How We Created Most Insane Immersive Movie Experience Ever

Can you tell what films are referenced in these three viral videos?(Check the first two related videos or click here to see two and three in the series). Sony Entertainment Network created them along with creative agency Studio Output to promote the PlayStation Store Video Store, with the aim of showing how a great movie can fill a room and make you feel like you’re at the heart of the experience.

The videos were all filmed in one take, with no post-production or any other SFX trickery, and were achieved using an innovative new image projection technique called immersive imaging, along with some smart design and choreography. What you can’t tell from watching the video alone is that the effect is reliant on the camera looking onto the scene at a particular angle at all times. We had to find a way of tracking the camera while it was moving and eventually realised that the answer was sitting on our desks and in our living rooms: PlayStation Move.

I’ll leave you with this behind the scenes video showing how we turned a plain living room into classic movie scenes using light and creativity.

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Great job, which agency made it?

Cristina Giuliano 14 December, 2011 @ 12:13

The agency is called Studio Output

And I`d use the video store, if it was so insanely overpriced compared to the likes of Blockbuster and Lovefilm.

Sort out a pay monthly unlimited rentals package to challenge the above companies, and you will have me interested.

Cristina Giuliano 14 December, 2011 @ 12:16

Have you checked our sales promotions?
We have a Disney one just live now, it will be followed by an Action and a Comedy collection sales promotion along the entire Xmas period ! Keep your eyes peeled for these, they are coming soon and you will be very happy about the price, I promise.


Good promote,but wont tempt me back to the video store section what with paying full price for a video only to find out that if i delete it i will have to buy it again if i want it back.

Except it’s not all in one take. There’s a cut at 0:45 where the guy’s legs suddenly change position.

Cristina Giuliano 14 December, 2011 @ 12:20

We have seen this comment going on in internet a lot and it makes us smile :) I was there at the shoot (s)! and I can promise you we had to retake it soooo many times that eventually I wanted to cry !!
I can promise you it’s all in one take and that’s the biggest challenge we had, believe it or not.
What you call cut is probably just some sudden movement of the projection on the object.

the video store doesn’t do just rentals can you own a film on lovefilm no it not legally yours.

it does HD films lovefilm has Not as for the price on UK video store the prices are spot on.

compare the vid store to HMV & GAME blu-ray in the high streets.

the SCEE game store & devs should take Vid store advive & not it’s download games cost more then blu-ray so is this due to SCEE & other localisation/licensing excuse crap.

i think not.

“Good promote,but wont tempt me back to the video store section what with paying full price for a video only to find out that if i delete it i will have to buy it again if i want it back.”

that not exactly true that would be theft i did ask about over a year ago what if & not got a answer.

did you look on your download list history, there 2 download list history 1 in game store & the other in the vid store.

because i look on my download list my bought films are there.

i haven’t bought any new films for ages but it nice i don’t need to go out when i’m ill just buy a film i like.

@Vidstore team can i request for manga films legend of the overfiend & legend of demon womb.

both legally sound as they both was Passed a 18 by BBFC.

unfortunately with cuts. :(

looks nice
wish that in my country we had a video store

It’s very nice technology but I’m not quite sure I understand the purpose of this. Wouldn’t the view be completely wrong for the person sitting down?

Would this have some kind of head tracking, similar to what Johnny Chung Lee did with the Wii Remote? But then, wouldn’t the room projector need to be behind you?

Cristina Giuliano 14 December, 2011 @ 13:46

Yes, the view is wrong for the person sitting down, but that’s the fun of the project. He is an actor and he is instructed on how to react, while everybody watch what’s happening on camera !

Is the first one X-Men.
Sitting in the room with watermelon on the guys head(metal helmet) and levitating the fruit(as if it was metal) like Magneto.

Then ending up in that insanely big room that looks like it has a bottom-less pit.
Then when just putting on the glasses, he shoots red light-laser thingies from his eyes(like Cyclops)

Even if I’m wrong, very impressive.

Cristina Giuliano 14 December, 2011 @ 13:47

very good ……:)

Cristina Giuliano 14 December, 2011 @ 13:47

very good!


I think the second one is Transformers.

Turning from robot to plane, makes sense to me.

HypnoticMonkey 14 December, 2011 @ 12:37

Rating – 2.5/5

Wow,really guys? There’s just no pleasing you is there.


I’m pretty sure that the third one is Pirates of the Caribbean.

I didn’t get it at first but when I saw the ships and hat I remembered that there was a pirate who’s eyes kept popping out.

And then at then at the end of the second film that big green thing appears.

Great job on all of them, really enjoyed them.

Will you be making more?

TheKillerSnowman 14 December, 2011 @ 12:42

do we in sweden get playstation movie store or something like that soon? i don´t like mubi and that i the only movie channal we got :(

Cristina Giuliano 14 December, 2011 @ 13:52

We are planning to expand the Video Store to Scandi but we need some time , thanks for your patience, you will surely get a Store at some point in the future!

Thank you, thank you, thank you
Finally we get the remaining services as shown in 2009 for a release in 2010
It was worth waiting the additional year to see the content increased

Thank you, thank you

Oh wait that is the experience we got promissed but never will get?

Thats amazing! I wish I would have access to it…..

thanks for nothing, sony

When are we in Sweden getting playstation store?

TheKillerSnowman 14 December, 2011 @ 13:32

they promest ous movie store to sweden in 2009 but we nerver got it so i believe that don´t care about ous in sweden :(

Funny 2 see btw that the link to the videostore on the rightside of this page, shows updated by 18 march……
Thats how sony thinks about their loyal customers….

Cristina Giuliano 14 December, 2011 @ 13:49

who knows!
they have been incredibly popular so far, so maybe !
hope you found the behind the scene interesting.

TheKillerSnowman 14 December, 2011 @ 13:54

why don´you guys put the EU/UK store and US store together? that way everyone will be happy :)

TheKillerSnowman 14 December, 2011 @ 13:57

wrong blog. sorry.


interesting stuff!! Very tricky


“This application is not supported.”
Great job there . . .

Any update on when this is coming to NZ? Australia’s had it for a while now :(

I’m curious to know if this technique is any better than standard green screens. I guess on the plus side the actors have a lot more visual cues around them (props and so on), but I think green screen post-production effects would generally look a lot better.

It’s interesting to see stuff like this on the blog :)

TehPhilosopher 15 December, 2011 @ 23:02

Why on earth would you show the spoiler-laden BTS before the actual clip? Didn’t look all that impressive AFTER seeing how it was done…

What i really don’t understand is how they made the fireplace disappear

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