PlayStation Store Festive Sale


It’s Christmas!!… (almost) and to celebrate the festive season, the PlayStation Store brings you some outstanding offers on over 100 titles for the Festive Sale which starts on the 23rd December and runs all the way to the 11th January 2012. With Blu-ray Disc games and PlayStation Network games, PS3 add-ons and PS one Classics, PSP games and minis: there’s something here for everyone.

Here are some titles to give you a taste of what delights we have on offer:

PS3 Games

  • Premier Manager 2012 – Save up to 66%
  • Playstation Move Heroes – Save up to 60%
  • Rayman Origins – Save up to 33%
  • Midnight Club LA Complete – Save up to 28%
  • Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken – Save up to 30%
  • The Baconing – Save up to 54%
  • Zombie Apocalypse – Never Die Alone – Save up to 50%
  • Castlevania: Harmony of Despair – Save up to 47%
  • L.A. Noire Complete Edition – Save up to 10%

PSP Games

  • Metal Slug XX – save up to 73%
  • Worms Battle Islands – save up to 65%
  • Blazeblue Calamity Trigger Portable – save up to 57%

And much, much more…….

But that’s not all!!


For all you minis fans out there, we have the Minis Pick and Mix. This is your chance to grab five fantastic minis of your choosing from a range of 50 popular titles: all for one low price of €3.99/£3.19!

Here are some of the games that are on offer:

  • Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter
  • ME Monster: Here Me Roar!
  • The 2D Adventures of Rotating Octopus
  • I Must Run!
  • Fighting Fantasy: Talisman of Death
  • OMG-Z
  • Pix’n Love Rush

How does this work??

Simply purchase the mini Pick & Mix ticket, once purchased you will be taken to a screen to pick which five games you want, its that simple!

However if you leave the PSN Store before you decide what games you wish to purchase, you can go back at any time by following the below procedure:

  1. Go to Playstation Network on the XMB
  2. Go to Account Management
  3. Go to Transaction Management
  4. Go to your Services List
  5. select the minis Pick & Mix title
  6. Select the minis Pick & Mix entitlement again
  7. You will then view how many picks you have remaining on screen
  8. Click on ‘Select Content’ – this will take you back to the minis Pick & Mix catalogue where you can browse 50 minis
  9. Make your minis selection

So don’t miss out on some great one time offers – take a sleigh ride over to PlayStation Store for the Festive Sale.


Are you new the Playstation Network?

If you are new to the Playstation Network and want to understand how our store works better, visit us today on your PS3 and look out for the above banners for guidance.

22 Author replies

Andy Ys there no Xmas avatars like u.s?

i agree. There should be some Xmas avatars, also I wish capcom would show us more love in the avatars department. I’ve been wanting some mvc3 and rival schools avatars for ages but capcom don’t seem to care about eu psn :/


Hi Andy, looking forward to checking out the rest of the Sale tomorrow.

Have a great Christmas and a happy new year!

Could you please give an update to when we’ll be getting the Arkham City Challenge Map Pack that was supposed to be included in the Store Update yesterday?

Connor_mufc_1985 22 December, 2011 @ 15:16

so no dlc discounts ? MEHHHHHHHH


Do not fear, there is some DLC on sale too. CHeck it all out on the store tomorrow.

Castlevania is a must buy from that list for me.

@ Andy

I noticed the Minis Pick & Mix yesterday. I’m glad you posted a solution, as i’ve read a few posts with purchasers having problems with it.

Will pick that up! (excuse the pun) & i’m glad to see Castlevania ;)


I noticed that too hence the guidelines, I hope they read this post :S

Trine 1 please!!!

@razordude. Same here I’ve been wanting to get castlevania on a discount for ages now and that time has finally come! :p

@ Connor_mufc_1985

It states “PS3 add-ons” DLC ‘)

@ Andy

Also, what timescale are we looking at, for when the content is live? Between 3-5pm like a normal update perhaps?


we are aiming for a 12:00 noon publish however because there is ALOT of content it might be postponed to around 2/3pm

Connor_mufc_1985 22 December, 2011 @ 15:26

Oops lol that’s what I get for not reading it properly I just saw the examples and immediately thought MEHHHHHHHH , I just got battlefield 3 and batman arkham city this week so hopefully they’ll have a discount for back to karkand expansion pack , wink wink sony

Save up to xx %…? how does that work..? more % if you are PSN plus member..?


Indeed, some items will have extra discounts for PLUS members.


Please discount Patchwork Heroes :)


Thanks a lot & have a great christmas and Happy new year .

Thanks for the quick reply Andy…

(please answer this next question just as quick)…

will there be a discount for ICO/SOTC collection..? please.. pretty please..

LA ? How is it possible, we don’t have if in playstation store, only USA have it. Or we finally going to get it in store?

I hope there is a sale on DLC for games i’m getting for Christmas

WELSHDRAGON_74 22 December, 2011 @ 15:35

hey andy merry christmas….. just a quick question r we geting last of us theme/wallpaper lik the U.S got???

Connor_mufc_1985 22 December, 2011 @ 15:36

im currently only playing 4 games atm uncharted 3 , battlefield 3 , batman arkham city and modern warfare 3 (admittedly hardly ever play mw3 though lol) so im guessing il not benefit from these planned dlc sales : ( but would love to see a slight discount for back to karkand hint hint

hoping pixeljunk sidescroller is in that sale

i mean really hoping

had a dream a few weeks ago that I bought Trine for £2 – mi’ thinks maybe I play games too much if games going on sale filters into my dreams

Will the Pick & Mix minis offer be available on the PSP store as well? I saw it on the PS3 store but not the PSP store.

@ Connor_mufc_1985

I wouldn’t get your hopes up for a Karkand discount. If it does happen, then much kudos to the store team!

@ Andy

Further discounts for PLUS members on some of the content too??

You really are spoiling us! :)

Will we see any new content at all, or is it current content?


Mainly exsisting content except for LA Noire Complete Edition. Hope that is OK?

Merry Xmas to one & all! ;)

Has there been any clarification on a potential ps+ discount for Stranger’s Wrath that was hinted at in the developers blog post?

I’m hesitant to pick it up straight away in case they subsequently apply one as hinted at.

huge discounts. there will probably be something of my interest to xD


@Any body
any idea what the L.A. Noire Complete Edition price would be with discount? i can pick it up in the shops for £20 so if its same price or hopefully cheaper ill spend some cash on store for a change!

Last thing to mention.

Gamestation are selling off their £35 PSN cards for £25, until the Case versions are out of stock!

Just thought i’d mention it, as £10 will net you 1 or 2 games for free ;)

nathanmoore777 22 December, 2011 @ 15:42

is call of duty dlc in the sale, please say yes

nathanmoore777 22 December, 2011 @ 15:44

any avatars for sale


Sadly not…


awesome :)
cant wait to see the full list!

Fantastic stuff thanks – a bit OT – but can anyone at Sony confirm if game saves from the disk version of Ico & SotC will work on the digital version? I’d like to buy them but don’t really want to start again as I’m half-way to my platinum!

Have a great Christmas!! :o)


I am sorry to saybut I don’t believe it does…

Then again these games are not bad games to start from the beginning :)


Awesome deal. Can I offer a couple of suggestions for PSN store though? Firstly, downloads can be really slow, like 40 kb/s. I downloaded the Dungeon Defenders demo yesterday and it took all evening. I guess the servers are hammered by everyone looking at the same time. Would it be a better idea to roll out new content daily so there’s not such a rush, with a weekly overview?

Secondly can you please update the store so all content has a preview? I was looking at a Dynamic Christmas theme, but the ones from Lama Produksiyon have no previews anywhere. Similarly some games have no previews. I never going to plump my money down on a complete unknown!

Thanks for reading, and Merry Christmas!

@ judgehusler

Are you sure the £20 price tag, isn’t for the original, minus DLC?

The cheapest i’ve seen, is £29.95 so if you have seen it at that price m8, pick it up ASAP!

I should imagine the price will be £30-£35 on the store!

Speak to you 2night m8 ;)

when you had renegade ops for up to 55% of the actual max discount was a bit less then 51% off (on the Australian store), was this a mistake, because 51% is definately not 55%

WELSHDRAGON_74 22 December, 2011 @ 15:52

Andy i forgot to ask in my last post is LA NOIRE full game to download from store? if so i am defnatly buying as sony has my blu-ray copy when my old ps3 YLOD disc was in ps3 and i culd not get it out and when i called ps3 helpline i explained the problem they said a courier would come to my house pick up my broke ps3 and swap it for a reconditioned one which to my delight was the next day after i made the call but i was told once my o broke ps3 got to were ever it was going the disc would be removed and sent back to me but it could take up to 2 weeks well that was about 6 months ago,,, now i hav seen it in the sale i want it again so pleasebe the full game and not just DLC


Andy. Just want to know if any of the offers that have been available on the “12 Days” will be repeated again.

Also, I noticed a while back that “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” was offered to Ps+ users for £4 or £5, only it was taken off. Was that a mistake, or will that be one of the special offers?


LA NOIRE Complete Edition, is the full game & all DLC ;)

Ah this isnt for Fin… why?


@catkiller1 just looked it up my bad it £25! going to wait till after new year as some online shops have sold out selling at £20, my guess is it will be that much everywhere after christmas. yea catch you later

Fins dont get this? why?


Pardon? Everyone should be getting this. Do you mean the blog post or the sale itself?


same here….sony said they would give me uncharted back after YLOD but they basicly stole it! i was lucky enough to get a copy free with my ps3 slim back in 2009


check this out

Is the GT5 DLCs(the first ones) going to be available at this sale? Please say yes as I missed it when they where discounted for psn +…


Colour me intrigued


LOL! Love it.

Any chance of the Jurassic Park offer codes being sent out before Christmas? As they didn’t go out as you said they would yesterday.


I have just talked to our CRM team and they inform me that the emails went out today, so please do check again and if they are still not there let me know.


nice seams like some good sale offers,be nice to see what else is going to be on sale


Hi Andy,

By any chance will we be seeing a discounted Resident Evil 4 HD and a Resident Evil Code Veronica HD in this sale? ;)

BTW really like the festive ideas this December with the 12 deals of christmas and the festive sales :)

To you and the team, have yourself’s a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! :D

Can someone help me please.My pick n mix minis will not install on my psp.Psp says The download failed.You can use (minis Pick & Mix)on only one PSP System.I only have one PSP.


merry christmas everyone!
see you next year :)

So pathetic. Compared to the US sale, which has hundreds of deals we get nothing.

At least I know I wont be spending money on PSN this Christmas, so I guess I should thank you for saving my money.


I am sorry you feel like that but don’t forget the above list is just a sample of the content, we actuall have over 100 pieces of content in this sale but to check out whats on offer you will need to jump on the store tomorrow.

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