‘Heads-Up’ PlayStationPlus Update – 4th January 2012

'Heads-Up' PlayStationPlus Update - 4th January 2011

Happy New Year to all the PlayStation community – I hope 2012 brings you everything you all are wanting. Of course, if what you’re wanting is a copy of Back to the Future: The Game as part of your Plus subscription, we’re off to a fine start.

Marty McFly and Doc Brown return in a completely new Back to the Future adventure. Six months after the events of the third film, the DeLorean Time Machine mysteriously returns to Hill Valley – driverless! Marty must go back in time and get aid from a resistant teenage Emmett Brown, or else the space time continuum will forever be unraveled!

And to kick-start the year there’s an extra free game for you all courtesy of Ubisoft in the shape of Voodoo Dice. Roll the dice in a mystical world filled with exploration, puzzle-solving, and adventure. Voodoo Dice is an innovative, challenging puzzler that plays with your mind as you solve puzzles in unique and interesting ways. With 60 single player levels and multiplayer for up to 4 players it should help keep your mind of those New Year’s resolutions that you’ve selectively forgotten to keep up!

Add to that two new Plus themes, of course, including a rather swanky cuckoo clock, two brand new minis which are both exclusive to Plus for the next couple of weeks, Rally Cross on PSone and to celebrate the 50% off of Festival of Blood promotion running until 11th January, a couple of free inFamous 2 avatars – Good Cole and Zeke.

And the discounts this month start with After Burner Climax at 75% off this week and starting next week, more to come throughout the month, including a buy-one-get-one-free offer from Capcom, additional discounts for Plus members on an upcoming EA sale with some huge savings, 75% off a SEGA Dreamcast classic and a day-one discount for a brand new PSN title to hint at a few. Keep an eye on the weekly PlayStation Store updates for more information.

Enjoy your content guys, I’m out this week but feel free to leave your comments – Andy will be looking them over to help with any pressing issues and I’ll be back on Monday to provide some more feedback.

Once again, a very Happy New Year from PlayStationPlus.

PlayStationPlus Content

Content and offers available until February 1st 2012 unless otherwise stated:

From January 4th:

  • Back to the Future: The Game, Episodes 1 to 5 – 100% off
  • Voodoo Dice (PS3 version) – 100% off
  • Rally Cross (PSone Classic) – 100% off
  • Arc the Lad (English language version) (PSone Classic) – 100% off
  • TrailBlazer (minis) – 100% off
  • Stick Man Rescue (minis) – 100% off
  • AfterBurner: Climax – 75% off
  • Cuckoo Clock Dynamic Theme – 100% off
  • Robot Dynamic Theme – 100% off
  • infamous 2: Good Cole Avatar – 100% off
  • infamous 2: Zeke Avatar – 100% off

Please note: additional offers may become available throughout the month. Keep an eye on the Plus section of the PlayStationStore and the weekly Store update posts for more information.

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Handige_Harry 04 January, 2012 @ 12:01

Back to the Future: The Game Nice!
Cant wait to play!

Handige_Harry 04 January, 2012 @ 12:02

Back to the Future: The Game
Cant wait to play! :P


Guess there’ll be no PS2 Classics today otherwise there’d be some PS+ discounts.

Wow BTTF 100% off? I already have it but that’s an amazing deal.

Hey guys, welcome back I hope you had a good christmas and new years.
Ill start off the year with a PS1 question.
Any chance of getting Mr. Driller as a PS1 classic, ive asked about this before but getting feedback from the blog is difficult.

Thanks guys, keep up the good work

Excellent update, thanks.

Is this full game with the platinum or all episodes seperately

hi there any info on trine 2 its my most anticipated game also hoping for a discount on crysis like usa

US PS+ also get Syphon Filter 1-3.
I would have loved to have these again.


Back to the Future? I already bought the complete Season, so it’s no use for me. And why do we get Rally Cross? I’ve got Rally Cross 2 on disc here, and it is not really a good game. I noticed the USA got all three Syphon Filter games for free. I was hoping to get at least part 3, because I’m missing that one on disc. Too bad for January, then…

Maybe the Store Update will be better. :)

Happy New Year guys.

Good update :D


If we download the English version on Arc the lad will it overwrite the Japanese language version? because I would like to keep the Japanese version, and the english version as well…


These things are being ignored PLEASE answer

1.Worms Ultimate Mayhem (was to be released last year im getting tired of waiting)

2.Strangers Wraith Plus discount as promised by just add water.

3.David Jaffre announced free twisted metal black download with USA versions of twisted metal he hopes i repeat hopes.. for the uk to have the same please can we get some word on this? or are we to miss out….again.


yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy back to the future awesome update guys cant wait to get home from work :)


Hi Andy,

Hope you had a great Xmas & New Year?

Will the EU Store have a 12 0f 12 SALE like the US blog?

I’m asking yourself, as there are 50% reductions for Plus members, so I thought you may know!


30% reduction of Crysis?

If there is a 12 of 12 SALE within the EU, then I hope to see Hamiltons Adventure, Pixeljunk Shooter 2 & Dragons Lair 2 ;)

Kind Regards

Hi how are you Ross Can you Please tell me if jurassic park will be on the psn store for Australia Please Thank you Im so wanting to play it

undergroundgr 04 January, 2012 @ 12:08

not bad.i was looking forward to buy back to the future so thats a great free psn title offer.i bought the 2 infamous avatars back then but thats ok.

Kinda sucks as I bought Back to the future when it was released *Sigh*.

Nice update!
(especially BTTF)


just one thing shouldn’t that be update 4th Jan 2012

bttf , voodoo dice (loved the demo), rally cross (fun on ps1, curious how i like it nowadays) and arc the lad.

what a beautiful update. Great start to the new year.

nice update shame we are not getting the syphon filters like the us but the ubisoft game sounds interesting.


So we’re finally going to see the return of Arc the Lad in English then? :)

No Syphon Filter 1-3? We didn’t get Spyro 1-3 which the US got last month either. Disappointing.


Is this this weeks PlayStation Store Update, just PlayStationPlus?


but its not this weeks it is a blast from the past update from this time last year lol


The eu playstation website says that we are getting wild arms

Wow… now I know why I got rid of ps+ enough said.

Nice! I did not buy BTTF just beacuse i knew this was going to happend! Free yes please!


@ tatoemonkey

Probably a typo or it could be a little joke, with regards to the BTTF free game!

I bet that’s what Andy will state now, *nudge, nudge…wink, wink* ;)

to the people asking about a plat on bttf it does not have one its 5 separate entry’s on your trophy lists (i bought it ages ago so can confirm this 100%) you can however import a disc based relese from the usa which does have a plat which i find strange.

nice update ill take it all apart from bttf.


I gathered it may be a typo just thought it was funny

Thunderlizzard 04 January, 2012 @ 12:17

Not a bad month, shame I’ve already got BttF :-(

More importantly is there any movement on a way of relicencing the 50 or so PS+ titles I downloaded last year that are now just dead weight on my PSPGo?

…and no, relicensing and recopying each one individually is not an option. This is a deal breaker for my next PS+ renewal.


thats annoying just bought BTTF as part of a sale about a month ago. really thinking of not buying things from the store incase i get them free soon with plus. can you introduce a rule that things on sale won’t be free with plus for at least 6 months to avoid disappointment.

any chance of a discount / free FFVII – IX?

Really happy with this update, what would put the icing on the cake would be a discount on Sam & Max BTS.

almighty-slayer 04 January, 2012 @ 12:18

Another month of being worse than US PS+ updates.

Already have everything i want off there, hopefully some discounts make up for it.

A couple of excellent things in there today. BTTF for free and Afterburner Climax. Too bad I already bought ’em. Ah well. :(

Just out of interest, has Back to the Future been patched since release? The games came out in an unfinished state (lots of typos in subtitles, graphical bugs and various other glitches) so I just wanted to know if Telltale bothered to finish the games after release.


No Syphon Filter 1-3? We didn’t get Spyro 1-3 which the US got last month either. Disappointing.

couldn’t agree more we only get one ps1 game then and arc the lad doesn’t count as it was already free last year just not in english and rally cross ohh yeah great choice how about no!! GIVE US TOMB RAIDER 1-3 or Silent Hill or anything that is well you know…. good. whats next a disney game i bet you thats there next choice


Already got BTTF, but no complaints, it’s a good game!

Will look at getting Festival of Blood at the discount price (but I’ve yet to buy Infamous 2…I know…)

Ross, could you see about a discount for Crysis?

cool update guys !! nearly as good as u.s. store , they got syphon filter 1, 2 & 3 , but still a good update well done!!

heard USA plus got 50% off Crysis, is this the case for euro update


Happy 2012 to all… and a nice first PSN Plus update :)


to celebrate the 50% off of Festival of Blood promotion running until 11thJanuary, a couple of freeinFamous 2 avatars – Good Cole and Zeke.

first i heard just looked said since 28th of dec so why is this not in the dire festive sale area? what you want people to miss it..? you must do i wont be i will be buying it later today 4 pounds is a bargain in a otherwise horrible list of sale items


I hope the BOGOF CAPCOM offer includes PS1 titles, as I still need to pick up Street Fighter Alpha 2 & 3 ;)


Oh the WHINING…it’s so apparent I almost couldn’t log in.

My fave post so far:- “Wow… now I know why I got rid of ps+”

My answer – because you couldn’t afford it? lol.

Anyway, nice update for those that got a beautiful fresh PS+ subscription for Christmas. I own a lot of what’s on offer each month but PS+ pays for itself with background downloads/updates and cloud saving, plus a few treats here and there so I really ave nothing to complain about, as should anyone else. If you’re a day one PS3 user and you’re finding you own a lot of the content – that’s the nature of the beast. We got more than enough last year to justify the expenditure. I, alone, calculated that I made a saving in excess of £569, that’s not taking into account avatars and themes, so lets try and maintain a LITTLE objectivity, guys.

Good update team. See you all soon.


I’d like to make a complaint..

Jurassic Park was meant to be at the plus discount price until yesterday according to the product details on the store, I decided to wait till after the launch of the Festive sale to see if I’d buy it- dependent on how much I spend on the sale, I didnt spend much at all (good sale, j just not much for me) so decided to buy JP, however the price had gone back up to full price!

I still havent bought it and wont until you reduce it to at least £11.99 again. PLEASE RESPOND



Seamus1982Seamus 04 January, 2012 @ 12:29

2012 is the year we are in now.

Still haven’t recieved a code for Jurassic park.

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