ModNation Racers: Road Trip – Brand New Career Mode!

ModNation Racers: Road Trip features a brand spankin’ new set of 25+ tracks in an all-new career mode. No resting on your laurels from ModNation Racers for PS3. This is a completely new experience with a new set of challenges to enjoy.

1. New Career Tours

The 25+ ALL NEW tracks in ModNation Racers: Road Trip are divided in five tours of five races each in an effort to claim victory in the Mod Championship! Initial tours introduce the basics of racing like drifting and boosting, track layouts, the exciting new weapons and how to use (or avoid) props or attacks on tracks. The challenge increases through combinations of intensifying track layouts and strategic use of item and prop placements. For the newer racers the learning curve is simple and short. For the veterans the progression will help introduce new elements that add a fun twist of strategy to your racing different than you’ve had before.


2. Career Mode: Progression

Progressing through the tours in ModNation Racers for the PS3 may have been a little daunting for some since moving on to more tracks required an advanced set of racing skills. Now players are still challenged to do their best yet are rewarded with experience Tour Points which allow them more flexibility to progress. Players can freely go back and retry races to acquire Tour Points to complete their career.


3. Career Mode: Bonus Tracks

In addition to the five new tours in the Mod Championship there is an additional Bonus Tour. The Bonus Tour is accessible by winning Tour Five and passing each of the Cumulative Stats requirements (see below)..

4. Career Mode Stats


Stats are tracked as you play through career and are keys to success in ModNation Racers Road Trip

a) Drift Distance: Total distance you have drifted while playing through the career tracks.
b) Shortcut Uses: Shortcut paths, alternate routes or other breadcrumb paths you’ve found and used on the tracks.
c) Target Time Differential: The cumulative time you’ve finished the career tracks faster than the target times.
d) Weapons Expert: Total number of opponents you’ve attacked with weapons and the weapon attacks you’ve shielded.
e) Item Use: Total number of weapon pods collected and boost pads used.

2012 – The Best Year For ModNation Yet!
Mark (PSN ID: ModNationSD)

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It’s looking to be quite the promising title for Vita. I know it top of my must own list.

“For the newer racers the learning curve is simple and short”

Is this game easier than the PS3-version?
Difficulty was insane in that game!

Off topic, but I need to know something…
I pre-ordered Renegade Ops during the PLAY offer, but I still haven’t received any email with a code to download the two extra playable characters. It’s been a while now…



[b]This is really nice, Hoping to see more![/B]

I might just pick this wee game up!

maddogarchie64 09 January, 2012 @ 17:10

Preordered this 2 weeks ago, can’t wait!


cool dat er een niewe modnation komt

Day one!


I loved the previous Modnation & this is already preordered, Keep up the good work :D


you gone all xbox with achievement’s we have trophy remember next you will remove trophy from the PS£ and give us player score to really make us angry.

Can’t wait for this game, and the vita


will definitely not be buying this, ever. The rubberbanding and the A.I really killed the enjoyment of the game for me, couldn’t even finish career mode because of the rubberbanding, plus add to the stupid online/share/hot lap trophies, you can forget me touching this crap. I’ll stick to Motorstorm Apocalypse and Mario Kart.

I completely agree with LAClennell.

One of the worst racing games ever!
(although the idea could be real fun)


I was looking forward to this game, but following the news regarding the lack of online mode (extremely limited, just for social features) I just cancelled my pre-order.
It is really a shame. Quite a few sales lost with that move.

No online booooo
I’m not getting this anymore


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