased. When are companies going to start supporting the consumers that line their pockets with cash?
If you think the industry doesn’t have enough developer support wait until you see it with low consumer support.

Cardiff1 4 November, 2011 @ 6:52 pm   199

So what if my first one had YLOD & I wasn’t able to deactivate my account on it ??? If this one dies unexpectedly or I get burgled will my account be lost forever ??? This is disturbing news. The upcoming deactivation website will no doubt ask for serial numbers & my 60G launch model is long gone.

RavenSPe 4 November, 2011 @ 7:14 pm   200

Congrats Sony, you have been slowly snuffing me out as a consumer and this was the last straw. My PSN+ account is officially useless and I just topped it up for another year too. I wont be buying anymore PSN games as I have 4 PS3s and you have rendered half useless. Sorry kids, were no longer a Playstation family 🙁

Back to Steam for my digital downloads. I can play those on any computer!

DistilledPoison 4 November, 2011 @ 7:17 pm   201

I don’t think Sony understand how many people buy their games because they can be shared. For example: A $20 game may not be worth it for one person, but if you can share it with 3 or 4 friends, now the value is great. Even more so if none of those people had the means to buy the game. And here Sony makes $20 where previously they would have made $0.

I’ve personally spent upwards of $200 on downloaded games, and I can say pretty confidently, I’m going to be buying way less now. I can really see Sony regretting this.

Billybobbean 4 November, 2011 @ 7:34 pm   202

Totally understandable but you better get that online deactivator up before-hand or your gonna have a ton of unhappy people.

Immortal-Wolf- 4 November, 2011 @ 7:48 pm   203

@Gordon Thornton
Vice President, Network Operations

You have no legal rights to do this as my account is max 4 it was maxed 5 until i phoned PSN to unlock to max 4 only have 1 left im using it on my playstation 3 slim line 120 GB
so basically if you don’t unlock my full account to 1 again as playstation network who i phoned only do it 1 at a time making it difficult for me to transfer if i get a playstation 4 or new playstation 3 slim line 160 GB your breaking my legal rights as a playstation network customer by taking my payed downloads away from me iv spent over £350 in playstation store. you have no legal rights to do this.

andy-ennis 4 November, 2011 @ 7:51 pm   204

while i am pretty upset to be reading this, im happy it doesnt affect previous purchases and im happy we can still homeshare with 2 consoles. Thats more than the 360 can do at least

ukcrazyguy 4 November, 2011 @ 7:59 pm   205

Immortal wolf, don’t understand what your talking about. It does not affect previous downloaded titles, only the future ones. If your not happy with the new policy just don’t buy anything else. I’m glad they have done this as it will stop game sharing, and people only have themselves to blame as I have seen a fair few people on here bragging how they are going to buy games and split the cost with 4 friends, not any more you won’t lol

Boycott anyone? lol.

ukcrazyguy 4 November, 2011 @ 8:02 pm   207

Oh and people talking about it’s not fair taking them away, who actually has 5 consoles?? I’m sorry but it’s bull if you say you have, can understand 2, but come on.

Bovrillor 4 November, 2011 @ 8:03 pm   208

I hope this means I can deactivate all my old YLOD machines – of which there are MANY

Project2insanity 4 November, 2011 @ 8:18 pm   209

@ the game-sharing people posting here, especially RedeyedRonin; were you all born stupid? Game-sharing is actually breaking the PSN T’s & C’s. Show some humility and admit you’re in the wrong.
Trying to find ways around it, Ronin, is exactly the kind of action that results in further restrictions. Will all due respect, they should just ban you for your utter ignorance.

I do sympathise with the users who do adhere, it will be a nuisance but we all know why it’s happening.

@Immortal-Wolf-; the change doesn’t infringe your rights. It ‘will not affect game content purchased before November 18’. You’re accepting different conditions only for content bought after then.


Understandable but really get the cost of most PSN games down.
For example Battlefield 3 in my country on PS Store costs 239 zł.
Average (new) game from a traditional store costs 190 zł more or less.
You can get BF3 for like 169 zł even.
I would really love to play BF3 without changing the disc but for that price really go ………… and I better not end it 🙂
I like the idea that you can deactivate your PS3 from a web page.
Got an YLOD two years ago so it’s good to have an alternative now.

Well, another ball dropped on Sony’s part. I was annoyed with the updates and gave up on the PSP after games stopped running on 1.50 FW. I chose to stay offline for a few months when the FW that removed Linux was released (I got a secondhand system to keep the old PS3 functional, yet keep playing games without rewarding Sony). And it seems they keep CUTTING things from the console. How the hell is that a good idea and why aren’t these people being fired?

I’m glad I pay so little for my games, I’d hate to be rewarding such stupid decisions.

ukcrazyguy 4 November, 2011 @ 8:53 pm   212

I believe it’s gameshares which has caused the high price if dd’s as they openly talk on these forums about doing it, so they up the price as they know the people who share will still buy them. Once this comes into play we should see a more resonable price for the big budget games. Also fair enough if you have more than 2 consoles, but I’m sure you have ones you use more reg than others and will be able to deactivate an reactivate accordingly. Also while I’m banging on, people mention about sharing with wives, kids etc, so what? If you bought it on disk you couldn’t share with anyone, so why should it be different with dd. For the first time I’m supporting Sony on a decision, as like I said, lower prices and no more emails from randoms or friends asking for my account info to download games or dlc.

shortboy 4 November, 2011 @ 8:58 pm   213

So on Tuesday, I called Sony to have my account deactivated because I somehow reached the max (I knew of 4, don’t know where the 5th one went) and one of the PS3s I had my account on broke. I called in to get that broken activation back and they gave me the one time courtesy deactivation which I’m very grateful for, but I’m curious if my call had anything to do with the recent cut.

As far as that goes, will this cut affect EVERYTHING purchased on PSN after 11/18? I could understand Sony’s stand on this for games, but what about add-on content such as Rock Band DLCs? Will those be affected as well?


yes maybe 5 times was too much but twice is too few could at least kept it to 3 times

devotedPT 4 November, 2011 @ 9:29 pm   215

This is wrong in so many levels: Ihave two PS3s at home, a PSP and was considering getting a third PS3 for a different house, so I can play when I go there. I mean, seriously?

Two systems is too low, get it on three systems, and I’d think that’s fair while at the same time not promoting game sharing.

serendipiddy 4 November, 2011 @ 10:31 pm   216

OMG YUSSSS! You guys just made my day 🙂 I’ll be able to get my dead ps3s activationsss back 😀
Also good news for new developers who are worried about game sharing and such. Bit if a shame about the vita being included as a psp, but we’ll all get over that.


BeagleCrazy_Diva 4 November, 2011 @ 10:40 pm   217

We have 5 PS3’s in our house 1 each as we like to play online together,
this is unfair to family’s and i will not be buying Games, DLC as i would have to now buy this 3 times and will not re-new my PS+.
It would of been better if they could of done a IP address restriction on the 5 accounts so all the PS3 systems had to be in the same house.

Faustofausto 4 November, 2011 @ 10:55 pm   218

I’ve got 2 PS3 System and I would like to buy a PSP. If I buy and download PSone and minies titels, can I activate them on 2 PS3 and 1 PSP or in that case I have to deactivate one of these system?

RedeyedRonin 4 November, 2011 @ 11:48 pm   219

get your facts right JACK TRETON himself promoted the gameshare idea he said LIVE ON THE E3 STAGE and i QUOTE

then soon after it became what your talking about a violation which i myself haven’t violated because i only share with my close friends which is what jack is saying, i put my account on my mates ps3 so i can play my games at his house when im there.
which is the purpose of the 5 activations in the first place
in a nutshell its mine i bought it and i should be able to play it on a controled number of ps3’s its as simple as that!

bitbydeath 5 November, 2011 @ 12:20 am   220

This is just another reason why discs will always be better than digital content.

bitbydeath 5 November, 2011 @ 12:27 am   221

You should only make it one copy but allow people to either burn or copy to a memory stick (locked down to 1) so that it can be played on multiple, this will allow people to show their friends what they’ve gotten (which will lead to more sales) or use on multiple systems they own. (as we should be able to play our downloads anywhere in our house)


@217 An IP address restriction is not fair to people who have a PS3 at their main residence and at their holiday/weekend home.
If you have 2 PS3’s on your account, can you still play the minis from the same account on your PSP? You should if you can’t choose which games to deactivate a system for.
This new policy won’t just affect game sharers but also the real big Playstation buyers, like those who also buy systems for their children.

Drunk_Nun 5 November, 2011 @ 1:13 am   223

Well, guess I have two PS3s to sell now… Good way to tell your customers not to buy any hardware SONY, read you loud and clear! So much for the Vita now it’s DOA.

Project2insanity 5 November, 2011 @ 1:33 am   224

@RedeyedRonin; So your lack of humility comes from a statement made by a guy, before launch, whom doesn’t personally set the conditions.
If Jack Tretton told you it’s fine to break into Sony, would that make it okay? If Jack Tretton told you to steal Playstation games from stores, would that make it okay?

Just for the record, you yourself also stated it became a ‘violation’ soon after. And on top of that, your last two posts contradict each other; one mentions you want to split cost, the other that you bought the content. How about you ‘get your facts right’!?

TiggaBoi 5 November, 2011 @ 1:38 am   225

OMG…listen to you all, the only people here that are doing loads of complaining are probably all game-sharers anyway, and another thing, to all of you saying that you have 3 or 4 PS3’s maybe more, what do you see as a problem, you seriously cannot be telling me you can simultaniously play on 3 or 4 PS3’s at any given one time, exactly…and just how hard is it to deactivate one of your devices, especially now that Sony are releasing a new PSN account management system to make it even easier, it will be slightly intrusive and cut a few seconds off your gaming time while you deactivate and re-activate one of your devices at best, hardly anything to work up a fuss about…

So just stop complaining, if you want to moan and complain, go and do it to all the game-sharers, there the ones that have caused Sony to take such action because they where abusing the current system.

Bottom line, if your stupid enough to give your PSN account details to anyone anyway and risk account compromise then you deserve everything you get and have no right to complain. I for one support this decsion by Sony. Well done Sony, good move. Support always and bring on the PS Vita!

TiggaBoi 5 November, 2011 @ 1:38 am   226

Finally to anyone that says “I am not getting a PSVita anymore”, you probably will anyway and besides, Sony hasn’t officially stated its DRM policy for the new system so for all you know, it could share PSP activations or it could have 2 device activations of its own. No one knows until Sony announces anything!

@ 217 What if your child moves out and wants to take his PS3 with him/her. With an IP address restriction all content would be blocked.

adil-com 5 November, 2011 @ 2:01 am   228

This decision is unfair
It will fall to the ground management Sony!
xbox360 many of you the best ….

adil-com 5 November, 2011 @ 2:04 am   229

by bitbydeath
born you self

RedeyedRonin 5 November, 2011 @ 4:08 am   230

not a contradiction more grammar error i meant you could split if you wanted to, and it wasn’t just some guy JACK TETTON is CEO (or head whatever) of SCEA he made that statement 1 YEAR AFTER PS3 RELEASE lack humanity pffffft i dont even buy from the psn store since the hack, and even then i rarely bothered so just shut up defending a company taking more away than giving. get a life!


As someone with 5 PSPs and who is getting a Vita


RedeyedRonin 5 November, 2011 @ 4:12 am   232

@ @Project2insanity ^^

KenMarinaris 5 November, 2011 @ 7:27 am   233

This is really good idea, espacially activation or deactivation by PC. You have my full support.

PippiHelmer 5 November, 2011 @ 8:31 am   234

I don’t really see the problem lowering the limit for PS3:s to only two, since most households will not have more than one anyway and you will be able deactivate a console without physical access to it (otherwise broken units might use up the two slots). But I think it is a stupid move for PSP where a family might actually own more than two units.

Why not sell the PSN games in two flavors, one edition with a limit of two and another edition at a slightly higher price with a limit of five? Or making five the default limit for PS Plus users. Or simply keep the current five limit license… that would of course be the best solution.

CopperSlip 5 November, 2011 @ 8:40 am   235

The ‘Icing’ has been on the cake for a few months now.More & more Full Games for D/L.Yes , I fell for it ! I noticed the other week that I was buying more & more from the store.I also began to question my own judgement,something just didnt feel right.Yes,my wife and daughter share my D/Loads,cant see anything wrong in that.Still,this ‘niggling’ feeling inside over the direction the PS3 was going in wouldnt leave though!The store is full of ‘Network passes’,’Elite Memberships’etc.etc.I reflected on all the ‘Dead’ Consoles gone since launch date,the lost profiles,all the ‘Un-recoverable’past wev’e had with Sony,some days I got really sad that everything has gone the way it has.I dont want an X-Box or to play on PC.Ive thought for a while about just ‘Dumping’ my profile and starting over.I thought the days of Discs were ending,but,I think this could well be thier revival.Good Luck everyone,think carefully about your future moves,and dont get caught out. Cya all.


RSDHALIWAL 5 November, 2011 @ 9:55 am   237


Nah, it does still work. I tried it on Mortal Kombat and Call of Duty.

And another amazing DOWNgrade in the $ony service system…

And what about the stability of that website?
I can remember from the hack that the reset-password site has been offline for months. How are you going to guarantee high availability on this website?

And can I use that website from the PS3 web(-notso-)browser?

And what about people that have divorced parents and therefore 1 PS3 at moms/dads home and 2 at the other?
Or those that play games at a friends house at a weekly basis and therefore have the game installed at there PS3 also?

Voting 1-stars for this horrible downgrade in service. Instead of this stupid change what about a new (non google) webbrowser? Or the remove of backup-prohibitation on my precious savegames?

BeagleCrazy_Diva 5 November, 2011 @ 10:45 am   239

If they did a IP restriction for the 5 accounts and a child moves out and wishes to take their PS3 with them then Sony could let them have a one time PSN id change to carry all their game and trophy content over.


How does this affect PSN Minis? These can be installed/played on PS3 and PSP.
Does these new rules mean they can be activated on upto 2 PS3s as well as 2 PSP’s or combination of the two but limited to two activiations i.e. 1 x PS3 and 1 x PSP.



This is very disappointing as I have three children with PS3’s and myself, I have many digital games and was lucky to purchase 1 game that could be downloaded onto all 4 consoles. If this new change works for only 2 activated accounts im no longer supporting digital downloads. Long Live Discs

Weasel-Dave 5 November, 2011 @ 12:07 pm   242

If this helps lower the ridiculous prices for some downloadable games on the store I am all for it, but I do only have one PS3 and one PSP so the effect on me will be minimal.

Project2insanity 5 November, 2011 @ 12:09 pm   243

@RedeyedRonin; Wow, you couldn’t have really missed the point any more than you did…

SaberBlade 5 November, 2011 @ 12:21 pm   244

Does this mean we can deactivate our slots online? I’m on my fourth PS3 and running out of slots. Tried getting them reset in the past but I got denied because I had the common sense to get extended warranties rather than fork out £180 a time for Sony to replace it.

MARIO_N64 5 November, 2011 @ 12:53 pm   245

This has the potential to be much more counter productive than game sharing it will just make lives more difficult for those that genuinely have multiple ps3s and game sharers can now celebrate that they can now share with as many people as they want just only one at a time then simply deactivate the users system and activate another once the user has finished with the game got all the trophies etc then share the game with someone else then repeat the dectivate/activate process so it actually could become more of a game borrowing with limitless activations.
not sayin i condone such actions just that people will potentialy exploit the new activate/deactivate thing
and as usual its legitimate users thatare inconvenienced


Sony has been failing to innovate in the last few years, asked too much of us all in May but we stuck with them and then they go and do this! As consumers we shouldn’t just let this pass! If you agree join the “Prevent the End of Game Sharing on PlayStation” group on Facebook so we can be heard!

GenocideHeart 5 November, 2011 @ 2:52 pm   247

I don’t mind the limitation, so long as it does come with a way to remotely deactivate my old, now defunct PS3 which was hit with the YLOD. I have exactly two PS3 (one in my home and one in my usual vacation location which is far enough from my home that carrying PS3 and games every time is a chore), so as long as I can axe the third I couldn’t care less about the limitation, it still serves me well.

That said, having the leeway that 3 systems would provide would likely be better in case YLOD strikes, but eh – Sony’s choice.

xx_Tooms109_xx 5 November, 2011 @ 3:32 pm   248


well,i just de-activated my ps3 and call of duty classic certainly doesnt work ….Or any of my downloaded games off the store.

you must have a very special ps3 my friend.

Rubber_Matt 5 November, 2011 @ 3:39 pm   249

Thats a shame for households/people with more than 2 ps3’s.

Had three myself up until recently ( 40gig got ylod ) and liked the fact that I could have all the games,dlc on all consoles and use it on anyone of them without having to activate/deactivate a console every time I wanted to use the games/dlc that I paid for.

Now I know it only effects games/dlc from the 18th onwards but for me it’s a move in the wrong direction and takes away for me what was a major selling point of the ps3 in the first place.

I was planning on replacing my 40gig ylod with a new slim as a Christmas treat to myself but I think I’ll just leave it at two .

The move to make activating/deactivating consoles easier is a good move and long overdue.

chrisandsheva 5 November, 2011 @ 4:41 pm   250

Another downgrade,?.. it is further adding to that overstated, tired pr add.. it only does everything, as people say though it is good to know that ‘constant’ gamesharers will be the Biggest losers, but it is also impacting on the more legit gamesharers, as was allready stated the 5 downloads is, sorry Was a big influence for some, family’s or other such buyers,.. But i gotta love the way sony/sce etc soften this ‘Massive’ downgrade by including the ability to remote deactivate dead consoles, and better still how some see that as a bonus, and how brilliant sony are for providing us with this ‘Futuristic’ ability,,,, Get a grip guys, Why are you’s bieng gratefull for such a small, simple to implement but Years overdue anyway, feature,?.. Surely that ability could, Should,?.. of been available as ‘standard’ long ago, My opinion is that it is just wrong to move the goalposts, Though if more new disc downloadle games are a reason for this action, ie more are planned, then apply the limited download allowance to just those type of games, which is something i would agree with, But please people stop praising for overdue features.

Chaosprower 5 November, 2011 @ 8:18 pm   251

I have one Ps3 and two PSPs, does that mean that if I buy a psone classic or a mini I cant install it on alll 3? Or are ps3s and psps counted as separate? Also, will a Vita count as a psp or as a new category? I also have a xperia play, what about PlayStation suite content?

rospondek 5 November, 2011 @ 9:25 pm   252

And what with (de)activating Singstar songs? Now you have to call Sony to ‘transfer’ songs from one PS3 to another.

Would be nice to hear an answer.

RavenSPe 5 November, 2011 @ 11:36 pm   253

I hope they come out with a new Jailbreak, two of my four consoles are only good for homebrew now.. I’ve always been against hacking consoles but Sony has made two of mine worthless.. It’s like they want us to pirate games or something, it’s so inconvenient to be a legitimate consumer now!

shame …
Urea embarrassment … Sony has millions of fans, because that behavior does not worship money. The only difference was that Sony and Microsoft have had many Sony fans, this was. But now what you think? Money? Read more wealth? We request all officials of Sony, in this appeal should treat your body and increase the number to 4 … Sony should not Thread Khath well in this generation …

Blakklight 6 November, 2011 @ 8:19 am   255

I dont buy anything else from the store!Iv’e De-Activated my regular acc’t,wiped my HDD clean of all content,and opened up this new profile. Its gonna be discs only,& not a thing from thier store ! I can always Re-Activate if this turns out better than it looks !

Blakklight 6 November, 2011 @ 8:32 am   256

While it might seem that im spiting myself ,its not so !Other acct is a + acct,all saves are in the ‘cloud’ & it doesnt expire till 2013 ! That gives me all the time in the world to decide what to do.How many people are going to suddenly find themselves ‘shafted’? 50%? 75%?. It was pure coincidence that I came on to the PC & spotted this change. What a way to treat people ! Change the Terms & Conditions as & when it suits them & everyone has to just accept !Youv’e really ‘wrong footed’ this time Sony,BIG TIME !

Blakklight 6 November, 2011 @ 8:46 am   257

And while im letting ‘off steam’ , Im thinking its just going to be 2 profile Activations, end of story ! Are they really saying that for example, a game bought on the 17th has ‘5 lives ‘, and another game bought on the 18th has 2 lives ? Thats way too confusing ! No, I reckon on an Mandatory Update first , 2 ‘Lives’ for your Profile,then the finger . GREAT ! YOUR PAYMENT Ladies & Gentlemen,for sticking by Sony through the ‘Bad Times’ . I hope i’m wrong, but, the lure of CASH causes ‘Strange’ behaviour patterns at times . RUST in PEACE !


@ 239 BeagleCrazy_Diva
That does not solve my problem with PS3’s in 2 residences and with children with PS3’s. We even have a separate account for family purchases.

lardteamaker 6 November, 2011 @ 12:59 pm   259

Well just something else to add to the list of things taken away/shrunk by Sony. Like the memory card slots, ps2 backwards compatability, from 4 to 2 usb slots and linux software usage.


Have have an idea for SONY, if you would like to see it check out the link to the ps forums.

RYGUY_21 6 November, 2011 @ 5:22 pm   261

this is not COOOOOOOL :O


Technically this in breach of a EU human rights law and discriminating on only one area of the EU as all the countries involved are in the UK commonweal, why is no other EU countries or America not included?

Dose Sony really want another lawsuit shoved down their necks?

wow. if you post about this topic in the blog recrap your post gets removed, if after it being validated before (after awaiting moderation).

This really shows how (not-so)mature Sony is.


Well i think that this will sort my problem out. A guy duped me into getting a demo off my acount that was not available in the usa and after that he went offline and never deactivated my account. He was my 5th activation. He never replies to my messages and he deleted all mutual friends. I am tempeted to put his tag here as he is a thief. I did change may password to stop him accessing anything new but alas he probably got a lot. So hooray. On the downside i have 3 ps3’s at home and my brother had my 4th activation for when i play at his place. Dam. But at least the thief will be destroyed. LOL. Or will he? wonder if the stuff he got before the 18th will still work on his console. Hope bloody not!!!

chrisandsheva 7 November, 2011 @ 3:43 am   265

i am no techie but i have always wondered why this ‘new’ ability wasn’t added …. well around the ps3s launch tbh, it just seems like it is a awfully simple feature to have had,.. in fact it more than likely has been ready to launch Since forever but sony just weren’t that bothered enough to do so, Allthough now there downgrading Another (relevent) selling point there left with no choice but to roll the remote de-activate system out….. really has upset me reading some posts where people are praising sce for ‘Finally’ doing this, Though i can understand why ‘some’ are happy or relieved etc, its just so sad to see, kinda like a beat up pet giving a stranger a loving look for a few pets on its head… do you know what i’m trying to describe,, anyway thats my opinion of the ‘bonus’ addition in this disgracefull announcement..
I also read a few posts now stating that this is only happening in the EU or even just GB, i just can’t see that myself but one never can tell anymore,

isyatup41 7 November, 2011 @ 6:00 am   266

This will be really bad to everyone because “what if you got ur first ps3 ylod and u got a new one and forgot to remove the old one and it also got ylod then u got ur 3rd ps3 and a vita. what now

StefNighthawk 7 November, 2011 @ 11:22 am   267

This decision by Sony will make me decide to sell my third PSP as it would no longer be able to enjoy a family multiplayer session between me, the wife and my son.


I don’t see why you are all complaining!
Do you really play on 5 PS3’s at once? NO you don’t.
Do you need more than 2 active at once? NO you don’t.
Will you be punished for having more than 2 active already? NO you won’t.
Will you be able to de-activate old, even broken consoles? YES you will.

This is a positive change and the ability to de-activate PS3’s from a computer is long overdue. I for one am pleased about it.

isyatup41 7 November, 2011 @ 12:09 pm   269

maybe they could’ve at least make the owner of the account choose on how much people can he allow to game share which means that if one person spreads the account of that person he will be able to see if he can allow the use of his account in each tries of each person.

StefNighthawk 7 November, 2011 @ 12:30 pm   270

On a portable console the limit is too restrictive.
In my household there are three PSPs and they are all three being used.
The limit of 5 active PSPs made it easy to do local multiplayer without the extra cost of buying extra copies.

With the new limit one us would not be able to join a local multiplayer session if he/she is the third player. It’s not even possible to buy a second license with the same account to put on the third PSP.
For the third PSP I would have to create a bogus account so we can play all three against each other again.

Imagine they would local multiplayer on the PS3 to a maximum of 2. Would you consider it fair?

+ The new limit will alight the fire under the “sub to master”-problem again.

Blakklight 7 November, 2011 @ 12:58 pm   271

Crikey , you have a really ‘up-beat’,positively ‘happy attitude’ at having your service tweaked by Sony ! Who are you to say what other gamers want or should have ? And how do you de-activate consoles that died years ago ? The info given in the blog just outlines what Sony are going to implement from the 18th. Its ‘vague’ to say the least,where’s the solid statement that should explain clearly and accurately what the new terms & conditions are to be ?Tell me that Sony have given adequate notice to millions of customers,make me laugh please ! The only ones who know thier plans, are Sony themselves! Sheeesh ! I shake my head in disbelief at the apathy of some people.


Main reason is to get more money. Now I see why Bf3 is so expensive on the Psn. You can share it to 5 Ps3. But I would like to get all my old Ps3 deactivaded from the service when the change hapens

Bovrillor 7 November, 2011 @ 4:13 pm   273

As someone that doesn’t gameshare, and only has one WORKING PS3 (But several broken ones), I sort of welcome this – assuming that

a) It brings down the cost of downloadable content, so that I am no longer subsidising other people’s acts of theft, and…

b) This PC software gets released, like, RIGHT NOW, and allows me to un-register all my broken PS3s. Otherwise I won’t be able to buy anything new from the store. Ever tried speaking to EU Customer Service? It’s like kicking yourself in the you-know-whats.

However, I seriously doubt Sony will handle this in a professional or logical fashion – it just doesn’t seem to be their style any more.

VictorAnalogy 7 November, 2011 @ 4:29 pm   274

This is an outrage Sony! I own 97 PS3s and 76 PSPs how am I supposed to legitimately play all my legitimately acquired games on that perfectly reasonable number of devices now?

Further, I will also completely skip over your last couple of paragraphs and complain that I have already had 32 PS3s YLOD on me. How do I deactivate them huh!?!

Lastly let me point out how disappointed I am that a business like Sony actually expects me to buy their stuff, for money, rather than me having it for free. You are not like some other company that also charges me for stuff. They are much nicer than you!


ive had several ps3s which have died and i no longer have them will i be able to deactivate them still?

VictorAnalogy 7 November, 2011 @ 4:40 pm   276

@subra87: Are you kidding? The entire post is about 195 words long. Of which 62 words (almost one third of the whole post) explain that there will be a method to remotely deactivate consoles via PC.

People like you give village idiots a bad name.

Bovrillor 7 November, 2011 @ 4:40 pm   277


Your post made me chuckle 🙂

However, having 2 or more YLOD machines is not all that uncommon – I had 2 occur within a year – and Sony saying they’ll release this software is all well and good, but let’s be honest, they have a history of missing targets and failing to provide promised services. The software should have been up-and-running before this announcement was made. In fact, it should have been available years ago. I’ll be rather miffed if I have to suffer ‘downtime’ as a result.

I have no sympathy for the thieves, however.

VictorAnalogy 7 November, 2011 @ 4:42 pm   278

True. I have activated all my allocated PS3s, but I only use one. Provided they come through with the remote deactivation, I am happy to declare this “A good thing™”.

VictorAnalogy 7 November, 2011 @ 4:48 pm   279

P.S. Not for “Game sharing”. My current PS3, my YLOD PS3, my dad’s PS3, my sister’s PS3 and my mate’s PS3 are all registered to my account. The ones I don’t own were registered so I could unlock trophies for me while playing on their consoles, none of which I have free access to in order to de-register them. I’d be more than happy to deregister the lot if it weren’t for the fact that I’d get treated with suspicion and dragged over the coals by the lovely people at Sony support. 😛

MEGA_HARD-C0RE 7 November, 2011 @ 10:19 pm   280

Well, time to jailbreak my third PS3 since it’s useless now. It doesn’t pay to be a paying customer these days. Well, unless SONY wants to buy back the PS3? Yea, didn’t think so.

“SONY, Breaking Up Families”
“Short, Lived, Play”
“It Only Does Less and Less”

Killcycle 8 November, 2011 @ 8:37 am   281

So, All games purchased before the 18th will still be under the old T&C with 5 Ps3’s allowed.

That’s fair, but I wish it was 3 at least for the future because i have 3 Ps3’s one in the bedroom, living room and one for the kids to enjoy all the younger games I’ve purchased in the past.

I’ll have to open up a new account for all the future Psn games i wish to purchase for them.

Not a big deal but obviously any limitation is not going to have positive feedback.

VictorAnalogy 8 November, 2011 @ 10:20 am   282

@MEGA_HARD-C0RE: You have three PS3’s that you use simultaneously do you?

GenocideHeart 8 November, 2011 @ 11:19 am   283

Well, this just means I won’t buy a VITA.

You see, the PSP and PSPGo that I own have enough difference in functions that I want and use them both. The PSP plays UMD, the Go doesn’t, but has more functions implemented, so since I have a rather huge catalog of UMDs (a lot of them not even available on the Store), I keep them both to both enjoy the Go’s extra functions and the PSP’s UMD playback.

The Vita, however, would eat one of the two slots for portables. Sorry, no go. Sony, you should have one slot for each SUFFICIENTLY DIFFERENT portable model available. Two slots for three portables each with enough different functions to stand alone is unacceptable.

But hey, it’s OK. If you don’t want my money just to keep me from using my legitimately purchased Minis (about 2 bucks each, and I sure as hell didn’t buy 150 of them, so that won’t even make up for the missed Vita sale), PSOne classics (all 7 of them lol), and PSP digital games (which I was going to buy more of, but now? Not so sure anymore, sorry) on three legitimately purchased consoles… then be my guest. I’m all too happy to give my money to Nintendo rather than you. Your loss only, not mine.

Cpt_Yanni 8 November, 2011 @ 11:58 am   284

You must be kidding me… We have like five PlayStations here at home!

yume_2501 8 November, 2011 @ 12:05 pm   285

same here, the chance i will buy Vita are very low now…

Xandrilios 8 November, 2011 @ 12:31 pm   286

Thanks for the deactivation possibility! Also, can you make sure that deactivation is possible from a browser and/or another device, in case of hardware failure and such.

LittleBigDragonz 8 November, 2011 @ 3:54 pm   287

Why not make it possible that as long as the IP from the HOME is the same using PS3 / PSP devices, they can use bought DLC with no worries about how many consoles are active?
Once you leave the IP Home thats when this new 2 x PS3, ect comes into play?

RavenSPe 8 November, 2011 @ 7:57 pm   288

@LittleBigDragons: I like that idea!

Linking my IP to the 4 consoles in my home would solve the problem. Then if I were to take one from home to a friends, the 2x activation could take effect. In that sense, 2x activation would be plenty as I would never see myself taking more than one from home. But in my own home, 2x activations is not enough!

Do it SONY!

chrisandsheva 8 November, 2011 @ 10:45 pm   289

though i Hate it that ‘yet another’ feature is being removed, or downgraded, i have to admit that at least it still leaves sony ahead of ms, (i think) as i was told that they lock any content into the 1 console (?) so if thats true, then though not happy i am still not as bothered as i may of been, btw i own a xbox (plus gold) but don’t really know All it’s ins and outs properly, the thing that Really creeps me out about that system is How it got the name of my pc, after i used a hotmail address and the way my media player kept trying to auto connect to the net, like all the time, had to custom it in firewall etc, hate not fully understanding all this stuff.

serendipiddy 9 November, 2011 @ 3:40 am   290

I’ve been thinking about it.. It would be really cool if the tool to de/activate your account was accessible on ios and android.. Will your official PSN app support it? or will it at least be accessible from the mobile browser (ie mobile friendly version of the site)

Still support your guys decision to do this 🙂

cooljacob204 9 November, 2011 @ 8:51 pm   291

This is fcking stupid i personaly own 3 ps3’s and now i cant use something i download on all of them? what the fck. xbox here i come.

bartman261 9 November, 2011 @ 11:07 pm   292

the only reason sony is doing this is cus its illegal its called gameshareing and its not allowed thats why but yet me and my dads accounts are linked will it affect me in eanyway???


The website for deactivating and activating systems is online, see:

But I’m not able to deactivate my old YLOD PS3, if this means I have to call customer support, what’s the point of the website if i can’t deactivate a YLOD system?

Maybe the full functionality of the website works only when the changes to the service come in effect on the 18th, waiting for an official reaction, to all of our questions…..

CopperSlip 11 November, 2011 @ 12:35 pm   294

And I support 293 above ! Cannot De-Activate old systems, in fact , cant de-activate any PS3 systems, it says you have to do it on the PS3 itself ! GREAT , JUST GREAT ! Im SPEECHLESS !

wwaaww1122 12 November, 2011 @ 8:18 pm   295


ag2345678 13 November, 2011 @ 8:13 am   296

this is BS sony i’ve had 5 ps3s 4 broke now im losing account and sht thts bs xbox wins


So my 2 children have 2 PSPs.
I wanted to buy one PS Vita on February and take one PSP for me.
Now if we buy some PSP game and activate it on 2 PSPs we will not be able to play it on PS Vita.
I’m puzzled if I will be able to activate my PSP games on PS Vita at all (because they are activated on 2 PSPs).
Seems like my magic number is 3, not 2.

Mind this SONY:
1) I will not buy any game twice – no chance
2) My kids will grow and will want a phone. Now you somehow forced me to examine the option of some smartphone purchase that has also gaming abilities. Normally it will be PSP/PS Vita + cheapest phone available, but now we will see how other companies restrict their content.

jamuellable 15 November, 2011 @ 4:53 pm   298

So if my ps3 dies, i can only use my games i bought on psn once again?
And if that new ps3 dies?

And my brother, in the room next to me.. Does he need to buy the same games as i am, just because we cant share? He’s gonna buy a PS3 in december.

If this what i just said are facts, ill never buy something on psn again. I dont wanna give my money on something i can lose because of your hardware, it can break.

LarsErikOsterud 19 November, 2011 @ 12:26 pm   299

How do you control this?

I have 3 PS3s that are mine and that are “activated”. What do I do when I buy a new game now? What 2 of those 3 will it start on?

Or do I have to deactivate one of them? If yes, then I can’t use old games on all 3 either, and I payed for that!

Also. What if the system malfunctions? When I bought my 3rd system I couldn’t activate it and Nordisk Film (PS3 distributor) said I allread had 6 active systems. And they did not belive me. Why is there no place to login and managed your activated systems?

What if a system breaks while it is activated? How do you deactivate that then?

LarsErikOsterud 19 November, 2011 @ 12:30 pm   300

How do you count systems?

I have one PS3 in my living room.
One PS3 in my bedroom 🙂
And one PSP.

If I buy a Mini game (that work on both PS3 and PSP),
must I deactivate one of my PS3s to play it ob PSP?

Or is it max 2 PS3 + max 2 PSPs?

LarsErikOsterud 19 November, 2011 @ 12:52 pm   301

Tried the web-site at

It shows all my PS3 and PSP systems.
But there is no way knowing which is which.
Why isn’t the serial-number listed next to each device?
They are just numbered 1, 2 and 3.
But that doesn’t help me at all 🙁

Acheron1 21 November, 2011 @ 4:03 pm   302

@301 At least you’re able to log in. Austria isn’t even listed on the regions-screen and so I always get the error: “The family of Sony Entertainment Network services is not available in your country/region.” Great, really.

And whats this, that I can’t log into this site with Firefox? Always get: “Your browser sent a request that this server could not understand.” Also, great XD

Noooooo! Please Sony No! lol. I really like game sharing its a sick feature, I could always say to Xbox fan boys that “I got game share b*tch!”.

(I currently have 4 different id’s running on 5 different play-stations, I have 3 consoles in my home)

Why are you taking so many features away? The new firmware update lacked any new or improved features, do you see the new Xbox update? now that’s a update! You’re digital download prices are ridiculous, but was justified (for me spending $$$$) when you could put it on 5 different machines.

I hope you reduce drastically the PSN titles because they are way too expensive for a digital download, and all these restrictions and limitations are really annoying.

BRING BACK GAME-SHARE X5 PLEASE! or drop the prices of PSN titles by 60%. How did I get the 60% drop in price for titles?