Resistance 3 Brutality Pack Smashes Onto PSN

On behalf of everyone at Insomniac Games and Sony I’m very excited to announce Resistance 3‘s Brutality Pack, available tomorrow for download from the PlayStation Store! This new DLC features a vicious survival mode where you face off against an army of ravenous grims as they try to take you and your friends down. And yup, it’s co-op – both online and offline. Plus, you get a special Mick Cutler skin AND the sledgehammer unlocked for all of the game’s modes, as well as a special Warden Static PS3 Theme.



But what has me most stoked personally is that the Brutality Pack fittingly features the music of the incomparable Mastodon. We’re featuring seven tracks, including three songs from their just-released album The Hunter, two instrumental versions of Blood Mountain tracks and two special bonus songs from the deluxe version of The Hunter.

I have to admit that I’ve been a longtime Mastodon fan. But it wasn’t until I saw them open for Queens of the Stone Age that I became a true uberfan. These guys are masters of their craft and when you see them play live its mind blowing. They bring raw intensity and incredible energy to everything they do. Their chugging roar is a perfect fit for Resistance and especially for the Brutality Pack where it’s you, a sledgehammer and some very, very hungry Chimera. To learn more about Mastodon and their music you can check out their latest music video on YouTube or visit their official site at

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We’re sincerely honored that Mastodon is now a part of the Resistance universe. Prepare to get brutal!

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Hmm I don’t listen to heavy metal so I have no clue who Mastodon are.

If the rest of the music is like in the above video I will be playing with the music off, otherwise I am looking forward for the DLC.

HypnoticMonkey 06 December, 2011 @ 19:05

I could of sworn that was Ryan Dunn for a second, RIP.

This is great for the people that complain about the lack of the great co op of Resistance 2. I loved it too, co op is awesome in general.. This is by far my favorite game in the series because of the graphical and technical quality, and the triple A written all over it.. Too bad it’s the end of the series now that it has gotten so good.. Thankfully we get some great dlc like this though..
Can it be played on all maps? Guessing so if it’s a mode.. Musthave!

any extra trophies included?

a simple yes or no would be nice

I assume this is not free?

I like R3 but online really sucks compared to R1+R2 (why did they kill the excellent co-op mode from R2???) and a shame the new game modes are just fragmenting the user base even further – unless it’s free of course.

I would have preferred 4players co-op instead of only 2. And how come their is no trophies for this?You will lose a lot of sales their!! (I will still buy it)


I really want to buy it but im not wasting my money- will this have matchmaking unlike the current coop mode? if not then as I doubt my mates who are all obsessed with bf3 etc will bother buying it :(

I sure hope this isn’t what Insomniac was thinking off when they hinted about co-op DLC a while back, and that there’s a real follow-up to the Resistance 2 co-op missions on its way. Every game out there has deathmatch and survival these days, but R2’s blend of fastpaced FPS action and large scale MMORPG dungeon raids was unique, and is still going strong with tons of players after all these years.

It’s be a huge wasted opportunity for Sony and Insomniac not to continue and build on what was for many R2’s defining feature. and Global resistance have been offline for weeks. What’s the ETA for their return?


Awesome soundtrack!

Too late for me. Sold R3 way back but I really want this. If this has matchmaking, I’d buy R3 again just for this ^^



Nice one Ted, glad to see you fellas are listening and producing content for Resistance 3, lets hope it continues. I think this is only Glamorgan so far but I think it needs opening up to more maps, perhaps even the small TDM maps nobody ever gets to see. Like Brew Pub?


Yeah wise up, Insomniac. M0ar trophies and fre3 stuff for the trolls please.

I’m being sarcastic, of course. I’ll gladly thumb you guys a few pound for the amount if fun I’m having online with this game. Keep up the awesome work and let’s see some more XP events please.


Enjoyed playing the co op campaign with a friend who has since stopped playing the game. He’s not even played the multiplayer! Anyhow will be picking this up and bug my mate to play this with me haha :)

Keep up the good work and keep throwing more content our way. Thanks

ShovelFighter_89 07 December, 2011 @ 15:23

can it be played solo do i need the online pass???

*Jaw Drops* Omg two of my favorite things together, Resistance and Mastodon.

Can anyone tell me where this BRUTALITY PACK is available for download on the PS Store today as I dammned if I can find it…it should be easier to find…but no…I cant find it?? PLEASE HELP!!!

TheKillerSnowman 07 December, 2011 @ 19:07

where is Resistance 3 – Brutality Pack in the store???

where is the DLC in eu store?


Doesn’t seem to be there

@7 yes there’s matchmaking, the normal co op is just the offline campaign..

My favorite FPS game this year. I can’t believe it didn’t sell well :[



This isn’t on the store like it says it is, was looking forward to getting this.



Resistance 3 – Brutality Pack

I regret to inform you but the R3 Brutatlity Pack had to be pulled from this weeks publish due to a technical error with the inclusive theme. This is now be correcting and as soon as it is fixed we will publish it on the PSn Store. I am sorry for any dissapointment this has caused

gutted! was looking foward to this,is there going to be anymore killzone 3 dlc ?

Bad news, get Insomcic to add some more human player slots while there at it. What ever happend to that awesome 8 Player Co-op?

Just boart the game for this dlc as I like zombie on black ops and they pulled it bk omg now it should be free join the corse and let have it free

just got this game today for this dlc and they pulled it back come on Sony very dissatisfied with this I think they should put it back on as free for 1day only now for the mess up as other games I.e saints row 3 when they messed up they gave you a free game ppl should not let you guys off it your fault wot make Xbox look good

Good question rpeacock, I’d like an answer to that, especially considering it was published on the US store without any issue.

HyperSmurf3000 12 December, 2011 @ 18:36

Hmmm, suspicious.

HyperSmurf3000 12 December, 2011 @ 18:38

Hmmm, that’s suspicious. Sort it out, it’s just a theme. Really want that DLC.

a survival mode ?! awesome i cant wait to play this with my mates as we sure do kick ass on the co-op campaign we even completed this on the hardest difficulty its that awesome plus all of the guns are amazing especially the freeze ray gun thingy lol i hope we can use all of the guns on survival mode can we ?

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