New VidZone 2.0 – Unleashing The True Power Of Music Video!

We have been extremely busy throughout 2011… busy listening to you, listening to our staff, listening to anyone who will give us an opinion or idea about all things VidZone. So, what have we been doing with all these suggestions? We have been laboriously and lovingly crafting them into what I can introduce to you today as… VidZone 2.0, a completely new way to experience the wonderful world of music video!

What’s different… where shall I start.

Completely New User Interface


A fresh way you use VidZone – No more small windows or page upon page of menus. VidZone has been completely revamped and rebranded with unobtrusive menus and easier navigation.

Brand New Search


Find exactly what you are looking for, fast – Our brand new progressive search instantly displays results of artists / videos by just typing a few letters. The more letters you type the more defined the search.



See just what you want to see – Instead of having to sift through music videos you aren’t interested in, simply enter the Zone that interests you the most and be surrounded by the music videos you like. Metalhead? Enter the MetalZone, Pop your thing? Try the PopZone… you get the gist.



All you want in one place – Whether you have perfected your own playlist, Love one of ours or have a favourite TV Channel? Save them all to your very own zone so you can keep all that you love in one easy to find place.

Recommendation Engine


Continue the journey – Start with a music video you like and you will quickly see more videos by that artist, or related artists or VidZone compiled playlists and TV channels containing that artist. Keep on with your journey until you have created the perfect playlist.



Let us do the work for you – Pick an artist you like and then let us automatically generate a playlist for you based on that artist. You can then press play to view the entire V:Mix or pick the individual music video you want from our selection.

Social Integration

PSN Invite

Tell the world – Confessing your love for a music video on Facebook is simple. Tell all your friends what you are watching with a few simple clicks or invite your PSN friends to VidZone just as easily.

VIP Zones


Watch what the stars are watching – Your favourite artists have been on VidZone and have saved their playlists in our VIP Zone. Artists include Blink 182, LMFAO, Justice, Professor Green, Pixie Lott and more!

We hope you like all the changes and improvements we have made – go try it out for yourself. We would also love to hear what you think. See below on the many ways of keeping in touch with us.


Happy viewing!

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Great work with the new UI it’s a complete breeze compared to the previous one.


Hi AstroZombie1

Congratulations for first post! Thanks… We are very proud of it. Thanks!

any pink floyd yet? cool update btw:->

1 Word: Slick. Interface is nice and smooth.

Just need the HD Videos now!!!

WD VidZone!!


Hey Sully

One thing at a time heh? We wanted to get the the UI sorted then we have a lot more plans for the future!!

Loving the new design, so much more sleek and modern. Fits perfectly on the PS3

The clunky interface was something that put me off using vidzone,but this new interface looks great!i look forward to giving vidzone 2.0 and its new features a whirl, great job guys/gals :)


Hey Tamking

Thankyou, it was a bit clunky wasn’t it… Now its really easy… Even my mum got the hang of it in no time!!

EpicImmenseCurry 09 November, 2011 @ 15:12

This upgrade is awesome


Awesome. Can’t wait to give it a whirl.

this looks absolute awesome, and I’m happy that Sony are slowly redoing their various interfaces to sleeker, sexier ones.
Just a shame that I hate almost all pop music =/ ahh well, guess I can still browse it from time to time :p

Congratulations! A much needed redesign of the interface. Will give it a try tonight.

devilwithoutfear 09 November, 2011 @ 15:16

This proves Vidzone rocks!
But I was wondering will it be possible to share it with friends on Twitter in the near future?


Hi Devilwithoutfear

We have many more plans for the future. We have an amazing lovely interface to build all the new things we have in mind from.



Just going through it more. This interface is sooooo good! So much time and effort. Nice work Ben & the team!

Ben, one thing! Where can we find the Latest Additions playlist now? Can’t find it anywhere?


Hey Sully

We have a latest additions per zone, so all the new rock additions will be in the rock zone etc. We will be experimenting with what people actually want in the weeks to come so keep suggesting ideas for different ways to feature and we will take into consideration.


Hi Sully again…

Sorry, apprently we don’t have a latest additions per zone. Just in featured zone… Whoops… I got mixed up with most popular. but as I said, tell us what you want and we will consider all suggestions.

Nice this looks really good, cant wait to start using it again – got sick of the annoying menus on the other one.

Looks very nice, will update later and check it!


Looking great. I’m looking forward to firing up Vidzone when I get home today :)

And to echo other remarks.. It only needs HD to be complete. (besides my usual requests for way to obscure artists).


Hi Sentry

decided to pick your post to answer the HD question. We are working on ways to bring you HD videos. Bandwidth costs are high and HD videos can be up to 3 times the size… We are committed to finding ways to be able to bring you HD but it needs a bit more work… Keep with us and we will find a way!


I hope Sony is going to give you a big juicy pay cheque. Incredible UI changes makes the XMB look bad!

I’ll be using this a ton more now!


Hi KC-alpha-14

Bad meaning good I hope ;)

Thanks for the nice words. We are very proud of it!


Looks very slick, I just hope the adverts are fixed so that we don’t see the same advert after every other song.

Found it Cheers!

very nice ben you make SCEE very proud giving us vidzone to nearly every SCEE region, i will sure to try this baby out. :)

kudos ;)

Suggestion: Twitter posts aswell as Facebook!

So guys, we have in Poland XMB icon for Vidzone since a few FW updates but still no fun. You have polish music videos.
So in the short military words.


EpicImmenseCurry 09 November, 2011 @ 15:41

I’m having trouble linking my Facebook account… When I go to settings and select Link Facebook account it asks me if I want to do it, so I press X to confirm but then nothing happens and if I try to post music videos to Facebook it gives me an error.


Hi EpicImmenseCurry

Thanks for the info… We will look into it. Keep trying, everything is a bit busy atm so it might just be a bit slow…

We will look into it.

Looks nice.

Do we still get XMB keyboard for searches?

Also + 1 for Pink Floyd.

YES YES YES! A thousand times YES! :D

I’ve been waiting for music genre specific categories for quite a while, i actually thought about suggesting that via e-mail. There was no way to find new music…

Looks awesome and most of all functional!

European_Gamer 09 November, 2011 @ 15:48

Have you considered also adding the option to sort artists by country?

I have a feeling there aren’t many Danish artist on vidZone, but I might be wrong.

I’m sure you will skip this question (just like the previous ones), but I will try anyway.

What about Poland?


is there an option to not show what your watching/listening to yet?

if not then i’ll not be downloading i’m afraid


Hi Roxas598

Do you mean showing your what your videos you are playing to your friends? If so, then you could always turn it off, in the new version, go to settings, then go to “Network and video settings” and untick XMB Screen presence.

I hope this helps, please give it a go, I promise you will like it.

Only can say WOW… Loved Vidzone 1.0 ..

but this is one hell of a great Update…

keep your great work on…

& give us some Daft Punk live…drag them on the stage & stream it live… ;)


nice nice. some HD would be nice… cmon how long has HD content actually been around now? :p

Looks very nice.

Big question is; is the video and sound quality much better than before? I hope so because I didn’t use it before exactly because the quality was so bad.

Love the update so much. I’ll have Vidzone on constantly again like i did when it first launched. Fantastic Job guys

Oh, this really is very good work. Snappy menus, and using the same dynamic playlist/thumbnail generation for your saved lists as well as the premade ones. Full marks.

(..needs more Apocalyptica and Bjørn Berge, though. :p )

When it all works in Lithuania/eastern Europe? :)

awesome update, so much easier to use now. slick, simple, epic. first Home now Vidzone you guys at sony are spoiling us.

XMB keyboard not needed,the search is so fast it’s not an issue anymore.

Carnivius_Prime 09 November, 2011 @ 16:08

A hell of an excellent revamp. The old UI got on my nerves and put me off using it after a while but this is very nice.

awesome i’ll be downloading now then :D

Upgrades to 2.0. Starts, get a message about what’s new, get the new icon in the middle of the screen, loads for a while, then the screen goes black.

Deleted, re-installed, same as above happens again on my new PS3 Slim 340 GB.


Hi EmpireNO

Be patient and keep trying, we have a lot of people re-downloading so things are a bit slow. We are monitoring very carefully so we will fix any issues as soon as we can.

Sorry for the delay in your new VidZone experience.

Quuu..,. When Poland? -_-

maddogarchie64 09 November, 2011 @ 16:14

well I shall certainly have a good look at this, looks good. Thanks for that reply last week

When the screen goes black I press a couple of buttons on the DualShock, I get the message “Error. The VidZone application encountered an error. The action you attempted failed. Do you want to retry?.”

Although there’s not much content for me here personally I will say that the interface is much much improved. The old interface was a huge mess, so kudos on that!

@Ben Creasy

Thank you for the information. Look very nice, can’t wait to try it out. Just hope the sound quality has been improved since last I tried.


Great stuff, will check it out later

And still no support for most of the countries :)
I would like to try it, but im sure 100% that it’s not available in Russia.


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