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It sounds like a good chunk of PlayStation HQ workers will be playing Skyrim this weekend and I’ll be one of them. I’ve created an Elf called Peter and I plan to spend a lot of time sneaking around forests. If you’re playing too this weekend, why not give us a little diary of your first few hours (no spoilers though).

On the topic of Payday: The Heist codes for the PLAY promotion, I’m told that they have all been sent out. If you haven’t received yours then please contact customer services. Click here to find all the contact details you need for assistance.

Here’s your recap:

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Going to head out and buy Skyrim today. Considering I’ve mostly been playing Uncharted 3, Resistance 3 and Battlefield 3 on my PS3, I need a different numbered sequel.

I think i’ll be getting Skyrim for xmas, got Saints Row 3 & WWE ’12 coming up. I heard Skyrim has multiplayer… is that true?

James Gallagher 14 November, 2011 @ 10:19

No multiplayer that I’m aware of.

im been to buses playn modern warfare 3 its class i don’t care what everyone says about it campaign was epic done it on veteran !! i done World at war,mw2 & Black ops on veteran


nope, not true..just a rumor.

non of the elder scrolls games has online but tbh they dont need it.

James did you play OBLIVION? greatest game of all time :) skyrim for xmas :D

James Gallagher 14 November, 2011 @ 10:21

Oblivion was one of the first PS3 games I got (I didn’t have a job when PS3 launched so I didn’t get one right away). Actually, it was the perfect game to be unemployed for – takes up lots of that free time.

Project2insanity 12 November, 2011 @ 14:56

That’s all well and good, Mr Gallagher, but it ain’t Final Fantasy VII!!!

CoolRichy008UK 12 November, 2011 @ 16:36


OBLIVION and skyrim int my games cuz they are heavy on rpg n so is dc universe online i mean £50 for 6 months i dont think so.

and also for xmas im gettin cool stuff

A yamaha psr e333 keyboard a android tablet 4 psn cards £80 and other cool stuff then once i got them il probs be happier on here and sorry if i got mad at ppl i just was stressed otherday it wont happen again and no i dont need a leacture on how to behave talkin of games wen i get worms mayhem wen its on psn maybe next week or soon im gonna name the worms after people that bullied me at school and college just like when i had the worms games on ps2 and trust me that game vents my anger and it helps :D :D :D

James Gallagher 14 November, 2011 @ 10:22

I’ll probably get Worms Mayhem too – see you on there!

Skyrim is amazing, got it on release, and it doesn’t need multiplayer at all. I’ts awesome without.. infact why am I here I’m playing skyrim byez lol


DC UNIVERSE ONLINE is free now, but it takes 6 hours (no joke) to download….i gave up on it.

im not an RPG fan atall, but OBLIVION and SKYRIM have just to much content packed into a disk. Defently worth the buy.

as for xmas i can only get 3 of the latest games because my dad will pay for the PS VITA.



3. WWE OR BF3 (hard to decide)


I’m just killing myself waiting for assassins creed to come out!
Every minute is like an hour!

why can’t assassins creed have been released 3 days earlier? Then I’d already have it!

Titchy_Penguin 12 November, 2011 @ 17:27

@same problem but i chose uncharted 3 explorer edition as i loved uncharted 2 and put 18 hours into the beta


If you don’t have any news from Oddworld,then I will do something very stupid.x(

Rogue-Leader73 12 November, 2011 @ 19:13

Sony please work on updating your software because Xbox is slipping in front of you and I want playstation to be the best gaming console in the world!!!! (like we all do) thanks for reading this :)


So codes have all been sent out ? I still dont have mine

CoolRichy008UK 12 November, 2011 @ 19:21

DAVIE222 buy WWE and get BF3 from the store and since i had ago on the psr E323 the one im gettin is the E333 keyboard same stuff as the latter one aka 232 but more added :D il message u davie :) got somin nice to tell u

CoolRichy008UK 12 November, 2011 @ 19:23

homer_snake relax ive heard it might be on psn next month aka december just wait ok wat u rather have a full game or a
rushed one oh and munch oddsee comin to the psn as well i had the full game on pc its a hoot lol

CoolRichy008UK 12 November, 2011 @ 19:25

anyone gettin worms ultimate mayhem on psn when its out add me :D and belive me that game is a good way to release stress i had both on the ps2 and played them for agesssss as long as they are same as original il deffo get them

James Gallagher When Will Worms Ultimate Mayhem Be Avalible On PlayStation Store?

James Gallagher 14 November, 2011 @ 10:23

Team 17 are good friends of the blog so I’ll send an email over and see if we can get that confirmed.

I just saw new home square and to be honest it amazing we’ll all mis old one but welcome new home square keep ip the amazing work =D

James Gallagher 14 November, 2011 @ 10:24

Glad you like it.

going from mw to bf thats like going from steak to beans on toast

AC Tuesday will have my time :)

CoolRichy008UK 13 November, 2011 @ 11:43

why dont they bring old home square back as a apartment :D lol


i know alot of this stuff sounds great and yeee haaa wow fab brill.

but id like to know why if sony has spent so much money on upgrading there servers to catch cheats/hackers online through there servers loggin. why it is theres not one game ive played that is online based that has ps3 cheaters online?? so much for the anti-hacking programs yet another failed attempt to brush the problem under the carpet.. clocks ticking for to see if we have another 3-4 weeks of no PSN network!! sony never listens.

@ shedboy90

But I prefer beans on toast ;)

MW3 may be good but it’s still plagued with glitches, hackers, cheaters & the same boring gameplay! I was looking forward to it until I say it played out in front of me!

Recycled the same buildings & layouts from MW1 & MW2.

It’s lazy on Activision/Infinity Wards part :(

It’s okay, but i’ll wait for a price drop & the server & ELITE issues to stop, before purchasing!

If you were a true Gamer, you would admit the problems & that’s what the difference is between a fanboy & a loyal Gamer ;)

Black Ops was great as it added alot more than previous COD releases but MW3 is simply MEH!

I was looking forward to it until I *SAW it played out in front of me!

I’ve got my fingers crossed for the next COD release & i think Treyarch will do a better job IMHO!

i never said cod didn’t have problems
yh the cheaters and hackers r problems
i didn’t get gliches so idk wht ur getting at
the gameplay isn’t the same like i said b4 u been brainwashed by dice to dislike the tiniest of things on cod

of all the reviews i seen of mw3 and bf3 only a handful said bf3 as a whole was better but the rest said mw3 was best
oh and u know wht game will sell more …… thats right mw3

u bf fanboys don’t get that mw is a continuing story not the accusations of there always being 2 bad guys

oh btw sledgehammer were involved so don’t think activision and infinity ward r being “lazy”

SirJake_Brookes 13 November, 2011 @ 17:12

MW2 is much better online then MW3 but campaign MW3 is excellent & skyrim is like world of warcraft, BF3 is rubbish compared with modern COD games & * Lest We Forget *

@ shedboy90

Critic reviews gave it a 9 & Users gave it 2.8

PMSL @ BF fanboy comment. I’m no fanboy I just know a good game when I see it. MW3 hasn’t done anything that new & it’s getting very boring & tiresome! COD will always sell more as it’s turned into a franchise & the games get churned out on a yearly basis.

I’ve already stated I like COD MW1 & W@W so I guess that makes me a COD/BF fanboy 2 u eh?

Get a grip, i’ve been gaming a long time & Treyarch will do a much better job!

Sales figures mean nothing as people will purchase it regardless as it’s a COD game which used 2 b the greatest in my eyes but i’ve lost faith in them now & they’re just after the money.

Glad I never purchased it or I would have felt ripped off! After all it’s just a glorified map pack with some extra game modes thrown

MW3 is an Arcade twitch shooter Battlefield is a war simulation with strategy!

Aren’t u annoyed at how lazy they’ve been? It’s disgusting!

I always championed COD but not anymore & i’m being realistic & truthful not a fanboy!

I haven’t said BF3 is better but the 2 games are so diverse that u shouldn’t compare them. I was replying 2 your stupid statement about steak!

You’re another one that won’t listen 2 reason as you’re so brainwashed with COD.

BF3 has annoying glitches, bugs & suffers with LAG on alot of servers but so does COD, get over it ;)

SirJake_Brookes 13 November, 2011 @ 17:29

on CL topic. Must challenge lobby hosts in past are Quite good at modern warfare & modern warfare 2 & CL hosting is new step & Sony can’t stop them only activison can because activison have MW1 & MW2 servers. I hope that answered CL hacking topic & btw pier park is amazing. please bring it next thursday.

Hi catkiller, I agree about mw3 being recycled gameplay but it’s what the fans want and feel if they changed it too much the community would go crazy. I love both games but at the min I’m enjoying mw3 a little more, hopefully when the karkland pack gets released that will change as they were my gave maps on 2


MW3 ain’t to bad, but there is far to much hype about it considering it’s not much different to the others. They could have upped their game abit though as I reckon when the next one comes out people MIGHT be a bit wary about rushing to the shops and spending £50. Do like it but quite relieved I only paid £38 for it.
Annoyed that the ELITE service ain’t working yet, they say they didn’t expect this many people to use it is complete BS. Considering it seems to be the biggest game franchise they should have been prepared.

maddogarchie64 13 November, 2011 @ 20:03

skyrim is awesome, I’ve played it for 5 hours and I’m a level 8 wood elf, personally I would recommend focusing on one-armed weapons and shields and bows

James Gallagher 14 November, 2011 @ 10:27

I was going to be a wood elf but in a moment of madness I chose the cat. Feeling a bit silly now, to be honest, running around all these towns and villages as a cat, but I’ve put too many hours in to go back.

@ ukcrazyguy

I agree with everything you say apart from “it’s what the fans want”!

You’re not getting it, i’m a BIG fan of COD & have played all titles & enjoyed them all. MW2 was a big disappointment for me & MW3 has followed in it’s footsteps. I was expecting BIG things & have been let down yet again!

Black Ops added alot more from the previous TREYARCH titles & was a big step up for me.

Hopefully TREYARCH step it up, like they have previously :)

Don’t get me wrong, I will get MW3 but not until it drops to £20, as that price justifies it ;)

Sorry fellas, it’s hard trying to put across what i’m trying to say, but this article has done it for me:

i just pop in here too before i go off here for a week i got COD MW3 catkiller elite app had issues too many ppl logging on, all new services get problems. but it not as bad from few days ago.

i buy the sub, i write some commets on it, i enter say cheese contest now on elite summary I‘m a founder elite premium member i had issues with how can a rank 10 knife me when my heartbeat sensor didn’t bleep, rank 27 is the assassin perk higher rank you get extra perks.

haveing said that they trying something me, & that is welcome in my eyes

ps catkiller not bought MW3 yet for 25 quid while stock lasts ;)

@ Catkiller i know what your saying black ops was great campaign online and zombies now with mw3 its gone downhill

the bf fanboy comment was to get u to act up (thanks i had gd laugh lol)
if u know a gd game when u see it y don’t u review games? hmm
u been gaming for a long time wow shows ur life has been “productive”

i answered ur question about the designers being “lazy”
my steak and beans on toast comparison isn’t stupid its a common comparison describer
im not brainwashed by cod u just ran out of insults so u copied me :)

i didn’t get any glitches, bugs or lagg on servers but its not to say it won’t have it
u get over it

ASTRA_GSI_MKIII 14 November, 2011 @ 03:13

just wondering why can’t uk playstation 3’s play ps2 software think thats a bit unfair

like games?

Carnivius_Prime 14 November, 2011 @ 07:28

Skyrim looks like my idea of gaming hell. I loathed Oblivion and Fallout 3 (the most tedious games of the last ten years) so am too wary of ever spending money on a game by those guys again.

With Uncharted 3 already bought and completed, I reckon I’m done buying games for a while at least til the Vita comes out. There’s not much else that appeals to me at all. You can keep your samey dull limited unimaginitive FPS crud too.

James I know im flogging a dead horse need to change the record etc etc.

But I still haven’t got my Payday code.

I contacted customer services over the phone (which costs me money) and they said to be patient as the codes were still being sent out.

I spoke to rabbidwalker via twitter and I was told the same thing.

This is getting a little bit ridiculous to be honest.

@ shedboy90

No need to get personal with stating my life. I have had a productive life, but I won’t go into the boring details, as the good people i’ve met on this blog already know.

I’m not here to insult, i’m stating facts & most websites seem to agree with me.

Of course I would act up, as you labelled me a BF fanboy.

Anyway I can’t be bothered dealing with another immortal-wolf- that can’t take other peoples comments on board.

I wasn’t attacking COD in general, just MW3 & you rose to the occasion ;)

I rest my case!

@ shedboy90

Also i’ve noticed the times that you’ve been commenting!

Don’t you think you should get some sleep?

No wonder you won’t listen, as MW3 is probably reality for you right now with sleep deprivation lol :) JK ;)


Hello people, i need some skyrim player (not fanboy) to help me!
im pretty interested in the game but have seen so many faults with it that really put me off.
for example hacking at someone only hits in the groin area, people getting in the way when in battle and enemy becoming unresponsive during fight. o and what is with the flying around the map? is this some sort of hack for pc’s?

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