Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Triple Impact Trailer

We’ve just released the brand new Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City Triple Impact Trailer which shows off the brutal triple threat combat between the Umbrella Security Service, US Spec Ops and zombies and B.O.W’s. Head over to the Capcom Europe Press Site to download the full horror as Raccoon City descends into hell.

Introducing the six members of the US Spec Ops team – Tweed, Dee-Ay, Harley, Willow, Shona and Party Girl. Sent into the ill-fated Raccoon City to determine the source of the mysterious T-virus outbreak the US Spec Ops team will use their elite skills and training to defeat the USS team and ensure the truth behind the outbreak is revealed.

Compete in single player campaign or team up with up to three friends and take on the role of a member of the crack USS squad and battle against all the opposing forces at play in Raccoon City. With the zombies and B.O.W’s adding chaos to the action and the return of favourite Resident Evil enemies, all roads will lead to hell when Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City releases on PlayStation 3 across PAL from March 23rd.

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maddogarchie64 09 January, 2012 @ 17:11

I want now!!!!

obiadekanobi1980 09 January, 2012 @ 17:18

i hope its not turned into a cod clone because that would be a terrible shame…….trailer kicks [Deleted] though!!

That graphical style really looks amazing.


Will we be getting the special edition?
Really looking forward to this!!!

Not interested in a CG trailer,also not interested in the game.At least Revelations is out soon.
Richard,we need HD versions of the remake and 0 on PSN,not psone versions.I don’t know if it’s because Nintendo published them?but if they did,how about Remake U

I believe the remake of 1 Nintendo have exclusive rights, not sure about 0 but both would be nice on psn, also any idea when 2 and 3 will hit Europe as we have waited ages


Until I see actual gameplay my minds like Meh. Plus the knowledge that Slant 6 is developing this makes me cringe. It took them 2 years to get Socom confrontation playable so I hold no hope for the game

just get a us account like I did and download them. I did it last year and when they were on offer lucky me, I brought a $10 us psn card from eBay.

I’m a huge Resi fan, as much as I dislike the way the series has gone with RE5 this new one does look like a really fun action game, I’m looking forward to playing it anyway.

Also, what happened about the RE avatars that were supposed to come to the EU Store? It was mentioned here:
On the Capcom forums it was said they were submitted, is that still the case and SCEE are just taking ages to sort it out? Also will we ever get RE2 and 3 on the EU PS Store? The US and Japan got all this stuff ages back and the EU Store only has ORC avatars and RE1.


Part of that “5” game deal.They were released again on Wii as Resident Evil Archives,so we know capcom haven’t forgotten about them,REmake deserves another release,best one in the series

Show us some actually gameplay!! Anyone can impress with CG trailers.

residentSteve 09 January, 2012 @ 18:58

Was not sure on this game at first but I’am liking the look of this now, that women is mad in the trailer taking a licker down with a knife that’s crazy.

GHOST_OF_W_A_R 09 January, 2012 @ 19:14

we want a scary game not action


i will settle for it just being good, slant six better do well with it because im thinking resi outbreak all over again…:(

wicked stuff,cant wait

That trailer looks awesome the only thing that kept going thru my head whilst watching it was why can’t they the movies as good as that.


Capcom take away the movie license from Paul Anderson he’s screwing up the franchise and making it seem like a joke, keep making ones like these because they are sweet

chrisandsheva 09 January, 2012 @ 20:35

Is this going to be ‘focused’ on sp, or is RE also now going the way of most other titles, ie co-op and multi,? as if the later i’m not interested. And I have a horrible feeling it will. Of course the option is Great, except when it is forced, or maybe thats just my view/opinion?. But surely this can’t happen to a RE. Apart from above then day1, (fingers crossed).

residentSteve 09 January, 2012 @ 20:36

To late if you think capcom will take the movie series away from Anderson there’s a 5th out this year but there is also an another cg re movie coming out this year to.

Bacon_Crispies 09 January, 2012 @ 20:43

RIP Resident Evil, your style of survival horror will be missed by all.

That looks nice and all, but where is Resident Evil 6?

I can not wait!! Please release soon…

residentSteve 09 January, 2012 @ 21:23

I love the way people are saying this is the end of re this was always going to be more of an action title then past re’s, re6 will be the game to take re back to its roots also I hope wesker comes back.

ZombieAssassin 10 January, 2012 @ 00:50

cannot wait for this


slant 6’s reputation isn’t very high in my book. but then agian neither is EA’s an yet they have created Dead Space. I’m giving Slant 6 the benefit of the doubt. I have already seen ingame gameplay and all signs indicate that this game might be a fun game. only time will tell. please Slant 6, deliver an awesone game. dont satisfy with good enough. take your time and polish the game.

Can’t Wait for this!!!

Dunno why people are moaning already, we all know the only way to Save RE Is to Rehash the events of 0-3 (and Code Veronica). 4 and 5 with the killer slug BS Just ruined the series.

Bring Back Zombies and BoW’s for a “Real” RE Game (Survival Horror not FP-Co’Op) ditch all the silly politic side story and Slug Infestations please!

Anyway Still Majorly Looking forward to this, but then theres no story to screw up really so in theory should be awesome!

Thats pretty cool, I noticed one of the “good guy” dudes (I forget the name) is wearing a white/gray battlesuit that Jill wore in RE5, and she did ninja moves and whatnot. That was cool :P

I heard there was a mode where you can play as the RE series main characters too? Perhaps a team deathmatch type mode?

andy_bradford 10 January, 2012 @ 08:51

this truly looks like a winner good work

Immortal-Wolf- 10 January, 2012 @ 09:02

I already have the RE O.R.C Demo plays like RE 5 vs mode but a 4 vs 4 match vs

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City DEMO Debut Gameplay Vector – HD

Resident Evil: Damnation – Trailer FULL (1080p HD)


Connor_mufc_1985 10 January, 2012 @ 09:31

This game looks excellent iv already seen the 30 minute gameplay trailer on youtube also the shooting is nothing like socom 4’s which sucked. Dont judge this game on the trailer judge it on the BETA i read on computer and video games .com that capcom plans to release a beta early this year.

bangall_blade 10 January, 2012 @ 09:49

pre order done


I`m going to wait a year or two and maybe it will go down to 4.29 like duke nukem lol and I bet they don`t test it for bugs and glitches like THQ there all the same.

Shou_Kobayashi 10 January, 2012 @ 11:31


Damn..does SSG make a BETA for this..want to try and buy it so much :P going to pre-order Special Edition when it arrives in Finland..

Connor_mufc_1985 10 January, 2012 @ 12:02

Competitive Multiplayer in this game will be 4 vs 4 and a load of zombies thrown in for good measure that attack both teams theirs a heroes mode that’s got playable characters like Claire Redfield and Leon S Kennedy .


Firstly let me say that a nice slick looking trailer straightaway makes me think, ‘Oh no not another Dead Island let down’. Secondly I have watched the gameplay footage and where is the horror? Where is the suspense? All the ingredients that should go into making a great Resi game. I couldn’t see any of that!! It could be a copy and paste of many shooter based games out there from the looks of the gameplay footage. Very disappointing, Resident Evil has most defiantly lost it’s edge and cannot call themselves ‘survival horror’ anymore as they are totally missing the horror. Resident General Shooter should be it’s new official title… Real shame though and I do hope they release a new Resi title soon that goes back and visits the atmosphere, gameplay and all the brilliant aspects that made it the great series that we ‘used’ to know and love


You know the game’s going to be average when you’re given a three minute CG trailer. I would’ve been tempted to buy if it was at the same price as the Resi4HD remake and if it was a PSN game, but not for a £30+ retail price. The game just screams Outbreak. Will be avoiding this one sadly. Let’s hope Resi6 can reinvigorate the series.

Typical Japanese developers and publishers trying to dazzle gamers with excessive CGI trailers. It’s okay for the initial announcement etc, and build-up, but this close to launch EVERY piece of footage used in trailers needs to be “in-game”….unless you’re hiding something.

This might work for the Japanese consumer, but Western gamers demand to see gameplay. Until the Japanese game industry understands this they’ll continue to play catch-up to Western developers, in sales and respect.

Rock_N_Roll_Nerd 10 January, 2012 @ 14:58

Can’t wait to check this game out :-) looks awesome.


The Licker Looked amazing , can’t wait
RE4/5 avatars cough cough


A little off topic but genre related, the first review of AMY is up on cvg, not looking too good guys, only a 4.9 out of 10

Gameplay footage on Youtube looks weak… like, Gears of War weak. Generic run & shoot with no horror element at all.

Connor_mufc_1985 10 January, 2012 @ 17:26

RE ORC is supposed to be a shooter and neither slant six or capcom have tried to hide tha,t its a spin-off and as for gears being weak it isn’t maybe you just dont like anything 360? CoD is a generic fps but people still play it in their masses and im sure true resident evil fans will at least give this game a chance.

hunter-021095 10 January, 2012 @ 23:11

Looks amazing!

hunter-021095 10 January, 2012 @ 23:11

Looks amazing!

this looks good, I hope the gameplay will kick ass. Does someone know when the release date is?

The release of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is 23.3.2012 at Europe.


going second on my Christmas list right next to hit man absolution

it’s out in march right?

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