Tidings Of Comfort And Joy From Gran Turismo

Volkswagen Golf VI R '10_73Front

Hello Gran Turismo fans,

As you may have read or seen there is new incoming content for GT5 and I am very happy to confirm that the date for the new content will be 21 December.

So what’s coming up? Firstly, we’ll have a second DLC Car Pack which follows on from first Racing Car Pack in October. Car Pack 2 will contain a new and improved 2012 Nissan GT-R Black edition R35, 2011 MINI COOPER S, 2010 Volkswagen Golf VI R, and a 2010 Volkswagen Scirocco R. Priced at €3.99 in Europe, the pack can be purchased from the PlayStationStore.

Toyota 86 GT '12_73Rear Toyota 86 GT '12_73Front

Volkswagen Scirocco R '10_73Front Volkswagen Scirocco R '10_73Rear

On the same day, a ‘Family Upgrade’ will be made available for free from the store. This means that if you bought the October DLC – Racing Car Pack 1, Course Pack 1, or the ‘Complete Pack’ that contained both – more than just one user per PS3 can now access the content. This means that family members or mates sharing the same PS3 can use those courses and cars as they will no longer be limited just to your particular PSN ID. The upgrade doesn’t apply to the Racing Gear Pack or Special Paint Pack and if you buy the new Car Pack 2 then this sharing function will be automatic.

MINI COOPER S '11_73Rear MINI COOPER S '11_73Front

The good news gets even better for players who have bought or intend to buy one of the first DLC packs (including, of course, the Complete Pack). As a special gift they will get the Gran Turismo Racing Kart 125 SP and five New Car Refresh cards free. The refresh cards will take any car back to being ‘as good as new’ while maintaining any modifications or paint jobs you have given your motors. You will need to install the new functionality update to benefit from this rather nice stocking filler.

Gran Turismo RACING KART 125 SPL_73Front Gran Turismo RACING KART 125 SPL_73Rear

Speaking of functionality updates, 2.02 will also be available on 21 December. The update will add several new enhancements to GT5 as well as correcting some reported issues. A few examples of the benefits of update 2.02 include:

  • Offering the ability to change wheels on standard cars
  • A ‘copy’ feature will be added to settings sheets
  • In GT Auto, players will be able to see how the oil changes, aerodynamic parts, engine overhauls, and racing modifications will affect performance points and engine power, before and after their application.
  • Free tickets have been added that allow you to wash cars, change oil, overhaul your engine, or refresh the car body in GT Auto (10 coupons will be distributed for free to each of those who have downloaded the 2.02 update).
  • Pressing the □ button in the car ticket selection screen of the Car Delivery, will now allow you to exchange all car tickets at once.
  • In screens where the [Garage] and [Driver List] buttons are displayed in the A/B Spec events, Special Events, and Seasonal Events, pressing the □ button will now show the [Garage], and pressing the △ button will show the drivers list.
  • An option has now been added for ‘Max. number of participants – this is featured in the room settings of My Lounge.
  • Added ☆ marks which show the number of Gold Trophies attained in each event, in the event selection screen of seasonal events.
  • Racing sound effect adjustment.
  • Elements of the steering assist controls (used when using certain controllers on Racing Karts) have been adjusted.

The seasonal feel good factor doesn’t end there. In the spirit of the festive season, players who have installed the 2.02 update will also be gifted the stunning Toyota FT86 ’12 completely free of charge.

Nissan GT-R Black edition '12_73Front

Nissan GT-R Black edition '12_73Rear

So there you have it, GT5 not only continues to get bigger and better, there are even a few special gifts being thrown in for good measure.

We hope you enjoy the new content and here’s wishing you Happy Christmases all round and plenty of on-going fun on the Real Driving Simulator!

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I’m there, say no more.


AWESOME! how about a Christmas Track to test those shiny cars on?


I hear my Playstation 3 will load up Gran Turismo 5 on December 21 2011

“Offering the ability to change wheels on standard cars” – this will be a popular change.

I would like PD to implement a quick way to change the oil on one or multiple cars from the garage. At present, the process is way too slow.

I love the new cars. More European cars is a must!

Was hoping a track or two might make the second batch of DLC> Please bring us classic GT tracks and some classic real world tracks such as Brands Hatch, Bathurst and Zolder.

Still, thanks for the festive DLC and update. The game is evolving nicely and I’m grateful that PD are still working on it.

Now Forza has nothing over GT5. AND I MEAN NOTHING!

Would love to have the American only Pre-order bonus (Gamestop Fantasy Nascar) and the Schicks Camero…..

Penrose… Think we can see these as DLC purchases in EU? Pleaseee

I missed out on the PS+ discount on the Complete Pack DLC the first time around, any chance of that happening again? Pretty please?

Cool:P Thanks;)

But still no 24 hour save tho? :-( I really don’t want to keep my PS3 on for 24 hours :D

Asked on the US Blog, may as well ask here as well: why are paint chips restricted to one usage?

This just makes no sense. I’d love an explaination as to why in other racing games you have the ability to paint your cars over and over, yet in GT5 you can only use the chip once and then it’s gone.

I just don’t understand it. It’s just no fun at all :(

We need more tracks! :)

Just! YAY :D

@Carl-G mid race endurance game saves were implemented in the last update. You can suspend the race when you enter the pits.

7# I would like this too :D

Awesome sauce!!!! :D

Wowee! This update is quite nice and sizeable! :)

Just want to throw in an idea for a future update… Though I know the list of cars is extensive it’d be great if we could choose what cars we’re up against in arcade mode. Either by selecting drive-train, type, PP, or BHP it would be great to have some customisability in choosing who you go up against rather than the game randomly giving you opponents similar to the one you picked.

Good stuff.

Penrose,not sure if you give feedback directly to Japan,but it’s the paint chip thing.I don’t mind the concept of the chip,but the main issue is losing that paint.It’s why i’ve only used one of my DLC chips.
Now i’m happy with one chip,but I think we should have a reclaim chip option,possibly costing Cr.We still have a chip limit,but won’t lose the chip forever.
I think that strikes a fair balance between the original design choice,and a compromise for us the user.

Also another thing i’d like,is setting limits on the shuffle system.For example all RR,AWD,FR.

I want new tracks. a lots of… and adding them in A spec competitions. please!

WELSHDRAGON_74 14 December, 2011 @ 19:20

one word to to describes this update ‘AWESOME’

Awsome Xmas gifts from PD happy Xmas hope 2012 well be better year for japan after that awful earthquake early this year can we have the new Lamborghini in nxt DLC ?


Have you started work on GT PS VITA yet??

it’s nice that other users on machine can now have the cars and tracks !

Awesome. GT5 ftw.

This year, Santa comes with a shiny new ride… nice!

So I have a genuine problem and I get no reply. Is this the thanks I get for being a loyal customer since the PS2 days???!! No wonder I appreciate Nintendo more.

Very nice

Arhhhh yhh, about time with the family pass update, but loving the new VW Golf!


And what about new in-game events (not seasonal events) using the Spa circuit or a kart-specific event (not seasonal either) ?

Hey EU Blog! You’ve got the pictures of the Nissan and Toyota the wrong way around. You yet the red one free and the blue one is DLC


‘d like a shopping basket on the Used Car dealership so that I can select multiple cars and then just go through the purchase routine once. current way takes far too long when buying multiple cars.

cool cant wait. Also looking for friends for gt5

Great update 2.02, lots of good stuff.

But come on, the DLC is just pitiful. What about a bunch of good premium race/sports cars and a track or two. And enough Nissans already, if they continue adding Nissans they might as well change the name to Nissan Racing something.

Like someone mentions above here, you witched the Toyota FT86 and the yet-another-Nissan pictures around.


oh yes! Money on my account ready now get in

I like the Volkswagen Scirocco R though and I’m still getting the DLC ofcourse, I buy everything that has anything to do with GT5.

Also, the Toyota FT86 looks nice, and this one’s for free.

One little feature that I’d like in addition to the 2.02 update is having the same music play continuously through the menus, I don’t like that different music plays depending on if I’m in the Tuning Shop or Car Dealership og Used Car Dealership etc. It’s just irritating when it changes.

Also an easier way to buy multiple cars would be nice, after watching the car presentation scene for the six hundredth time, I feel the urge commit suicide every time I see that screen.

Haha, almost everyone posting here’s got PS Plus!

Very happy with the GT5 updates. Usually I kind of forget about the game and when the update comes I get sucked back into the world of GT5 and I play it for months. You really do get value for your money with this game… At first I was kind of dissapointed but the interface has been upgraded a LOT and now I really can’t say too much bad things about it…

Thanks for the free car, like that you’re giving us stuff. All those guys asking for more right awayXD. Also, notice almost everybody spells things correctly here rather than slamming their head into the keyboard?

I’m rambling here… My final compliment: good that you say merry Christmas rather than happy holidays.



Saving during 24 hour races was added months ago.

Just pit and use the Suspend button


Brilliant! One of the best posts this month :)


hey sounds good, can’t wait for the 21st eh, a little idea (well request please) for future upgrades, and possibly some on line seasonal events, go on you know you want to hehe …. can we have the really bendy night time track back(soz can’t remember what it whats called) from back in GT2 or GT3 times i think, the one with loads of twist and turns and was really very difficult, it was also one of the licence test’s, part of the super licence or special licence… also some on line seasonal races around the very long track night time track, that you unlock quite early on in GT5, for practise and arcade mode ??? why no races around it eh ? in the night time again, where you go up and hairpin, then back on yourself for what seems like days on a straight, that’ll be cool with the GTR’s or Formual Gran Turismo cars me thinks here’s hoping

Still absolutely no sign of a resolution to those of us who have had our Playstation Plus subscription contract broken.



I’m not Gran Turismo fan.

Never really gotten into the series, always preffered stupid damage over other realism, but I do applaud you developers for making the GT universe on the PS3 the number one place to be for racing fan…

And I will certainly be purchasing a copy* during the Christmas sales just for damn sake of preserving a SONY exclusive that continues to shine.

…*It might be preowned though, so don’t get too happy :P

ASTRA_GSI_MKIII 15 December, 2011 @ 18:59

GT5 use are legends games getting better thanks and merry christmas to use

GT5 costs £10 at, why will you bother buying a preowned one?


any chance of seeing my car in GT5, Renault Clio rs 197?

@ Mu5a-2 – you gotta lay off the crack pipe! I’ve got Forza 4 and GT5, currently at 98% in GT5 and i have to admit F4 is the more fun game with an absolute ton more options. GT5 looks nice, but for content F4 has it beaten.

this new GT5 DLC is just bogus though! and it took them a year to change the wheels on standard cars?? c’mon.

Next dlc koenisegg agera R thx.

I’ll bet you a New Car Refresh card there’s a track in this update that’s not been revealed. Test Track maybe hmm?


why there are no stealth cars given to EU users? US users has already received like two free redeem codes ( check out the us gt5 website for details )

Absolutely need a BMW Z4 sDrive35i (E89) to make this game complete!

Just look at the lines of the car and the possibilyties to tune the N54 engine.

Game is incomplete until we get the the number 1 design winner of 2009-2010!

please please please stop giving us things we really don’t need like more cars and those refresh tickets etc…. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh great idea …. Not ..
We need more tracks and updates on the user system to keep things fresh. GT5 is in danger of going stale and repetitive.
Please look at some of the great comments from the real users of GT5 on how to improve the game and stop wasting your programmers time on more GtR cars that we don’t really need. We do have too many cars that nobody will ever use. Give us some DTM cars maybe.

So Please looks at the comments from loyal users and give us what we want.
Tracks Tracks. Tracks plz

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