ModNation Racers: Road Trip – Kart Studio Preview

Take a look at a few of the new features of the ModNation Racers: Road Trip kart studio…

Hello fellow ModNation fans!

With the launch of PS VITA getting ever closer, it’s time to start your engines and take a look at the latest entry in the ModNation Racers universe – ModNation Racers: Road Trip.

ModNation Racers: Road Trip is a reinvention of the original ModNation for PS3 and still includes the same great mix of frantic kart racing, track building and character customisation. But this time around we’ve brought you a whole new way to interact with the game, meaning all the new Road Trip exclusive tracks, Mods and kart pieces can be designed and created with just a touch of your fingers.

Since Road Trip is so jam-packed with VITA exclusive features, let’s start slow this time as we take you on a tour of the new and improved Kart Studio.

1. Kart Parts – Explode View
Yep, it’s as fun as it looks! ModNation Racers: Road Trip for Vita brings you even closer to a true Kart modeling experience (without the sticky toxic smelling glue) with the rotatable “exploded” view of your Kart and its customizable components. Just spread your thumb and finger on the screen to open and then a pinch to close the view. We can’t say it enough but there is just something intrinsically fun with the tactile feel of using your fingers to “explode” you kart open, spin it around, rinse and repeat!


2. Drag and Drop
As with the Mod Studio Edit feature, you simply drag and drop your parts and props right onto your Kart. You’ll feel like a real mechanic as you drag a new set of wheels onto your kart or simply touch the color selector and add that “new coat of paint to items like your shocks, engine, seat, etc. The same ease of drag and drop also goes for adding stickers and text to your Kart (or Mod). Drag, drop, rotate, resize, etc… all with ease of using your finger(s). If you have a penchant for sticker mania this feature is your new best friend.

3. Shake To Randomize
ah… finally a way to “encourage” your Kart (or Mod) to randomly transform into your perfect creation… by shaking it! It’s an experience similar to the PS3 randomize feature yet while playing the nickel slots in Vegas. As opposed to your time in a casino, a few shakes of the Vita may find you hitting the road in the car of your dreams!


That’s it for now, but keep your motors running because I’ll be back again soon with more about ModNation Racers: Road Trip.

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Sounds very good indeed, by the looks of it you implemented touch in the right places!
I only ever played MNR PSP version, so it’ll be like a giant console jump for me :P

It really looks like a nice game.

BUT: The PS3-difficulty was insane! (even after the casual-update). So I’m not buying this game.

I like to have fun with games and not get frustrated by them.


Really looking forward to picking this up at launch, perfect portable game.

Can you confirm if the digital version will be cheaper than card? Trying to decide if I am going totally digital this generation.

Question: Is this a port of the PS3-version with some extra features? Or a complete new game with new tracks?

So basically the Vita is going to be jam packed with PS3 games already done just given the Vita edition name. Good God even the PSP had this. Think I will stick with PS3 as I only plan on buying one edition of a game.


Looks brilliant, definitly a buy for me when its out :D

2# It’s a new game so they have probably improved alot of things.

@7: You might be right, but I’m not taking the risk.

After “improving” the PS3-version, nothing changed with the difficulty.
But there is definately an audience for this game. I’m just not one of them.

usually not the kind of game I would play,but this looks like it could be fun on my ps vita,might just pick this 1 up.can wee have RTS game like command&conquer general games how cool would it be to use the vitas touch capabilities on those games!

wow, a modnation update, vita thought, why do you not love europe with you’re monday updates like in US?

maddogarchie64 06 December, 2011 @ 22:14

graphics don’t look great but I love modnation

EJ_LFC_JEFFREY 11 December, 2011 @ 02:05


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