Uncharted 3 Behind The Scenes: Historical Inspiration

If you’ve been following this video series we’ve been running around the launch of Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception then you may have picked up on a thread that has been running through them, touching on how Naughty Dog have made the game such a ‘believable’ experience.

First we looked at their performance capture techniques and how human acting and technology combine to tell a story. Then, we heard about Drake and Elena from the actors who play them, and discussed how the relationships between the characters add emotional weight to the story. This week, we’re looking at how the Uncharted games use historical events as jumping off points into the story, whether its Sir Francis Drake’s circumnavigation of the globe or T.E. Lawrence’s research into the Crusades as a teenager.

Now that many of you have now played Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (dare I say, some of you may even have the Platinum), how are you finding it?

Did you enjoy this?


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It is BRILLIANT! 😛 Still playing the story mode(i am taking my time) ;-D + had a go on the online modes and they are MEGA-FUN to! 😛 I can’t really ask for more in a game;)

Game is ace.

Now thats out of the way.I’ve still not had my july beta rewards email.I completed all requirements.Some of said SCEE haven’t sent them yet.So hopefully we can get some info here.

Any EU players who read the blog,have had their email sent?

Catkiller1 7 November, 2011 @ 2:31 pm   3

Uncharted 3 is a masterpiece!

I would go further into detail, but I would have to mention some of the story & I don’t want to ruin it for anyone!

The level of detail & story, would make anyone enjoy this great game. If you haven’t picked this up for whatever reason, then you owe it to yourself to experience it 😉

Currently on Chapter 10 & I can only play in small 1-2hr bursts, due to time constraints.

This, along with BF3 are my Games of the year! 😉


Where’s the Payday codes. LOL I know they’re coming I couldn’t resist asking.

chrisandsheva 7 November, 2011 @ 2:56 pm   5

thanks for ‘confirming’ my own belief that this game is not just a mere 3hours worth of story, i allways think that i must be a terrible player when i see someone post that, though i don’t disbelieve the guys claim as i know by my own xp just how fast i can finish a game, ie re5 in under 2hours etc in one example, But only after a Lot of previous playthroughs, But regards U3, i have to say i am not ‘enjoying’ it as much as i 1st thought i would, kinda to slow of a start though as i’ve said b4 i am comparing that to U2s, And i still have much faith that ND/U3 (sp) will soon grab a hold of me much like they done with U2, i’m only at the puzzle part in the (underground) alchemy,? lab, so i am looking forward to ‘Finally’ figuring out that wall (pheonix/eagle etc) part to see what comes next… the things that i really hate (bit strong but) about this is the horrible autosave and the ability to cheat the puzzles.. like getting that message in GOW about lowering the difficulty after 5,? is it deaths, those were near controller throwing moments for me.

Catkiller1 7 November, 2011 @ 3:07 pm   6

@ chrisandsheva

Forgot about the “Complete Puzzle message”

I think the game should punish you, if you decide to skip it!

The autosave can be a pain! Is it me, or everytime you press “start”, it seems to autosave?

The game has grabbed my attention, don’t want to say too much, but Chapter 2 for example 😉

Judging by the new Tomb Raider trailer, it looks like Lara has gone through the same style!

TBH, I must have either a crap memory or Uncharted 2 didn’t have a hold on me, as I can’t seem to remember much about it 🙁

I need to replay it for the Platinum anyway & I completed the first Uncharted, when trophies never existed.

chrisandsheva 7 November, 2011 @ 3:26 pm   7

@Catkiller1 thnx for xtra info, can you tell me if after finishing the story you get any cash that can be spent in multi and co-op,? only thats another bonus i have kinda missed from U2 though and obviously the biggest thing i have been wondering over is have they taken out the infinite ammo and other rewards that were in both previous games,?.. as i will miss the fun to be add by using those extras if they have,.. And absolutely agree with you that the reveal puzzle info should be hidden away in such a way that if you do use it then the game stops you from earning the trophy that should of been part of the set, though its easy enough to remember or write down so it dosn’t stop people from getting the reward on a 2nd playthrough.. thats if your not allready using other sites for a faster runthrough etc..


Uncharted 3 is great but why do the ps home fortune hunter codes not work?


Uncharted 3 is one hell of a game. Visuals are amazing, acting spot on. Just a real joy to have played. well done to all involved in the making and creating of this master piece. 😉

Carnivius_Prime 7 November, 2011 @ 4:53 pm   10

Knocks Uncharted 2 into second place on my list of best games ever made and nothing else this year comes even remotely close (though I’ve loved LittleBigPlanet 2 and Infamous 2). Have finished the story mode on Normal and played a lot of multiplayer. A true benchmark title and a stunning showpiece for Naughty Dog and the PlayStation 3. Off to start story again on Hard setting. I need to platinum this game like I did U2 (I’m still missing a couple trophies on U1 now I think about it. I’ll have to fix that :O )


LOVE the game, hate the multiplayer.
Playing now on crunch and its though (for me).

subway1990 7 November, 2011 @ 5:29 pm   12

i think that MW3 is going to be the best

bennyrafal 7 November, 2011 @ 5:30 pm   13

childhood – superb move

Docks – outstanding

Cruise ship – outstanding

Convoy – masterpiece…

Landslide85 7 November, 2011 @ 5:42 pm   14

I haven’t gotten very far, about 6 hours played.
I’m honestly quite underwhelmed.

vonhammer 7 November, 2011 @ 5:53 pm   15

@ bennyrafal
Easy on the spoilers.

divine1000 7 November, 2011 @ 7:17 pm   16

I really enjoyed it, though not quite as much as Among Theives if I’m totally honest.
I’m not very impressed with the aiming sensitivity. As soon as I reached the first combat section, I cranked up the sensitivity, as I do with most games. But the movement still felt far too slow, even on full.
This in no way ruins the game as I still got the 100 headshots trophy easily on the first play through on hard, but it is definitely a negative in what is otherwise GOTY.




chrisandsheva 7 November, 2011 @ 9:13 pm   18

anyone answer a post i made earlier about getting money for multi by finishing the story,? and also have they done away with the bonus’s like infinite ammo and mirror mode, i hope not as i did like replaying the game with those 2 bonus/cheats though not the one shot kills, lol doughnut drake was also a laugh…. for 5min or so anyway.’s a gorgeous looking version of those stereoscopy binoculars you could put these wheels of images in. Specially in 3d, then the resemblance is uncanny.

So every time you reach a new segment, you switch the wheel to another one. Like this: First we have Chicago and the Eiffel Tower. Now it’s exotic animals! Trees and deep forest! And now it’s ancient artefacts! Ooh, whiteout. And now we’re back at the beginning of the wheel again! Let’s find another, quickly!

PenguinGlen 7 November, 2011 @ 10:13 pm   20

@10: Summed up my exact thoughts too. 🙂

Well done Naughty Dog on another masterpiece of a game. I await (un)patiently for the next installment. 😛

foster92_uk 7 November, 2011 @ 11:30 pm   21

This game is a masterpiece the graphics,gameplay,acting/voice acting, puzzles everything about this game is amazing. the MP is even better than UC2 imo and not played much co-op at the moment so I can’t comment but for the game I did play it was fantastic.


Beautiful Campaign
love multiplayer
love that there’s offline modes
I think im in love with game lol

@vonhammer nope haven’t got my email yet

bennyrafal 8 November, 2011 @ 5:27 am   23

ups, but its not really a spoiler. anyway, those scenes are breath taking for a long time,

I will be picking this game up soon but I’m having too much fun with RAGE at the moment to bother with any other games. RAGE definitely wins the “best visuals on PS3 to date, 2011” award though, Uncharted 3 can take home the award for best story 🙂


hello ross or andy ore whohever in sony

whe have problem whith mw3 codes
= reason shop not update ! i have elite but canot enter code
also code animaited theme not working = empty psn store
bigest lounch game en u make the codes not work on day 1 ?????????????


code of animaited theme now workt = ok
but stil no elite member code axcepted



why did you send me a friend request then block me? lol.

i lol’ed when i saw ur comment removed.

u dont have the game so please dont hate on it my friend.

Connor_mufc_1985 8 November, 2011 @ 11:38 am   28

Anybody unlocked either Sir Francis Drake , Marco Polo, Doughnut Drake , Skelzor or Gengis Khan by playing co op adventure ? Feel free to send me a message on this account if you have or know somebody who has 🙂

vonhammer 8 November, 2011 @ 11:49 am   29


Yeah,they were amazing.But I never knew about them until I played the game.I only watched E3 footage,then nothing until I owned the game.
I’m just saying be careful.someone may be reading,who doesn’t own the game yet 🙂

Cheers.What the hell is going on,I can’t get a straight answer from anyone.



maddogarchie64 8 November, 2011 @ 6:36 pm   31

yay I can comment again, thanks James, but why am I the only one who couldn’t comment? This isn’t the first time it’s happened, have I accidentally said something offensive or something?