Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock Coming To PS3 And PS Vita

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Okay, so, here we go… the first blog post on Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock. I’m looking forward to writing more of these blog posts over the next couple of months as we move towards launch.

Developing anything for Doctor Who has to be done right. The show has such a following that we need to be certain that everything the game does fits with the expectations of the fans. So far, we’ve said very, very little about the game. This trailer just has the barest hints about the core of this story. What is The Eternity Clock? How is it related to the Doctor? How is River involved in this?

I’m afraid this post isn’t going to answer any of these questions; we’ll leave that to future posts and the game itself.

We’re very excited to be working with Supermassive Games as they’ve already delivered some great titles for PlayStation, such as Tumble, Start The Party and Start The Party: Save the World. The team are huge fans of the show and they’ve been great at bringing the key essence of Doctor Who into the game.

Working on PlayStation Vita, as well as PS3, is a real privilege and its unique set of features has allowed our designers to cut loose and we’ll tell you a lot more detail about how we’re using those features in a future post.

So, I hope you enjoy the trailer and look forward to sharing more details with you in the future.

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Will the game be the same between PS3 and PS Vita?


The games will be mainly the same, but there are going to be specific features for each console. Keep watching the blog, we will be giving a lot more detail…

European_Gamer 09 December, 2011 @ 14:23

The trailer looks good, but it doesn’t really tell us anything about the game or gameplay.

Oh my! Doctor Who on my PS3? Yes thanks, I’ll take that! Looking forward to finding out more.

nice to have a doctor who game exclusive to the sony consoles should be fun and im guessing it will be move enabled because of who is making it.

move wand = sonic screwdriver me thinks

OH MY GOD! ! ! :P Yes i am a big Doctor Who fan :D I hope it will be brilliant;)

Vaguely interested, but I am always hesitant of movie (or anything else) tie ins

The real question is will I get it for Vita and PS3 if I buy one


Requirement: It must be better than the adventure game in every way. Especially graphics and voice synch with on screen “actors”

Lets just hope the game’s better than the last series was!

Massive Doctor Who fan followed it since it came back onto tv in 2005 finally a doctor who game on playstation! Maybe this story will tell us even more about river/melody pond and a big fanks bbc for supporting vita as well :D

This is great news :D Big whovian from Norway here, both of the classic series and the new one :)
Looking forward to a story with the Doctor and River. Can’t wait.
Can one move the save from Vita to PS3, like Ruin?


Yay! :)
I was hoping that the Adventure Games would eventually find their way onto PS3, but i guess they aren’t going to so i’m hoping that this will be even better. :)

any chance there will be some Doctor Who dynamic themes and avatars in the run up to launching the game?

This looks awesome! I will be getting this on my PS Vita.
I really hope this will be better than the previous Nintendo games. It will need to be a lot better.


I cannot wait for this. Hopefully this will be high quality and a bit bit more ‘gamey’ than the adventure games. Doctor Who deserves no less.

Looking forward to hearing more about this.

I’m hoping this does 3 of the following things:

1) A “what happened next?” story between Series 6 and Series 7 (or the Easter Special and Series 7).

2) A brilliant Doctor and River story.

3) Give us some clues for next series…

I love Doctor Who, its my favourite TV programme. So a Doctor Who game on my favourite console and my pre-ordered Vita is very exciting! :D

Looking forward to hearing/seeing/finding out more information on it and can’t wait to play it! :)

Oh fantastic, surprised me when I saw Doctor Who on the blog. :D

Looking forward to more.

Carnivius_Prime 09 December, 2011 @ 17:05


And yes please to themes and avatars! Can’t wait for the christmas episode. Last year’s was beautiful.


This game will be amazing, or you will answer to The Master!

maddogarchie64 09 December, 2011 @ 17:44

first of all you can’t play the video on iPod, second if we buy it on one platform will we get it on the other one for free? I love doctor who!

Yesterday I get an email confirming my purchase of 12 months Playstation Plus. Apparently this is the auto renewal of my subscription. My subscription which isn’t due till March 2012. I call up yesterday and am told the system is down and there is nothing I can do. I email and am told it can only be sorted over the phone. I call today and am told I have to wait 2 working days for someone to call me back and talk about it. I wanted to spend that money on 12 days of Christmas. Absolute thievery and I miss out. If you’re on the fence I don’t recommend using this thieving service.


@adumr82. so Plus sucks, nothing new there then!


Free for UK users right? :)


I’m afraid not :-)
We believe that you won’t be disappointed with the price we are charging for the quality and value.

I really hope this game turns out to be great, disappointed by the online adventures though (to be fair it is free).

James isn’t the a weekend debate? It’s something I tend to read every weekend :P


Will the PSN download be universal between PS3 and Vita, or will there be a seperate version for both? i.e. pay once for a PS3 and Vita compatible digital copy, or purchase a PS3 version seperately to a Vita version.

i prefer a torchwood game, i would love to see that, i am not a huge fan of dr who.


much as i’d love to see Dr Who on ps3 i just can’t picture it working, but please feel free to prove me wrong, i mean apart from batman, which had many previous disastrous attempts before it was done properly, i can’t think of any ‘worthy’ other examples, Though If done properly then it would be something to see, am not going to hold my breath about this, but am really hoping to be surprised.
On a different but similar topic i can picture a tardis type game, along the lines of a bill and teds excellent phone box, but with a fully stocked armoury, ie pick a battle from history, or the future, then go and ‘get involved’, probably be a bit much though for the ps3, i mean the whole of histories battles plus imagined future ones, maybe next-gen.

Clock that maintains temperal stability? Did they lift that from Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time?


Why Playstation and not Wii or Xbox?

Zero_Resistance 09 December, 2011 @ 21:24

Can we have home clothing for avatars of all previous doctors too and a pet K9?

hope they don’t mess this up, loved the show since the 80’s. And I hope its free to all UK tv licence payers (since we’ve already payed for it.)


saw this yesterday on fb i nearly peed myself a bit with giddyness :D love doctor who


please don’t be another doctor who for wii… Did anyone else see that game? It was terrible.

Will the PSVita version be a full-fledged retail release or a PSN release (digital)?

Hmm, as long as they’re well made, better than the DW Adventure games on the BBC website (or at least have better controls and animation and stuff) then that’ll be good.

Also, at some point in the future, they should do old Doctor adventures and for the time being, give us downloadable skins of the old Doctors! lol.

Looking at Supermassive Games history of games pulled my exitement below zero.


this game looks like its going to be huge but only to the people who like dr who so for me i wont be buying it my 5 year old brother might though LOL !

can you please ask whoever is responsible for the YouTube channel that the video was posted on, to make it viewable on mobiles!!!

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