PlayStation Home: Defend The Earth Fleet In Novus Prime: Vindication

The PlayStation Home regular maintenance window has traditionally taken place every Thursday, but from now on we will carry out this maintenance and any associated weekly updates on a Wednesday. This is to coincide with the main PSN store update and keep some distance from the additional PSN maintenance window that occurs on most Thursdays. Hopefully this change will mean that you can spend more time in Home playing the games you love!

With that in mind, PlayStation Home will be taken offline on Wednesday 11th January from 8AM BST for scheduled maintenance. Here is what to expect after the update:

Novus Prime, the co-op multiplayer space shooter game from Hellfire Games, gets its newest expansion this week with Novus Prime: Vindication. Warp to the Novus Prime space station from Home Square in PlayStation Home to check out all-new missions, enemies, weapons, outfits, and items, plus brand new player ranks with rewards at every other level!


Earth Fleet is once again under attack from the relentless Bot horde! Only with the help of the Obsidians, a mysterious alien race with incredible technology, can you defeat the Bots and emerge victorious. Join the fight as an Obsidian pilot and take on the terrifying new Executioner enemy in two new missions: “Claustrophobia” and “Wrecker’s Waltz.” This expansion also adds new Master versions of every mission in Novus Prime, sure to challenge even the most seasoned aces.


In a gesture of solidarity, the Obsidians have made their technology available to all pilots of the Novus Prime space station. Gain the advantage over your enemies with the lightning-fast Obsidian Blade Fighter ship (bundled with the Obsidian Pilot suit), expose the weakness of your foes with the new Tech Goggles bundle, and deck out your pilot’s outfit with the menacing Obsidian Rune Blades.


Best of all, Novus Prime: Vindication introduces even more player ranks with never-before-seen rewards unlocked at every two levels! Players can now reach the Commander rank at level 30, with a full five-piece uniform awarded to pilots skilled enough to earn the title. Rank up even faster with the brand new Memory Conditioning Conduit bundle, which comes with three virtual items and permanently boosts experience gains by 300%!


Finally, celebrate Novus Prime’s 1-year anniversary this month with a free Facebook-exclusive Personal Lightning Shield item from Hellfire Games. Surround your avatar with a crackling energy field and wow your friends in PlayStation Home!
Click here for your free personal code:

If you’ve been enjoying the range of All Zombies Must Die! companions and masks, you can now pick up the game itself from the GAME V store in the Moonbase.

Blast through ranks of brain hungry monsters with variety of improvised weaponry to fight against an unrelenting army of terrifying, yet funny, zombies.

Zombies can be shot, slashed, blasted, blown up, electrocuted, torched, irradiated and zapped in a number of horrifying and hilarious ways, causing the zombies to drop useful items like ammo, armour and hamburgers. Pick up All Zombies Must Die! from the PSN store or the GAME Moonbase within Home.

From Lockwood, men about town no longer have to worry about the weather, as Drey provides smart suits complete with designer umbrellas. The ladies have a distinctive new outfit pairing a structured mini skirt with a simple top and adding flair with a dramatic lace fan. Unleash your inner diva with Drey.


Also this week, Konami celebrates the upcoming release of Silent Hill HD collection by releasing the James Sunderland and Heather masks and outfits. Bring a piece of Silent Hill home. Also from Konami, check out Threads for some body tattoos based on concept art from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out the ongoing January sale, now with added discounts on Lockwood and Sodium items! Hurry, as the sale ends on 1st February.

That’s it for this week – see you in Home!

3 Author replies

Heather and James are probably the only reason for me to check out home today.

The Novus Prime space does indeed look quite interesting,

I think Sony should make home like this

80% Spaces with some kind of freemium model game
20% Other services (Shopping,Video streaming etc)
0% Empty spaces that have nothing to do

Are people still using Home?


So when does Silent Hill HD collection release? Every retailer leaves release date blank or they have completely different dates…

James Gallagher 11 January, 2012 @ 11:17

That generally indicates that the publisher hasn’t announced a date yet.


@KylieDog Konami recently said that HD Collection will be released in March, with them confirming a proper release date later this week, along with the dates for Downpour and Book of Memories…

this is good news it make sense it very logical to put maintenance on blog update day with the store update too.

what type of game? is this rts?

James Gallagher 11 January, 2012 @ 12:19

Novus Prime? It’s a multiplayer space shooter.

Good update but is the Winter Event space getting fixed today, James? It hasn’t worked since before Christmas and we never got to try Quests 2 and 3… :(

James Gallagher 11 January, 2012 @ 13:28

Just had a chat with the Home team: they’re aware of the questing issues and hoping to get them fixed over the next few days.



it’s been delayed again… till march :(

Do NOT buy the Silent Hill HD collection, it’s an insult to the fans:

hello james, the casino in US home is planned for europe too?


Awsome, Before i check it out it looks cool, Ill grab that robot outfit (Forgot name ) But if its over priced like every other outfit or apppartment then you can think again about getting my $$$.

hi James this is way out of topic but do u know when jak and daxter collection game is released I’ve tried to search but no one is telling me so can u tell me since work for Playstation and jak and daxter are owned by Playstation

I was so wanting that outfit i talking about on comment 14 but i gotta pay 5 pound for it as i need to pay xtra for some spaceship that i dont want. :( 5 pound, No Thanks, Hopefully they change it so you can just buy the outfit for about 2.99


Have you been made aware of the glitch with the Yeck Toxic Doll outfit? Those who have purchased it have reported not actually receiving the item, as well as the companion (it isn’t in their storage either). I really want that outfit, but I’m not going to run the risk of buying it and not receiving it so I’ll just wait for news of a fix.


Just wanted to know if there’s an ETA for the holiday space quests yet?

Blood-Red-RoseUK 16 January, 2012 @ 10:29

Dear James.
Any chance of introducing some Final Fantasy 7 character clothes? I think it would be fab.
P.S. please don’t ignore this, thanks.
Blood Red x

Blood-Red-RoseUK 17 January, 2012 @ 02:07

He ignored me! :(

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