Step Into The World Of WipEout 2048

Hello everybody! What you’ll find below is a specially narrated cut of the cinematic intro to WipEout 2048 on PlayStation Vita. Essentially, the movie’s goal is to take you on a journey through the evolution of motorsport in Studio Liverpool’s vision of the world, up until the point where Anti-Gravity technology has replaced modern day automotive technology and the first season of the Anti-Gravity Racing Championships has kicked off on the streets of Nova State City. So, without further ado, sit back, press play and let Game Director Graeme Ankers and Art Director Lee Carus take you on a trip through time to the year 2048.

What did you think? Pretty cool, no? What’s really interesting about WipEout 2048 and the direction the team at Studio Liverpool took with it, is that it takes place in the not too distant future and serves as a precursor to the events that take place in the original WipEout on PS one. And because of that it differs from WipEout experiences in the past.

time square 01 Start01 startgrid09

Arena Bridge_1 wipeout_2045_11b

wipeout_street_0001 wipeout_2045_02

Races are now multi-tiered – one minute you’re barrelling through the busy streets of Nova State City and the next you’re scrambling for first place up the side of a building. The world in which WipEout 2048 takes place in is grittier than what’s come before it simply because we’re entering into it when the sport is still at a nascent stage.

Teams are finding their feet, sponsorship is there – yet not as rife as it is in later seasons – and there is a lot of money at stake on the part of investors desperate for the sport to succeed and capture the world’s imagination. Not to mention competition from rival sports hankering after audience numbers and, in turn, capital. It’s raw; it’s real (ish) and its WipEout like you’ve never seen it before.

tower_03 bridge_01

altima_07 arena_04

bridge_14 subway_24

So, there you have it – a quick glance of the streets of Nova State City and motorsport metamorphosis in the year 2048 with Graeme and Lee. Let us know what you think of it in the comments, and in the meantime have a look at the clean version of the intro below presented just as it is in the final game, winging its way to you in a little over a month on PlayStation Vita.

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VictorAnalogy 20 January, 2012 @ 12:08

“This video is private” – Golf clap.

Ah man, so damned buzzed for this game.

Had Wipeout Pure on PSP at launch and adored it.

VictorAnalogy 20 January, 2012 @ 12:19

Ahh, that’s better. Thanks for the quick fix. Great to hear the commentary on that video. No surprise that a scouse studio would come up with racing cars without wheels. ;)

Loved the evolution of motorsport as a theme for the video really fantastic work. Can’t wait to pick this up.


I seen the intro video lastnight and I was expecting something great as the WipEout intro’s always are, but this one is very different, and very cool! It’s a great idea to show the evolution of sport a bit more and to highlight the fact that WipEout does have this really well imagined universe behind it. Hopefully we see that explored even more in the future? :)

The narrated video is a great touch as well :)

Oh, how about getting some of that beautiful concept art as wallpapers and themes for the PS3?

That was awesume!!! Been looking at some gameplay videos for the last days and the games looks so amazing. Great jobb studio liverpool.

Amazing idea and video! It’s incredible how Studio Liverpool has been able to keep the Wipeout franchise fresh and interesting throughout all these years! Great job!

It’s a shame they didn’t include any sneaky references to Rollcage in the “evolution”, though I’d love to play a game based on the still-wheeled but futuristic cars just before it morphed into wipeout as we know it.

I like the idea behind this video, great job guys. I can’t wait to play this wipEout looks awesome like others :)

Solid_Snake1987 20 January, 2012 @ 14:59


I was thinking that too while watching the video. I was hoping there would a nod towards it, but alas no. Great game, one that could do with being revisited, but I’d settle for a Wipeout 2025 where we could drive up the walls avoiding traffic like in the video!

Just beautiful:)

just beautiful.



I love WipEout!

that, was pretty damn cool.

i love the evolution of racing you’ve shown into the form it is in the wipeout series.

it would be cool if you could explore that history at some point, maybe a tie in book or a game with all the eras of racing.
i’d love to try those ball racers.
i’d imagine they don’t just allow the cars to go forwards, but in any direction, so you could go sideways if you wanted.

Nice, roll the the 22nd of Feb!!!
New Console and a new Wipeout Happy days.

@tmesis and Solid_Snake1987

I agree with you: I really miss Rollcage and seeing it as a part of the Wipeout timeline would be a brilliant way to bring it back!


Loved it, just seen some gameplay and this will be the first game I pick up for the vita, Cannot Wait! :D


Hoping that the Platinum will be real tough.


Having played this in vita rooms it does seem like a high priority buy.It showed the screen off to the full extent.PURE BEAUTIFUL


Full Motion Video Yeah!


Not sure about the bit with random ball wheeled cars on a regular road but the idea is sound. Should have had F1 style cars(with balls instead of wheels if preferred) with weapons on a racing track. Would have been more in line with Wipeout IMO. Love WipeOut though and will be sure to get this when I can afford a Vita.


Looks boss, deffo be getting this game


Brilliant trailer..


I’ve never got on with the WipEout games, I prefer my cars on the ground but will this one inc them cars with the rollerball & that? I’m a lil confused on what this one is going to be like.

I wish Rollcage would return

WipEout’s best buddy!


One of a kind. Beautiful universe.


WipEout is one of my favourite franchises. I’m so glad there’s a WipEout on PS Vita from the start. Keep up the good work Studio Liverpool!

I am just really glad that Studio liverpool keeps the franchise alive all those years and keeps it in good standing of course, this adition is no exception, loved the idea of the evolution behide the Wipeout universe. I am glad that they take a lot of time to release a new game of the series but always end up a good one! Keep it up guys! Thumbs up for you!!!

good feel of historu in the series cant wait to get involved

dark_shinobi100 24 January, 2012 @ 18:32

best trailer ever


i used to luv wipeout pure on psp nd i cant wait to see swat it looks like on ps3;)

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