Step Right Up To Carnival Island

Step Right Up To Carnival Island 1

Greetings out there in PlayStation land! I’m Mark Tsai, president and co-founder at Magic Pixel Games in Los Angeles, California. Our name’s new, but the team’s not – we’re industry veterans who have worked on many well-loved franchises such as Stephen Spielberg’s Boom Blox and Guitar Hero, among many other titles in our combined resume.

But enough about us – I’m really excited to introduce you to our newest production: Carnival Island. In collaboration with SCEA Santa Monica Studio, we’ve taken three key ingredients and combined them into an endlessly entertaining package:

We’ve taken the physical accuracy of the PlayStation Move motion controller, Magic Pixel’s expertise in motion-controlled gaming, and the fun of the carnival…and rolled them into a truly family-friendly, instantly-accessible experience. It’s all the fun of the fair without having to find parking! Check out the trailer:

Endorsed by Family Friendly Video Games, Carnival Island features more than 35 games and attractions, so there’s surely something fun for gamers of all ages and skill-levels. Play solo in Story mode, or grab your friends and family and play together (side-by-side or one-at-a-time), since the game supports up to four players with up to two motion controllers. Frogbog, Ringtoss, Shooting Gallery and Hoops are just a few of the games you’ll play as you explore the island – and the games get more and more magical as you play. The sky’s the limit!

Step Right Up To Carnival Island 2

Carnival Island also includes tons of souvenirs and friends for you to meet. Pets and adorable creatures awaken and cheer you on as you play each attraction bringing life and color back to the island. And as you succeed, the island has many secrets for you to reveal.

We’re really excited for you to try the game and feel proud that we’ve made a game that’s really unlike any other motion-controlled experience, with wonder and magic around every corner.

Carnival Island will be available at your favorite retailer from November 16, 2011. The demo will also be available on PlayStation Network soon.

Step Right Up To Carnival Island 3

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fjernbetjening 15 November, 2011 @ 14:31

What’s up with the sound in the video? I swear it’s the most annoying sound I’ve ever ****** heard!

I told you, I’d swear (-: (Even though I censored it)

Just in case they fix it, there was a really annoying sound when you played the trailer.


Looks really good, My Kids will love it.

news for Jurassic Park? t will come out tomorrow

At last a family game that might justify what we shelled out for the move pack.Been crying out for a playable game that you dont get bored of after a week,fingers crossed again then.

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