White Knight Chronicles II Update

A brand new patch for White Knight Chronicles II featuring game fixes is live now, and next week sees the launch of over 100 pieces of DLC content. The DLC launched this week in the US, but due to our necessity as an EU publisher to localise the content for multiple languages, unfortunately this means that we’ll be following one week later.


The biggest DLC addition is that you will now be able to create your own Guilds so you can join up with your friends online, compare your Guild stats against other Guilds and even build your own exclusive Guild HomeTown on the Georama.

As a Guild member each day you will be provided with three Guild tokens, whilst Guild masters receive four.  Guild tokens can be used when creating or joining in quests, and should you do so, completing the quest will earn GeoStones and prestige points for your Guild, raising your reputation in the online rankings. You can only carry up to three days’ worth of guild tokens at once, so you’ll need to log in frequently to use your allotted tokens. However by purchasing a Guild Token Storage Ticket, you will be able to keep up to seven days’ worth of Guild tokens. Within your Guild you can also now purchase the right to choose your favourite WKC character to act as your Guild concierge, and they will manage your HomeTown and provide information on particular quests.


The update features Prism tickets now available for purchase, allowing you to use them to acquire statues for your Georama – choose the right combination of statues and you will receive stat bonuses. With 5 Prism tickets you can also re-customise your game avatar for a brand new makeover.


Georama receives a big update with lots of new items available like trees, fountains, shops and many more. Collect them all to make your HomeTown the envy of your friends!

And finally there are more colour palettes for you to choose from for your Incorruptus, plus artifact plans that will allow you to create additional Incorruptus armours.

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SurrealNightmare 24 November, 2011 @ 13:21

It’s relieving to hear that we’ll be getting the DLC next week.

I’m really enjoying the new quests right now and I can’t wait until me and my friends can start our new guild.

I was afraid when I read the poster of the Store update news (sorry, I don’t remember his name) said it would be in a couple of weeks, now I feel a little better :)

I hope one week delay will be short enough for us to catch up with the US guilds on the leader boards.

Thanks for the news.

If it’s possible, could you please list the changes made by the patch ? I guess it’s a long list, but I’m curious to know if there are changes no one noticed yet.

im still playing through the story but will do some online when i beat it , hey is White Knight Chronicles coming to the vita or any other Level 5 work ? i dont play that many RPGs but for some reason i love Level 5 work , i used to play Rogue Galaxy on the ps2

Ross Alexander 24 November, 2011 @ 17:50

Currently there are no plans for a WKC on VITA.

Awesome, but dont take the [Deleted] and charge an arm and a leg for it.

gr8 cant w8 also would like to see a list of wat the patch has fixed

Great! Need to buy some stuff :p

SamuraiCloud27 24 November, 2011 @ 20:01

Pure awsomeness, thanks for the great news :-)

Whilst it is great that we are going to get the DLC, but yet again Sony Europe are dragging their feet with updating the PS store, and the Guild leaderboards are going to be unbalanced with the US. The EU store has been a joke the last few months compared to the US and their are dozens of games and products that havent been released here due to “QA” and “localisation”. Hire more staff, customers in Europe certainly pay a premium for all content compared to the US and yet 9/10 times we have to wait longer for the goods.
It is for this reason Sony cannot take my custom for granted, and next console generation i will be looking for a single subission process for online stores, otherwise the main console that i purchase may start with X!

RayCoreMadness 25 November, 2011 @ 09:31

@ozjad i 100% agree with you , took the words out of my head made it sound better and put it down :D ty

love this game even more due to this update i will be playing white knight once again and enjoying the Dlc released! great job! :P

ChameleonVector 25 November, 2011 @ 12:22

Awesome stuff, can’t wait to get back in to this game. Haven’t done anything online with it yet, as the guys I used to play the original with, haven’t got this. /sadface But now with the guilds coming, I’ll hopefully be able to join a coolgroup of people again. :)


Well I’m looking forward to this but u guys shouldn’t hold ur breath about the 1 week until release cos u know SCEE reliability u may just suffocate

i see now that’s why i cannot access the new feature But seriously waiting for 1 week …….
means that that no access online for one week loooool

cool bananas

Please could you explain to me why we didn’t get the georama hometown parts all these houses job parts and scenery you describe in this blog are not there, I am grateful for all the guild and knight tickets you brought out but the geotown parts are the ones all us eu players are desperately awaiting. Please please please could you give us a rough idea as to when we will get them, and why they are not there.

You know….your treatment of the EU players with regard to WKC2 is the final straw for me. You get asked questions you never answer, yet what you don’t bear in mind is that it is people like us who buy the games, DLC etc. that pay your wages!


Where is the georama DLC for the EU version of WKC2? When will it be released? Will it even be released? Don’t just sit there playing dumb, say something! If you’re not going to release it JUST SAY SO!

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