VidZone 2.0 Update: One Week In, Three New Zones! 80’s And 90’s

Phew, you like it! So… it’s been a week of everyone getting to grips with VidZone 2.0 and after a flood of very, very beautiful feedback from all of you, we think it’s definitely time to continue giving you more. This week as well as loads of new videos and updates to many of our Zones, we also have three brand new zones to unveil for you.

We have decided to dedicate a zone each to what you have always told us was your favourite decades for music videos, the 80’s Zone and the 90’s Zone! Now you can explore both the decade that bought us synthesisers, new romantics, big hair and power ballads or immerse yourself in the 10 years that we encountered boy bands, shell suits, bum bags and novelty pop records (Hanson anyone?). We also have added TV Zone for you to easily browse our many TV Channels. For full details see our Spotlight Zone section below.

For all of you having the “black screen at startup” issue, this issue is now fixed, just relaunch the application and it should work, if not delete the application and re-download from the store and retry. If you are having the issue please email and we will guide you through.


With each update we will be highlighting one particular zone(s) to really shout about. This week it is obviously our brand new Zones… Check out below for what you can expect.


80’s Zone

  • 80s TV
  • Artists Spotlight – Michael Jackson
  • Greatest Hits – Duran Duran
  • Flashback – Blondie
  • Alternative 80s TV (The Cure, New Order etc)
  • 80s Party TV (The Police, Wham etc)


90’s Zone

  • 90s TV
  • Artist Spotlight – Michael Jackson
  • Greatest Hits – Mariah Carey
  • Flashback – Spice Girls
  • Best Of Britpop (Blur, Oasis, Shed 7)
  • Grunge TV (Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice In Chains)

TV Zone

For a full listing of all of our TV channels in one place making a channel list better than any Music TV package head to TV Zone.

We will obviously be adding more to each zone in the coming weeks, if you have any ideas email them to


Videos worth shouting about will be here each time as well as our Artist of the Week (AOTW). Not Zone specific just the best of the weeks update.

Artist Of The Week


Katy Perry featuring her brand new single “The One That Got Away”

Hot This Week

  • Rihanna – We Found Love
  • Taio Cruz – Hangover
  • Drake – Headlines
  • The Wanted – Warzone
  • Young Guns – Learn My Lesson
  • Foster The People – Call It What You Want
  • Ne-Yo – The Way You Move
  • Nicole Scherzinger – Try With Me
  • Beyoncé – Party
  • Britney Spears – Criminal
  • Coldplay – Paradise


Here we have all the most important changes to each zone so you can come straight there to find out what you should be looking out for in your favourite Zone.

Pop Zone


Artist Spotlight – JLS (UK/IE)
Artist Spotlight – Lorie (FR)
Artist Spotlight – Mark Medlock (DE/AT/CH)
VidZone Recommends – Zero Assoluto (IT)
VidZone Recommends – Chenoa (ES)

Rock Zone


VidZone Recommends – Seether (all)
Artist Focus – Young Guns (all)
Centre Stage – Estopa (ES)
One To Watch – Icon For Hire (all)

Alternative Zone


VidZone Recommends – Arctic Monkeys (AU/NZ)
VidZone Recommends – The BossHoss (DE)
VidZone Recommends – Zowie (NZ)
Artist Spotlight – Gin Wigmore (AU/NZ)
Artist Spotlight – Raf (IT)
Artists Spotlight – Edi Casabella (FR)
Country TV (all)

Metal Zone


VidZone Recommends – Enter Shikari (all ex AU/NZ)
Centre Stage – August Burns Red (all)

Maximum Bass Zone


Artist Spotlight – Toddla T (all)
One To Watch – Phace & Misanthrop (all)


Here you will find anything else we want to talk about but doesn’t fit anywhere. This week a reminder of all the other ways we communicate with you and that you can talk to us.


One thing I’m not changing… how I sign out… If you don’t like it… stop reading now!

I’m off to get my shell suit and bumbag out and listen to boy bands and Hanson…


6 Author replies

Really love the new vidzone :), so simple and easy to find what you want now.

Nice work on the new GUI. But please change the German translation from “Partei Zone” to “Party Zone”. “Partei” doesn’t make any sense.


Hi Spaulding

We will look at this right away. Thanks for the heads up. If you notice any more translation issues could you email them to

love the new vidzone so much choice of music well done

devilwithoutfear 17 November, 2011 @ 15:39

Nice work Ben and the entire Vidzone team!
Any hope for 70’s music?


Hi Devilwithoutfear

Maybe, we are open to any Zone ideas. If we can find enough videos then we will definitely consider it. Music videos weren’t really around until the later 70’s but i know we do have a fair few so we will take a look and see what we can do…. If not we could do a 70s playlist or TV channel instead.

Is the update today? PSN having maintenance atm so service is up and down?

maddogarchie64 17 November, 2011 @ 16:13

I really like it now, I’m not sure if a lot of the great metal videos on their have recently been added or if they were already there but it is so much better then before, I use it a lot now. Only bad thing about it is the constant updates telling you what your watching and what’s next every 20 seconds, besides that great job!


Hi maddogarchie

We do add videos all the time but with the new interface its so much easier for our users to find videos and then find similar videos. It was the main point of updating the interface in fact. Glad our work has payed off and you can find all those videos that were hidden away before.

As for the pop up now playing bar. We are going to reduce this soon as a few people say its annoying. We have to have it pop up sometimes as we run advertising on it and we get payed more to show it more, but we don’t want to annoy anyone so we are going to lower the frequency. Hope that helps :)

When Poland?

Mine was working last week when 2.0 first came out but was not working this morning when i tried it.
It got to the Vidzone logo and just stayed on it.
Did it go down or do i need to redownload?

Also would it be possible to put an option to request songs on Vidzone itself, that’s when i’d be more likely to think of them. :)


Hi Bitbydeath

Sorry to hear that the service isn’t working. Can you email and we can get you to try a few things to get you working. We have had issues with this but we had made changes to fix it.

When will you add more Prodigy’s tracks like Firestarter and Breathe? If they are there then how long will it take for them to be viewable in Finland. Also Pendulums remix of Prodigys Voodoo People please.
VZ 2.0 works really well and smoothly, like really really smoothly.

hey i know this isn’t the right post to ask this but do you know when jurassic park will be available on psn?thanks

Christmas Playlist Christmas Playlist Christmas Playlist Christmas Playlist Christmas Playlist Christmas Playlist Christmas Playlist :D

I am going to check out the 80’s TV :D Loving the new look still, very chic.

Looks like an expensive new update. I’ve used Vidzone once since you updated it, and ended up buying two albums as a result. :D

Hi Ben,

You guys got version 2.0 so right! I loved the concept of Vidzone, but the UI was clunky and put some people I know off using it. Now I love the whole package.

A few points; I agree thet the pop up ‘now playing’ window is too frequent – perhaps we could adjust this via settings, with you managing the lowest frequency (as required for advertising)? Also I agree with bitbydeath re requesting videos via Vidzone itself – would be great addition and impressive too. Finally, you MUST add Country Zone ASAP! You have tonnes of content – the playlist in Alternative Zone is a nice start… Old folk like my dad can’t cope with setting own playlist, so need that (very cool) mix button and featured items!

Keep up the genuinely great work!!

PS: Paradise Lost, Forever After is still not working right towards the end – I have mentioned this a few times now.

Sorry, another thing!

This update has been advertised quite well, but wasn’t in the ‘new this week’ section of the Store. Vidzone always used to be in the bottom right of the summary page as you enter Store, but is now missing (even though they’re still flogging that dead MUBI horse!).

I reckon you should put it back there so fans of the service can point new users to it easily.

Keep that metal coming…!



Thanks for all your comments, all taken on board!

Maybe you could email us with your suggestions for the country zone? It would be great to get some recommendatory from someone that is really into the genre.

Until we have a way to recommend in the application, could you send all these to and we will add it to our list.

Vidzone 2.0 isn’t working for me as it should, the musics take forever to start streaming and it “3 beeps” my PS3 every time I leave the service to XMB!! I erased all the data related to vidzone and I did a fresh install but the problem persists.

I can make a video and upload it toyou guys so you can analyze what might be happening, I have 12mbps internet, so it’s not a speed problem, and I already restarted both my modem and Internet settings on PS3, the problem persists…

help me?

Btw, I lik the new UI, I just can’t find where to look for an artist instead of a particular song, let’s say I want to check all Michael Jackson songs, how can I do that now?



Hi MK24ever

Could you email with details of your error and we will look into it for you. We have a couple of reports of VidZone running slow for people so would like to have as many people to test with as possible. Video would be great too!

As usual no Poland and no answer or even a hint if it’s coming or not…

What time is the update today?

Mine appears to be working now so maybe it was just a traffic thing.

if poland was getting vidzone u would hear about it b4 an update bcuz u don’t hear about it obviously its not going to poland anytime soon

with ur constent moaning i doubt sony will give u it

stop moaning and use a thing called youtube

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