Media Molecule’s Fridge Cam – Molecules Exposed!


Earlier in the year we installed a PS Eye Camera into our fridge at Media Molecule… Not, as some of you may think, as a solution to prevent lunch thieves, no, we just thought that our lives would be incomplete without a camera that took photos each time the fridge was opened and then uploaded them onto the intranet for all to see. It didn’t serve any useful purpose other than to provide us with amusement.

The first thing we noticed about having a Fridge Cam, was that people pull stupid faces when they go to get a snack and don’t know quite what they want. We believe that these faces would be pulled regardless of the presence of the camera.

fridgecam_2011-09-26_13.28.03_130 fridgecam_2011-08-19_18.03.16_156

These faces began to evolve however, into new and weird expressions brought about perhaps by the favoured snack not being in stock, a particularly mouldy tub of cream cheese, or maybe this too was just normal.

fridgecam_2011-10-07_16.01.18_721 fridgecam_2011-10-06_10.50.54_549

fridgecam_2011-09-10_16.42.20_953 fridgecam_2011-08-19_15.05.41_390

fridgecam_2011-08-18_13.18.40_406 fridgecam_2011-08-18_09.46.11_000

As people began to witness the horrors of the gormless and hungry, there was a movement to block the camera, at first by placing the butter or milk in front of the camera… but then other objects too.

fridgecam_2011-09-07_22.34.27_656 fridgecam_2011-09-08_18.56.34_781

fridgecam_2011-09-07_22.18.10_218 fridgecam_2011-09-07_13.26.32_281

But behind the blocked lens, chaos began to unfold. It turns out that the fridge is a source of great hilarity. All fridges should have a camera in them.

fridgecam_2011-08-18_21.10.49_375 fridgecam_2011-08-19_12.48.02_812

fridgecam_2011-08-19_16.17.30_171 fridgecam_2011-08-19_17.21.14_000


Finally, the camera failed, the red LED that showed life faded to darkness, and the faces of the molecules were no longer being snapped.


But dear PlayStation Blog reader, I have good news; This error has been resolved by the wonderful people in Mm IT, and whether the molecules know yet it or not, Fridge Cam is active once more! Our the story will continue in the new year, who knows what weirdness will come next.

Until next time, Peace out folks!


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Congrats on being first , would you like a party?


Haha, this is brilliant.
I’d love to see more posts like this, something as silly and funny as this really brightens up my day.
The blog could do with more posts like this.
Well done, whoever thought it up!


Hahaha thats great. Wish my workplace was fun :(

I’d love to do that, it would be lots of fun.

Great idea.

All comments are +

fjernbetjening 29 December, 2011 @ 14:48

@7 Allow me to keep that going :-)

almighty-slayer 29 December, 2011 @ 15:06

Haha that is amazing. Happy new year everyone at MM :)

Great idea. It is lovely to see something light-hearted and fun like this. We need more tomfoolery!

Happy New Year to all.

Do a LIVE Video Fridge Cam web page :D (i only thought of that because when you open the door i could see & hear what new game you lot are making) LoL

p.s I WANT A LBP3! ! ! :P (i just love LBP games)

Absolute awesomness!
Could this be made into a new LBP level?

Would be cool if you placed the last shot from the fridge-cam in the LiveArea for Vita-LBP. Then we could allways see what you were up to. :P

If you set it up for videocapture, you could have press-conferences in the fridge. All your game-announcements would be cool aswell.. :P

This is even better than all the ‘happy holidays’ posts. Something fun and original is infinitely more interesting. Viral videos go viral for the same reason.

btw, do us a favour and cull the “first” posters, permanently.

TehPhilosopher 30 December, 2011 @ 12:38

That’s really funny, great New Year to everyone!

maddogarchie64 30 December, 2011 @ 16:39

that was really good


GiantBomb did this ages ago.

So you found the milk thief :D

Hilarious stuff

warriorprince001 01 January, 2012 @ 09:45

lol i love lbp2 its so fun!

luv ur games, just i got ylod!!!

luv ur games, just i got ylod!!!

ahaha that is so funny! ha might need on for my fridge to have a laugh

aha that is soo funny!! ha migjt have to get one for my fridge just for a laugh. mite see a few zombies in the morning. lol

i used to live next door to that last guy, he was a LEGEND! love to MM

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