The PlayStation Vita Rooms are Coming!


Hello boys and girls! Despite the hat atop the head of my avatar, this post has nothing to do with Christmas. Sorry about that.

It is, however, pretty exciting for all you UK PS Vita lovers out there.

PlayStation Access is back on the road and, this time, we’re armed with the latest and greatest in handheld gaming – PlayStation Vita. About 30 of them, in fact.


Popping up at locations across the UK, Access will be giving you opportunities to get engaged with PS Vita titles such as Uncharted: Golden Abyss, FIFA 12, Reality Fighters, MotorStorm RC, ModNation Racers: Road Trip, Little Deviants, Escape Plan, Super Stardust and Wipeout 2048.PlayStation staff will even be on hand at the Vita Rooms events to answer any burning questions you have about the console. Plus, there might just be appearances from a few developers too!

We’re kicking things off at 63 Deansgate in Manchester from Friday 13th – Wednesday 18th January. We’ll then hit the road and continue to Glasgow, Birmingham and London throughout January and February 2012.

IMG_5418 IMG_4793

Want in? Point your mouse at these links and click like a maniac. All the info will be live on these pages before it goes up anywhere else:

To whet you’re appetite, here’s some pics from our Vita Rooms event in London earlier this month:

See you there!

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Will the WipEout girl be there?


Almost certainly, unconfirmed as yet though. Ask her on twitter: @AmiNakajima

Bring it to Nottingham please!


I would LOVE to bring the event to my home town. Sadly, there’s only a certain number of venues that we have the resources to visit – so we tend to go for the largest cities from North, Midlands and South :)

Why no love for other regions in England?
You keep having these great events, in the same places.
Why not spread the love and visit other Cities?

Like Newcastle?

Granted Manchester isn’t too far from Newcastle, but it’s still a £20-£30 Train to get their(and back)!

I really want to attend this event, and Play the PS Vita!
But being unemployed, with bills to pay Etc
Just can’t afford it :(


Hey bravo –

I completely feel your pain. Harking back a few years when I was a newdent (New Student, see what I did there??!) – I struggled to get to events like these too.

Sadly, these things cost time and money of which we only have so much. We choose the cities based on their size and their spread across the UK so that we can reach as many people as possible with the resources we have.

My advice is to sign up anyway and see what you can blag when we start accepting invites ;) Failing that, there’ll be Vita consoles appearing in UK retailers mid-Jan for you to get handy with before launch.

Thanks for posting! ^MB

i know that’s not about vita, but Russian plus subscribers hasn’t got tomb raider underworld! please answer!!! our support isn’t working!

Bristol again please?



Bristol isn’t on our hitlist this time around I’m afraid. We’ll be popping up in Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and London :)

Connor_mufc_1985 12 December, 2011 @ 14:09

I dont like handheld gaming so wont buy a vita but would love it if say in a year or 2 that uncharted golden abyss was somehow available on ps3 i.e through psn store :)


Connor – you should definitely get your mitts on a PS Vita before it comes out anyway. I’ve seen a few sceptics fall in love with the console after trying it at the events we’ve run so far!

Connor_mufc_1985 12 December, 2011 @ 14:49

@musterbuster thanks for the reply but I dont live close to the 4 cities you mentioned , vita does look very good indeed but iv never been into handheld and probably couldn’t afford 1 next year anyway even if my mind was changed by a display vita in say my local gamestation but would really really like to platinum uncharted golden abyss who knows maybe with a price cut in a year or 3 I may even dip my toe into the world of handheld gaming.

Thanks for the reply MusterBuster.
I really don’t mean to sound bitter.

I have a lot of respect you do these events at all :D

I’m going to try and find a cheap Train/0r bus service to get from Newcastle to Manchester, any suggestions?

WELSHDRAGON_74 12 December, 2011 @ 15:34

good afternoon musterbuster i LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the ps vita got my pre-order in cant wait to play uncharted golden abyss i am counting down the days to launch very excited…these vita showrooms are always in england canf u come to wales u lot at SCEE know wales is in the uk? lol so how about a vita showroom in cardiff and if u say its down to budget u give me a complementry ps vita and u can hold a vita showroom in my house deal musterbuster???? lol

TheKillerSnowman 12 December, 2011 @ 15:57

i´m not buying the vita. i diden´t like psp so i only like PS3 so next consol will be PS4 when it´s coming out.


Really tempted to head to the Glasgow one

Connor_mufc_1985 12 December, 2011 @ 16:51

national express bus service is real cheap and do pickups in sunderland and peterlee

well hi there mister MB hows things . do you know anything about when it will be coming to birmingham. and how to get involved. meany thanks cain1974.


We’ll have specifics up on our Facebook page later this week mate:


i most certainly wont be buying the vita not for a rip off price of 250 notes i can get a ps3 with that and still have change its 2 much just for a hand held console

maddogarchie64 12 December, 2011 @ 18:35

y u no come to Plymouth?

Will those Vita Rooms only appear in the UK? Or in other countries (hint: Belgium?) as well?
I need to get my hands on it again, after playing with it at Gamescom!

Ps vita !!

been to both access glasgow events and i know im buying a vita but i still want to get my hands on one before 22/02/2012 so im on this.

ill be stalking the fb page for tickets :)

hi if you don’t mind me saying but way no wales as well

Hi MusterBuster I just wanted to know do u think they will release modern warfare 3 on the vita thx.
I’m definitely going to get I can’t wait for it to come out.


Call of Duty is definitely coming to Vita – check out IGN’s big list of Vita titles:

I cannot wait for Wipeout 2048!

Why didn’t you guys make the memory cards the same form factor as the game cards? That way the people who mostly download games would be able to use 2 memory cards at once. Sells more games and memory cards at the same time.

And why remove TV out? I loved that about PSP…

Connor_mufc_1985 13 December, 2011 @ 09:51

my ps3 broke today im just off out to get YET ANOTHER REPLACEMENT ps3 , 2% failure rate sony really iv had 4 ps3″s and 3 broke so thats a 75% failure rate for me personaly , sorry for the negativity but u can understand the frustration so please for anybody buying a vita take more care with it sony lol


What about Northern Ireland? Come to Belfast! :-D


Any RPGs (classic not action-RPGs) or Turn-based strategy games coming for the Vita?

Second, A while a go, there was some rumours about some Discounts for rebuying games that you have on UMD as Downloads on Vita? any info on this, and how will it handle games bougth from over the pond that newer released in EU, or was released much later in EU?

When r u coming to Glasgow??

I will be attending the access event in Manchester. :-)

very cool!

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