Starhawk Private Beta Will Be Live Tuesday, November 22nd!

Starhawk Fans!

After many, many months of hard work we are happy to announce that the Starhawk Private Beta will be going live Tuesday, November 22nd! As you may have read in Dylan’s last PS blog post, a selected a number of loyal Warhawk players will be emailed Beta code so if you played Warhawk there’s a chance that you’ll have a voucher invitation in your email in the upcoming weeks! If you don’t get on day 1, don’t get discouraged, our Private Beta will be “slow rolled.” That means that we’ll slowly add more fans and features as the Private Beta progresses.

Making a game is hard work, but it’s also a lot of fun! To show you what I mean, check out this new Behind the Scenes video to give you an inside look at the SCEA Santa Monica/LightBox Interactive working life! We really, really appreciate the Warhawk faithful joining us in our Beta efforts. Hopefully this video will give you all some insight into our day to day lives.  You Warheads are always at the forefront of our thoughts, as you will see.


For those of you that get in very early, you can expect to play Capture the Flag on a couple of maps to your heart’s content.

Uplink_Screen_01 Uplink_Screen_02

You’ll be able to find games via our Matchmaker system or choose your own game server via our Game Lists. We’ve kept the initial roll out pretty tight as we exercise the systems, but we’ll open the kimono inch by inch so keep playing to see what we have in store for you.

How Else Can You Get a Private Beta Code?

A very limited numbers of beta codes will be available. However, one person that will have a few to share will be blog manager James Gallagher, so make sure you lookout for his posts and tweets!

So congratulations to those of you fans that got (or will get) an invite, we really appreciate your enthusiasm and loyalty. We don’t think of a Beta as a privilege for you. You’re doing us a favour and helping to create Starhawk…and we thank you.

Warheads….have fun! Everyone else, stay tuned to the blog and! We’ve got a lot more in our bag o’ tricks!

Public Beta

As we’ve previously mentioned for PAL Uncharted 3 purchasers you will receive an email with your public beta code in early 2012. We’ll have even more features, game modes, guns, weapons, and general goodness to show during that next Beta phase.

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It looks awesome. I doubt I will get in the private so here is hoping I can wangle a public one :D

Can’t wait for the games release :D

PS+ invite? I paid money for these Sony beta invites!



Don’t worry it will be available for PS+… watch this space for further details.


Can’t wait to play this!!!

Ah I really want a shot of this. I bought U3 and have Plus so I’ll hopefully get in early next year


You will have a shot…so long as you’ve opted in for marketing promos and you are over 18. That should work for you.

This worries me.

“As we’ve previously mentioned for PAL Uncharted 3 purchasers you will receive an email with your public beta code in early 2012”

SCEE regions,still haven’t had U3 beta reward emails,i’m reading issues around Payday codes not being sent.
Can’t wait for the game,I loved warhawk,and everything i’ve seen or read about has impressed me.

I’m a Warhead. I’m a General. I follow @DylanJobe. I’m a Plus subscriber. I bought Uncharted 3.

I tell you, if I don’t get a Beta invite I’m going to build an actual Nemesis and fly it to Austin. (Nemesis because it’s easier to jump into upstairs windows than the Warhawk).

An actual Nemesis… and I always travel with mines. JUST SAYING.


vonhammer and nemo20000,

We’re aware of this and this is being sorted as we speak/type… have no worries (U3 is mine too!)…



Now I have to wait nervously and hope I get the invite because the requirements are still a bit foggy because they aren’t that accurate. I think if you had over 500 h then you most likely will be selected but me who had some what 300 h playtime and got to commander rank (if that is high enough) makes me think I’m not “dedicated” enough for Warhawk to be able to participate in Starhawks beta. Time will tell and I will get my hands on for Starhawk eventually when I will buy the darn game.



I really hope SCEE and Lightbox Interactive take note of not only the European Warhawk fans who really dedicated their time to the original game and community.
I mean reward the ones who helped this game become a ‘Cult’ game and thrive within the forums over on
If it wasn’t for those forums I wouldn’t be who I’am today as a gamer.

x) its actualy happening!! LMAO!! I feel like cryin! ;)


OH yes role on tuesday when ill either be happy as a duck or upset XD

Thanks for the response Flo

public Betas= the worst thing ever.

Their are so many people that don’t understand what betas mean. Sorry but you guys will lose alot of sales because you are doing a public beta.



[DELETED] i bought the uncharted 3 special edition and didnt get a code for this, someone please explain this to me i spend more money on the game and get content taking away. well i wont be spending extra money on games any more.


Quoting from the blog post:
As we’ve previously mentioned for PAL Uncharted 3 purchasers you will receive an email with your public beta code in early 2012. We’ll have even more features, game modes, guns, weapons, and general goodness to show during that next Beta phase.



Hey I bought Uncharted 3. And you said we would get Beta acces to StarHawk… yet no code was in the box. Will we be getting the codes emailed to us?


please see above post! ;)

Dylan Jobe mentioned on twitter a while ago that there was no NDA for the Starhawk beta and vids and pics can be uploaded and discussed freely… does this apply to the Private Beta or was he only referring to the Open beta?

Never tryed ur starhawk games or wat eva there called.. it looks like loads of bullits and bombs at once, just cravy stuff.. People say its good but i just get how! Hopefully i get in the beta & if not i will 100% not buy it.




I’m on the beta team on eu forums and have logged a good few hours, I know beta testers are supposed to get in at some point, but I can keep my fingers crossed for a code from the first intake too. very exciting news

never played warhawk,but I think I might have a go of this.


Dear James Gallagher – I am a poor boy who doesn’t have enough money to buy neither Uncharted 3 nor PS+ what can I do to get that code… :)

I have over 400 hours between this account and my daugter’s (long story) – tolkienfan. I’m a developer irl and I’m pretty curious about video game betas. I think it would be neat to help clear up glitches and help balance out the game play.
Whether I get an invite or not, I’ll definitely be getting Starhawk when it goes ga – it just won’t be soon enough!
Still play Warhawk, too much according to my wife!

I only just figured out I wasn’t opted in. Fixed, but I hope I didn’t miss the boat!
Weird, though, because I definitely used to get psn emails…


I stick to uncharted 3 thanks this looks rubbish.

Keep the brilliant PS3 only games coming SONY! :P

warhawks still a great game,and i’m really looking 4ward 2 playing starhawk,just hope its as good as warhawk,i think it would be a good idea 2 let some of the wh clans test starhawk out,our loyalty 2 warhawk has been amazing.

Immortal-Wolf- 20 November, 2011 @ 18:12

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Anyone else getting this on there Playstation 3 Slim

How can i get a code?? I always play warhawk.. please email me here… I need the code please!!!!!!! im a loyal fan.. dont turn your back on a loyal fan ^_^

currently downloading my beta sweet cant believe i got 1

wow looks like warhawk is turning your back on me… thnx for no beta Dylan


love warhawk cant wait for starhawk looks lot of improvement,s on it would love to try out and give reviews on it on the psn board and videos on psn/youtube

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