VIDZONE UPDATE: Tis the Season to… Watch Music Videos

Falalalala la la la la… Now it’s December, there are no excuses left to let the festive goodness of Christmas run through your veins. Don’t worry, Christmas not your thing? That’s why new VidZone is so great, we have a brand new Zone dedicated to Christmas, but if you don’t like it, find another that you do!

Obviously that’s not all we have that’s new, there is a whole raft of new VIP playlists from the likes of Justice and Darwin Deez as well as updated RnB and Alternative Zones. On a personal note, can you all please go and watch the new Duck Sauce video… It’s the best music video we have seen in ages, and as you can imagine, we see a lot! (If you are easily offended, you should probably give it a miss though)



Yule (sorry) love our brand new Christmas Zone in the lead up to the big J’s birthday. We have more than just the videos you expect, we have a playlist or TV channel suited to your particular Christmas needs!

  • Christmas Hits TV – A mix of the very best Christmas videos
  • Alternative Christmas – Think Coldplay, The Killers, Bob Dylan
  • Pop Christmas – Think Justin Bieber, Mariah Carey, Wham
  • Traditional Christmas – Think Wizzard, Aled Jones, Annie Lennox
  • Joe McElderry VIP Xmas Playlist



All her hits plus live footage from her ‘Live At The Roseland’ concert and her latest video ‘Dance For You’.



  • Justin Bieber Ft. Boyz II Men – Fa La La
  • Nero – Reaching Out
  • Rebecca Ferguson – Nothing’s Real But Love
  • The Vaccines – Tiger Blood
  • Rise To Remain – This Day Is Mine
  • All Time Low – Time-Bomb
  • Florence + The Machine – No Light, No Light
  • Amy Winehouse – Our Day Will Come: Amy Winehouse Tribute
  • Noah And The Whale – Give It All Back
  • JLS – Do You Feel What I Feel?
  • Duck Sauce – Big Bad Wolf

RnB Zone


  • Most Popular Videos – Taio Cruz
  • N-Dubz – Greatest Hits (UK + IE)
  • Boyz To Men – Artist Spotlight
  • The Best of 90s RnB TV

Alternative Zone

  • Most Popular Videos – Florence + The Machine
  • The Vaccines – VidZone Recommends
  • Icona Pop – One To Watch
  • Electro-Indie Disco TV

VIP Zone


  • Justice – VIP Playlist
  • Darwin Deez – VIP Playlist
  • Morning Parade – VIP Playlist
  • My Passion – VIP Playlist
  • Big Sean – VIP Playlist


As always, please use the following links to interact with us socially. We love to hear from you so please check a few links out!

I’m off to watch the Duck Sauce video another 10 times…

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Nice update I’m loving the work the Vidzone team are doing just lately.

Duck Sauce really? is it really that good? I’m gonna have to boot up vidzone now just to find out lol


Hi scottad

I defy you not to “lol”

Hi Ben,
Just wanted to say that this application is fantastic!

I use it more now, with the recent update.

Keep up to good work & thank all the team :)


Hi Catkiller1

Thank you for your kind words. all we wanted was for people to use it more so our plan has worked!

There is still no Solarstone, the recording company you need to contact is Solaris Recordings in case you didn’t know.

O.O Ben I have just saw it epic video but I think I am scarred for life now.


hahahahahahahahaha…. sorry… I think it’s worth it though!


whats the duck sause vid…..if its justin (total bell end) bieber getting covered in duck sause then getting eaten my savage ducks then its a must watch by all :D


Hi 13loodthirty

Unfortunately not… Even weirder than that! you will just have to go and see!

so my ps3 is ready for christmas ?


iv got some crimbo tunes playing now :D


whats the name of the duck sause vid iv done a search n theres 2 one called barbra streisand and one called big bad wolf




Hi 13loodthirty

Big Bad Wolf :)


nvm i just saw the title in the list i ll watch it now


[DELETED] was that vid about lmao


ok i just watched it now im just very VERY confused =p


Told you it was weird…


weird is one way of putting it lol


thats one way of putting it lol

How about a nice bit of Kate Rusby? Essential Christmas listening. :)

Lol must be one of the weirdest thing I have ever seen…. Doh I could not find it on Vidzone (Sweden). Searched for it and tryied to find it in the latest.

almighty-slayer 01 December, 2011 @ 16:59

Gonna be listening to some Traditional Christmas, methinks ;)

Thanks as always Ben

maddogarchie64 01 December, 2011 @ 17:44

vidzones certainly getting better, but there is one small thing that is annoying me, whenever I listen to a song that starts off with some guitar, when another instrument comes in it goes quieter, it’s a bit annoying

Awesome update indeed! Giddy! It’s nearly christmas again :D Best time of the year! Close second summer :P

Ben said: “Told you it was weird…”

That is an understatement!!!!!! It’s also eerie and creepy.

O/X buttons swap bug
My second e-mail sent to
Hello again,
Here is an e-mail to notice you that VidZone, unlike many software, has the O/X confirm/cancel buttons swap bug on asian PS3.
Those asian PS3 have O for Confirm and X for Cancel.
But VidZone is not reading and using this setting, the buttons are swapped
(X for Confirm and O for Cancel, like european PS3).

Here is a short explanation, in case it can be clearer than what I above said :

Thank you for your concern, I would appreciate receiving updates on this bug.
Tristan (PSNID patate12)

Titchy_Penguin 01 December, 2011 @ 21:06

i agree disturbing is a better word than weird


I still want a Punk Zone.

mobilbasse1234 01 December, 2011 @ 21:40


the only time i ever use vidzone is when i have friends round and i cant be bothered sticking stuff on for them to listen to(when i dont have people here im to busy gaming :) )
but i like the new app and think its so much better than the old one and its a great addition to the ps3.

it be good if you guys could work on some kind of app that brings lots of the free to view web content thats available out there on to the ps3 as you guys have done such a great job with this app

“Tis the Season to… Watch Music Videos”

Well, not for Poland, lol.

honestly give it a rest about poland
if poland was going to get it it would have been announced already

When Poland?

isn’t Vidzone Australian?

if so

where is Teenager, PNAU, more Midnight Juggarnauts please and OMG the most important Aussie band ever TISM is missing from your vid list – This Is Serious Mum put them on there now o.O

Sorry it still isn’t the season to watch music videos, at least not here in Poland.

oh man i cant use this service in my contry region romania too bad

My ps3 can’t download and update the new version of vidzone. It shutdowns and restarts everytime I press X to OK the update the new version. Suck.


Hi Maddymad

Sorry to hear this. If you delete the application and re download from the store, this should then work. Unfortunately if you have any saved play-lists, it will delete them. We are working on a fix for this but if you haven’t got any play lists then go for the above. If not can you email and we will try a few more things to fix it.

I think you need to check what adverts your playing on Vidzone Ben. I found it odd that you have a advert for Professor Layton for the Nintendo DS on Vidzone. I didn’t think Sony would be advertising handhelds for a rival company, why you don’t advertise the Vita or PSP I don’t know, it would make more sense then advertising a rival handheld on Vidzone.

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