Unit 13 Infiltrates PS Vita March 7th, Covert Mission Video Walkthrough

We’re at CES this week showing off the latest, near final, build of Unit 13 and have something special in store for the PS.Blog community.

In case you missed the announcement from the PlayStation Vita CES keynote yesterday afternoon, Unit 13 will be released across Europe from Wednesday, March 7th, 2012. We’re really looking forward to getting Unit 13 in your hands, only a couple of weeks after the launch of PlayStation Vita.

Thanks to the intuitive dual analogue sticks on PlayStation Vita, Unit 13 offers the first full shooter experience on a portable gaming device.

We’re also delighted to confirm a first look at the Unit 13 Global box art:


But what I’m really here for is to provide you with an exclusive video walk through of a new level and game type in Unit 13. This is the first detailed video walkthrough of a Covert mission.

For those of you unfamiliar with Unit 13, there are four main mission types. ‘Direct Action’ refers to larger, multiple objective missions which reward tactical play. ‘Deadline’ are medium sized missions where you race against the clock and speed is rewarded over tactics. Elite are small to medium sized missions with no health regen or check points and players are rewarded for taking as little damage as possible. Finally, Covert missions require you to infiltrate locations without being spotted by the enemy. It rewards players for remaining unseen and additional bonuses are given for leaving enemies alive. If you’re spotted, you have a few seconds to recover… if you can eliminate the alerted enemies fast enough. Each game type has unique scoring rules, so make the best use from the the six available operatives and their equipment.

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What happened to this being available on launch day? I was going to pick it up with my vita :(
It says it here —


Hmmm, that’s a typo I’m afraid gamesrule. I’ll be having words with Mr Adam Grant! Apologies.

is this going to be on ps3 I’m not getting ps vita


PS Vita exclusive I’m afraid V3igt0. Maybe you should reconsider the Vita purchase ;-)

This looks really good.


*thumbs up*

anymore than £25 then I’ll have to give it a miss,it does look decent!

Damn this looks good. i like the small type of missions that are ready on the go. great graphics and controls looks awesome. was not hyped on this first time i saw it. but after the low and sad info about modnation not having onlinemultiplayer, this video got me back on the vitawagon!
i what vita now!!


The dual analog sticks really do make all the difference… Unit 13 has some incredible Social Features too. Stay tuned!

@joshwalker Thanks, thats a pity but ill still pick it up on March 7th! Game looks great :)


Sweeet this comes out on my Bday will be getting this for sure looks awesome can’t wait


Lol at all the people crying over the prices of the games. RE Mercenaries on 3DS was €45 when it came out…..and its not even a game. Its the extra mode you should have unlocked when you beat RE Revelations. At least Uncharted Golden Abyss and Everybody’s Golf are full games. I will be gladly picking them up day 1. Also I never knew Unit 13 was meant to be a launch game so I’m not outraged at the announced date either. At least the machine won’t be out 18 months before they release the most hyped games for it (RE Revelations and Metal Gear 3D, I’m looking at you). Seriously why are those games still not out yet?

Cool game box & box art that;) + the game looks well good to:P


I plan to pick this up in march for my vita, when im done with uncharted and rayman from feb maybe- btw any word on psn pricing for games such as gravity daze etc? also when are we going to see some footage/ hear some more about Assassins Creed PS vita, call of duty ps vita and a release date for resistantce: burning skies-these are things we need to see/know :p

European_Gamer 12 January, 2012 @ 19:28

I have two questions for you.

1. How long time would it take to complete all missions or a main story(if there is one) in the game.

2. How big is the game size in MB or GB if you download the game via the PlayStation Store.

Not fair
You guys say this is a launch day game and then change the release date
Shame on you
Stick to your offers


Hi, I preordered my vita in store at game station and they assured me it would be available on launch, am I right in that?

Marrsterhausen 12 January, 2012 @ 20:53

I would have prefered this on the PS3 with the option to play on the go with the Vita…


PS vita 3G Carrier locked is a big fail for both AT&T and Sony.
PlayStation Vita must be factory reset to switch PSN account.

thanks Josh I will actually re-think it does look good the ps vita

Titchy_Penguin 12 January, 2012 @ 22:49

Probs wont pick it up when on launch as i’ll get Uncharted, Modnation and download escape plan. I might pick up Rayman origins if i see it cheap. I’ll buy at some point tho.

fps = tired
need rpg

i wil play little deviants = great price funy games
monsterhunter freedom 2 unite

later on vita = Warrior’s Lair. ( monsterhunter portabel 3 )
rest ps3 =
-ni no kuni
-(diablo 3)
-x com: enemy unknown


nobody has yet mentioned the fact he got signed out! is it normal to be signed out after playing a round (must think of connection charges or fixed contract if people have to keep signing back in) or is it the signal issue or maybe a fault? i admit the games look good on a hand held gadget but all games look like a mini quick fix and for the price compared to an epic full story campaign with multiplayer on ps3 it still doesnt seem worth it. im still not convinced even though sales of 321,000 in first week sales then dropped by 78% after. in japan sony are even considering dropping the price from 24,000 yen to well below 20,000(wifi only model) as they are getting a beating from nintendo 3ds! Any way back to the game, looks great but like i have said also looks like a mini just to get the ball rolling!

Game looks great. Will there be a demo available at any point?

Sad to see the comments here turning into another tired attempt at Vita bashing from people who don’t seem to understand what it is they’re actually complaining about.


So PS Vita use Discs?

Great games cant wait to put my hands on it.

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