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As you must know by now, PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) will be hitting shelves across the PAL region from 22 February 2012. For a limited period starting from 30th November, you’ll be able to pre-order PS Vita at selected retailers.

Not only will pre-ordering guarantee a PS Vita on the day of launch, but you also get to take home an exclusive PS Vita Gift Pack* including limited edition merchandise, exclusive content and game discounts for PlayStation Store. The following PS Vita Pre-order Gift Packs will be available at selected retailers:

In Ear Headphones in ‘PS Vita Blue’

Phones CU

Branded sleek blue metallic finish in-ear PlayStation design headphones plus a pre-order code that will unlock PSN voucher codes for the following:

  • €5 discount on one of the following PS Vita games on PlayStation Store: Little Deviants, Super Stardust Delta, Hustle Kings, Escape Plan.
  • Exclusive PS Vita items for PlayStation Home: PS Vita T- Shirt, Sunglasses, Headphones, Trainers and Bag.
  • Exclusive early access to Frobisher Says! for PS Vita.
  • An exclusive PS Vita Avatar for PlayStation Network.

PS Vita Gaming Wallet

closed wallet 1smallopen wallet1small

PS Vita branded leather wallet to keep your cash, credit cards and games with you at all times, with a hidden compartment for 3 PS Vita cards and 3 PS Vita memory cards plus a pre-order code** that will unlock PSN voucher codes for the following:

  • €5 discount on one of the following PS Vita games on PlayStation Store: Little Deviants, Super Stardust Delta, Hustle Kings, Escape Plan.
  • Exclusive PS Vita items for PlayStation Home: PS Vita T- Shirt, Sunglasses, Headphones, Trainers and Bag.
  • Exclusive early access to Frobisher Says! on PS Vita.
  • An exclusive PS Vita Avatar for PlayStation Network.

*PS Vita Gaming Wallet pre-order only available in France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, South Africa and Greece.

To pre-order is simple, just follow the steps below:

  • From 30 November pre-order PS Vita at your chosen retail store by paying a deposit.
  • Select which PS Vita Limited Edition pre-order Gift Pack you would like and take it home with you.
  • At the PS Vita launch, visit the retail store where you pre-ordered to pay the balance for your PS Vita system and start playing. It’s that easy!
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almighty-slayer 15 November, 2011 @ 17:08

meh. Needs one with memory card.

Are there any plans to do a Value Pack style bundle with a memory card?

No bundles with a memory card? Massive fail there. Absolutely massive fail. Hardly anyone will want these ‘bonuses’.

Any chance for other countries? Especially Poland?


Hi ddluk, you will be able to get the Headphones back in Poland at selected retailers.

Would be nice with a more significant bonus, but I guess this isn’t a bundle but simply a pre-order bonus… so awesome at that :D


Hi Demadred, you are correct. This is just a bonus and a thank you to those that pre-order. All this content comes at no additional charge.

Day One. :cool:

CoolRichy008UK 15 November, 2011 @ 17:13

dont get a vita get a android :D

SuGaR_rAy_RiDeR 15 November, 2011 @ 17:14

this is a great idea, when can we find out more info for who is gonna be doing this deal? I hope amazon will be….!!!


Hi Sugar, details of the retailers particpating will be available soon

Awesome to see some pre-order options, and loving that Norway is mentioned. I know what to do on November 30th! Going for the wallet pack I think. I need a new wallet.


Glad you like the look of it Pesico!

almighty-slayer 15 November, 2011 @ 17:17

Just noticed UK doesnt even get the wallet. Meh


Awwww… The wallet looks cool! You would expect that living in the UK it would be coming out here… Oh well…


can there be a pack were we get all these lovely goodies would prefer the wallet still lol


#7 Already have a Android

Oh come on, please do a value pack. It’d be great.

Surprised the wallet isn’t included for preorders in the UK. Echoing the comments of a preorder deal that includes a memory card.

Sweet, shame about the wallet I would’ve loved carring that around.


When yous get the new Uncharted game running on your Androids please let me know.

When will the stores be announced? I already pre ordered mine but I wouldn’t mind cancelling and reordering somewhere else for this juicy pack.

Definitely buying Super Stardust Delta and Escape Plan so the discounts a good’un.

Is this high street retail only (I guess so because you take the goodies away before the PS Vita releases) or will online stores be offering these too? If not will there be another offering for online stores?


Escape Plan is looking great!

Wait, I’m confused. Are there different packs per country?

To be more specific, what does Portugal get?


Hi Andrefpvs, in Portugal you will be able to get Headphones pack.

I’ll be buying a memory stick and a VITA case. I’m not interested in PlayStation branded wallets or earphones.

Sort it out please.

so, UK pre-orders get a set of headphones… wow. Way to suck big time, Sony.

Didn’t the PSP come with *free* headphones? Comparing it to JP/US/CA pre-orders, this is just pathetic.

One again Europe gets shafted.


something tells me you are desperate for sales sony, thats a lame arsed pre-order pack. you would definitely expect a memory card at least! vita will not last as some have mentioned android is the way, the xperia play is a great gaming phone. again the vita is for the kids with pocket money, i cant see to many parents dishing out for this just after Christmas when they have already spent on games for other consoles, specially in this climate!!

Does anyone know what retail stores this is going to be for?

Please inform yourself. SCEJ and SCEA haven’t offered any FREE preorder goodies.


Hi Shin-Ra, thanks for this. Just to add that these packs are available at no extra cost when you pre-order PS Vita. We are not charging anyone any extra, these are simply a free bonus and a thank you to those that want to pre-order.

Tell that to the “early adopters” who get it a week in advance…

Inform yourself, indeed.

Eh…wait no Finland -.-“


Finland will have both packs available to choose from

what about the UK?

“Tell that to the “early adopters” who get it a week in advance…”

For which you pay $50 extra and you’re limited to a single package and can’t choose 3G+WiFi or WiFi only.

As I said “SCEJ and SCEA haven’t offered any FREE preorder goodies.”

Terrible. We want memory card.

Damn that wallet looked nice too. Guess I’ll have to settle for the ear headphones which should be bundled with the system anyway. Very bad pre-orders sorry to say.

I want the wallet…….isn’t strange that people wants something they can’t have.

Except Paris Hilton, you can keep her LOL :D

Why do Sony persist in believing that all PSP/PSV owners have a PS3? I don’t, so all the PS Home stuff is worthless…

Yep, could really do with a pre-order deal with a memory card. The price for the Vita on its own is reasonable, but throw in a couple of games at launch, and a decent-sized memoru card (at least the price of a game, maybe even MORE expensive), and it’s a much harder sell.


Meh. right now I don’t really care about a pack with a memory card. what I really want is a pre order pack in the netherlands. I would get it for sure :O

Not sure I can afford a Vita + game + memory card. Need to chuck a memory card in with the pack, especially if you’re giving away discounted downloads.

Jesus, don’t you people ever stop moaning?

This is not a *bundle*, it’s a pre-order *bonus*. A little “thank you” for pre-ordering the system, and firming that up with a cash deposit at a retailer.

I’ve had mine on order for months, but online – and by the sound of it, that doesn’t qualify me for any of this stuff. I’m not whining about it.

“dont get a vita get a android”

I got one. Games suck. Give me a Vita any day. :-)


Black only launch is very disappointing. Will wait for other colours and for memory card prices to drop. The Vita really does look fantastic though.


what about the uk and you fail with those all you needed was one with uncharted golden abyss and a small mermory card ^ with those people get money off a game on the psn store but still need the stick to save the game on sneaky much? such a shame your going to make it difficult to get what we want on release date hopefully the retailers will do something like that in their completition for release sales-like they did with 3ds….


people read, these are pre-order bonusses. You don’t pay anything extra and you get extra goodies. These are not the packs they are going to sell!!

No wallet for the UK? Really? And yes, no memory card?


memory card please.come on sony…

I’d much rather have at “least” a 2-4GB memory stick bundled with PS Vita at launch!

That’s what we want!


Really people? You’re expecting a memory card as a Pre-Order bonus? Has any company EVER done that? Stop being so god damn demanding.

I want a bundle with the game WipEout 2048, 7 days before the official release, like in USA !

As a die-hard fan of the series, I should know, but I’m really not certain; is DYNASTY WARRIORS NEXT a launch title in Europe? Please clarify this for me… :)

hey hey

is that a huge hint that the vita will not be shipped with headphones or just that they will be generic psp white ones ?

the wallet looks nice but not available in the uk ?

5 euro discount ? whats that in old fashioned sterling ?

considring that pre orders and early adopters bay the premium price point and often no discounts on hardware releases. this feels like a smack in the face with a wet kipper. 5 euro and some digital trash :/

looks like i’m gonna hold off some more.

remind me of that launch date. ……


€5 in old fashioned trusty sterling is £5


Seems pretty ok as a FREE bonus, already pre-ordered mine anyway, but may swap if it goes to a local store.

As for those moaning about wanting a memory card, getting a 32gb personally so I wouldn’t be interested in getting little card that I wouldn’t use. Just wanted to try and put things in perspective.

Would rather have a Memory card. But then this is just a bonus so i’m still happy :)

And chance you could just buy these headphones and wallet in the UK without needing a Vita?


Sorry, these are only available as an exclsuive to those that pre-order PS Vita

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