12 Deals Of Christmas On PSN


With Christmas just around the corner, ’tis the season to be jolly! And now you have 12 extra special reasons to be jolly as the 12 Deals of Christmas come to PlayStation Store.

During the month of December – up until Christmas Day – PlayStation Store will feature 12 amazing deals for you to unwrap. However, each deal will only be available to redeem from PlayStation Store for 48 hours, before – like Santa on Christmas morning – it vanishes…

Each of the 12 Deals of Christmas will start and stop at 12:00pm (GMT) on the following dates:

  • Christmas Deal 1 – 1st to 3rd December

LittleBigPlanet 2 + 10 free DLC packs (Jak and Daxter Costume Kit, Festive Goodies Level Kit, God of War Level Kit, Heavenly Sword Level Kit, inFAMOUS Costume, Killzone Costume Kit, Kratos Costume, Sackboy On The Run Dynamic Theme, MotorStorm Costume, Animals Costume) – €34.99/£24.99 (extra 10% discount for PlayStation Plus members)

  • Christmas Deal 2 – 3rd to 5th December

Up to 50% Driver: San Francisco with an additional 10% discount for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

  • Christmas Deal 3 – 5th to 7th December

Get up to 50% off Child of Eden in PlayStation Store.

  • Christmas Deal 4 – 7th to 9th December

Up to 31% off Section 8: Prejudice + free DLC.

  • Christmas Deal 5 – 9th to 11th December

Up to 55% off Warhammer 40k: Space Marines

  • Christmas Deal 6 – 11th to 13th December

Up to 55% off Payday: The Heist

  • Christmas Deal 7 – 13th to 15th December

Up to 33% off Micky’s Wild Adventure

  • Christmas Deal 8 – 15th to 17th December

Up to 42% off Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition

  • Christmas Deal 9 – 17th to 19th December

Up to 31% off Deus EX: Human Revolution Complete Edition (Including the full game and the Explosive mission, Tactical Enhancement and Missing Link DLC packs)

  • Christmas Deal 10 – 19th to 21st December

Up to 55% off Renegade Ops

  • Christmas Deal 11 – 21st to 23rd December
  • Christmas Deal 12 – 23rd to 25th December

So don’t miss out on some great one time offers – take a sleigh ride over to PlayStation Store for the 12 Deals of Christmas.

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Nice, cant wait. Hope theres some good stuff and not just FPS stuff.


There is something for everyone, hope you enjoy it.

Looking forward to it. Thanks for the heads-up, Andy.

Will you and Ross be wearing Santa hats for the duration of the sale, like jolly storekeepers?

I’d feel happier if you were :)


Sadly not, red does not suit me.

Really really nice initiative! I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled!

I can’t imagine it will be anything decent, poor sods couldn’t even get Ubisoft to match the deals they did on the XBOX 360 (Beyond Good & Evil HD for £2!!!!)

I shall however await to be surprised.


Oh i think you will be surprised.

ANDY………You had to do a SALE didn’t you? ;)

I need to find some funds!

Fingers crossed for a Crysis reduction!


Well I just had too, I mean it is Christmas after all.

12pm? Lunch time yeah?


Spot on!

Really hope that this months ps+ offers will be something special.

Is this free stuff?
Or discounts?



so no heads up on whats going to be available? D:


Nope, you will just have to come to the PSN store and see for yourself

please please please let there be something good!

Extra discount for ps+ members?? One can hope! Ha ha


Maybe… :D


Well, there goes my money…


Also, what happened to my avatar?


Cool! Will there be any extra free stuff for PS+ members in december?


YEs but as I do not deal with PLUS I don’t know the full details, sorry.

thanks mr andy clause i cant see what u bring me hopefully it isnt socks again like last year

Andy I still haven’t received my Payday code from the PSNplay promo.

I have rang customer services who couldn’t help, spoke to rabbid walker via twitter and left umpteen messages on this blog. No one is willing to help me get my code which I paid for.

Can you please help?


I will see what I can sort out for you. One question however, have you checked your spam folder?

thanks mr andy clause i cant wait to see what u bring me hopefully it isnt socks again like last year

on chrimbo everyone should get to choose 1 out of 5 games to get an 85% discount on…that’ll be good

Can anyone please tell me if Jurassic Park is free if i sign up for a twelve month subscription to playstation plus before the 30th of November?It no longer shows the offer on the store but i don’t wanna miss out as i need to renew my subscription anyway

Bah. I’m all up for a sale, but surely everyone is travelling and visiting family over that period? I wish it were possible to buy through the web as well, like the 360…


So do I….

If there will be a discount on Resident Evil 4 HD – consider it sold :)

antikewl it is possible seeing as they already have the like of media go..if only they made it for ps3 store and not just psp

Multiple deals per day or just the one?


One deal per day, 12 Deals, Hence the name :D


Looking forward to it :)

CookieMonsterES 29 November, 2011 @ 15:54

Nice initiative, thanks Andy!


Is the customer support over Christmas be as “great” as it was last year? Where things were outright broken but we never heard a word (or got the game we’d bought) for weeks?

CoolRichy008UK 29 November, 2011 @ 15:58

wer worms mayhem grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Nice one. Gonna check these out.


hello there, id really like to see star wars unleashed dlc ether free or reduced to 79p like its second release dlc! do you think this could be looked at as the game is so old, i would really like the content but for its price to be so high just for a few skins or 10min extra game play seems very steep to be paying!


Let me guess, the deals are for PS3 only and nothing for PSP, right?




However most are for PS3… There is a game that will work on the PSP however which I am personally really looking forward too.

29# They have said that their will be a huge sale early next year for psp.

Yeah Andy I checked through 200 spam emails.

I get regular ad mails from Sony with no problem at all but no email with the code.

Thanks for the response.


HUm.. OK well I have made out CRM team (the people who sent the emails) aware of this. I will see if we can get a solution for you.

you check your forum mailbox?-pnov81


I assume he has, or at least I hope he has otherwise I will look like a tool.

@ pnov81

I feel for you fella as it must be highly frustrating! :(

I can’t see why Customer Support can’t add the amount to your wallet & you purchase it! Surely if they browse your account they’ll see the dates, when you purchased the PLAY titles.

That’s how I received my BG&E HD refund!


I am trying to get this problem solved.

Not to be rude but can we get back on topic about the sale, I have put a lot of hard work into it and I don’t want this thread becoming a PayDay code thread. I am sure you understand

Kisses xxx :D

@ Judgehusler

I know what you mean. The price structure within the store is, way off balance!

Surely after 12 months, content should be reduced permanently by roughly 10%-20%, then 24 months further reductions etc!

The cheapest way for me is to purchase the Ultimate Sith Edition, which is quite rare now but CEX sell it for £16! Obviously you already own the game, but it would be nice to see various DLC reductions throughout the store!

That sucks :( I’ll be away from the 6th till the 20th :( If only I managed to get that Remote Play to work on the PSP…

hi this is a great idea for once SCEE didn’t mess up i‘m very please, & i‘m not very easy to please.

question time: in the 12 deals of xmas are these old games discout and any ps2 games in the line-up? What a perfect way to introduce the Ps2 title.

if true pure genius :)

& andy Happy early Xmas you be busy then this run up to xmas.

Ps do SCEE know what day our last store update of the year.

Kudos. :)


I like surprises, we all like surprises. I also like christmas…

I don’t want to miss out, but also i don’t want to have to fire up my PS3 every day to check the store. On quite a few of those days i probably won’t be anywhere near my PS3. We really need an online store we can buy from without going through the PS3.

Are you planning on posting each deal on here before it goes live? Any chance we can have an email each day?

Can’t help thinking SCEE missed a trick. Should have had an online advent calendar portal announcing each deal and advertising stuff at the same time.


There will be twitter feeds about this when each deal goes live but you will need to come to the store to check them out.

@ Andy

You’re not being rude at all & I understand given current events that have taken place, within the last few weeks.

Back on topic:

Crysis, Pixeljunk Shooter 2, Dragons Lair 2, reductions please!!

Also the biggest present from you, would be the release of Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection at a reduced price ;) I’ve noticed a patch soon so hopefully it will pass our QA!

Simpson Arcade too, perhaps?? :)


Will there be any new games or will there be the adventures of the rotating octopus cause that is the best game ever made!!! oj


Does anybody wonder who buys FIFA 12 on psn when it is so overpriced

maddogarchie64 29 November, 2011 @ 16:51

can’t wait to see what there will be


yep its been a while now and iv asked on various sites but to never get a reply. fingers crossed it happens this time around, knowing my luck it will be reduced when ps4 comes out!
O yea a bit of simpsons would be pretty cool

Proud of you Andy!

Andy, how much change is there the videostore is getting released to the rest of the eu before xmas this year?
Last year xmas was promissed that it was going to released in 2011


I jhope its stuff I havent got Ps+ discounts already like beyond good &eviil for 6.29 now 3.99 aaarrgghh!


great news! and tks for the ‘tip’ to save our store money for december :)

not much content on the store so not much 2 look forward 2.

My extensive PSN wishlist:

* Crysis
* Limbo
* Payday: The Heist
* Joe Danger
* inFamous 2: Festival of Blood
* Rochard
* Worms
* Tumble
* …and more

…so I hope I won’t be disappointed :)

BurningBlaze97 29 November, 2011 @ 17:36

I really hope there’s a discount on Infamous: Festival of Blood. :D

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