PlayStation Home: That’s a Wrap for 2011

On Thursday 22nd December from 8AM BST PlayStation Home will go offline for scheduled maintenance. Here is what to expect when PS Home reopens…


The darkness has been lifted from Aurora! Peace and beauty have finally been restored. Along with the return of daylight, Aurora is currently passing above a large mountain range.

Hopefully the islands will remain high enough to avoid any collisions!

There is now a new island holding a fantastic single and multiplayer game called ‘Espionage 9’, along with another island containing the addictive ‘Los Penguini Brothers’ mini game.

We also have a new Teller of Tales story about the discovery of the islands which will be coming very shortly. Also, as well as new rewards for level 95 and a very special level 100 reward, we’re giving everyone not one but two free items to celebrate the launch of Aurora 1.4. One will be given on entering the space, and the other will arrive with the new Teller of Tales story. So what are you waiting for? Come and explore the wonders of Aurora now!

Forget snow and ice, mittens and scarves, and being able to see your own breath. Board Figment’s Dream Yacht and get away from all that. Spend your holidays basking in the sun on the deck of your private yacht, or sooth your cares away in one of the two on-board hot tubs. It’s the perfect place to entertain, with several lounge areas and exquisite views of your own private tropical hideaway.


The yacht comes with some beautiful furnishings already in place, but if you spend some time exploring its expansive three floors you may find more things to add that special finishing touch.

Do the opulent surroundings justice and dress to impress – gain access to Lockwood’s Exclusive Store only available on the Dream Yacht, for elegant fashions that will assure you’re styled head and shoulders above the rest! Start living the dream with Figment.

Over in the Threads store, adidas Originals is all in! Style up and get brand new official adidas Originals items for your PlayStation Home Avatar. Show your originality with loads of different items: Tops, Bottoms, Shoes and even Hats – either go for the classics like the Firebird Tracksuits and Superstar shoes or run with the latest and freshest fashion styles. Go all in with adidas Originals on PlayStation Home!


Konami brings the brand new Anime line to PS Home with Custom animations. Power up as a guys or Dance as a girl. You can now emote with sweat and forehead veins and peace signs as well! In addition to custom animations, hair colour is customisable and there are a variety of anime character types to choose from. Collect them all! Konami also continues their popular Gothic line with new clothing for women and men. Dance under the midnight moon in this new arcane apparel!


Last up this week, here’s a message from our friends at doublesix games:

“Hello! Jamin Smith from doublesix games here, developers of Burn Zombie Burn! and it’s spiritual successor – the upcoming arcade-RPG All Zombies Must Die!

AZMD! is a twin-stick shooter grounded in RPG sensibilities. Think: quests, character levelling, item-crafting, hilarious characters, a witty self-referential script, four player co-op and zombies by the truck-load, and you’ll get a pretty good idea of things.


And it’s true, of course; all zombies must die. The undead are foul, wretched beings that want nothing more than to chow the delicious grey matter hiding between your ears. That said, the ambling corpses make great little followers, and I’m here today with news of four new Companions to keep your avatars company in PlayStation Home; SWAT, Crazy and Jogger zombies, in addition to everybody’s favourite alien, Luxo.


The All Zombies Must Die! Christmas bundle is available now for €8.99 / £7.19, with individual Companions priced at €1.99 / £1.59. Don’t forget, PlayStation Home already plays host to the All Zombies Must Die! themed Big Head Pack, which offers three masks and six Companions.

For more, ‘like’ All Zombies Must Die! on Facebook or take a gander at the official AZMD! site .”

Well, that wraps it up for 2011 on PlayStation Home. There will be no PS Home update next week due to the holidays, so here’s wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Best thing about this update is the boat appartment & rest is crap.. oh and 1ST !!!

any clues as to how much is the yacht going to cost looks a neat personal space

What? Aurora 1.4 is already live, since last week in fact o.O I already got all freebies regarding level 100 and the espionage and penguin mini-games also also available for a week now so you sure you did your homework?

All aboard the yacht put your feet up & relax in the suda, next watch on the yacht flashy TV like SCEA got & watch black screen for FREE.

the only good thing is the new avatars they look cartoonty :)


Anime emotes are cool

Good update.

On a side note, the PS App updated, yay :)

Winter Event Quest 2 as well. :)

not much of an update this week and defently not the one i was expecting at the end of the year but ell well, i supose the last 2 weeks has been big updates :)

the boat looks nice but no home update next week :( 2 weeks of no new spaces (maby 3)

Merry christmas James and SCEE (yes even modarators)

my god. lot of awesome content and games in home by now.. if i could earn trophys i would play alot of them games.
no trophys .. so home for me :D

ptmacey – is that the U3 BETA AVATAR? How did u get it?

If someone else has the yacht and you visit, can you buy from the exclusive store? I’m a sucker for clothes on Home but don’t really buy apartments. Would feel a little ripped off having to buy the apartment just to access the store!

Is the missing Underwater Apartment going to be fixed with this update? I lost mine with 1.60 and it no longer appears in my reward list, but everything else from the Go Fish! game works. I’m really upset at the loss of the Underwater Apartment as it’s more than just a random item – it’s a personal space. Could someone please respond if this is fixed with this new update or if a fix is still in the pipeline. Thanks.


Loving the look of the Anime avatars and Yacht Personal space! Off Topic but still home related: myself and others from Wales are having problems with the winter quest….The activity board is saying there are no quests available so people can’t continue/start the 1st quest. I guessed it was going to be deleted in tomorrow’s update but I’ve since heard it is supposed to be around til January. Any ideas? Please and thankyou!


Aurora is terrible in daylight, you cannot tell the difference between different orbs as well as you could before the ‘Halloween’ let alone during which was great! Darkness or even twilight would be better. and why no weekend debate? it was just starting to be not just a ‘Friday’ debate and then it disappears!


Good though small final update, well compared to the last few, Have had a few ideas about Home, mostly to much to soon though tbh, but was just wondering about when Mass Effect3 hits in March, as imo it will be Massive, and the thought of multiplayer in it, IF done right the game will be around for a long time. Well getting to the point, will it be possible to become one of the many species that’ll make this game?, i kinda like the idea of becoming a civillised, or other member of ME’s universe, just a little food for thought for the Home team to consider after the Big day n such. Speaking of which Merry Christmas to Everyone who has transformed Home into what it has become, Have a good one.

in reply to comment 10 i was emailed a code for it some time back

thunderking1981 22 December, 2011 @ 05:04

hi james just 3 days to go for christmas and 9 days to go for 2012 a good update so what do you think about 2011? a good year or a bad year. the weather for the christmas weekend is in the north of the uk wet and windy and to the south dry and sunny with ligh wind merry christmas and a happy new year

Why do some people have to childishly & competitively state that they are “first” in these these blog comments. It’s almost as annoying as those awful anime avatars…in fact I’m getting angry just at the thought of some imbecilic “first”er which probably has to be pasted by them because the poster or paster probably can not even spell the word, tho not as angry as when I see one of those silly anime hairstyles in Home.

GRRR someone’s hairstyle is making me angry again…

Btw seasons greeting and good yuletide to everyone in the PS world out there, even anime bewigged imbecilic children whom deign to…

I’ll start that last sentance again…

Have a good Yuletide season folks, and thanks Sony for bringing us Home. Can’t wait to see my new yacht…


Ps home still boring, where is the flashback Map pack info for uncharted 3 is it out this year?

Connor_mufc_1985 22 December, 2011 @ 08:33

Arne Meyer of Naughty Dog replied to somebody’s post on the Naughty Dog forums , I dont have a link but anyway heres the jist of it , we did want to get the flashback map pack 1 out before the holidays but it wasn’t possible its all to do with QA, even re-creating old maps is just as time consuming as creating new maps so it looks like the maps will be here after the holidays (no official release date).He also said details on map pack 2 will be anounced on release date of flashback map pack 1 and that NEW MAPS are being created right now i.e not uncharted 1 or 2 maps . Hope this helps : )

meh sorry to say in my opinion I don’t like this update sorry and the level 100 thing you have to life Aura or something merry Christmas and have a happy new year Everyone

SirJake_Brookes 22 December, 2011 @ 09:45

@James. This update is brilliant because of yacht space & others today, recent updates have been up to par with my standard on PSH europe & for new a house how about riding stables space. I like horses & been riding for 5 years come new year so riding stables space on PSH be fantastic & I hope 2012 will bring us more jolly good updates. Merry Christmas & Happy new year to James, PSN Teams & To everyone on network. :)


In the UFC space when i try and pick a prize the prize board sais not avalible, it has done since the start, Please mention this to the HOME team.


that yacht actuly looks verry nice but in my opinion all persinal spaces are A RIP OFF! its nearly £4 for a persinal space. Thats why i dont buy them, but i may buy this one.

i think we should be able to have a tour in persinal space before we can buy them because its so annoying that we cant see what it actuly looks like.

I’d love to see Some classic ps1 and ps2 games thrown in there, Abes odysee! Crash and spyro.

supersmith2500 22 December, 2011 @ 12:00

Err.. wrong topic mate.

Abe’s Oddysee and Crash Bandicoot 1, 2, 3 and Racing are already on PS store so why except them to see it on Home?


There’s a dedicated thread in the Home forums to those offering tours of personal spaces try there.

There’s always youtube or the like, a lot of people post up ‘virtual tours’ as well to give you an indication.


So.. no acknowledgement of Christmas at all this year in PlayStation Home.. (other than a tree in the square) what a shame :| another case of PC gone crazy..

That yacht is going to be mine as soon as home is back up. mid3get’s right, there’s a few tour guides willing to take the time to show people around personal spaces. They’re very nice people too ;)

@ Chloe__1990. What about the Winter Event Space on your navigator with quests and lots of rewards, doesn’t that count?


Lum26 .. no it doesn’t count .. I’ve even heard the possibility of having to play games in that quest where you have to kill people? Christmas.. I don’t think so ?


they should put a final fantasy 7 area on PlayStation home that would be amazing!!!


yes but when im in home and want to buy a persinal space i saw, it would get annoying to cancel out of home, go on my ps3 browser, go on youtube then go back in home.

I thought that your post 24 said you dont buy personal spaces?

I only remarked as you expressed intrest in this space and I was giving you the different options that are available.


did you not read my comment? i said wen i want to buy a persinal space

thanks for the options but i think it would be alot easier if they had a tour vid in home of each apartment.


Yes i did read your comment in which you stated that you do not buy spaces but expressed intrest in this particular one. I gave you options.

You then subsequently post again to contradict yourself that you may impusle buy spaces. I agree that it would be a chore to exit to have a look but if you knew you wanted this space then you could do your homework before you enter Home.

To give you a hint about it though it’s 7.99 comes with 20 pieces of furniture and a free shop. I’m looking at it now and it looks very nice


£7.99 for a virtual yacht? I was looking forward to that but for 8 quid I will have to pass. I could buy a game for that! I think personal spaces should be £3 max. It’s not like they’re struggling to sell virtual things on home and desperately need the money.

SirJake_Brookes 22 December, 2011 @ 16:44

@ James. in next updates will PSH team make yacht move & sea plane, sub & helicopter for those who have it & I named my yacht HMS Sodium. Thanks for yacht PSH team. :D


It would be great if all those things were functional! I commented before I saw the video of the yacht and I think it is probably the best personal space on home to date, just the price is a bit steep – I love the furniture too :)

SirJake_Brookes 22 December, 2011 @ 18:22

I agree the price is abit high but it’s worth it for a new space but drawback is yacht doesn’t move compared with two in PSH America which do move.

Immortal-Wolf- 22 December, 2011 @ 23:47

The Best Worst christmas on playstation home this year as winter vacation happens to be this message.

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SONY playstation home what was you thinking this christmas we the loyal customers deserve better.


We should make some first party characters but I love pshome

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