Introducing: MotorStorm RC For PSN And PSVita

I’m delighted to be able to announce – and show a trailer for – MotorStorm RC, Evolution Studios‘ upcoming radio controlled off-road racing game for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Network. It was also announced literally moments ago, on stage at a PS Vita event in London – so it’s hot off the press!

I’m Paul Rustchynsky, and I’ve been Game Director to a small, elite team at Evolution Studios for most of the year, creating a simulation of high-speed radio-controlled car racing for PSN download. We’re extremely pleased with how the game is coming together; it’s a perfect combination of classic racing with really modern connectivity features and it’s already bigger than your average download game, with visually stunning renditions of all four MotorStorm worlds (and 8 of their vehicle classes). Every aspect of the game comes loaded with endless competition that you can share with friends and rivals worldwide – whether that’s on PS3 or PS Vita, or both – and we’re still packing it full of challenges, race types and features too!

Everyone who has played MotorStorm RC so far says it really gets you hooked, with an addictive, hypnotic core experience – just like the best arcade games. Also like the best arcade games, stages take just moments to load, giving it that ‘just one more go’ quality, especially when you can play at home on PS3 and then continue your progress on the go with PS Vita.

And it’s still early days! We’ve got a lot more lined up and we’ll share all of it with you as the game comes together, but for now please check out our trailer and some of the killer features in MotorStorm RC!




Conquer the most extreme racing environments in powerful radio-controlled vehicles, with hundreds of uniquely customised models to collect and performance based on 8 distinct racing categories: Buggies, Superminis, Rally Cars, Muscle Cars, Racing Trucks, Supercars, Big Rigs and Monster Trucks!


Experience the simultaneous challenge and excitement of racing in the world’s most extreme environments, from the dusty desert mesa’s of Monument Valley, to the dangerous jungles of a Pacific island, to the icy tundra at the Arctic Edge, to the apocalyptic ruins of an urban city.


Challenge friends and the rest of the world to compete for the fastest times in every event – whether that’s on PS3 or PS Vita, or both.


Share every moment with your friends and make new friends via the Pitwall. Keep tabs on their activity – so you always know when there’s a new challenge or a new leader – and you can always stay one step ahead of the competition.


Settle the score with your friends in person with 4 player split-screen races.


It’s the same experience on both PS3 and PS Vita, and picking up the game on PS3 will give you full access to the game on PS Vita (and vice versa) – so if you own both you can carry your progress between the two, and always pick up where you left off.

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Phenom_Evolution 22 November, 2011 @ 19:17

MotorStorm RC is coming to PSVita and PSN in Spring 2012.
Join us on ! :-)

I was not so sure when I saw they were RC cars but I trust Evolution.
“PAY ONCE, GET BOTH” This is the right way to do it.
I will most likely get this when I get a Vita.

Phenom_Evolution 22 November, 2011 @ 19:51

I hope you do, it’s a great racing game.

Awesome that you get both the PS3 and Vita version. Will definitely consider this game. Looks fun.

Looks brilliant! And that “Buy once, get both” thing alone has made this an insta-buy for me. I hope more publishers see how much more attractive this makes Vita/PSN games to buy.

Phenom_Evolution 22 November, 2011 @ 20:13

We want you to get the most out your experience on both PSVita and PS3. It’s essentially the same game so we wouldn’t expect you to have to pay for it twice. :-)


Universal access FTW

Will get this game on day one. Loved all the Motorstorms so far. Hopefully it will be priced accordingly as it is not a full Motorstorm release.

Phenom_Evolution 22 November, 2011 @ 22:21

It will be. :-)


They sooo need to do this for more Vita games that are also on the PS3.
Definitely makes me want to pick up a vita more.


Buy one version and get the other for free? I really hope this starts a trend! That really is a great value add in my eyes, especially when both versions are linked together.

Mind you, I would of been sold on a RC Motorstorm game without any of that anyway :)

looks kinda fail to me.
Where is the motorstorm vibe?

Wraith_Bringer 22 November, 2011 @ 19:40

Brilliant guys, absolutely brilliant!


I have never been so excited for a Motorstorm D=

I doubt I’ll enjoy it as much as Pacific Rift, but RC Revenge + Motorstorm surely equals one of the best racing games ever?

Whilst I’ll never look at the Vita, I’m still hyped for this :D

Phenom_Evolution 22 November, 2011 @ 22:23

It’s just as much fun on PS3 – you’ll have a harder time taking it with you without a PSVita though. ;-)

fits the new profile motorstorm got for kids considering the franchise is going downhill with it´s storyboard for kids and gameplay. bring back a good motorstorm game like the 2nd one

Phenom_Evolution 22 November, 2011 @ 22:24

There’s no story this time; strictly racing through and through. :-D

You already know Im going to get it, and cant wait to get my racing mitts on it.

There is so much to like about it, and those track designs are pure Motorstorm. I love that track shown on the US blog perched high above Monument Valley. And the lava surrounded cafe. And the oil tanker.

Lunatics Unite!

Only smaller…. :D

Phenom_Evolution 22 November, 2011 @ 22:27

If anyone else is interested, that Monument Valley track image can also be found on: :-)


Hopefully more devs support and use the ‘Buy once get twice’ strategy. It’s the way things should be done.

Now we just have to see what that price is going to be…


Something tells me Sony wants to adverts PSVita quite a bit. Anyone else felt that? :P


I thought I was done with MotorStorm, but with tracks from the environments of the past games and Vita/PS3 buy one, get both, I definitely will get this.

Is this a psn game for psvita too? Great to see more MS anyway and hopefully even thought they are radio cars you guys capture what makes motorstorm a motorstorm game.

Great concept, RC for a smaller game, but I hope it has that ballistic crazy feel of Motorstorm while we are racing too (maybe you could show some gameplay footage from the in car perspective next time ?). I’ve always admired Motorstorm from afar maybe this will be one that I buy on release. Two version for one price the way to go as well for sure !

Looks great fun, great move with “Buy once, get both” Will be getting it for sure.
What way will it work for trophies, will there be 2 sets to earn or just the 1? :)

I’m worried by that the fact there was no ‘chase’ view (if you know what I mean, basically the 3rd-person view behind the vehicle you get when playing most racing games). Was this not shown off in the trailer as it’s not complete yet or that you intend the game to be a 2.5D racer? If it’s the latter then I’m worried this will feel more like a mini than a full release title.

Buy once get both is fantastic. I hope more games that are as you say, essentially the same game, have the same model. Game looks fantasic.

Just one more to add to the ever growing pile of Vita games I will have to buy :(

Looks cool:P


I’ve got all the Motorstorms and it’s definitely my favorite racing series this gen, Apocalypse is probably my alltime favorite racing game even.. This looks fun too, I just hope that isn’t the ingame camera because I’m not into over-the-top/birdview racers.. If not, I’m getting this on top of Uncharted and Wipeout.


It looks fun, however; will there be the same server issues that you have with MSA? When will new tracks for MSA be released? Why weren’t these tracks created for MSA? I know I sound like a broken record, but you guys seem to be ignoring this issue. Can you provide any update on what is being done with the server problems on MSA?

Looks like Micro Machines on PSone! If it’s even half as mental as that game it will be awesome, although the split screen aspect confused me. Is it not a top down view?

It’s the same experience on both PS3 and PS Vita, and picking up the game on PS3 will give you full access to the game on PS Vita (and vice versa) – so if you own both you can carry your progress between the two, and always pick up where you left off.



I never like the steering on any ms games and there to hard hope this games a bit easier.

Looks good

Buy once get both is brilliant, if more games support this purchase option Vita is going to get off to a great start.

This game reminds me of Micro Machines which really needs a rebirth.

PAY ONCE, GET BOTH is really great. Hope more games will support this.

Is there any possibility that Uncharted: Golden Abyss will be available with the PS vista?



I love Playstation, you guys rock my world, just thought I’d share my feelings! lol :)


I don’t post comments often but I have to commend whoever it is at Evolution/Sony who decided on the PAY ONCE GET BOTH idea.

This is definitely the way forward for games on PS3&Vita and I will be buying the game on day 1 to support this. (The fact I’ve bought every MS game released is a moot point :-/)

I hope this game sells well and other developers take up this policy, this could really be the making of the PS Vita in my opinion!

Outstanding! After a terrible deviation into Motostorm Apocalypse, this is right back on track.
The “pay once, get both” is absolutely superb for consumers and vanquished my only doubt i.e. would I have to buy the same game twice to play it on both consoles.
I will be getting this for sure, thanks Evolution

CoolRichy008UK 23 November, 2011 @ 16:13

oh ye andy i hope the rayman origins is the same as the disk version aka 60 levels and no level packs each month thats what im worried about i wont spend my 48 quid till u tell me its the full version and plz ask them to stick it on the store fast


This game looks great and I’ll definitely pick it up at release! I still think that Motorstorm Pacific Rift is probably the best game I’ve ever owned! I think more people concur with me that the ultimate game would be Motorstorm Pacific Rift 2! Though I’m still very excited for this upcoming game! :D

TehPhilosopher 25 November, 2011 @ 10:26

Motorstorm on PSP was an EXCELLENT racing game, really looking forward to this on Vita! And one payment for two platforms is the correct way to do things. Day 0 purchase!

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