Resident Evil 6 Announcement Trailer

YES, WE HAVE ANNOUNCED IT! You know what I’m talking about; you’ve been looking for clues, any possible clues and hints. Well now it’s here, Resident Evil 6 is here. We’ll be releasing RE6 for the PlayStation 3 in November 2012. Duck, run, hide, roll, jump and shoot, all of the action and survival horror verbs you would want to hear that feature heavily in RE. Expect it to be the most ambitious and feature heavy Resident Evil, EVER.

What’s the story? Who’s in it? Ten years has gone by since the Raccoon City incident and the President of the United States has decided blab the truth about what really happened – recipe for disaster – in the belief that it’ll stop more zombie outbreaks from the evil Umbrella. Leon, the president’s wingman has to make a horrific decision when faced with anybodies worst nightmare; an infected President. The other side of the world, Chris Redfield, Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance Member arrives in China to battle the infection there. No country is safe, there is no hope left.

Chris Redfield AND Leon S. Kennedy? Surely they can save the day? You’ll have to wait and see…
This is survival horror and action combined on a global scale. I can see you’re itching to blow some zombie brains all over the world already. Stay tuned zombie lovers.

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Great news, thanks Capcom!

wauw, cant wait wait for this to be released

Its finally here, damn it looks so good. Im happy that you can play with Leon and Chris!! Cant wait to see the gameplay demo! Definitely a must buy!

Looks like a mix of resi 2, resi 5 and coop. Hopefully this will be good compared to the crippling disappointment Resi 5 was.


Why was RES5 dissapointed? I really luved the game, The only thing was that you couldnt run and shoot at the same time. But overal It is a good game. I Finished the game with Online Coop and luved it after that I played Splitscreen. I really hope that the splitscreen coop will be in RES6 aswell.

ppl asked & wanted to fire/walk & run, ppl slated RE5 because chris move like a tank, ppl didn’t like the fact there was no zombies.

resident evil 4 didn’t had any zombies and RE 1 2 3 4 & 5 you can’t walk & shoot ppl love resident evil 4.

so here number 6 ppl have no idea of what a survival horror means, so what is 6 i shall tell you, it has loss it’s survival horror status & end up just another 3rd person “action” shooter just like the rest.

the thing i live the resident evil series is it was not easy low ammo limited movement of space & can’t run & shoot that was ture terror & survival silent hill copy it the formula.

as for Amy the game that 1 horror of a game for the wrong reason :D

will i still buy RE6?

yes under protest & see how ashly fair up this time round :o

res5 was great


Resi evil 5 was by far my favorite, faster paced and more action packed (classic survival horror puts me to sleep) and ofcourse the brilliant co op. I was hoping to see that trend continue and it looks like this one is also action packed and co op, keep up the good work!


Looks like the best of Resi 4 and 5 in one! Who’s the shaved head dude though? He said he used to be a mercenary, my mind immediately went to ‘HUNK’, but I don’t remember HUNK being that much of a cocky cowboy in a fight.

If I could ask for anything, it’d be that I’d like to see or hear from Barry and Rebecca!

I want to add i wasn’t 1 of the ppl slated RE5, it had action yes the QTE it had action blowup scenes.

RE 6 can have action QTE sections but space them out with action free roam, but god sakes still stand & shoot so what i’m saying is a mixed bag of stuff.

i read a article on thesixthaxis RE6 is the most different RE in the all of the series.

& bigger.


Great news! Watched the trailer like 20 times last night! Looks fantastic! It’s a great year for me with this, Revelations and Operation Raccoon City! Thanks Capcom!


Wow that was an amazing trailer, I cant wait, Resident Evil games always deliver

I liked all the RE games i.e 1/2/3/4+5. Its just a shame its a multi-format game :-/ I would LOVE a RE game looking as good as KZ3 & UC3 :P Oh well.

can’t wait for this

there’s another game to add to the must haves for 2012


Looks too Westernized; almost a generic vibe embedded within a Resident Evil universe.

I know we are in a different era then the 1990s but what happened to the great pacing story telling and atmosphere of the first three releases?

gonna do this as its a capcom post and they should be maintaining it.

1. what is happening with the resident evil 4 avatars that were promised to those that bought resident evil 4.

2. whats going on with the other resident evil games for the eu, why do we have to jump through hoops to get your content.

love the fact theres a new resident evil but you have let your eu fans down a bit recently.

chrisandsheva 20 January, 2012 @ 11:37

Nice news, just in time for my birthday, If theres no delays (fingers crossed), Also as others have said whats up with RE5?, My 1st game played on ps3, 1st plat etc, but the only problem i found was trying to find a different game to play after i finished it, reckon it took me close on 3 months before i took it out the system, But much longer before i could ‘really’ enjoy playing anything else, Allthough i had some very good co-op games in RE5, i do prefer to just do my own thing, so hopefully if it’s a similar set up to chris+sheva please make the AI a little bit smarter.. ie the times i tried to kill sheva after hearing ‘i’m coming’, but even though she was right on top of me i still died… though only playing on pro tbh… Best wishes to everone involved in the game.

The trailer looks awesome :P The 6 game Is the new begging for the resident evil story i hope to something good!
Now bring the revelations to the Ps Vita with two analogs sticks and touch screen gameplay :P


im a real resi fan and im excited at the multiple campaigns but if this isn’t horror this time then isn’t it time you announced to your real fans that its over instead of hiding behind the guise of horror.this time around you dont have resi 4 to hide behind. a mix of 4&5 apparently oh dear, oh dear oh dear im acually upset now such a shame ITS A HORROR FRANCHISE!
(Facepalm) oh well announce dead rising 3 already you know a real survival horror game! fyi copying resi 2’s campaign format wont automatically make it good.

chrisandsheva 20 January, 2012 @ 12:08

Just seen the trailer now, and apart from Leon hesitating to kill the president i’m liking the look and feel of it, can’t wait to get hold of this, both for gameplay and story.

Gartland_1986 20 January, 2012 @ 12:14

Judging by the trailer, Resident Evil 6 is shaping up to be one of the best games of this year.

I’m wondering, however; will it be compatible with PlayStation Move?

Also, will we see the Resident Evil Chronicles (Darkside and Umbrella) games released in Europe?

I thought this was going to be the reboot? I liked 5 but it just wasn’t scary. I also want the story puzzles and atmosphere of the original 3. If there is a ps move version of chronicles id actually like to see the playstation “gun survivor” games included.


leons part is the bit thats going to be most like a reboot as from more info that has surfaced it turns out his bits are going to be zombie focused and more like resident evil of old, chris’s sections will be more like resident evil 5 and the new guy could be something new altogether.

well i don´t see any horror in that trailer so basicly resident evil is dead.


or they just did not put the scary stuff in the trailer because it would no longer be scary if it was in the trailer! (could just be wishful thinking on my part but)

chrisredfield_97 20 January, 2012 @ 14:09

i hope they realese some re6 avatrars too it’s gonna be great

chrisredfield_97 20 January, 2012 @ 14:10

RE6 yeah!!!!!!!!!!!


I’m excited that it’s going back to what looks like zombies. I still prefer the original 3, & the GameCube remake & RE Zero.

I like the gameplay of 4-5. But I didn’t like the story of those games, nor did I like all the action, or the ”ganados”. Bring back zombies & Umbrella!

I’m still waiting for a RE2 remake, or at least, RE2 HD.7

It’s shaping up to be a good year for the series. 3 releases which all look good. The 3DS RE looks good to, the demo was nice.

supersmith2500 20 January, 2012 @ 16:43

Wait? There’s a sixth Resident Evil game coming out??

Sweet, too bad RE5 was a bit disappointing without Zombies, Raccoon City and even Umbrella and you fight Manji’s instead of zombies. Leon and Chris teaming up? that’s awesome. Awesome work on releasing the 6th RE Capcom but here’s this. Capcom, don’t make your trophies too extremely difficult or have too many online trophies. Will it be great or disappointing? Only the creator knows.

“and survival horror”

hahaha, yeah right. Adam, please shut up.

Connor_mufc_1985 20 January, 2012 @ 17:12

Capcom getting my money 4 times this year Resident Evil operation raccoon city twice and Resident Evil 6 twice me and the wife are going to be killing zombies together for a long time :P


“This is survival horror and action combined on a global scale”

so… you admit you messed up making 5 then?….. good we have that out the way.
to quote the late great bernie mac

“let’s move on”

Stay tuned zombie lovers….

best res. = re. 1 also re. whith nemensis = great
but 5 = stupid so 6 no tanks , i need almost no games from capcom
only monsterhunter serie = intresting to me.
no need new devil may cry – dogma wars ore fichting games .


Nah… its not survival horror any more its only action. Stop fooling yourselves Capcom…


meh! doesn’t look much different to number 5

Immortal-Wolf- 20 January, 2012 @ 19:41

everyone didn’t believe me Resident Evil 6 that Leon and Chris would be the main characters since 2008. Thanks you guys the ones who did believe in me!


CAPCOM You know how to disappoint lol

residentSteve 20 January, 2012 @ 19:56

I cannot believe people are moaning about re6 I cannot wait, resident evil has moved on from survival horror into action adventure survival horror if you want survival horror play dead space.
I cannot wait till november is that Ashley with Leon in the trailer also some people are saying that the new guy in the trailer is Steve burnside from re cvx hope wesker is in re6.
Also I would like to know if all the other re characters from the other games are in the story it would be great to see Claire,Rebecca,Carlos,Barry,billy coen,hunk,Ada and Jill I think that’s everyone.


so dead space is a survival horror now ? pffftAHAHAHAHA

The parts shown with Leon are phenomenal, and then they ruin it with Chris parts look like resident evil 5 again but worse, too much action play not enough survival horror and then the co-op, obviously they forgot how w@nk resident evil 5 is. No Resi game needs online and multiplayer. The only good thing about resi 5 (it kills me to say) is lost in nightmares dlc.

residentsteve shut your face, if you want action adventure play assassins creed, gears of war etc… Resident Evil 5 ruined the franchise and if you ever played resi, resi 2, resi 3, code veronica then you’d know Resident Evil.

Capcom haven’t made a decent game since, well I dont know, they need to sort a few things out.



Immortal-Wolf- 20 January, 2012 @ 23:20

Resident Evil 6

so Leon is faced with the death of the US president and Chris is on a war vengeance against the person who killed jill valentine from Resident Evil revelations spooky stuff now this is a Resident Evil worth playing!!!

Pure_Mind_Games 21 January, 2012 @ 01:56

YEY! Zombies, now bring back puzzles.


Just make it scary, Capcom. Please! I want survival horror like Silent Hill, Siren and Project Zero! Good survival horror!

Immortal-Wolf- 21 January, 2012 @ 04:19

That was a joke lol Jill Valentine hasn’t died reason Chris Redfield on a war vengeance against a woman who unleashed T virus all over again that killed his comrades and Leon is protecting this woman Chris is after her so will Leon Fight Chris to protect this woman find out in Resident Evil 6 plus a unknown character has the T virus cure but its in his blood and hes a super soldier This all happening in Resident Evil 6 November 2012

residentSteve 21 January, 2012 @ 07:26

Reference post 42 I’m a resident evil veteran I’ve played all of them 0,1,2,3,4,cvx,and yes 5 resident evil has changed over the years.Nothing stays the same resident evil has moved on and people that don’t like the change should more on and play something else.

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