PlayStation Network Scheduled Maintenance

PlayStation Network is offline for scheduled maintenance from 16:00 on Thursday 17 November until 02:00 GMT on Friday November 2011.

During the maintenance, you will be unable to access the following services:

  • PlayStation Store on PS3 and PSP.
  • PlayStation Network Account Management.
  • PlayStation Network Account Registration.

In addition, you will not be able to sign in to PlayStation Network from However, if you sign in to PSN before 16:00 GMT on Thursday 17 November 2011 then you may be able to still play online.

During this maintenance, you can continue to collect in-game trophies and these will be updated on your profile once PlayStation Network is back up and running.

If you have any questions about this down time, feel free to visit the official PlayStation Forums at where you can post your query and a member of the Community Team will get back to you.

For the latest maintenance updates, visit the PlayStation Blog at, keep an eye on our Facebook page at and follow us on Twitter at

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meh, i’ll be on halo combat evolved anniversary all day ^_^

CoolRichy008UK 16 November, 2011 @ 15:04

3 questions james

1 wats the update for
2 when is worms ultimate mayhem coming out cuz im dying to buy it
3 so if i stay logged in all day it will be fine :D

1st COMMENT :D :D :D

CoolRichy008UK 16 November, 2011 @ 15:05

my comment was 1st LAClennell

u mad bro?

empthsis on the number ‘1’ next to me……………

Can t it be down over night!!!!


What I’d do to be able to sign in to psn at uni…


No worries! Thanks for telling us

does it really matter?!


@LAClennell .. allright m8, could you tell me if halo reach has any in box codes for maps etc, only i been thinking about getting it but not sure if it would be cheaper to buy 2nd hand and get the maps of live, or just pay more for a new/sealed copy if theres codes include in the box.thnx, m8.

Rik30, it is overnight?

its about the 2 activasions thing,what about the account management website where we can manage our activations?


Will Gran Turismo 5 and PlayStation Home be affected? Home Gear requires both! D:

@chrisandsheva – if you buy it new, you get a code for the anniversary map pack for use in halo reach. the map pack will be avialable seperatly on xbl for 1200msp,

also if you’re buying Halo CEA soon, look out for the special sleeve version.. you get an avatar costume and a special skull for use in game

and for halo reach, if you’re buying it new (especially from Game)ask if it comes with the special recon helmet and chest piece in game dlc. if not, just buy it preowned

my first post was refering to halo CE anniversary btw

James I still don’t have a payday code. Whats going on?

I have spoken to CS on the phone they told me to wait as did RAbid walker via twitter but this just isn’t good enough.

My monies on this being related to the “Max 2 Activations” per item of Store Content.

Perhaps SCEE will be able to roll out the ‘deactivation’ web service on time tomorrow. *Unlikely*

Ohno… Its because sony has been bought out by apple and are launching a new console to take on the xbox. The app store and psn are merging… Imagine that :)


@LAClennell thnx for the info bro, i have worked out that a new reach will only be a few quid more, instead of 2nd hand and 1200points, so i will do that, as whenever possible i allways go for the new/sealed ones, also i got a good bargain the other day on gears3, some new shop were doing a opening sale and had a few gears3 up for £19.99, so am well happy with that, though tbh i haven’t even finished gears1 yet, so am not sure if i should just dive into 3 or play 1and2 first, knowing me though i will see prob just start on 3. .. thnx again for reply m8.

thanks for the heads up what website would u be able to deactive your ps3 systems from james i was trying to deactive my systems on the but it would not let me deactive my systems hopefuly th update well

maddogarchie64 16 November, 2011 @ 15:47

as long as I can play saints row the third tomorrow fine by me

If this maintenance is not adding features but removeing features I‘m not intrested lol :D

It makes no difference to me because after i did the update for mw3 my ps3 stopped playing and reading discs :(

Ummm, I called customer service about my Payday voucher 2day and finally got through to someone willing to help, he took my ref# from my e-mail contact to them, all the info about the PLAY stuff and said he would pass it on

Now when i try to log on I get: ‘Access to PSN by this account has been banned or temporarily suspended’

I haven’t received any mail, call, PM or anything about this. Have I been banned for complaining about not receiving a product I paid for???

And what about the hundred’s of pounds of stuff I got lying on the store?

Don’t see not being able to log in for a few hours cos of maintainance as a big deal, but what the hell is this about???


What is it this time, do we get faster downloading for PSN, because that is overdue by almost 6 years!

@chrisandsheva refer to all 3 of my posts. its not a new halo reach that comes with the map pack, its a new halo CEA

thunderking1981 16 November, 2011 @ 15:57

hi james how are you thanks for the heads up so the playstation home will be offline until friday at 2.00am what will i do until friday? whats going on please tell me thanks from thunderking and good luck


does anyone have a brain at sony. .. why do sony allways do their maintence on the day the store is updated…. it baffles me


@28: Store is updated Wednesday, this maintenance starts 4pm on Thursday.

Hi James
Can you clarify the activations changes. As I have 4 PS3 and 3 PSP so as this does affect me I’d appreciate answer. Does the change mean I can continue using my account on all 4 but only download content to any 2 or a specific 2. And if I delete from one can I then download to another? Really disappointed that these restrictions have been brought in. I can play a disc on any of my systems (even a friends PS3) but if I buy digital/dlc I have to choose which 2 to download to and even disc based games will be restricted if I can’t add map packs to all my consoles. Is someone at Sony gonna compensate me for the potential ‘bricks’ in my possession which I bought knowing I was within Sony’s limits and they have now chosen cut down. Before anyone asks why I have 4, bought two (one for me, one for my son), one went wrong, bought replacement, found out I could get broken one replaced under sale of goods act, won fourth

@ whereismax123

Don’t know if you noticed, but it clearly states Thursday for the update & the store is updated today, (Wednesday) like very week ;)

Carnivius_Prime 16 November, 2011 @ 16:44

I’ll be pedalling hard to get home from work tomorrow then. I finish at 3:45, have to pick something up from post office on the way though which will slow me down. I got an Uncharted 3 team up scheduled tomorrow night darnit…


@LAClenell … ok i understand what map you meant now, i must of missed ur added posts when i replied, but again thnx for doing so, I am defo going to be getting reach, though i will need to check out some gameplay footage b4 i decide about the CE anniversary, if it looks as good as there making it sound (on back of sleeve) then i will grab it,

ChameleonVector 16 November, 2011 @ 16:54

At least I’ll be out training for most of this. It’s a shame it’s during peek times though. That’s kind of a bad time

TroubleMaker411 16 November, 2011 @ 17:03


Gamespot are reporting that the update is to invoke the new game sharing rules (active on 2 machines, not 5)

Problem is, there seems to be some ambiguity as to the actual restrictions.
is it 2 PS3’s AND 2 PSPs/VITAs
or is it 2 consoles total? (ie. 1 PS3 and 1 VITA only)

I only ask as I have 3 activated PS3s (2 in house, 1 at work) and 1 (possibly 2) VITAs come february.

How is this going to affect me?

No Worries from me. I’ll just play some old PS2 games during the maintenance.

But the Store update today was very lacking. Please release Worms: Ultimate Mayhem next week as I am dying to get it!


someone mentioned apps for psn!!! your not far of the mark! sony are developing a tablet for gaming using android, about time! also more news from sony, they are getting rid of the sony name for tv’s as sales have been rubbish and there is to much competition so they are merging with toshiba and hitashi (excuse the spelling) that be pretty good, and expect some exceptional screen tech when they do!

Titchy_Penguin 16 November, 2011 @ 17:19

2 ps3’s and 2 psp’s and presumably 2 ps vita when it comes out

wat ? no kz3 onine for 2 days DUDE crunchy

CoolRichy008UK 16 November, 2011 @ 17:43

no LAClennell i was 1st comment cuz i said so so be quiet or il use ur name on worms mayhem ps3 :D

wht the f are there people talkin bout crapbox stuff on A PLAYSTATION WEBSITE?

@pugcool its off for 10 hours, not 2 days

Wraith_Bringer 16 November, 2011 @ 18:11

Screw this, I’m angrier we don’t get the wallet in the UK.


well if the psn is not gonna be working (again) then us people with crapboxes (lol) will have no choice than use them (boo), na seriously m8, its only my 2nd choice console, nothing comes close to my ps, but m$ being what they are they grabbed a few ‘games’ i wanted, splinter cell conviction etc, so being a gamer first i just had no choice but to get the xbox, but if i am honest sce could do worse than to not follow m$s examples of treating there customers like people, anyway m8 nough said.


not again, don’t tell me your hacked again

Frodouk, Not in the uk, it’s our evening of playing online ruined!!


does that mean mw3 might work online after update or i am just clutching at straws


Still no Payday Code.
I think we have to show SCEE our class action.
what does such a small kid doing on this site. Go away, we don’t want to see you.


why there is no metal gear gear avatars in uk playstation store, i hate this, the us store get many things and we get bad things i want metal gear solid avatars in uk store

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